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You are searching for different websites and blogs just to find an honest review about SEO. Of course, it is not going to be that easy for you to find one especially since online publications and blogs are mixed of good and bad ones.  

You may read something online that is too good to be true, but you still tend to believe it. This is something that you wish would come true because you are desperate to earn money monthly.  

This review site will give you the best ideas when it comes to SEO, especially with the course of Greg Jeffries which is the SEO Affiliate Domination.  

The main point of this review is to give you honest feedback and details of the course. It includes the topics and contents that you need to expect from the course itself.  

We don’t want to miss the chance to compare the different courses. Of course, you will be assessing the course based on the number of pros and cons it has. But you need to remember that the cons’ part is something that you need to pay more attention to. It could be about the course itself or the amount of money that you need to shell out just to get on this course.  

I will be telling you as well the different sides of the course. That could be about my opinion upon learning the SEO Affiliate Domination course.  

It is normal for us to weigh things and decide whether this one is a legit course that we can recommend to our friends.  

There are people that started their journey without any clue on how to navigate SEO. They had no clues as well when it came to the traffic that it needed to create.  

We firmly believe that traffic can give us the money that we want.  

Try to imagine yourself now, writing a piece of article and posting it online. Of course, you want this one to rank for you to build your reputation and name. Visitors will be happy to read more things on your site. They can even recommend this one to their friends.  

It is not as simple as what others are thinking as of now. They thought that you would just write something and upload that one online.  

Once you have built your solid foundation, then you can stretch your arms while maximizing your resources. It only means that you can start dreaming of having passive income because of those traffics.  

If you are interested in this kind of income, then you should learn the basics to the most complicated part of SEO.  

We will try to shred them one by one into smaller pieces for you to fully understand the content of the course. You probably heard Greg said that he will help you to achieve something that you have never imagined such as the traffic that is for free which will give you passive monthly income.  

I know that you still have some questions in your mind such as the legality of this course. We will answer those bothering questions you have in your head right away.  


What is SEO Affiliate Domination Course? 

Greg Jeffries developed the SEO Affiliate Domination training program and course, which consists of a 12-day course only on affiliate marketing as the main focus of it. The primary and main objective of the training is to show you how to use search engines to generate free traffic that you can direct to your website or an online sales funnel. 

This can be very exciting as we all know that SEO is becoming more popular nowadays. This is a really good course where you can earn money without working in the office. Not to mention that this course will focus more on SEO and affiliate marketing.  

If you are going to understand the logic here. It is mainly about giving your very best to promote the product of other people. You can have your own marketing strategies and ways to utilize whatever you have right now.  

When we talk about affiliate marketing, it is more on commission fact. You will be getting some amount of money from the time that you sell something.  

Others may think that this is not a good thing as you need to sell something before you can earn something. Of course, others and many individuals are happy with it because they are good when it comes to selling things. They can convince others especially when they have a good circle of people.  

If you are eager to start this one, then you need a specific website, a tool for researching keywords, and a niche where you can actually be profitable.  

Of course, with the help of SEO this course made it a bit unique from others. This course will help you to rank your sites properly and be able to achieve your goals. The more traffic that you can create, the higher the chances that people will go over to your site and even to the links that you are affiliated with.  

Others may find this one attractive and they are excited to start but we have to remind you that most of those gurus would just try to attract you by the way they talk.  

You need to learn the different areas and aspects of the course before you can draw your conclusion.  


Who is Greg Jeffries of SEO Affiliate Domination? 

Greg Jeffries is one of the most successful online affiliate marketers that you can search for on the internet.  

He mentioned that he has been doing this kind of thing for more than ten years. He also said that by doing this kind of marketing, he was able to earn a total of six-figure in just one year.  

Of course, he would love to showcase his abilities and different techniques that he used. He also emphasized that future affiliate marketers can learn and know this one by trying his course.  

It was in 2017 when Greg created this course SEO Affiliate Domination. Of course, every month and year, he tried his very best to update and create more ways and methods.  

You should also know that he is the grand winner of the Dream Car Competition. It was hosted by the ClickFunnels.  

He has a company as well and it is named Extemporaneous Marketing LLC.  

One good thing that you can see from him is he is honest when saying that it really takes time before you can see the visible results. He wanted to be more transparent when it comes to what is happening, especially about this course.  


Overview and Curriculum of SEO Affiliate Domination 

Others may say that they feel disappointed because this course is only good for 12 days (about 1 week 5 days).  

Of course, there are some that think this is going to be a long time for them to know. The good thing about this course is that it has very specific examples. It will give you on point knowledge and ideas only.  

You can check here the possible things that you can learn throughout the 12 lessons.  

Module 1 

This is more on the introduction of the SEO. It will give you a deeper understanding of the things about SEO. It can help you to know more about the needs of SEO. You must remember that SEO is more about ranking. In this module, it will give you the necessary ideas why you need this one for your business.  

Module 2 

This module part will talk about the domain that you will be using. It includes the hosting as well as SEO relationships. Remember that the name of your website has something to say when it comes to the nature of SEO. Most audience will check your site once they know that they can find what they are looking for on your website. One of the keys here is to get the best and fastest type of hosting for your site.  

Module 3 

This part will give you a deep idea about keyword research. He will discuss the importance of keywords as well. There should be a specific planner for keywords and the tools that can be very useful to use. There are some outside of the box words and keywords that you need to learn as well.  

Module 4 

It covers the topic of on-page SEO. It will help you to understand the structure of the different articles and the possible outsourcing.  

Module 5 

It can be overwhelming to know that you need to make your own theme for WordPress. There are some reminders that you need to pay attention to hear such as the theme that you need to avoid using. Of course, you need something that is fast to load.  

Module 6 

This part will cover the ideas of adding some features whether small or big to your WordPress site. That is what we call plugins. It only means that you want to have more functions and make your website more useful this time. This can help to make your site more visible when people are searching for something.  

Module 7 

This is the most exciting part as you will be learning the SEO part and the keywords as well. This is a good way to create nice traffic to your website. You need to be more specific with the keywords for your SEO to rank them on Google.  

Module 8 

You will be taught here on how to choose the precise and exact keywords to use. There are different strategies on how to find keywords.  

Module 9 

The secret on how to check whether you are using the right keyword will be discussed in this part. Greg wanted to create this kind of module separately to avoid confusion being overwhelmed because of the terms and words to learn in this course.  

Module 10 

Here will be about on Page SEO ideas and terms. It means you will be producing the contents needed here. There is a list of the different things that you need to learn and prepare in this part of the module. Of course, you will be learning the different images to use for your site. The possible headers and footers as well.  

Module 11 and Module 12 

It is the combination of the two modules. It is about Off-Page SEO where you will learn about the backlinks here. Of course, the different methods are being showcased here.  

If you are going to connect everything here. It is all about affiliate marketing and using those ways to rank and make your website even better than the others.  


How Much Is SEO Affiliate Domination Course? 

The amount that you need to pay for the course is 997 dollars. Of course, you have the option to pay this in installments. It means that you can simply split the amount into several months.  

There is a policy where you can ask for a refund once you have proof that you didn’t make any money after learning this course.  

Of course, it is important as well to have spare money for the different tools that you are going to purchase. It includes the web domain, the hosting, and even the tools for the keywords.  


For Whom Is This SEO Affiliate Domination Course? 

This course SEO Affiliate Domination is open to everyone. It means that whether you are a beginner or rookie in this industry, you have the chance to step up and take this course.  

It is also nice for those people who have knowledge of SEO and affiliate marketing. This will give them a deeper idea of the industry. At the same time, they will enhance their abilities in researching keywords and ranking them on Google.  


PROS AND CONS of SEO Affiliate Domination Course? 

We always encounter the part of the review where you need to read more of the positive and negative sides of the course.  


You can get faster results 

One good thing about this course is that you can see a clear result from what you are doing. It means that the techniques and ideas taught during the entire video training can be very helpful. This is from his personal experience and that is one of the reasons why it works well.  

You have a group on Facebook 

We all know that it is important that we can ask questions, especially those others. It can help us to gain more ideas and experience based on what they can recommend to us. It is a community where the main goal is to help each other.  

He is very honest with his progress 

It is normal that others would try to trick you by using flowering words. This is their way to attract students. Unlucky, Greg is not that kind of person. He knows when to tell the truth. He wanted to be more transparent to his students. He would even share with his students his progress.  

Money back guarantee 

Others are afraid to take a risk because there is no clear policy when it comes to the refund agreement. For Greg’s course, if you think that you didn’t make money, then he is willing to return your money.  

Live sessions with him 

One good thing is that there is a day in one week where he goes live. This is your chance to ask him some questions that you have in mind. Others, especially those members who are successful in taking this course, can share their thoughts with others.  


Grey hat SEO 

There are some people that don’t feel like using the grey hat method because of some future problems that they may encounter. It seems like you are being taught how to manipulate things, especially the quickest ways.  

No videos for those paid traffic. 

he topics about traffic will focus more on those free ones only. If you are planning to try the paid one, then you need to consult or research more about this one.  

One lesson only for monetization 

Others are looking for more videos and training clips for this part. It seems like there should be more than one way to get the proper ways to monetize your SEO page.  

Others might think that the 12 lessons are expensive 

Aside from the course that you need to pay, you also have to acquire tools and hosting which cost you more money out of your pocket.  

Is SEO Affiliate Domination Course Legit? 

Of course, SEO Affiliate Domination is legit and there are proof and evidence that you can see all over the internet.  

The creator of the course is a real person and he is considered as one of the most popular marketers as well. He won’t make issues that can ruin his reputation.  

Others may believe that this one is a scam because of the price. They are thinking that this is not going to be worth it because of the amount of money that they need to shell out for the course and the tools. So, others thought that they need to wait for many months before they can see even a little progress and income.  


How Others Make Money Using SEO and Affiliate Marketing 

You can see that one obviously that SEO Affiliate Domination is a legit course. It can actually be a good start for those beginners to start learning a new thing.  

If we are going to talk about the course and the details, Greg did it in a fantastic way. He tried his best to incorporate SEO and affiliate marketing ideas.  

There are tactics and methods that you can use and combine this one with your knowledge.  

However, I would be happy to see more of the SEO tactics. It includes the white-hat methods and other paid traffic concepts that he can recommend.  

If you are still searching for better opportunities that you can learn and try online, then Ryno Inc’s system would be a good start.  

It has the best and comprehensive details of SEO and affiliate terms and tactics that you have never heard.  

It can help your career as a newbie in this industry.