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As we all know, dropshipping is a legitimate business concept because it allows you to make a convincing income after establishing a strong foundation. 

You should enroll in several classes to learn more about dropshipping if you want to create your dropshipping store since you need to learn from professionals. 

Like Ecomm Clubhouse, numerous dropshipping courses are available, some of which are legitimate and worth enrolling in. 

Therefore, the concern is, Is Ecomm Clubhouse Real? Can you become rich and successful using this, as they claim on their homepage website? Is this course a fraud, or what? 

Doing the best to answer and address all of the inquiries in this review should help you deeply comprehend the logic and methods of the Ecomm Clubhouse. We can try to justify whether this one is another scam to avoid. 

What is Wholesale Ted? 

Wholesale Ted is a popular business coaching website and a YouTube channel that teaches individuals how to launch a successful online retail business. 

The fact that Sarah Chrisp and her mentor, Ted, collaborate on creating the Wholesale Ted channel is where the channel’s name derives from. 

The subscription service is also known as the Ecom Clubhouse in some circles. 

Over fifty percent of all dropshippers start their own businesses within a year of subscribing to the program, and it offers easy-to-follow training on how to set up a dropshipping business. It also highlights successful products and techniques, and it shares insights on what it’s like to run a successful business online. (At least, that’s what Sarah claims to think.) 

On the other hand, the objective of the Wholesale Ted channel is to raise awareness about developments in the dropshipping and online shopping industries that are taking place at the present time. 

This can be accomplished by providing useful instruction on launching and managing a home-based business, drawing on real-world examples of businesses that are achieving success, publishing articles, and holding discussions about various marketing and management strategies. 

This channel covers a wide variety of dropshipping-related topics, such as beginning a clothing line, selling pre-loved items, establishing a pop-up store or website, utilizing social media to promote your business (including YouTube), developing affiliate marketing strategies, and a great deal more. 

Ted Wholesale and Sarah Chrisp Background 

Sarah Chrisp was born and raised in New Zealand. To tell you the truth, it is not easy to find out very much information about her that goes beyond what is discussed on the website that she maintains. 

She asserts that she has launched a number of online stores, and that she presently splits her time between coaching and traveling on private jets all over the world. 

However, as you may have guessed, the majority of this information is geared toward getting you to sign up for her membership program which is called eComm Clubhouse. She shares a lot of advice about how to run a successful eCommerce business. However, the majority of this information is designed to get you to sign up. 

Wholesale Ted is one of the popular YouTube channels for business coaching. It currently has more than 800,000 followers and and has accumulated more than 30 million views in total. 

Sarah Chrisp is the one who is in charge of running the Wholesale Ted YouTube channel. On this channel, she discusses how to make money online, with a primary emphasis on eCommerce and dropshipping. 

Wholesale Ted’s channel on YouTube is one of the most successful eCommerce channels that you have to check and view because of the Wholesale Ted Sarah Chrisp net worth. 

This shows that her channel and eCommerce Clubhouse course can definitely be considered as legit. 

The Price of Wholesale Ted Course 

You will have an easy access to a library of exclusive programs and videos for a one-time fee of $67 per month, and these videos will not be found on the Wholesale Ted YouTube channel. 

The channel Wholesale Ted on YouTube has free lessons and videos that an ordinary person can use whenever he wanted to start his e-commerce experience. The other one which is the Ecomm Clubhouse is the paid training course that you can only have an access once you signed up and pay for the membership fee.  

Does Wholesale Ted Offer Courses? 

According to the findings of my review, the only course that she is now providing is a free ebook, and it is titled “The 6 Steps That 6 Figures Stores Follow to Make $10,000+ a Month.” The fact that the ebooks are free, in addition to the fact that the title of the ebook is already appealing to the audience. 

Another course that she is currently providing is referred to as The Ecomm Clubhouse. This is a program that requires participants to pay a membership fee each month and is geared toward assisting novices in opening their very first online store by providing tutorials taken from the Wholesale Ted website. 

What Can We Learn from Ecomm Clubhouse? 

You can learn how to generate money with Dropshipping and eCommerce stores by enrolling in the course that is offered by Ecomm Clubhouse. Because their website has everything you require to create, build, and make your online store lucrative, Sarah and her team consider this training to be of premium quality. This is because everything you require can be found on their website. 

There are a total of 14 courses that have been accredited by Shopify; one of the most impressive aspects of this course is that it was one of the Education Partner’s courses that was chosen to receive the Shopify certification. 

It’s possible that the price of this class is giving you surprise right now. The correct response is that the price is reasonable in that it is neither excessively low nor exorbitantly high. Anyone who wants to begin and establish their own online stores and receive appropriate coaching from a mentor who has already made seven figures through eCommerce can afford this platform because it is a monthly subscription member platform with a price tag of $67 per month. 

You can take a $1 trial for 7 days of access to the membership platform if you want to take a glimpse of what it looks like inside and the video courses, and after that, if you do not cancel, you will be charged with $67 for a month. I mean, if you consider yourself as a fast learner, you can just pay $1 and learn everything in the platform in under 7 days! Plus. 

The training videos have around 10 hours, and there are supplementary written resources available as well. Furthermore, the vast majority of the lessons contained within the course are presented in digital or video format. 

Because they don’t provide you with anything else, this class doesn’t have much that sets it apart from others. 

Let’s imagine you’re just starting out and don’t have any prior experience with online shopping or eCommerce, but you do have a solid understanding of how dropshipping operates. 

Because, as you can see, there is nothing in this class that is very sophisticated, there is no need to be concerned about the information. 

You can also access the majority of the information presented here on YouTube. It’s possible that the reason why you need to purchase this course is due of her experience, which is the only thing she can give you. 

Module 1: Choosing Your Niche 

One of the first things in this module that you’ll need to do when building an online store is to concentrate on a market niche, or niche. With Sarah’s training, you’ll be able to group together all of the markets that you’re interested in entering, make a list of them all, and then eliminate one by one the markets that aren’t likely to be successful or profitable in the long run. 

Sarah recommends that you select a market segment that will allow you to build a brand for your business. This is because after you have established a name for your store, it will continue to grow in popularity so long as you continue to stock it with products of a high standard. 

Module 2: To Choose Your Products 

Because you do not want to choose a product that does not attract the attention of potential buyers, especially when you are trying to promote the products on Facebook ads or any of the other social platforms that are currently available, it is important to make sure that you select the appropriate product. 

You will discover how to find the best supplier, how to snoop on the stores of your competitors, as well as how to outsource design work to inexpensive sources such as Fiverr, and a lot more at the Ecomm Clubhouse. 

Based on Sarah’s recommendation, the most common place to purchase your goods is on Aliexpress. Once you are there, she will instruct you on selecting the most appropriate and high-quality product for your retail establishment. 

Module 3: Creating or Making Your Store 

Using Shopify to build your store is the topic that Sarah will cover in this module. She will teach the basic to all you need to know to get started. This contains fundamental Shopify setup as well as tutorials on topics such as the layout of your store, available billing options, and other similar topics. 

In the future, she will instruct you on how to connect Oberlo with Shopify. This is a very significant step since, if you are planning to engage in dropshipping, you may use Oberlo to outsource the products to your store directly from Aliexpress. 

Module 4: Upselling 

You will discover all of the strategies and methods to upsell individuals from your original sale in this stage, which is where Sarah will show you how to optimize your profit with high ticket items. In addition, you will learn how to upsell high ticket things. 

Sarah will also offer to you some paid apps that you can use to boost your conversion rate and for the upselling process. These paid apps are paid plugins within the Shopify platform. Another thing that will happen in this step is that Sarah will suggest to you some paid apps. 

Module 5: Gain Traffic and Buyers 

Because Facebook Ads are the primary method of traffic generation that Sarah teaches in this stage, you will be instructed on everything that is associated with Facebook Ads. 

She will walk you through all of the steps, from establishing a Facebook advertisements campaign to embedding Facebook pixels in your Shopify store, and she will do this for you step by step. 

When I was about to conclude that the only method of traffic generation that she covered in the session was Facebook Ads, she surprised me by revealing a bonus traffic lesson about search engine optimization. 

She outlines various SEO strategies that can help your products get ranked higher on Google more quickly and could potentially provide free organic traffic to your website or retail location. 

Module 6: Running and Managing Your Store 

The final part is all about managing your store and learning how to operate it. Sarah instructs their students on how to outsource the job by hiring virtual assistants and recommends to their students that they utilize the Oberlo and Printify app to fulfill their customers’ orders. 

This will ensure that you do not need to worry about fulfilling the orders of your customers, allowing you to concentrate on other, more vital aspects of running your store, such as improving your pages to result in higher conversion rates or attracting more clients. 

Making Money with Ecomm Clubhouse? 

Therefore, as I have mentioned in my review of Ecomm Clubhouse, the primary objective of Sarah’s course is to instruct and teach step by step on how to establish an online storefront for your business. As you can see from the previous section, she has a lot of valuable content related to the subject prepared. 

Now, the actual step-by-step procedure of getting money with Ecomm involves selling tangible things through Shopify. 

You are going to open a shop, and then you are going to “load it up” with products sourced from overseas vendors. You will, in essence, just be responsible for the presentation of photos on your shop’s website. 

As soon as people start visiting and knowing your website more in large numbers, you will begin to receive orders. Also, rather than you having to buy these items at retail and then send them to your clients, the store will handle both of those things for you. 

Is It Possible to Earn Money Using Ecomm Clubhouse? 

It is true that Sarah Chrisp will instruct you on how to get started, and there is a possibility to earn money via the use of this course. Simply said, you shouldn’t anticipate receiving a large sum of money right off the bat. 

Your ability to make money with eComm Clubhouse, or through any other course for that matter, is completely dependent on you! It is impossible for you to make any money if you do not put in the effort required to accomplish it. 

Prior to registering with them, you are required to read their terms and conditions first. 

It is stated in the terms and conditions, in the section titled “Disclaimer,” that the company does not guarantee your success. 

Also, keep in mind that taking this class will incur additional expenses that you are not now aware of. For instance, the applications require you to make a financial investment, and trust me when I say that they are not inexpensive. 

Now, if you want to start a business, you will need to invest more money into it before you can begin to see any kind of return on your investment. 

As I mentioned in my review of Ecomm Clubhouse, your level of success is entirely dependent on you and the choices you make. There is no assurance that the information you will be paying for will be of any assistance to you. 

You need to realize that there are many different courses available, all of which present the same material; yet, some of these courses offer their instruction at no cost to the student. Therefore, you should probably start by conducting some free research first 

If you are going to be successful in making money with this course, it is because you have taken action, and of course, it is also because the knowledge provided by the eComm Clubhouse is legitimate. 

You are responsible for everything else, including dealing with client complaints, shipping, and a variety of other tasks. 

Is Ecomm Clubhouse Course a Scam? 

Is Wholesale legit? Is Ecomm clubhouse course a scam? The Ecomm Clubhouse is not a fraudulent business-like what others are thinking. It is a legitimate dropshipping course that will teach you how to start a dropshipping business and provide assistance along the way. 

However, the cost of the course is quite high because it must be paid for on a monthly basis, in contrast to any of the other courses that we have researched, some of which offer a one-time payment, while others provide ongoing training on a weekly basis or provide access to the material for one’s entire lifetime 

Not only that, but in order to use the applications that she recommended, you will need to pay for them as well, which will drive up the total cost. 

You might get information of poor quality from the class. In addition, I would like to view other stuff. However, considering that you are still receiving something in exchange for your payment, it is entirely legitimate. 

You’ll also pick up some useful information from Sarah Chrisp’s channel on YouTube, which you should check out. 

If you want to establish a business, you should prepare a financial plan for it first because it takes a lot of your effort, time and money to figure out what works and what doesn’t before you can get to where you want to be. 

On the other hand, if you are a newbie and are looking for the finest business model to create passive income online, there are other options that are more suitable and cost-effective. 

Final Thought 

If you want to become involved with eCommerce and dropshipping but have no clue how to set up an online store, I think Ecomm Clubhouse is an excellent course to take. This is especially true if you have no clue what you’re doing when it comes to setting up an online business. 

It is nice as well to check specifically the Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System. It has videos and make sure to check out Ryno Inc’s system. It will give you so much information that you need to learn like the Ecomm Clubhouse. The methods being discussed her will help you to start your side hustles right away.