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A few years back, I was broke– really broke that I couldn’t even afford to pay for my own groceries sometimes.  

Up until the coming of the festive season, I knew things were going to get difficult, especially when I saw my nephew’s Christmas list. 

“Wait… Lego costs HOW MUCH now?!”  

I was gonna need to go the thrift store to buy gifts. But I knew I didn’t want to.  

This was way before I started making legit money with Local Lead Generation. It was actually before I’d even got into internet marketing at all.  

But I was desperate for ideas. I’d do anything for a bit of extra cash. Okay, not anything. But anything within reason. Let’s just say I had my hustle on.  

So I was selling crap on eBay, picking up cans in the street for the recycle dime. You name it. 

This is how broke I was. 

I guess you could say it had got a bit easier to make money quickly like this thanks to the internet. A few years back, this sort of thing simply wouldn’t have been possible. Thankfully, I discovered eBay and it really helped.  

I even tried those survey sites. I’m sure you’ve all encountered some of them too. It seemed like a great idea to start with until it turned out I’d be clicking my opinion on things for months before I even saw a check. Ok… Next!  

Gambling offers were cool. You know those ones where they give you like $50 free to match your own deposit and you spam the blackjack tables with it?  

However, there’s a couple of underlying problems there.  

Firstly: I often didn’t have those $50 deposits.  

Secondly: They were starting to get wise and stopping people using these offers for blackjack. Slots—don’t even think about it.  

And oh yeah, thirdly: The authorities were starting to crack down on these places in my state. Finding sites to use was getting harder and harder. Bummer.  

So I was running out of ideas.  

That’s when I heard some of my bros cutting the crap at the bar one night. They were talking about something called the 30 Day Success Formula. My boy Kenny had actually made a few hundred bucks with it already. He was trying to push the idea to everyone else.  

It was mid-November at this point, so a 30-day success plan sounded JUST RIGHT.  

I had a closer look, and I’m going to share what I found in this 30 Day Success Formula Review.  

30 Day Success Formula Review  

I’ve got to be completely honest with you. I know you come to these reviews looking for legit advice from someone that’s actually used the program. I’ve written a few of these sorts of things before and I make sure I know enough about the product that I can always give people the heads up.  

But let’s get things clear:  

I didn’t sign up for 30 Day Success Formula.  

 There’s a reason for that—it looks a bit suspect.  

When I first started digging about for info about the 30 Day Success Formula, I started sweating. You see, Kenny had already got a couple more of my boys involved. He was on my back about it every day.  

So I was like, “Kenny, are you sure this isn’t a pyramid scheme?”  

Kind of like this, but with envelopes instead of stones. 

I’d seen a few of these scammy-type things before. They’re older than the internet itself, people have been getting into and losing money on pyramid schemes for decades. And this sure seemed like one.  

Kenny was like “A pyra-what scheme?! Nah, bro! This is legit!”  

But I wasn’t so sure. I’m going to base this review on what I found out from Kenny and my other boys, as well as what I dug up when I did my own research. Ultimately, I’ll tell you why I didn’t sign up for the 30 Day Success Formula. Then you can make your own choice.  

Did you “Google 30 Day Success Formula Scam” and end up right here?  

That’s one of the most common questions people have about 30 Day Success Formula.  

Now I’m not saying that it IS a scam. There are loads of programs I’ve tried before that certainly seem that way and then turn out to be super legit in the end. So I wouldn’t wanna judge these guys too soon. But let’s have a look at what I found when I did some digging.  

Why didn’t I sign up to 30 Day Success Formula?  

Let’s start with the basics. I banged 30 Day Success Formula into Google and the first autocomplete suggestion was “30 Day Success Formula BBB”. That’s the number one thing people were searching for relating to this program and it’s what Google thought I wanted to see the most.  

 I didn’t, but it got me curious. So I went through with the search. I didn’t really know what BBB was at that point, but it rang a bit of a bell.  

Oh yeah… It was the Better Business Bureau. These guys basically rate different businesses and give you a trust score, as well as listing what sort of complaints people have been making.  

Sounds good, right? Well… It wasn’t starting to sound too good for our guys at 30 Day Success Formula.  

What was their overall BBB Rating? A big fat F.  


I haven’t seen a grade that bad since I last took algebra in high school.  

There’s also a whole host of complaints there. All sorts of stuff. I dug a bit deeper. People hadn’t been getting what they’d paid for. There were some lengthy complaints and lots of them. This wasn’t looking great. I was supposed to be giving these guys money? I don’t think so.  

There were also questions over their use of the BBB logo, and where they say they’re located not actually their exact location. Hmmm… Did Kenny know all this?  

But wait a minute. I stopped for a second and started thinking. All sorts of businesses get complaints all the time. I’m sure every company has a list of negative stuff on a site like this, right?  

So I put Coca Cola into the BBB search engine. Surely a huge company like that will have pissed off a few people along the way. Right?  

Coca Cola: A+ Rating. Zero complaints.  

30 Day Success Formula had 150 complaints in the last year.  

I also started reading the actual reviews for 30 Day Success Formula and cringed even harder. There were loads of people who paid their money and didn’t see anything back. They couldn’t even get a refund, either.  

That’s when Kenny called me up and told me he’d just got even more money from the 30 Day Success Formula. He was getting ready to buy a new pickup truck. Was this guy legit, or was he in on it too? I’d known Kenny for years, but something didn’t seem right.  

How does the 30 Day Success Formula work, anyway?  

If it looks like a pyramid scheme and sounds like a pyramid scheme—it’s a pyramid scheme.  

I’ve gotta show you how 30 Day Success Formula works in a bit more detail. Then you’ll have all the info you need to see if it’s for you or not.  

And let’s be clear here: you can still make money with it. Kenny did, and after some more digging I found out that he’d just got in at the right time. The guys at the top– the first people into the system– can make money. It’s the guys a bit further down that struggle. The guys Kenny had got signed up? They aren’t doing so well.  

Most of the other reviews for this system on other sites you can find are pretty positive.  

That’s because they’re trying to sell you something.  

They get a cut when someone signs up to 30 Day Success Formula. It’s as simple as that.  

I don’t, so I can give you a legit review without any ulterior motive.  

There’s another really fishy thing about the 30 Day Success Formula: It’s a cash business. That’s right—there’s no paper trail here. You can’t buy with a credit card or anything like that. The main business model involves sending envelopes stuffed with cash around the place.  

Is this legit? 


Yes, really.  

If that isn’t enough to put you off, let’s have a look at how you actually make money with the 30 Day Success Formula.  

There are 6 levels to this program and you start at the bottom by “investing” $250. This can sometimes be found at a discounted price of $89.  

The next step? Sending letters. No, not emails. Actual letters.  

So when you start at the first level you send out 3 letters to physical addresses. All you’re trying to do is get them to sign up too. As you move up a level, the money to join is higher, but the money you supposedly get back is higher too.  

So one of the levels costs a hefty $5,000 to get to, but you’ll get back $2,000 from everyone the level below you who you convince to sign up.  

 But what are they actually signing up to?  

That’s the problem with the 30 Day Success Formula. You’re basically getting people to jump on a chain of hoping to get money by convincing more people to sign up for the same scheme. There isn’t actually any value to the scheme in itself. It’s just a pyramid scheme. That’s how they work.  

I thought they were banned nowadays too, but it seems not.  

So at level 1, you pay $89 to join and then get $20 back from everyone who signs up from your letter.  

You can send out more letters if you want, to increase your chance of signups—only you have to PAY to send out more letters.  

Kenny must have really got lucky because I talked to some of my other buddies who got in a bit later than him. One guy paid $250 to start with and sent out his 3 letters. What did he get back? Nada. Nothing.  

That’s the problem with this sort of thing. Most people aren’t going to sign up for it. I know quite a lot about marketing these days, and let me tell you—only sending out 3 letters isn’t going to lead to much success. Especially for an offer like this. That would require an extremely high conversion rate to even make sense.  

Or you can pay $299 for 200 more emails. They say you’ll get about 4% in signups. I don’t know how legit this is, but if it is—you could actually make some money.  

But don’t forget—the people at the bottom will only make money if they convince more people to sign up. It’s even harder for them.  

I also found this site that was talking about cash gifting schemes and how people are using them to avoid paying tax. I enjoy paying tax about as much as you do, but I also don’t wanna get in trouble doing something that’s so obviously avoiding it.  

I might catch a bit of flack for just straight out calling 30 Day Success Formula a pyramid scheme. I’m not an expert on them, and maybe there’s a slight difference. Maybe that’s why this scheme isn’t banned.  

But there isn’t an actual product or anything of value you’re buying with the money you send. You’re just sending people money, moving up levels and feeding a never-ending circle. That sounds like a pyramid scheme to me, but what do I know?  

If you’re desperate for cash, you might still want to give this a go. There is money to be made. Kenny managed it. But a few of my other bros didn’t. Be careful.  

 Me? I was still desperate for cash. I guess it helped that this thing actually cost money to sign-up for the money I didn’t have. I might have made the wrong decision if I’d had that first $89 spare. Or maybe it would have been the right one? I guess we’ll never know.  

In the end, I had to take some shifts at a local bar to get the money I needed. It sucked not being able to get rich quick online, but I guess sometimes you do actually have to make sensible decisions. I made some good tips, too—so it wasn’t all bad.  

It wasn’t for a couple more years until I really started making money in internet marketing. I guess some of the stuff I learned about the 30 Day Success Formula helped me later on. If you really want to make actual legit money online and take a nice slice of digital property, you should check out Local Lead Generation. I’ve been pulling in some big commission recently doing just that.  

Kenny’s new truck. 

As for Kenny, he got his new truck. I think he moved onto something else when money starts drying up with the 30 Day Success Formula. Some of the other guys didn’t even get a truck out of it. But I’ve actually started helping them with Local Lead Generation too and they were stoked to find out that you can actually make money online.  

Who Exactly IS Alex Becker? Check Out My Alex Becker Review to Find Out

See if his products like Market Hero are Really For You 

In my group of friends, I’m kinda the go-to guy for anything internet marketing related. Anything even business related. It’s cool, I’m proud of my success—and I guess I’m happy for people to know about it. 

There might be a bit of jealousy in there, but I know deep down—they’re happy for me too. 

(I try not to ram it TOO far down their throat—especially when I’m jetting off to Dubai and they’re still slaving away in their cubicle.) 

Apart from a tiny bit of passive aggressive jealousy, the other downside to this is that they’re ALWAYS asking me for my opinion on stuff. I basically get asked about ANYTHING to do with making money on the internet. 

I know I’d been raking in some good cash for a while with Local Lead Generation, but I didn’t know EVERYTHING. 

Then one of my boys asked me about Alex Becker. Another buddy in the corner piped up. “Wait, is that the tennis player?!” 

No, that’s BORIS Becker. 

But I did actually know Alex. This guy had been serving up some value in the IM game for some time now. Or should that be serving-and-volleying? Ha! 

“Enough with the tennis already!” 

Sorry, my bad. I double-faulted. 

No, NOT Tennis. 

Back to ALEX Becker. 

This guy had been around for a while, I’d actually MET him. He wrote a book back in 2016 called 10 Pillars of Wealth. It was pretty popular for a while. He also had a range of other products. 

So I decided to throw this Alex Becker review together for my buddies—and anyone else who’s interested. That way I can just give them this URL rather than have to talk about ANOTHER internet-marketer for ten minutes. 

And that’s the problem with these guys. There are so many internet marketing NAMES these days. Guys like Tai Lopez, or John Crestani. With so many, it can be hard to know how many are legit, or even what they really have to offer. 

That’s what this here Alex Becker review is for. I’m gonna spill the beans on everything I know about this guy. 

That’s Alex. 

Then YOU can decide if you want to work with him or not. 

Who is Alex Becker? 

Ok, so he’s not the tennis player. But who exactly IS Alex Becker? Let’s have a look. 

He’s a pretty well-known online marketing guru. I actually met him at one of his shows a few years back. His “10 Pillars of Wealth” book sold well, and was pretty good. 

He’s a solid guy, and fun to listen to. So his talk was dope. He probably doesn’t remember me, but I remember him. 

He first got into internet marketing back in the early days—so he’s seen how things have changed. He also knows how to make money. Lots of it. 

The thing about Alex Becker is he doesn’t have one specific sub-niche in the internet marketing world. He’s quite an authority on dropshipping—but that’s not where his expertize ends. 

So in this Alex Becker review, I’m gonna look at a few of his products. 

What’s he selling, then? 

One thing that differentiates Alex Becker from a lot of those other IM guys is that he has a LOT of products. He likes a piece of so many different pies. Some of these other guys have only one or two main deals—a core sub-niche to focus on. Not Alex, he’s involved in loads of different gigs. 

That’s both good and bad. Okay, he knows a lot of different stuff—but it’s also hard to keep Alex tied down to one specific area. Maybe you like the variation. Personally, I’d prefer it if he just made one or two of his courses a priority. 

So Alex has been selling a ton of different stuff over the years. Some of it good, some of it—not so good. 

Right now, Alex’s main site is being redeveloped. But there’s still plenty of his stuff out there. 

I’m gonna have a look at his different products so you know which ones might be for you. And which ones you might wanna avoid. 

Source Wave University Review 

First up is Alex’s Source Wave University. This is one of his main offers and most popular products. 

Not that kind of university. 

Wait… Where are the frat parties? No, this isn’t like the university I remember. 

It’s an ONLINE university. Bummer. But the education in this stuff is still pretty good. 

It’s all about SEO. One of the cornerstones of any IM business. 

If you don’t know a bit about SEO already, you need to get with the program. Or maybe sign up to Alex Becker’s “university”. One of the two will do. 

Basically, unless you’re gonna outsource ALL your SEO for all of your future ventures, you need SEO knowledge. It’s basically the oxygen of the search engine and internet marketing industry. 

But the main point to Source Wave University is that it’s all about helping you start your own SEO business as an SEO contractor. 

I know a lot of you have come here for the get-rich-quick stuff, or the passive income drill. This isn’t that. It WILL give you what you need to become an SEO expert, though. But you’ll have to keep working for it. 

They say you can make a couple of hundred a day doing this for other clients. I normally run a mile when an internet marketer tells you how much you can make with something. But hey, this is actually realistic. They aren’t telling you you’re gonna be on a yacht in a couple of weeks. 

You CAN make good money with this. And be your own boss. But you’ll still have to work for it. 

The info in the university course was pretty good. You get an up-to-date education. And that’s GREAT in this game because SEO changes lightning-quick. When you think you’ve got Google’s algorithm cracked—they change it. So you need to keep on top of things. 

This brings me to another point about the Source Wave University. And it’s an important one… 

You don’t HAVE to use this info to run your own client-facing SEO business. 

After all, if you’re here, you’ve probably got some dreams about starting your own internet marketing empire. To do that, you’re gonna need all the SEO knowledge you can get. 

So take the course, and then BE your own client. Provide high-quality SEO services to YOUR OWN online ventures. That way you can cut the costs and get your projects off the ground without having to rely on anyone else. And without having to pay them. 

So whether you wanna start your own SEO business or become an SEO-boss for your own marketing goals—the university has some value. 

Market Hero Review 

Here’s ANOTHER one of Alex’s products. I know, he’s got so many, right? 

It’s called Market Hero. And it’s all about email automation. There are lots of tools out there that do this. After all, the money’s in your email list, right? (That’s what they say in this game). 

So what sets Alex Becker’s Market Hero apart? 

The reality is—not much. That’s not to say it isn’t a good product. It’s good. Quite good. At $19 a month it’s pretty affordable. There are tons of features and support options. It’s got advanced sales tracking, ROI calculation and loads more. It ties in well with Shopify and all sorts of other stuff. 

That all sounds great, right? So why am I sounding so negative? 

I shouldn’t be. It’s good value. I’m just saying there’s nothing revolutionary here. If you already have some email software that you’re happy with, it probably does most, if not all of what Market Hero does. 

If you AREN’T already using some email software to boost your marketing efforts then that’s a whole different ballgame. You should be, but I haven’t got time to tell you why here. Give Market Hero a go and see if it works for you. 

There’s also a free trial for this. That’s cool. Try it out. 

H-Com 2020 Review 

ANOTHER Alex Becker product here. This one is H-Com 2020. I can’t really review this, because it isn’t out yet. As you’ve probably guessed from the year in the name. 

H-Com 2020 is gonna be all about Shopify. I can’t wait to try it out. You can get early-bird pricing right now if you’re interested. 

8X Hero Academy Review 

Another one of Alex’s products is the 8X Hero Academy. This has a pretty cool name, I like it, it’s catchy. 

They reckon they’re gonna boost your existing business by a multiple of EIGHT! Sign me up! 

The reality…. My business didn’t even double with the stuff I learned in the 8X Hero Academy. But it DID have a small boost. False advertising? Maybe. But it still could be worth it if you’re looking for any help you can find. 

In the 8X Hero Academy, you’ll get a load of resources that aim to get you making $1k-$5k a month within only two months. This isn’t realistic. You shouldn’t believe guys when they make earning claims like this. if it WAS that easy, everyone would be doing it. It isn’t that easy, believe me. 

This product is all about affiliate marketing and funnels. I know this stuff pretty well, so I didn’t learn TOO much. But if you’re new to IM, there’s some gold in here. Just not 8 times your money gold. 

It does have some cool Youtube info which was pretty new to me. That stuff is changing all the time so it’s hard to keep on top of. Youtube is basically the newest frontier in internet marketing. I’ve been slow to catch up with all the basics, so this part of Alex’s course was ultra-useful. 

One other cool thing: There’s a free trial. The academy isn’t cheap if you wanna be a full member, but you can have full access for nothing to try it out. That’s 21 hours of training info along with a load of cool tools and resources. 

There are a few more Alex Becker products too, like Black File. This guy just can’t stop releasing products! 

Is Alex Becker a scam? 

Nah bro, this guy is cool. He’s legit. If I could give Alex one bit of advice, I’d tell him to slow down a bit. Try and stop being a master of every single sub-niche in internet marketing. Make one of them what you’re famous for. 

Look, I think of a scam artist as someone who runs off with your money. I haven’t seen any evidence of that with Alex Becker. You won’t hear me going on about that Alex Becker scam. 

Some of the stuff is a bit oversold. You have to get used to that in internet marketing. But they do offer value. You should check them out. 

A lot of Alex’s stuff is good. But it’s not as good as Local Lead Generation. I’ve been making real money for a while with that. I’ve actually been blown away with how easy it’s been. You need to check it out as soon as you can. 

Check Out My Freedom Mentor Review to See If It’s Right For You

Can it really help turn you into a property-investing success?

Years back, I always dreamed of becoming some sort of property mogul. It seemed too good to be true. My property portfolio was gonna be huge, and I would just chill by my pool and count that sweet passive income.

In my head.

As you’ve probably guessed by now—becoming that sort of property mogul isn’t as easy as I’d first thought. Go figure. But it was still the dream.

This was way before I started making a real dent with my own Local Lead Generation gig. More on that later.

The only real experience I’d had with anything close to this sort of biz was when I used to let buddies come and stay on the couch in my college apartment. It had a pretty dope location (close to all the bars and clubs), so I’d let them stay in exchange for pizza. Once, a classmate even wrote my term paper because I let him use the pad to impress some girl for the night. Haha!

One slice per hour… OK?

This was way before AirBnB or anything like that. I know right—I was truly a pioneer.

Anyway, let’s just say I didn’t really understand the first thing about property investment, property management…. property anything. But I still had my dream.

So I’d been slowly going insane in my cubical-slave job. But at least I was building up a nice little deposit for a buy-to-let on the side.

This guy I knew called Colin (another cubicle-slave like me) had already leveraged himself into a handful of properties. Banks were lending to almost anyone back then. He was planning on “retiring” soon. You can probably guess how jealous I was.

But I was nearly there. I’d already started looking out for my first investment property.

And then…


What was that sound?

Oh yeah… that was the Global Economic Crash.

It was a bloodbath. Let’s just keep this kid-friendly and say Colin added a couple of decades to his intended retirement age. Ouch.

So I shelved my plans for a bit. Got back to being a wage-slave at my desk again. At least I still had a job, right?

As the years ticked by—I still had that dream.

Slowly, banks started lending again. I still had my deposit. It had even grown a little.

So I decided it was time to jump in and finally get that investment property. It was clearly going to be the first of many, right? Well…

You see, banks had tightened up their lending rules. That meant I couldn’t afford 15 times my income on a pad. More like 3 or 4 times. This restricted what I could get massively.

Only I remembered this old bit of wisdom I’d picked up somewhere:

“Buy the worst property in the best area.”

So I decided to be spontaneous. I went for it. My first investment property!! Woo!!

Okay great… But… I don’t think I’d done enough research.

Slowly, I started to realize that maybe I’d bought the worst property in the worst area. Oops.

I was even struggling to fill it with tenants. This was going to be a problem. In the end, I had to accept defeat and take a tenant that’d just about cover what I was paying.

This was supposed to be the first of many. I was gonna take the profit from this place and leverage it into an empire. But the property was barely paying for itself.

That’s when I phoned my uncle. He’d already made a nice wedge from the property market. His advice—sit back and let the property go up in value. Sound advice—except he lived in SoCal. It’s easy there.

I needed better advice.

I remembered hearing about this guy Phil Pustejovsky a while back. I didn’t know much about him, but I knew he ran this business called Freedom Mentor.

That’s Phil.

I did a bit of research and decided I had to try something. I couldn’t stay at this desk job forever. So I decided to give it a try.

At first, it was hard finding the right info about Freedom Mentor. I was searching for “freedom mentor reviews” and all sorts of crap was coming up. Things are a bit easier now, but I decided to write down my experience with Phil’s program in this Freedom Mentor review to help others who were in the same position as me.

What is Freedom Mentor?

Freedom Mentor is aimed at people just like me and you. Guys who want to get into property investment but still have a lot to learn. The great part is you don’t have to stump up a ton of cash to get started.

There’s a free book and course to take to get you initiated. There’s tons of good stuff in both these freebies. There’s a lot of info that seems common sense but I just hadn’t thought of. More on that in a couple of minutes.

I love free stuff.

But the real core of Freedom Mentor is the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program. That’s where you get real one-on-one tuition and personal advice from Phil himself. Great, right? Sort of…

This looked great to me, but I was also a bit suspicious. There were loads of those too-good-to-be-true testimonials on the site. Plus this slightly worrying disclaimer about the testimonials that implied they might have been completely made up.

Wait, what?

I don’t know why guys like this try the hard sell so much. They must have realized it puts as many people off as it convinces. Right?

Anyway, I wasn’t put off—because I knew the info I’d learned in the free book and course seemed legit. So I applied to be an “apprentice”.

How did it go? Keep reading to find out.

But first, you’ve probably got one big question…

Is Freedom Mentor a scam?

I remember the first thing I’d search for when I saw a new online product like this was “scam”. So I jammed “freedom mentor scam” into Google. Especially when I saw those testimonials. You’ve probably done the same.

The good news is that Freedom Mentor is NOT a scam. Phil Pustejovsky is legit as they come.

It’s not a scam. But it is expensive. We’ll get onto that in a minute.

The extra info you get in the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program is even more legit than the stuff in the free book.

But the best bit is… wait a minute. This needs its own sub-heading.

What’s the best part about Freedom Mentor?

The best part about Freedom Mentor is Phil himself. It’s having an actual mentor. And one who really knows what he’s talking about.

The info and course material is great, but let’s face it—you’re not here for that. You can find plenty of good info out there, but having someone on call to actually answer your questions is what really helped me. It could help you, too.

With Phil around to answer my call or email, I quickly learned I’d been doing it all wrong. Best of all, I learned what to do right.

But it isn’t all roses and ice-cream. I’ve got a big issue with the Freedom Mentor program that I’m gonna lay out for you…

What’s the worst thing about Freedom Mentor?

I’m gonna say this as softly as possible. The worst thing about Freedom Mentor?

They take 50% of your profits!


I know, right.

There’s also a $3,000 up-front fee.

This made me want to walk right out the door. STAT.

But after thinking about it a bit longer, I thought I’d give it a shot. Just as a one-time deal. Phil better be worth it.

Did Freedom Mentor work for me?

Phil actually had some pretty good info about how to find cheap properties in my area: motivated sellers.

There are actually loads of obvious clues about how to find motivated sellers and how they’ll often be willing to accept way under market price for a quick sale.

He also hooked me up with some super-legit lenders who had a bit more leeway than the big banks. That meant I got a good deal on a buy-to-let mortgage.

This is where I started really learning how I’d made mistakes with my first property. Actually, I learned a few things that I could use to turn that place around, too. And I was keeping all the profits there.

I gave the new place a quick lick of paint and advertised an open house for potential tenants. This was such a good idea, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before.

My next property.

What are the keys to making your open house a success? Free food and alcohol!

Ok, so you’re not trying to get people drunk so they rent your place. It just helps set the ambience. Honest.

When you’ve got a few different people interested in your place, it does something crazy to them. They don’t wanna miss out. Even if they never really liked the property in the first place. FOMO in action.

And it’s a two-way street. It doesn’t just get people more keen to put a (higher) offer in. It let’s you vet your tenants as well.

Vetting tenants is really important. Picking the right people to live in your property makes them more likely to look after the place, and less likely to cook meth in the kitchen.

Now I’m not saying you have to do a full background check—but at least check they’ve got jobs.

Remember my old place? The first crap-heap I called an investment property? The stuff I learned with Phil even helped there as well. Now I’ve got better tenants and it’s even making me a bit more money each month. I’m on my fifth investment property now, and I’m looking to get more soon.

Oh yeah, I even started getting “back” into AirBnB lets. I know, it’s almost like my adult life had come full circle. Only this time I wasn’t getting paid in pizza and college papers. I was getting real cash.

I’ve just got one of my properties on AirBnB and the other sites like that. I like the guaranteed income that long-term tenants give you. Only the upside to AirBnB lets is great. I’m looking to get more.

This place is out by the lake so it’s the sort of pad people like that are looking for. I’m not sure how well an AirBnB in the middle of a housing project would work.

The great thing about this place is that you make a similar amount of money with roughly 50% occupancy. That means it’s free for you to use the rest of the year, yet you’ll still make as much as if you had people living there full-time.

The downside? You’ve got a bit more work to do in-between. Cleaning, key handling etc. There are people that’ll do this for you, but they’ll take a cut. It’s not completely passive income. And oh yeah—it’s a bit harder to get a mortgage for a buy-to-let like this. If you tell the bank the whole story, that is.

What else do you get in Freedom Mentor?

The main value is clearly in the mentoring (hand-holding) from Phil. You get 3 live coaching calls and 2 conference calls a week.

I actually thought this was a bit harsh. Come on Phil! I’m giving you three grand and HALF the profits on my property yet I can only phone you a couple of times a week?!

There’s also loads of other material including a lender database and all sorts of other useful info. Most of this was good, but some of it can be found elsewhere. Just letting you guys know.

Phil puts on a few live events each year. I made it to one, and had a good time. But is this worth $3k? I’m not sure.

Oh yeah… There’s one more thing

“Freedom Mentor” is NOT the same as “Your Freedom Mentor”. This almost tripped me up a few times. That’s some other IM rags-to-riches product. Confused? I know I was. And it seems like that other thing “Your Freedom Mentor” actually might be a scam. Oops!

So did Freedom Mentor really work? Yes. Is it really worth it? Maybe.

You should definitely check out the free stuff. There’s tons of good info in there. I was probably a bit naive in the beginning to think property investment would be easy. It wasn’t, but I got there in the end.

Remember, a lot of the info Phil gives out CAN be found elsewhere. Sometimes for free. You just have to know where to look. I only kept that one property with Phil, there’s no way I was going to give him 50% of the profits on the next few places. So I “left” the system.

I still ask myself whether it was worth it. He’s still getting half the profits from one of my properties. But the thing it—he really helped. Not just his info, but simply having a mentor to bounce ideas off.

So yeah, he’s still getting a nice chunk of passive income. But I learned some stuff that helped me expand my property “empire”. Hey, can I call it that yet? Come on, that was the dream!

I actually think that right now I would NOT recommend Freedom Mentor. But I change my mind on this on a day to day basis. After all, I probably wouldn’t have the property portfolio I’ve got now if it wasn’t for Phil and his Freedom Mentor program. But this was at a time when I just needed someone to hold my hand. Maybe you aren’t at that stage. Maybe I should have just asked my uncle.

I’ve also found that while the info was great, there are some other places you can find similar stuff. But you definitely need to check out all his free stuff, because there’s a lot of gold in there. And it’s free.

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Maybe if I’d have found something like Local Lead Generation sooner, I wouldn’t have had to give so much money to Phil.