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Advancements in technology have made it possible for people to get anything online. One of these things is educational courses. If you want to learn something, chances are there’s an online course for it. This includes dropshipping. 

One of the best ways to earn money online is through eCommerce dropshipping. Fortunately, there are tons of dropshipping courses out there. However, it can be difficult to find which one is best.  

If you’re looking for dropshipping courses, you might stumble upon the Zero Up course by Fred Lam. Is it a good course at all? Is it worth the money? Is Fred Lam legit or a scam? In this review, I am going to discuss everything you need to know about this dropshipping course. 

What is Zero Up About? 

First of all, what is this course about? Zero Up is a cloud-based online program to help people grow and scale their dropshipping business. This program is under the iPro Academy. 

For those who don’t know, iPro Academy is a global community of regular people and internet professionals who want to explore the infinite opportunities of making money online. 

According to its website, it’s where you will learn everything about starting and running an online business. It’s a place where you can access educational courses to improve your skills and adapt to the constantly changing eCommerce industry.  

Zero Up is created by Fred Lam. According to the course’s website, this training program will help people get started with their eCommerce business, even if they’ve got no experience in dropshipping.  

According to Lam, his system will put people ahead of the competition in the online business industry. 

Who is Fred Lam? 

Fred Lam is the creator of Zero Up. Of course, he isn’t just a regular individual. Fred Lam is a well-known business speaker and guru.  

Fred Lam gained popularity through his book titled “The Traffic Trilogy.” After publishing his book, Fred’s popularity continues to rise. As of today, Fred Lam is involved in Zero Up, the Traffic Trilogy, Water Liberty, and iPro Academy.  

In addition, Fred was the youngest marketing manager of the BMW Group Canada. He also shared the stage at conferences with Robert Kiyosaki. 

According to Fred’s website, he came from a low-income family. Many years ago, Fred was a dishwasher. However, that did not stop him from climbing up the ladder. Fred slowly climbed his way to the top from working as a dishwasher. Today, he’s now the CEO of a couple of multi-million-dollar businesses.  

With his successful businesses, Fred has also achieved a couple of awards as an entrepreneur and marketer. This includes the Canadian Business Excellence Awards for Private Businesses, Startup 50 Award, INC 5000 Award, and much more. 

How Does Zero Up Work? 

So, how does this course work? What should you expect from it? Well, Zero Up is not the same as other dropshipping courses out there.  

Aside from teaching you all the fundamentals of dropshipping, Zero Up also provides students with exclusive software to help them set up and run their Shopify store.  

According to the main website of Zero Up, it’s a powerful, all-in-one eCommerce software that will help you scale, grow, and build your online store. 

Thus, Zero Up isn’t just a dropshipping course to make things simple. It’s an entire platform from which you can handle your online business.  

What is Inside Zero Up? 

Now that you know how this training program works, you’re probably wondering what’s inside the course.  

You’ll get access to 9 different modules if you purchase the course. Each module contains various lessons that will help you learn more about dropshipping. 

In addition to these nine modules, you will get access to bonus training that will teach you how to scale and grow your online business. 

Module 1: Creating a Store 

The first module of Zero Up will teach you how to create an online store. This module contains 12 videos; you’ll need 2 hours and 4 minutes to finish them. 

In this module, you will learn the fundamental concepts of dropshipping and how to choose a popular niche with consumers.  

Then, you will also learn the process of creating an online store within the legal framework of the United States. This module will also teach you how to buy a domain. 

Next, the module will also teach you a quick rundown of setting up your online store. This includes linking Google Analytics, checkout, email, and shipping.  

In this module, Fred will also introduce the Zero Up software that can help you easily customize your Shopify store. 

Module 2: Inventory Arbitrage 

The second module of this course is called Inventory Arbitrage. It contains six videos that last a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes.  

In this module, you will learn the concept of inventory arbitrage. For those who don’t know, it’s a term for not keeping any physical stock. 

In addition, Fred will also demonstrate how to use his Zero Up software to look for ads that are selling products identical to what you intend to sell. 

After walking you through his software, Fred will teach you how to write product descriptions, approach various pricing strategies, and improve perceived value.  

This module also includes the 100 “top-selling” product documents. You can use this on your online store.  

Module 3: Turbocharging Your Store 

The third module of the course will teach you how to operate your Shopify store. It contains nine videos. You’ll need at least 2 hours to finish all of them. 

In this module, you will learn how to utilize apps that enable everything. This includes automated email marketing, producing testimonials, and creating coupons.  

Take note that the apps Fred recommends aren’t free. Some students report spending more than $160 a month on these apps.  

Module 4: Creating a Sales Funnel 

The fourth module of the course talks about how to create a sales funnel. This module contains five videos that last a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes.  

In this module, you will learn how to create a sales funnel. In addition, Fred will also share with you a couple of tools offered by the Zero Up software. These tools include: 

  • The Profit Multiplier – This tool enables you to create four various forms of pop-ups. 
  • The Funnel Building – A tool that helps you create and start a sales funnel. 

In addition, you’ll also learn how to improve your average order value. 

Module 5: Advertising Your Store 

The fifth module of the course will teach you how to advertise your store. This module contains 15 videos. You will need at least 3 hours and 30 minutes to finish all of them. 

In this module, you will learn how to make good use of Facebook ads to sell your products. In addition, you’ll also learn how to scale your ads, install the Facebook pixel, and create various forms of ads. 

Module 6: Store Management 

The sixth module of the course is about store management. It contains 16 videos that last a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes. 

In this module, you will learn the day-to-day routine of operating a Shopify store. Fred will teach you how to handle credit card chargebacks and common customer issues.  

Module 7: Traffic Genius 

This is the 7th module of the course. It contains a total of 28 videos. You will need at least 6 hours to finish all of these videos.  

Fred will teach you more about Google and Bing ads in this module. In the first part of this module, you will learn how to set up ads in Bing. Fred will teach you how to create and launch ads. 

In the second part of the module, you will learn how to create ad campaigns in Google. 

Module 8: Zero Up Jewels 

This module is just a bonus module. You can skip it if you want. It teaches you how to customize your jewelry and sell it on your Shopify store.   

Module 9: Weekly Bootcamp 

The final module of the course is the weekly boot camp. It contains a total of 20 videos that last for a total of 26 hours and 30 minutes. This is perhaps the longest module in the course. 

Fred hosts a “Bootcamp” session every week with all the students. During this boot camp, you can get more tips and advice from Fred. You can also ask him questions about dropshipping.  

If you’re lucky, Fred will look at your ad campaign or online store. Then, he will offer a couple of tips on how to improve them. 

Module 10: Bonus Training 

Once you finish all of the modules above, you will get access to Zero Up’s bonus training. This bonus module contains seven videos. You will need at least 2 hours to finish all of them. 

In this bonus module, Fred will teach you two topics – handling influencers and managing email marketing.  

The bonus training module is filled with excellent theories. However, it does not contain any practical lessons. All of them are theories. 

How Much Does Zero Up Cost to Join? 

One of the biggest drawbacks of Zero Up is the cost. It’s one of the high-ticket online courses out there. You’ll need to invest a lot of money in other products within the course. This is especially true if you want to get the most out of your Shopify store.  

The cost to join Fred’s training program is $1,497. If you don’t have that much money to pay upfront, don’t worry. You can choose to pay in monthly installments. If you select this payment plan, you’ll have to pay $597 monthly for three months. That is a total of $1,791.  

Also, you should note that Zero Up does not have a refund policy. Once you pay for the course, there’s no going back. That is why it’s always best to do your research first to find out if this course is worth your money. 

Is Zero Up a Scam? 

The simple answer is no. Zero Up is not a scam. It’s a legitimate training program created by a real professional, Fred Lam. If you pay the course price, you’ll immediately get access to every feature that the program offers.  

The real question is, “Is Zero Up Worth It?” 

Is Zero Up Worth the Money? 

First of all, you’ll have to invest $1,497 to get access to everything inside the course. If you follow everything in it, you’ll have to invest more than $160 monthly for the tools and apps.  

Of course, this is a considerable investment, especially if you’re just a beginner in dropshipping.  

If you’re really into dropshipping and want to learn everything about it, I say that buying this course is worth the money.  

On the other hand, if you’re still hesitant about creating a Shopify store, I recommend you avoid this course. As mentioned earlier, they don’t offer a refund policy. That is why it’s best to avoid spending money on this if you’re not sure about it.  

Furthermore, you should remember that starting a Shopify store won’t guarantee returns. It’s an extremely competitive industry. You’ll need to invest a lot of time and money if you want to see returns.  

So, is there a better alternative to Zero Up and dropshipping? The answer is yes.  

Alternative to Dropshipping 

Dropshipping is a good way to earn money online. However, it is not the best. You still have to invest a lot of time and money in it.  

So, what if I told you there’s a better alternative? One that won’t require a hefty investment. One that will help you earn money while you sleep. So, what is this alternative? Well, it’s called RAES. 

So, what’s RAES? RAES is simply short for Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System. With RAES, I can earn 6 to 7 figures online. While writing this review, I still make money with this system.  

If you’re interested to learn more about RAES, check out Ryno Inc’s system.