Let me tell you a little secret. 

Whisper it…. 

But I don’t actually know that much about the basics of internet marketing anymore. 

This shocks a lot of people who’ve seen how successful I’ve been over the last few years. They’ve seen the car. They’ve seen my snaps in Dubai that I spammed Insta with. 

My second home. 

Jealous? They were too. But don’t hate me. I’m trying to be real here. 

It actually got a little embarrassing when one of my cousins put me in touch with his college pal, “because I knew everything about the internet marketing game and had made myself a success.” 

Well, sorta… Yeah. Only the thing is, I’ve been focussing so hard on my own Local Lead Generation business (more on that later) that I haven’t really had my finger on the pulse of the IM world for a few years now. I do know the ins and outs of Local Lead Generation—but generic affiliate marketing stuff a newbie might look for? Nope—not really. 

So this guy Trevor (my cousin’s buddy). He wanted me to teach him some basics. But I didn’t know where to start. When I tried to explain, he wasn’t impressed. I felt like a fraud. How did it even get like this? 

Trevor when I told him I didn’t know anything about Facebook marketing. 

You see, stuff changes quick in IM. A few years back I took a course by this guy John Crestani. It was called Super Affiliate system. 

If I’m totally up front with you. I don’t remember much about it. Only Trevor mentioned that they’d re-done the course and it was now even better. 

Since my mind is a bit like a sieve sometimes (I can barely remember what I had for breakfast)—I decided to give his new course a go. 

My mind. 

After all, I had a reputation to uphold. People thought I knew this stuff. But the truth is—I’ve forgotten more than I’ve remembered when it comes to the basics of affiliate marketing. I know that’s what guys like Trevor are looking for when they first get into this business. 

They want to quickly find a niche, build a site, rank for it and promote a product. Simple, right? I haven’t forgotten THAT much. 

But what about all these courses? There are so many of them. How many can actually give a guy like Trevor the info he needs? How many of them can help a guy like me? 

So here’s my Super Affiliate review. Actually, it’s not just a Super Affiliate review. It’s also a John Crestani review. Who is this guy? Can he help you? Can he help me? Let’s check this dude out and see. 

Who is John Cestani? 

There are so many names in IM these days, it can be hard to remember them all. I know I had a vague idea about John Crestani back in the day, but I didin’t know if this was for a good reason or a bad one. 

Everyone’s trying to make themselves into a brand these days in IM. It’s how they try and stand out from the crowd. Trouble is, there’s so many of them—that’s getting harder and harder. 

So I decided to do some digging. Who actually IS John Crestani? Is John Crestani a scam? And is his new Super Affiliate 2.0 actually any good? 

That’s John. 

First thing I found was that there were published articles about him in Forbes and BusinessInsider. Great, right? Ummm…. 

I’ve got news for you like I had news for Trevor when he pointed this out. 

You see, Forbes and BusinessInsider might seem like some pretty hefty sources. But they’re not. 

I used to do a LOT of guest posting, and you can actually pay people to get on these sites for you. I’m not entirely sure how stringent their editorial process actually is. You can pay some dude on a freelancing site like $300 for a Forbes article. 

So an article on Forbes IS NOT proof something is legit. Bear that in mind. This sort of marketing ploy works great trying to convince people like Trevor. 

Now I’m not saying John paid for his own Forbes article. But just bear it mind. It’s possible. 

After searching around and finding more reviews. I was still struggling. There’s tons of stuff about John out there. Most of it looks legit. But the only real way to find out if John’s stuff ACTUALLY PROVIDES VALUE? 

Take the course. 

So I did. I signed up to Super Affiliate and jumped right in. I pretended I knew nothing about IM so I could help Trevor out. This wasn’t hard. Remember? I’d forgotten most of what I new anyway. 

Super Affiliate Review 

The first thing you’re wondering—is Super Affiliate a Scam? You might have even slammed “Super Affiliate System scam” into Google to find this world-class review. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of self-hype, right? 

No, it’s not a scam. 

Phew. At least we got that out of the way. 

But is it actually any good? 

Ah… this is going to take slightly longer to answer. 

If you want a quick answer. Then the answer is: it depends. 

“Bro! I need more detail” 


Here’s the detail: 

I signed up to Super Affiliate and gave it a spin. Signing up was easy. You should be able to manage. I mean, when you’re parting with this sort of cash you’d expect them to make it as easy as possible. 

Oh yeah… that reminds me. I forgot the mention the price. Wait for it… 

John Crestani’s Supper Affiliate costs… $997! 

Not cheap. 

That’s a big chunk of change. Thankfully by Local Leads gig was going well so I could afford it. This had better NOT be a scam! 

So what’s actually in Super Affiliate? 

It’s a 6-week course that aims to get you profitable by the end of that period. So it’s mostly training material. Some of this is good stuff. Some…not so much. For this sort of money, I expect the best. 

Super Affiliate is aimed at people who are just starting out in internet marketing. That’s good news for Trevor, who still wasn’t sure how to turn his computer off properly. 

When I started using Super Affiliate, I remembered a bit more about the old version that I’d done a few years back. The good news: this one is way better. They’ve really fine-tuned some of the info and there’s plenty of value here. Ok, maybe not a grand of value. But plenty. 

And if you’re still worried about the cost—I don’t blame you. But there’s more good news here. Super Affiliate comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. So while that doesn’t take you quite to the end of the 6–week course—you should already have a good idea of whether you’re going to be profitable or not. 

Within four weeks, I had actually started to make a few sales. Great! Only they added up to about a grand total of $100. That isn’t to be sniffed at. The first few weeks (or even months) of any internet marketer’s career are normally always slow. 

While that hundred bucks hasn’t come close to paying off the course fee, it does give you a good idea that this stuff is scalable. You can make money with the info in this course, and things should get easier as you learn more. 

There are actually plenty of useful tools in the Super Affiliate System. The stuff on targeting data and ad swipes was dope. There’s also nearly $900 in coupons for paid traffic! This really helped, and while I wasted the first few campaigns, by the end of it I’d got a few more ideas that should be much more profitable if I want to put some more ad spend in. 

And oh yeah—while the course is expensive, actually setting up your first ventures ISN’T. It shouldn’t cost you more than a few more bucks to get going, and starting to see if you can make money or not. 

The first week of the course was mostly pretty basic stuff. I didn’t need it, but you might. I started to realize I might know a bit more about this game than I thought. I don’t need my hand holding through setting up web pages or signing up to clickbank. But there was some cool stuff in there on landing pages. 

The next few weeks things started getting better. I was actually learning something. It was either something I’d forgotten, or actual new info that wasn’t around when I was starting out. Either way, it was all good stuff. 

And what’s the best thing about Super Affiliate? The community. 

Yeah, there are so many top dudes in here. Most of them are pretty happy to help a newbie like me. Or like I was pretending to be. 

If you want to make the most out of this course, you need to get stuck in to the community. That’s probably where most of the value is. The networking opportunities are off the charts. Even if you just use it for a bit of motivation, it’s gold. There are some far harder-working people in there than me. 

I even met this guy who I managed to link up with and he ended up sending me a ton of traffic. For free. You can’t get better than free traffic. I’m sure a lot of that actually contributed to that massive $100 I made. Don’t worry, I won’t spend it all at once. 

Joking aside, there was some cool stuff on Facebook traffic and advertising in the course. A lot of this was pretty new to me as that has changed a lot in the last few years. There are also templates and stuff for landing pages and plenty of other material. Some of this I’m actually gonna use in my other business—so there’s plenty of value here. 

And what about John? 

Oh yeah, you wanna know more about JOHN! Not just the nitty gritty of his Super Affiliate System. But you wanna know about John Crestani himself. 

Well, John started out broke and with a dream. He actually cites Time Ferris’ legendary book The 4 Hour Workweek with turning his life around. It gave him the motivation to get up off his ass and start actually working towards something. 

John again. 

With the stuff he learned from the book, he created his own business that was pulling in hundreds of thousands a month. 

But wait a minute… I’m getting all this info from the same place you can if you search for it yourself. Yeah… that Forbes article and other similar places. But is it actually legit? Is John Crestani a scam? We’ve already established that it isn’t that hard to get a Forbes article. 

The truth… I don’t know. 

But what I DO know is that John SEEMS like a legit guy. I’ve actually chatted to him a few times online. He’s always there to answer any questions you’ve got. I wouldn’t expect any less after he took a grand of my hard-earned money. 

So if you’ve read his rags-to-riches tale—you won’t necessarily be any the wiser. It’s the same sort of story all these guys have. I’d rather judge John on the merits of his actions, and on how useful his products are. 

Is Super Affiliate really worth it? 

So how good are his products? They’re…. good. 

$997 good? I’m not so sure. 

The reality with this stuff is that if you’ve got the time and inclination—you can find plenty of this sort of info elsewhere. A thousand dollars is a lot of money. It’s a great option if you simply haven’t got the time to do extensive research and want someone to fine-tune everything for you. 

But if you’re on a budget or are broke on a beach like John was—then his Super Affiliate System probably isn’t for you. 

The best part of the course is probably the community, as well as the info and coupons for the ad spend. 

This sort of value is actually hard to find elsewhere. So Super Affiliate isn’t a complete NO from me. It’s a maybe. 

If you want something that’s been a massive YES for some time now, then you need to check out Local Lead Generation. It took me a while to find something this good, but now it’s normally the first thing I’ll recommend to anyone. With Local Lead Generation, you can have your own slice of digital property where you can start collecting some fat monthly rental checks sooner than you might think. You’ve gotta check it out.