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It is not new to you to hear Amazon. Of course, it is one of the famous online e-commerce in America. You should know that this one started in the year 1994.  

Amazon started by selling books online. Of course, everyone knows that. Others see this one now as a cloud computing company. Not to mention as well that it is known for digital streaming.  

Amazon became even famous because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic and outbreak. Many people can’t go out of their homes. It is mandated by the government that every household family should stay inside their homes.  

That was the perfect time for Amazon to regain its popularity among people and the services that it offers.  

You may see that most people can access Amazon and order using their website. That was the awesome time that they had to manage millions of orders all over the world.  

It doesn’t include books only but different items such as household stuff, groceries, and even equipment that people can use for their online setup.  

Until such time, that Amazon became a popular one once again because of the different people who were interested in becoming part of the said online shop.  

That is one of the many reasons why there are numbers of individuals who wanted to be part of Amazon. They believe that they can set up things right away. They have the determination to start their online journey. At the same time, they have the mindset that they can turn this into a more stable income rather than depending on office jobs only.  

It can be tricky as well without proper idea and knowledge on how to set up on Amazon.  

You must keep in mind now that the competition is getting fiercer each day because of the number of sellers who wanted to be part of Amazon group.  

There are many courses as well that you have heard from different people that they used to know deeper the logic and analogy of Amazon as a seller of the platform.  

Other courses may give you a glimpse of what things you need to expect from them and the possible outcome of your journey. 

Of course, we can’t avoid those gurus themselves that try to trick those beginners and newbies because they are clueless of the flow and the processes. 

One of the most well-known courses that you may encounter when you are searching on the internet is the Private Label Masters.  

If you are going to read the comments, then you will figure it out that this is a kind of online course that will nourish your ability to become successful and legit part and seller using Amazon as a platform.  

It is normal that others will discourage you as they believe that you can just learn things step by step using your own ways.  

But it is totally different when you have a mentor and someone that you can ask whenever you have inquiries and questions in mind.  

Based on the short description of the course, it says that this is a nice guide for those people who are eager to learn the basics to the most complex parts of Amazon.  

It will guide you throughout your journey to avoid those possible mistakes and misconceptions when selling things online at Amazon.  

We made this review possible for us to help people like you. We just want to give the best and honest review that you can never find in other review sites.  

We just want to remind you as well that we are not an affiliate nor connections with the said course.  

This review is purely the in dept analyzation of the course and the best information that you can get before signing up for this course.  

This course will be a big step and investment for you once we prove that this can be a good steppingstone for beginners who want to start their journey as an Amazon seller.  


What is Private Label Masters All About? 

Private Label Masters (PLM) is a training course that walks you through the steps of initiating an Amazon FBA company. You will learn how to pick the best products, conduct negotiations with suppliers, and post advertisements to increase the number of customers from your local area to the different parts of the world that can shop at your Amazon store. 

Fulfillment by Amazon is a service that gives you the ability to store and transport your products by utilizing Amazon’s warehouse network. FBA is the short name for this service. That is why Amazon FBA course is a common name that we can see when we try to search more about Amazon courses online.  

The Amazon FBA process is a basic yet effective method for expanding your online store, as it limits the need for you to spend hundreds of dollars on hiring additional staff and employees or purchasing warehouse space. 

Presenting Amazon with the inventory is the only thing that is required from you, and you must follow it. The Amazon team manages all the incoming and future orders, it includes all the customer emails and notification, including telling and notifying the customer that item has been shipped or delivered, as well as handling shipping and payments. It is amazing to look at the overall picture that the team can manage almost everything for you especially the logistic part.  

There is no question that FBA can give you the convenience that you are looking for but using it will set let you prepare your budget and expenses as well. Amazon assesses a product handling cost per unit that is determined by the weight and size of the package or box, in addition to a monthly storage price that is determined by the cubic feet of space occupied by the goods. 

Building a successful Amazon FBA business is not quite as simple as you may believe it to be because it calls for a significant investment of time, effort, and capital. This is pretty normal for those people who are into business as they can understand this kind of need.  

In order for you to understand the overall details of the course, it is a must that we have some ideas about the background of the company.  

We should also be ready with the expenses as this is our first investment at the same time, it is a risk that we need to face. We wouldn’t know the result unless we have given our best.  


What is Tim Sanders of Private Label Masters? 

According to reports, Tim Sanders is one example of those successful FBA sellers that is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $7 million and that amount is after all of his taxes already.  

Some publications report that Tim manages an Amazon business that brings in eight figures in annual revenue while employing only a few virtual assistants to help him out. Knowing this one, Tim mentioned that he began by inquiring with a supplier for recommendations on fashionable products and then researching the product on Jungle Scout to validate his findings.  

This is all about his effort and trying to know more about the industry that he wanted to take over.  

After spending his time and effort running his own FBA business, he decided to start creating the Private Label Masters course. 

One good thing that you can learn from this course is the techniques and ways that he did and used to be a successful one in this field. It means that he is going to help you according to what he learned from his experience in building and creating his own FBA business.  

If you are interested in learning about the different things that he is teaching, then you can find him on his YouTube channel.  


How Does the Private Label Master Course Help You? 

This course will teach you the different things that you need to know in order for you to start your selling career on Amazon.  

Of course, there will be videos and training that you need to watch so that you can get the overall logic of the processes.  

It will also teach you the steps and possible ways to find great items and how to deal with it using Alibaba. There will be different suppliers on Alibaba that you need to identify and filter for you to get the best supplies and price.  

The idea behind this kind of course is that it will help you to have a better idea and income. You will be looking for some products that are already booming but the feedback and reviews are not that many. This is your chance to have your logo on the specific product to make it even better and look nicer. 

It’s the same as giving a simple shirt or item a fashionable new pattern to go with it. You are enhancing the appearance of the product as well as making it more unique yours by doing this. It becomes your personal style now.  


Who Can Take the Private Label Masters Course? 

Based on the comments I have read online. This course is really recommended for those people who have no ideas at all about FBA.  

Of course, experienced ones can also take this course. It will help them to understand the deeper parts of the FBA. It might be a bit boring for those with experience as this course focuses on those individuals without any experience in selling things on Amazon.  

After learning the course based on my personal experience, it can still be a bit challenging and hard to follow some parts. Of course, you are following his methods, but it seems like you need to explore your abilities as well. There are some parts that you may find that you don’t really need to follow Tim Sander’s ways.  

Overall, it really depends on the students. Different people have different abilities and understanding about the course, the process, and even the details of the course.  


What Can You Learn from the Private Label Masters Course? 

The course Private Label Masters will give you the systematic way of knowing the ins and outs of Amazon FBA.  

Tim Sanders believed that after the course, you will be able to acquire and develop the necessary skills that you need to start your career. It comes with the tools and tips on how to start your first step.  

Part of the course will give you a deep insight into how to find the products needed and it includes the types of products that you can sell. Of course, you will have firsthand information about those suppliers that you can trust.  

There will be some terms that you need to understand and remember from time to time as you will be using and encountering them once your journey begins. It is also a good way to know more about the ads and rankings.  

There are 8 Modules that you need to learn. There are some videos and materials that you can use and utilize while learning each module of the training course.  

Module 1 

It is more of the introduction. It gives you the idea of Amazon. Things that you need to learn. He would love to dig deeper into the proper mindset here. The difference licenses that you need to obtain and that includes the specific structure. Of course, it is more on TAXES. He has a topic about liabilities as well. Lastly, the fees that you need to prepare.  

Module 2 

 It is mainly about the product and the ways to research. This training part will be almost 3 hours. He will explain that structure here to get the necessary ideas. It includes the different items that you should avoid when buying or selling. The trademark that you need to build. The different tools that you can use. How to change your normal products into something great. Competing with your competitors.  

Module 3 

It tackles the ways to source out your products. It tells you the proper ways to interact with your suppliers and try to negotiate things. It discusses Alibaba as well.  

Module 4 

It gives you a deeper and thorough understanding of the shipment methods. There are different options that you can choose. You will also see whether you need to directly ship your products or not. Of course, the must and must not things to keep in mind.  

Module 5 

Things can become more complicated and complex to understand especially when you reach module number 5. It is all about branding your products. It may sound easy but this one will give you a difficult time getting to know more of the processes. You also need to optimize your products here. This is the most challenging part as you need to know more about keywords and listing them. Knowing your market and proper ways to make a title for your products will be discussed here.  

Module 6 

It may sound exciting to reach this part as you will be launching your products. There are ways for you to do it, but you need to choose the one that will be relevant and useful to you. There are videos that you can watch multiple times to avoid confusion.  

Module 7 

There are some sponsored products that you can encounter here. Of course, it is your chance to know more of those things.  

Module 8 

The last part is about maintenance. It gives you the things that you need to maintain your store. Of course, this will give you the best benefits as well when it comes to maintaining your relationship with your suppliers. You will get to know more about the reviews that your customers are giving. The importance of every review and feedback you receive. If you need to have virtual assistants in the future, then this course will help you to find one.  


What Can You Learn from the Private Label Masters Course? 

You won’t know the price by checking the website alone. The price will be shown once you are ready to take part in the course. It means that you need to press the enrollment button there.  

According to my experience, it will cost you around 5000 dollars. Of course, you need to prepare a spare amount of money as you also need to pay separately the one for the inventory and the marketing part.  

Overall, you need to prepare at least 6000 dollars to enjoy and get the best benefits of the course. There is a fee that you need to pay as well once you want to continue being a member of the said course after 6 months.  


PROS AND CONS the Private Label Masters Course? 

It is always nice to check and see the positive and negative feedback about this course. This will be a good guide for those beginners to consider whether they can consider this course in the future.  


-You may see and read a lot of good things about this course. They believed that this course helped them so much. 

-There is a group where you can get along with others. That is the best part as you can ask questions and others can help you.  

-Tim Sander is someone that you can trust because of his success and achievements.  


-The price is not fixed. It means that you don’t have the best idea about the specific price of the course.  

-You may read some comments online that the course is expensive because of some additional expenses.  

-The refund policy is not clear.  


Is Private Label Masters Course of Tim Sanders a SCAM? 

We can’t say that Tim Sanders is a scam because of the solid information that we can find and read about him.  

He tried his very best to stay updated and make sure that the course was always up to date.  

Of course, there are some flaws when it comes to the details of the course and the things that you will be learning as there is no perfect course that will teach you everything.  

If you are interested, then you can contact their customer service first before proceeding to the payment section. This will give you the chance to answer your concerns in advance.  

If you are going to ask about the course itself whether this one is a scam. The answer is a big NO. Of course, you can check this one online.  

Others have different sentiments about the course. There are some that they can’t afford it. There are some others that have tried their luck, but it didn’t give them the satisfaction that they are looking for.  


Final Verdict and Alternatives? 

There is nothing wrong when it comes to taking that course. As long as you have a big enough budget, then you can always explore the different courses that you want to try.  

It can be overwhelming sometimes as you are eager to earn more money instantly. Sometimes, it can result in something unlikely.  

It is a good way to research the course and whether you can afford to learn it in a couple of months.  

There are some courses that you can give a try without spending that much money.  

I would like to introduce to you the Ryno Inc’s system as it has the same purpose as the Private Label Masters. Of course, it is cheaper than the one mentioned above.  

The videos are helpful, and they will guide you to the best and most specific processes.