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Many people want to earn more money while they are enjoying their free time. For most of the businessmen, it is a fierce competition that they need to face. This is true for every aspect of online competitions whether it is from a social networking site or their personal blog.  

If you have your blog or YouTube channel, the first thing that comes to your mind is to have more views. You have this aim because you want to earn more money from the traffic. It only means that you are engaging more, and people are watching your videos.  

We can’t always guarantee that every single time that you upload your video, it will have the same views from your previous videos. Others may feel down and devastated to know that they are not that popular anymore because no one is watching their videos that much.  

It is a similar thing for those business websites. The more traffic you can create, the better as it would give you the best results that you wanted to see.  

If you are going to search for more things on the internet, then you can find some ways to generate traffic to your websites and channels. Of course, you need to understand the possible grounds and adverse effect of it on your website.  

It is not new to you to hear Ads from social media, creating and making videos for your websites. Of course, part of this is the SEO and Google Ads that you encounter from time to time.  

Knowing them is great, but it can also give you a headache learning them one by one. It seems like you need to spend many years before you can master one way of generating traffic to your account. If you wish to have one software that can solve all these problems, then your wish is their command.  

If you are about to calculate the possible expenses that you need to spend for the training, then that would be thousands of dollars and time. At the same time, your time is running, and you need to earn money from what you are doing, too.  

It could be new to you to hear ProfitZbuddy. In this review, we are going to discuss and give you deeper thoughts on how you can use this one. We want to elaborate more on the positive and negative sides of using this.  

You just must keep in mind that every product and software or course can have pros and cons. It really depends on how you can utilize things and help yourself to cope with the negative points of it.  


What Do You Need to Know about ProfitZbuddy? 

This software ProfitZBuddy gives you the chance to make money and get a lot of profit from creating traffic on your YouTube channel.  

Others would also say that you don’t really need to have your own channel to make a profit out of this software.  

The good thing about this one is that you don’t also need to create and upload videos on YouTube to have your passive income.  

This software is like an illegal thing if you are going to get to know the use of it. It steals traffic from others. Although, we can’t easily say that this one is illegal because they are being promoted online.  

It helps those individuals who have no ideas on how to make money online. You don’t need to be an expert as well for you to have your generated income per month.  

The software founder created guidelines on how to use ProfitZBuddy the right way. It will give you the standard training and concepts on how to use it. This one gives you the idea to earn your profit without recording a video and uploading it on YouTube.  

This software doesn’t need you to be an expert. It doesn’t allow you as well to have prior knowledge and experience before using it. What you have right now is enough.  

Others claim that they didn’t have a difficult time because of the nice support system that was given to the premium users of ProfitZBuddy. The group is called Profitz Buddy Team.  

They are willing to help you with every single part of the training and part of the video. It will be a big help to use who are new in this kind of industry. Their aim is to give you the knowledge that you need to earn your money as soon as possible.  


Who Made ProfitZbuddy Possible? 

Al Cheeseman is known as the man behind ProfitZBuddy with the helped of his close friend David Kirby. They were the ones who initially developed the product. 

It is possible that you have already encountered these two (Cheeseman and Kirby) if your experience includes using warrior plus products. 

Cheeseman and Kirby collaborated before and are responsible for the production of another product called MoneyBuildrr, which was released in June of 2021. 

Al Cheeseman is known as an internet marketer. He is actually earning at least 6 figures every year. Of course, most of the marketers experienced ups and downs. He said that he had a hard time making 50 dollars a day before.  

We can also notice that he loves doing so many things that he launches new software and products almost every month.  

Of course, we can say that there is no problem with that kind of action, but if you are going to take a look at most of those products, they are actually similar and there is no big difference.  

You can say that the way they make sales and money are pretty alike. They would also give you some tips and ideas the same way from the other videos and training.  

For others, they say that this one is a great miracle for them to find the software. But for others, they say that it is pretty common to use, and it won’t give them the satisfaction that they are looking for.  

Nevertheless, these two friends made things easy for those clueless people navigating the internet to earn money.  

Who Can Use ProfitZbuddy? 

The main reason why they created this software is to help those newbies. It gives them the opportunity to earn money through online skills and software.  

Based on my experience, this kind of software best fits those people who are both beginners and professionals who wanted to earn extra money online.  

There are some features that you can use and compare with other opportunities online.  

If we are going to elaborate, it is actually good for those:
-People owning businesses 

-Online Stores and Owners 


-Content Creator


-Freelance Workers 


-Social Media Managers 




How Does ProfitZbuddy Work? 

Most people would say that using ProfitZbuddy software won’t give you a headache. It is easy to navigate and to understand as well. You don’t have to have an exceptional skills both in technical and online skills in order for you to give this one a try.  

All you have to do is to sign up first. Next is to log in and input your account details.  

You will be directed to the main part of the website which is the dashboard.  

You can make yourself more familiar with the different buttons there.  

If you have your YouTube account, then you can simple connect that one to your ProfitZBuddy account. You may see the button Import Account.  

The next thing you need to know is to navigate and try the different automation buttons and tools there.  

This is the perfect part where you can have the control of everything. You can manage your own YouTube account with how many likes or comments do you want. There is also a button where you can manage the subscirption and the playlist.  

You can also exploit different videos that you have in your mind from the website YouTube. All those things are for free. This is a good idea for others as they don’t need to re-upload things and videos.  

Another feature of this software is that it can easily find videos that are currently viral. You can have the best method to get traffic from those.  


What Are the Features of ProfitZbuddy? 

There are different features that you can use once you purcahsed this software. This is one of the reasons why they are promoting this one as a user-friendly software especially to newbies.  

It has different tools that can be very useful for others such as the following:  

-There is that automatic reply to the different comments 

-Immediately like the videos 

-There is that automatic comment on different videos 

-There is that automatic subscribe option 

-Searching for playlist 

-Channel and Youtube analytics 

-Video editor and manager 

-There is also the search tool 

-There is that automation tool 


How Much is ProfitZbuddy? 

They have different prices for different parts of the ProfitZBuddy software.  

They have the upsells and the current prices of those as well are as follows. 

-ProfitzBuddy Unlimited for the price of $39.00 

-ProfitzBuddy Automation for the price of $39.00 

-ProfitzBuddy Done For You for the price of $197.00 

-ProfitzBuddy Campaigns for the price of $47.00 

-ProfitzBuddy Traffic On Tap for the price of $197.00 

-ProfitzBuddy Reseller License for the price of $39.00 

-ProfitzBuddy Product Membership for the price of $39.00 

-ProfitzBuddy 1K Goldmine for the price of $39.00 

There is a possibility as well that you can get bigger discounts if you are going to get them all.  

You need to be extra careful as there is a tendency as well that you might find yourself paying 653 dollars in total in you don’t know much about the discount coupons they have.  

They also advertised money back guarantee within 30 days.  


Pros and Cons of ProfitZBuddy? 

It is obvious that we may weigh things accordingly such as the positive points of using this software and the negative part of buying it.  

-We can definitely say that this one is good for beginners. It gives them the opportunity to know more about traffic. It can generate them income as well but we can’t guarantee if this one is going to be stable or not.  

-Of course, you don’t need to upload videos unlike those vloggers that they need to create videos to attract views and audiences.  

-There is that money back guarantee that you can assure.  

Different people may have different opinions and experience. For others and my experience. I can say that there are some cons upon using the software.  

-There are some parts of the video that if you are going to watch and listen carefully, they are actually misleading especially the sales part.  

-Since this one is automatic, there is a higher chance that the owner of the videos on YouTube will remove the spam comments. It can be done automatically by YouTube as well.  


Is ProfitZbuddy an Obvious Scam? 

It should not be assumed right away that ProfitZBuddy is a scam. 

Despite the fact that it is not too far away from it because of the word SPAM comments and likes. 

The fact that they provide and assure you of a money-back guarantee, then we can’t definitely say that this one will grab your money and run away.  

Therefore, if you try it out and find that you are not happy with the things that are happening and the unexpected outcomes, you may get your money back.  

You may find similar things online that will try to get your attention. If that is the case, you are smarter now to know the possible outcome of what you are trying to venture.  




Final Thought About ProfitZbuddy? 

If you want to make money that you can definitely stay and use for a long time, then you can find more trusted and legit courses online.  

If you want to add your resources and learn another course, then you can check Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System. Try to check out Ryno Inc’s system as it will give the best way as well to earn passive income.