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If you know about email marketing, then you can understand the importance of learning more skills to upgrade your knowledge. It is considered as one of the best and trusted ways for most marketers. It helps them to gain leads and extract more sales.  

It is nice that you can have other ways and methods for your business. Others are trying to use the SMS type of marketing. For those professional takers of this course, they believed that this is almost the similar to the email marketing strategy. Of course, others might not agree as they would choose to have the latter one. It is more comprehensive for them to use and to perform the basic concepts of it.  

There are many courses online that you can take once you decide to have a business. You may also have an idea about the Pizza Money System. It would be an opening opportunity for others to see and observe the different strategies that they can learn.  

Different businesses would have different needs. Other businesses had their own struggles as well, especially during the time of pandemic. We have seen different industries being affected by the lockdown as well.  

Some businesses survived, but there are some that didn’t. It hurts to see them closed. During that period, there were restaurants that flourished their business and income. Those were the ones that had the initiative to find a way. They also had a list of their customers that would help them to send a messege directly to the customer or client.  

It is specifically called the SMS list which is a kind of system that will help you when sending text messages to your target people or clients. This kind of service helped those business individuals to inform and notify their clients about the changes in their services or the schedule set-up of their restaurant.  

Of course, other restaurants didn’t survive not because they didn’t have this kind of service, but there could be some other reasons. But you would see the importance of having this kind of service in order to help your business. It is not only for restaurants but also to the different kinds of businesses and industries out there.  

That is something that we can discover more about the essence of Pizza Money System. There are some out there that want to set up this kind of system, but they have no idea where to start. This is the perfect review article that you should read.  


What is the Pizza Money System? 

It may sound strange for others to encounter the name Pizza Money System, but it is actually from the experience of the author of the course. It means that the author tried to set up experiments and conduct different kinds of ways to prove the usefulness of this idea through the help of pizza places and restaurants.  

Although the name completely has the same spelling with the food pizza. This method can help different industries under the food and beverages. It means whether your business is about steak, coffee, bars, and many more to mention here. You can still use the same technique.  

There is no problem when it comes to the application of the techniques to the different kinds and types of restaurants you have. The main point here is that it has the unique and outstanding system that will manage and create a nice system for you and your clients.  

If you have those dedicated and trusted clients, then this system can create them in one cicrle. It shows that this kind of technique will help you to be closer to your clients. It includes giving them special discounts or offers during the promotional period of your business. It could be the anniversary of your restaurant or the holiday seasons.  

It is important in every business that we give them the service that they need. They would feel that they are being taken care of the restaurant even in a simple way of sending messages.  

If you are eager to know more about the Pizza Money System, then it is about a video-based type of course. It has different parts that you need to learn in order for you to get to know to the different techniques and possible enhancement of the system.  

Right after the training videos of the course, you would be able to set up and create your own SMS list which is a comprehensive one. It can help you as well to get new clients and attract future customers. Maintenance of the system wouldn’t be a big issue here especially that it won’t require so much of your time.  

This is a good start as well for those freelancers who wanted to sell this kind of system to other businesses and restaurants near your place. Of course, you need to master this one in order for you to give a good service to others.  

There are some bonuses that you can take advantage of here. There are some affiliate programs that you can join, and it can give you a pay out of as much as 8000 dollars. This will serve as your commission.  

Some can enjoy the maximum bonuses and commissions after they have finished this training.  

This is perfect for those who wanted to create something out of their abilities and skills. You don’t need to start with products and sales. All you have to do is to finish the module and you are ready to go.  


Who is Ben Adkins of Pizza Money System? 

If you know something about Serial Progress Seeker, then you have an idea of the name Ben Adkins. He is actually the founder and owner of it. This is about motivation and knowing more of yourself to create a better understanding of things. He developed that and it is not providing services also to a lot of firms offline.  

He is a well-known guy as well in the firl of digital marketing. He has been in this kind of industry for about 10 years. He became consultants of different businesses especially in Social Media.  

He became popular because of the best ways that he can land and inspire clients to help those business industries in his scope. No matter how small your business and companies are, he can manage to grow it.  

He created this Pizza Money System that would help business owners and restaurant managers. He realized the importance of his course because of those businesses during the pandemic. There were many restrictions and policies that would prohibit people from going out. This one resulted to the closure of some businesses and restaurants because of no clients anymore.  

As much as he wanted to help everyone during that time, but he can’t do it. Creating a course Pizza Money System would give a chance to others to know more about the best practices and methods that they can copy.  

He created this course with the aim of having a simple method only. In this way, business owners would be able to comprehend and follow the strategies completely. He made sure that there won’t be any coding mechanism that will confuse those takers of the course.  


The Overview of the Course Pizza Money System 

The course he created focuses on the creation of SMS list for the clients and it includes the broadcast system. You will build and make a list of your devoted and loyal customers. It will also help you to market the different services here.  

This one can also help you to earn from those businesses for as much as 200 dollars a month.  

There are five different parts and sections for this kind of course under Pizza Money System.  

Creation of SMS List and Broadcast Service 

This is the start of the course. It helps you to know more about the setting up process for your SMS List. It includes the creation of your broadacast service. Just a reminder, there is no coding system here so you won’t have a hard time to follow the instruction and the course itself. You would have the step-by-step information and overall map of the system. There are templates that you can use and replicate.  

Pinpointing Your Future Clients and Their Services 

Of course, clients are important in order for your business to generate money and income. The course itself will help you understand the process of getting clients and how to land one. Ben would give all the necessary information like he used to do. It will give you more ideas of finding the ideal clients for you. There are pointers as well that will help you to know whether you are talking to the ideal one that you are looking for.  

Approaching and Attracting Your Prospects 

There are different approaches that you need to learn. This can help you to land and attract more clients in the future. It is like building your brand and portfolio here. You wanted to have the nice strategy on attracting clients without showing how desperate you are. You just need to show how these things work and let them decide. It includes the email type of campaign as well.  

Closing Deal with Clients 

Others need to know the proper ways to close a deal with a client. There should be a proper interaction between you and the clients. There are templates that you can follow and effectively used by many.  

Maintaining Your Client-Base for Longterm Setup 

This is the last part where you would know more about the payment system. It includes the different ways to receive the payments as well from your clients. You would encounter technical terms and approaches here. There is also that “First 3-Months Timeline” here. This is a strategy that will help you to maintain and be with the client for 3 months worthe of service.  


The Costs of the Course Pizza Money System 

The course has differernt pricing system and structures.  

Front End: The Pizza Money System 

This one is 27 dollars. This is good for those who wanted to have the access to the different training modules and videos like the one above.  Option 1: The Pizza Money Agency 

This is a bit expensive as it comes with the price of 47 dollars. This will help you more if you are looking for more resources to help a business.  

Option 2: The Double-Your-Fee Package 

Taking a risk is like giving yourself a chance to make your business on top. This one cost you 97 dollars. Knowing more techniques on how to attract clients. The secrets and important reminders and pointers as well. This can upgrade your 200 dollars to 400 dollars.  


Pros and Cons of Pizza Money System 

Every course may come up with positive and negative reviews and thoughts. That is normal, especially when we believe that there is no perfect course to take. There are some problems that we can encounter, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t learn anything.  

We can start with the PROS of this course:  

  1. Money back guarantee within 60 days 
  1. You can make money and system is decent 
  1. It has the comprehensive approach and step-by-step guidance and training 

The CONS of the course:  

  1. Customer support is not that great 
  1. It may take a little while to get clients 
  1. Others may find it uneasy to approach the different businesses, especially without any relevant experience.. 


Final Thoughts Whether Pizza Money System is a Scam 

If you are going to check the reviews of Pizza Money System, then it is totally different from the others. You can also check some reviews of the vibrant money system reviews 

We can start by saying Pizza Money System is not a scam. It is a legit course that has different parts and modules. It will help you to start your SMS List career. Of course, we can’t compare this one to those email type of marketing or the commonly known as social media marketing industries.  

It is common to encounter some problems such as getting clients. That is considered one of the dilemmas that we can’t guarantee an answer.  

If you are looking for a complete training guide, then you can give this one a try. It has the most comprehensive way for you to learn the basics of SMS listing. You may want to check his other courses as well if you are searching for other things to learn.  


Other Opportunities to Take 

We notice that the system of Pizza Money is great. If you are eager to earn more money online, then you can check different affiliate programs as well.  

You may check other online resources such as Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System. It has videos and make sure to check out Ryno Inc’s system for more details. This will help you to gain more confidence and be able to start your career.