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If you love spending time on social media, why not get paid to do it? As a social media manager, you would be responsible for creating and managing the online presence of a business or organization.  

This would involve crafting posts, interacting with followers, and monitoring feedback. In many ways, being a social media manager is like being a one-person marketing team. You would need to be creative and strategic in your approach, and you would need to have a strong understanding of the latest trends.  

If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career, becoming a social media manager might be the perfect option for you. 

Unfortunately, becoming a social media manager is not that easy. In today’s competitive market, businesses are looking for social media managers who can not only post great content, but also engage with followers, monitor metrics, and create strategic campaigns. It’s a lot of work – and it’s not for everyone.  

This is where the Six-Figure Marketing Consultant course comes in. However, is Trey Cockrum’s course worth your money? Is it legit or is it a scam? In this review, I am going to share with you everything you need to know about this social media marketing agency course. 

What is Six-Figure Marketing Consultant? 

For those who don’t know, the Six-Figure Marketing Consultant course is an online training program that will teach you everything you need to know about social media marketing.  

Trey Cockrum created this course, and according to him, it’s the most in-depth training program that covers the most crucial elements when it comes to becoming a social media marketing agent.  

It’s almost the same as an affiliate bootcamp. However, instead of teaching you how to be an affiliate. It will teach you how to start a digital marketing agency.  

However, one thing to note is that every single course you find online claims to be the most in-depth course. Because of this, it’s quite difficult to determine whether or not Trey’s claims are true. 

You can find this course on Teachable. For those who don’t know, Teachable is one of the most well-known online learning platforms. The best thing about it is that the creators of the platform optimized it for any type of device. Because of this, you can learn and view the materials on your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.  

Who is Trey Cockrum? 

Anyone can put together an online course these days. You could do it yourself if you wanted to. However, just because anyone can do something, doesn’t mean that everyone should. When it comes to online courses, you want to make sure you know who the creator is before you hand over your hard-earned cash.  

So, who is Trey Cockrum? Well, for those who don’t know, Trey Cockrum started as a YouTuber. Most of his videos are about him and his journey to making money online. By the time I’m writing this review, Trey has more than 27,000 followers on YouTube. 

Aside from being a YouTuber, Trey was also a dropshipping expert. He’s so good at dropshipping that he decided to create a course on this topic back in 2018. The course is titled “Smart Shopify Dropshipping.” If you want, you can still purchase the course today. It currently costs $497. 

However, Trey decided to change his niche in 2020. This is when he found out that social media marketing agencies are becoming more popular and profitable.  

On his YouTube channel, Trey regularly conducts interviews with other successful social media marketing agency owners. Just like before, Trey decided to create a course based on what he’s learned.  

One of the best things about Trey is that when you look at his social media accounts or YouTube channel, he does not appear to be flaunting his course. This is a green flag because it’s clear that he’s not forcing people to purchase his course. 

What is a Social Media Marketing Agency? 

A social media marketing agency is a company that specializes in creating and executing social media marketing campaigns. A good social media marketing agency will have a team of experienced professionals who understand how to use social media to achieve business goals.  

The most successful social media marketing agencies will also have a strong understanding of the latest trends in social media and how to leverage them to reach a wider audience.  

In addition, a good social media marketing agency will offer other services such as content creation, graphic design, and web development.  

By working with a comprehensive team of experts, businesses can maximize their chances of success with social media marketing. 

Is It Hard to Run a Social Media Marketing Agency? 

Anyone who’s ever started their own business knows that it’s not easy. You have to wear a lot of hats, from CEO to janitor, and everything in between. And if you’re starting a social media marketing agency, you have the added pressure of being constantly plugged in and “on” 24/7.  

It can be a lot to handle, but it’s also an incredibly rewarding business to be in. Not only do you get to help businesses connect with their customers and build relationships, but you also get to use your creative skills to develop strategies and content that people will love.  

So, is it hard to run a social media marketing agency? Yes, it can be. But it’s also an incredibly rewarding business to be in. 

This is where Six-Figure Marketing Consultant comes in. According to the course, it helps make your life easier when running a social media marketing agency.  

How Does Six-Figure Marketing Consultant Works? 

As mentioned earlier, you can find this course on Teachable. Because of this, you can guarantee that you’ll have a smooth experience learning and viewing this course since it’s a platform specifically made for this type of learning.  

In addition, Trey is a YouTuber. Thus, you can also guarantee that the videos you’ll find inside the course are all high-quality.  

So, how does this course works? 

Well, when you purchase it, you’ll immediately get access to all of its content. This includes: 

  • Bi-Weekly calls 
  • Interviews with social media marketing agency experts and 7 to 8-figure earners in the industry.  
  • Worldview and mindset training to reprogram your mind and habits. 
  • More than 50 hours of recorded coaching calls with Trey’s 1-on-1 students.  
  • Step-by-step guides on achieving results for the top five easiest and most popular niches. 
  • Streamlined outsourcing and training blueprint. 
  • Next-level sales training 
  • And more 

Once you purchase the course, you will get lifetime access to everything. This means that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee.  

In addition to that, the course is completely self-paced. This means that it will be up to you when you’ll start the course and when you’ll finish it. This is extremely ideal for busy individuals who are struggling to find free time. It’s up to you when you want to study or take a break. 

How Much Does Six-Figure Marketing Consultant Cost? 

One thing to note is that the price of the course regularly changes. As of today, you can purchase the course for $2,000. However, a couple of reports say that the price often goes up to $5,000. 

Still, $2,000 is not cheap. For most people, that is quite a lot of money. Because of this, it can be difficult to convince people to spend this much on a course.  

In addition, it appears that Trey doesn’t offer other payment plans for his course. Keep in mind that some courses offer a monthly plan to make the price of the course a lot easier for the wallet. For example, there are courses that cost $1,000 upfront. However, the creators offer a monthly payment plan of $400 a month for three months.  

Unfortunately, that is not the case with Six-Figure Marketing Consultant. If you want to buy the course, then you’ve got to prepare $2,000 upfront.  

So, does it have a refund policy? Luckily, there’s a refund policy. However, it’s quite strict compared to other online courses. If you’ve watched less than 20% of the course, then you’re only qualified for a 50% refund. Thus, you can only get back $1,000. However, if you’ve watched more than 20% of the course, then you won’t be qualified for a refund.  

Because of this, you have to make sure that you want to start a social media marketing agency. I believe that $2,000 is too expensive for a course, especially if you’re only planning to make it a side hustle. 

Luckily, Trey offers a free consultation to determine whether or not this course is for you. This consultation lasts for 25 minutes. 

How to Join 6-Figure Marketing Consultant? 

One of the biggest disadvantages of this course is joining it. It’s quite difficult to find this course online. Lucky for you, I am here to help. 

First of all, you need to open your browser. You can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or any browser you prefer.  

Then, once you’re on your browser, open your preferred Search Engine. Most people would use Google. Next, type in “6-Figure Marketing Consultant – Cockrum Equipping” on the search bar and hit enter. The first result should be the one you’re looking for. If so, click that link. 

Once you’re on the homepage of the course, you’ll find a button that says “Enroll in Course.” Click that button, input your payment details, and you’re good to go. 

Is 6-Figure Marketing Consultant a Scam? 

So, is 6-Figure Marketing Consultant a scam? The answer is no. It is not a scam. It’s a legit course with legit content created by a legit expert.  

Once you pay the fee for the course, you will immediately get access to everything inside it. You can only call a course a scam if it does not give you anything after spending your money.  

In addition, the content you’ll get in this course is quite valuable as well. Even though it’s quite expensive, the things that you’ll learn from this course can be pretty useful if you want to start a social media marketing agency.  

Furthermore, note that they also have a refund policy. If this course was a scam, they won’t be offering this type of policy at all. 

Is 6-Figure Marketing Consultant Worth It? 

There are a lot of student marketing reviews out there about this course. Unfortunately, most of them are an affiliate. On the other hand, this review is legit and no bias.  

So, is this course worth it? I don’t think that this course is worth your money. Note that $2,000 is something you probably don’t have just lying around. It’s quite a lot of money that you can use for anything else.  

In addition, you can learn how to run a social media marketing agency for free by doing research. The internet is a treasure trove of free sources. The good thing about the 6-Figure Marketing Consultant course is that everything is already arranged for you. However, if you know how to research online and you’re good at learning on your own, then you can learn how to run a social media marketing agency for free. 

Furthermore, starting a social media marketing agency is quite difficult nowadays. The reason for this is that there are already tons of companies offering this type of service. So, it’s extremely competitive and you will have to do a lot of things if you want to stand out against your competitors. 

So, are there other ways to earn money online aside from starting a social media marketing agency? Well, the answer is yes.  

Better Alternative to Social Media Marketing Agency 

Social Media Marketing is an excellent way to earn money online. However, there are better options. You still have to invest a lot of time and money in it.   

So, what if I told you there’s a better alternative? One that won’t require a hefty investment. One that will help you earn money while you sleep. So, what is this alternative? Well, it’s called RAES.   

So, what’s RAES? RAES is simply short for Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System. With RAES, I can earn 6 to 7 figures online. While writing this review, I still make money with this system.   

If you’re interested to learn more about RAES, check out Ryno Inc’s system.