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If you’re looking for a way to earn money online passively, you have probably heard of Affiliate Marketing many times. 

Affiliate Marketing can be an extremely attractive income option for many, as it offers the possibility of making money in your sleep. You’ll need to work upfront to create a profitable affiliate strategy and start seeing a return on your investment. Still, once that’s done, you could see earnings rolling in without much additional effort.  

Not sure where to begin? Well, this is where the Savage Affiliates course comes in. It’s an online training program that will teach you the step-by-step process of building an affiliate marketing business.  

However, how is the Savage Affiliates course different from other online courses? Is it a legit training program? Does Franklin Hatchett know what he’s doing? 

In this Savage Affiliates review, I will share all you need about the Savage Affiliates course. 

What is Savage Affiliates? 

As mentioned earlier, Savage Affiliates is an online course that teaches you everything you need about affiliate marketing. It’s a training program created by Franklin Hatchett. 

According to its sales page, this online course will teach people how to establish an affiliate marketing business by following a step-by-step process of creating a website. Franklin will teach you how to incorporate affiliate links in your website to monetize it. 

The main objective of the training program is to teach you how to rank your website in search engines. You’ll more likely make passive income if you get more traffic on your website. 

Who is Franklin Hatchett? 

Franklin Hatchett is a well-known entrepreneur from New Zealand. Like other individuals, Franklin worked a 9-5 job after graduating college.  

However, Franklin wasn’t happy with his job. So, he went on to search for ways to make money online. For several years, he spent a lot of time educating himself about various online business models. Franklin watched YouTube videos and read blogs.  

The first job he did online was dropshipping. However, he wasn’t satisfied with this. So, he searched for another way to make money online passively. This was when he discovered affiliate marketing.  

After several months, Franklin makes more than $10,000 a month from affiliate marketing.  

Franklin also has a YouTube Channel where he uploads videos regularly.  

How Does Savage Affiliates Work? 

The Savage Affiliates course contains ten modules with more than 200 instructional videos. All you’ve got to do is to watch these videos and follow the steps correctly.  

For those who don’t know, affiliate marketing is when you promote the products of other brands on your website. Then, you’ll earn a commission for each sale made through your unique affiliate link.  

This course teaches you how to create a website, target high-demand keywords, get traffic, and convert users into customers.  

What is Inside Savage Affiliates? 

One thing you should know about Savage Affiliates is that there are two versions to choose from. The first version is the standard one. The second version is called the Super Version.  

The Super Version contains a few extras that aren’t included in the standard version. Some of these extras are modules that are pretty useful when becoming an affiliate marketer.  


Before you start learning about affiliate marketing, Franklin will provide you with an introduction. He will share brief information about paid traffic and how it works. He will also introduce to you how the Google search engine works.  

Finally, Franklin will tell you how to navigate the course and what to expect. 

Module 1: Affiliate Products to Promote 

In the first module, you will learn how to choose a niche that’s right for you. Once you pick a niche, you’ll select products within that niche to promote.  

In addition, Franklin will also share with you a couple of affiliate programs to join. These programs include: 

  • BlueHost Affiliate Program 
  • Amazon affiliate program 
  • Get Response Affiliate Program 
  • ClickFunnels Affiliate Program 
  • ClickBank Affiliate Program 

Module 2: Building Your Website Asset 

In the second module, you’ll learn how to create a website using WordPress. Franklin will also teach you how to collect emails and understand widgets. 

Module 3: ClickBank Affiliate Marketing 

You will learn more about the ClickBank affiliate program in the third module. Franklin will show you how to create an account. He will also provide an overview of the program, show product examples, and much more. 

Module 4: ClickFunnels with Websites 

In the fourth module, Franklin will teach you how to utilize keyword tools to search for keywords for your content.  

In addition, you will also learn how to create calls to action on your article, how to create a Search-Engine-Optimized article, and where to get free ideas for your articles.  

Module 5: SEO Google Traffic Training 

In the fifth module, you will learn more about Search Engine Optimization. In this module, Franklin will teach you a couple of things. This includes: 

  • Off-page SEO 
  • On-page SEO 
  • The significance of content relevance 
  • How to track your keywords 

Franklin will also offer a couple of various options for keyword tools.  

Module 6: The Funnel Academy 

In this module, Franklin will teach you about ClickFunnels. Note that Franklin uses this program for his funnels. So, he will share with you some tips and tricks on how to be successful like him. 

In module six, you will learn how vital a share funnel is, how to create a simple form, sign up, how an affiliate marketing funnel works, and more. 

Module 6-2: The Email Automation Academy 

This module will teach you how to utilize GetResponse for your email marketing campaigns. In addition, Franklin will also teach you how to create a simple newsletter to broadcast, keep track of open rates, connect GetResponse to ClickFunnels, and more. 

Franklin will also share a tip on preventing your emails from being detected as Spam.  

Module 7: DFY Affiliate Systems 

Franklin will share access to different DFY products in this module. This includes funnels and email templates. This will help you get sales faster and save time.  

In addition, Franklin also offers templates to help promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate by providing free trials.  

Module 8: Free Traffic Training 

In this module, you will learn how to get free traffic. This module will teach you how to get traffic on YouTube, Facebook, Quora, forums, and other social media networks.  

One of the best things about this module is that Franklin won’t teach you how to spam everyone with your offers. Instead, you will learn how to add value to these platforms.  

You establish authority organically without forcing people to buy from you.  

Module 9: Paid Traffic Training 

The ninth module is the final module of the course. In this module, you will learn how to get set up with running Google and Facebook ads.  

Bonus Module 

In this module, Franklin will share a couple of case studies and examples of his work. 

How Much Does Savage Affiliates Cost? 

As mentioned earlier, there are two Savage Affiliates versions to choose from when you want to buy the course. The first one is the standard version. This version costs $197.  

The second version is the super version. This version costs $297.  

Note that this is a one-time payment for the two versions. You won’t have to pay a monthly fee. Once you buy the product, you will get lifetime access and free updates.  

Regarding the refund policy, you can request a refund within 30 days if you think that affiliate marketing isn’t for you.  

However, before they give the money back, they will ask you to show if you’ve made some effort.  

Aside from the cost of the training program, there are a couple of other expenses you need to consider when becoming an affiliate.  

Since you’ll be making a website, you must purchase a domain and host. Usually, this will cost you around $4 per month.  

Next, the tools that Franklin recommends also cost money. For example, GetResponse will cost you $15 per month. On the other hand, ClickFunnels will cost you $97 per month.  

Furthermore, since you’ll be running ads, you will also have to consider the costs of running YouTube ads, Facebook ads, and Google ads.  

What I Like about Savage Affiliates 

If you’re just getting started in affiliate marketing, Savage Affiliates is an excellent course to check out. It breaks down the basics of this online money-making strategy into easy-to-digest pieces that newcomers can easily understand.  

The program also provides comprehensive information on setting up campaigns, creating ads, and implementing promotional materials – all explained with a friendly yet professional approach.  

Another thing I like about this course is its extensive SEO training. It goes into depth on organically optimizing website content and advertising efforts to get the most out of available resources.  

The step-by-step instructions are easy to understand and can be applied in any setting, making it incredibly useful for anyone interested in increasing their search engine visibility.  

The Savage Affiliates course is the perfect way to take advantage of its valuable insight and maximize web traffic. 

What I Don’t Like about Savage Affiliates 

For any internet marketer looking to get started in the industry, Black Hat SEO strategies can often be a minefield. And beginners or those who don’t want to mix their cards playing potentially risky games should steer clear of the Savage Affiliates course – because it is known to focus on just that.  

Not only could such techniques damage an online presence, but there are much more efficient and effective methods of driving traffic and conversions that many professionals recommend. In short, if you’re looking to learn some more legs-on digital marketing strategies, Savage Affiliates isn’t the way to go. 

Also, one piece of essential information was conspicuously absent: the hidden expenses one inevitably faces as an affiliate marketer. 

I quickly recognized that this course would not be enough to get me started in the right direction without digging up this essential knowledge myself.  

This missing element was an unequivocal deal breaker; while the course might be a great starting point for someone coming from credit-blank, it just wasn’t what I wanted or needed. 

Is Savage Affiliates a Scam? 

The simple answer is no. Savage Affiliates is not a scam. It is a legitimate training program. Franklin Hatchett is a real person.  

The Savage Affiliates course provides a bit of value. Of course, you’ll learn more about affiliate marketing when you buy it.  

If you see people calling it a scam, you shouldn’t believe them. You can only call a course a scam if you spend money and get nothing in return. Of course, that isn’t the case with Savage Affiliates.  

My Opinion – Savage Affiliates 

So, do I recommend Savage Affiliates? Unfortunately, I don’t think this course is worth your money.  

Note that this course isn’t wrong at all. It does offer value. However, I simply think it isn’t the best affiliate marketing course. 

Savage Affiliates is simply an introduction to affiliate marketing. It will help you understand how this business model works. Unfortunately, this course is quite generic.  

There are other online courses out there that will teach you the basics and advanced strategies for affiliate marketing. If I am going to choose between commission hero vs savage affiliates, I would recommend commission hero. 

In addition, I don’t think affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. It will require a hefty investment upfront. In addition, you won’t earn a profit right away. You’ll have to wait several months before you can get an ROI. 

That is why I don’t recommend affiliate marketing. So, is there an alternative? Well, the answer is yes. 

Better Alternative to Affiliate Marketing  

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to earn money online. However, you still have to invest a lot of time and money. Also, there are better options.  

So, what if I told you there’s a better alternative? One that won’t require a hefty investment. One that will help you earn money while you sleep. So, what is this alternative? Well, it’s called RAES.  

So, what’s RAES? RAES is simply short for Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System. With RAES, I can earn 6 to 7 figures online. While writing this review, I still make money with this system.  

If you’re interested to learn more about RAES, check out Ryno Inc’s system.