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When I was young, I always wanted to be the next big baseball start 

Haha. I know you’ve all had dreams like that. 

Trouble is, I wasn’t actually that good at baseball. Ouch. 

Yeah I used to play every day in the summer with my pals. We had a great time. Sometimes, the dream is better than actually getting there. 

You see, I wanted to be a baseball star because I LOVED the sport. I dreamed of hitting that winning homer in the World Series one day. 

Living the dream. 

My pal Buck was different. 

Man, this guy had talent. 

You should have seen his right arm. I would have killed for it. Maybe. 

The problem with Buck was that while he had all the talent you could ask for, he had none of the desire. 

Yeah, he wanted the fast cars and fast women—but he never really wanted to put the work in. 

So after a few failed attempts at trials for big colleges, he ended up with a Division 2 NCAA team. At college, he partied all the time. 

I didn’t blame him, not one bit. 

But he was throwing this talent away, bigtime. 

What’s Buck doing these days? He’s selling used cars. There’s nothing wrong with that, but he could have lived the dream. That car lot could have been his own. 

For me, things went a bit different. I didn’t have that natural talent, but I did have a good work ethic. 

I was always hustling. 

By the time Buck was realizing he was about to get cut from his Minor League team, I’d already bought my first investment condo. 

You see, I’d got into internet marketing just at the right time. I’d had some good success, but I’d also had some major failures. 

Boy, if only I could tell you about all those failures. We haven’t got all day. 

There were some big successes too. Like Local Lead Generation which I’m into BIGTIME right now. It’s as legit as they come. More on that in a bit. 

Anyway, let’s just say I’d seen a lot of shoddy operators in my time. In fact, I’d kinda become the local authority on any of this stuff with all my Buddies. 

Now we get back to Buck. 

You see, Buck hadn’t been making enough to support his family at the car lot. Times were hard. He’d recently been convinced by his brother to get involved with something called Primerica. 

I was like, “Oh… okay. Are you sure?” 

But he was all in. 

If only he’d had this sort of motivation back in the day when the baseball scouts were calling. All he wanted to do then was play on his SNES or smoke weed. Idiot. 

Anyway, I’d seen a few of these sort of scams before in my time. Is this a Primerica Scam? You need to check out my Primerica review to find out. I had a closer look. Perhaps that means you don’t have to now. 

Primerica Review 

What even IS Primercia? 

Insurance sales. That’s what Buck said anyway. 

Okay, got it. 

Wait, no I haven’t,. 

You’re gonna become an insurance salesperson?! 

I guess you DO know how to sell cars. Sometimes. 

Firstly, Primerica is known as part of the MLM world. 

What IS MLM, I hear you ask? 

Multi Level Marketing. 

Okay, you’re still non the wiser, right? 

That was me when someone first fired those letters at my brain. 

Don’t worry, I got you. 

MLM is basically like a pyramid scheme. SOMETIMES. 

They’re not all bad. There are actually some legit ones out there. 

It’s where you market products on a different level and get promoted to a higher network in order to get better commission. 

Some of these CAN be a bit fishy, but I’m alright with them if the products at the bottom of the pyramid are actually of any value. Sometimes they are, sometimes they’re not. 

In my opinion, that’s what makes an MLM scheme either GOOD or BAD. The PRODUCTS. 

Only Primerica was a bit different here, so it took me a while to get my head around it. They weren’t selling ACTUAL products like some of these other “schemes”. They were selling…. insurance. 

Okay. Insurance. Great. 

Everyone needs that, right? 

I get can involved with that. 

So I had all sorts of questions lined up for Buck. What kind of insurance? How good was it? How much can we make? How easy is it to sell? HOW are we actually supposed to sell it? 

Trouble is, I didn’t really know the first thing about being an insurance salesman. Neither did Buck. DESPITE already being a salesman. 

You’re losing faith in Buck here, aren’t you? 

I was too. 

So over the next few weeks I dived into Primerica so I could find out what the deal was. Hopefully, I was gonna find answers to all those questions and more. 

Did I? 

Let’s have a look… 

The first hurdle was that actually RESEARCHING Primerica was pretty hard. These guys, like Amway, have been around for decades. You’ve probably already heard of them at some point. 

They rang a bell in the back of my head but I wasn’t sure where from. 

For something that’s been around for so long and SUPPOSEDLY helped so many people make money, it was super-hard to actually find anything out on them. 

Seems fishy, right? I always liked a bit of fish, especially cod or haddock. But NOT when I’m trying to see if a company is legit online or not. 

Very fishy. 

The thing is, when you search for something like “Primerica review” or “Primerica scam”, you actually get a load of marketing spam from people trying to PROMOTE Primerica. 
You probably saw this when you made those searches yourself. 

Finding valuable info like on this here site isn’t always easy. Especially when more than half the other Google options are people actually trying to sell you Primerica. I’ve developed a bit of sense for separating bullshit reviews from those offering real value, but not everyone is like me. 

That’s why you need this review. 

So I attended a couple of Primerica promotional events to get a grip of things,. 

That’s when things actually started looking up. For a bit. 

Primerica wasn’t like a lot of those other MLM schemes I’d seen. 

There are a ton of Primerica agents and their job was to try and get me to join up. Fair enough so far, I thought. 

Primerica was gonna train me to become a financial adviser. This isn’t something you can really be good at if you aren’t a good financial planner. Things weren’t looking good for Buck at this point. Sorry Buck. 

Anyway, I liked my chances. And what differentiated Primerica from a lot of those other pyramiddy things is that I’d have to train and pass an exam before I was allowed to offer financial advice. 

While that barrier to entry was sure to put a number of people off, it also put me at ease slightly. This wasn’t one of those deals where they simply invited anyone who could pay onboard. Or did they? 

Then things sadly started returning to form. This structure started looking a bit more like a pyramid than I’d first hoped. 

I was disappointed, but I can’t say I was surprised. 

The hard sell was in full-swing at this point. And oh yeah, I was highly encouraged to “protect” myself with their insurance plan before anything really got started. 

There’s a lot of hype around all these products and I didn’t really understand why I needed them. Buck definitely didn’t understand either. Poor Buck. 

Remember when I said a scheme lives and dies by the quality of their products? Well now I knew a bit more about what Primerica were offering, I could make a slightly better judgement. 

Or, I thought I could. 

Trouble was, this stuff was confusing. Even for me. And I consider myself pretty clever with financial stuff like this. Buck didn’t stand a chance. 

As I said, there were a lot of products, there was a lot of hype, and there was a big hard-sell. 

I also saw an internal document that was encouraging people to start selling BEFORE they’d actually qualified as state-licensed financial advisors. That was even more fishy. After all, that’s why I first started liking Primerica as an idea. I was gonna become state-qualified, right? 

Only they wanted me to start selling and “advising” way before that. I was gonna tell people that I was currently studying to become licensed, and that was enough? 

How many people actually ended up getting licensed? I didn’t know the answer. Can’t help you. 

There’s also loads of training on some pretty hard-sell type stuff. 

I hated these sorts of gigs. If something was good enough, it shouldn’t need a hard sell. 

The products should ALWAYS speak for themselves. 

Despite being a used car salesman, Buck didn’t really like the hard sell either. Buck has a lot of faults, but he’s a cool guy. He was always one of those relaxed salesmen who let people decide for themselves on the most part. This wasn’t for him, either. 

In fact, Buck was pretty confused at this point. I don’t blame him. I was too. How were we actually gonna make money from this stuff? 

I had yet to see anyone who had. I still haven’t. 

Another one of those. 

You’ve probably already guessed the best way to make money from Primerica. That’s right, recruiting more “advisors” under you. THAT’S always the kicker with pyramid schemes like this. 

Primerica doesn’t even deny being a pyramid scheme in their internal literature. Someone leaked that and I managed to see a bit of it. 

Actually, you couldn’t really officially start selling some of the products until you were licensed, but you COULD recruit more people under you to make commission that way. Especially as each trainee advisor was highly encouraged to buy some insurance for themselves at the start. 

Don’t worry, I didn’t fall for that. 

Look, Primerica isn’t a complete scam. It’s not awful. The products at the bottom aren’t COMPLETELY useless. They’ve got a range of financial instruments, and some of them could be for you. If I’m honest, I was still a bit confused at this point so I didn’t really know if they WERE any good or not. 

Their main product is called “Term Life” insurance. 

I did a bit more digging on this. 

Term life insurance is like life insurance but just for a specified term. Sounds simple, right? So you could be covered for ten or twenty years rather than for the rest of your life. 

Problem is, Primerica’s term life insurance is actually quite a lot more expensive than some of the competitors in that industry. 

But hey, That’s not TOO bad, right? 

I mean, I’ve seen some pyramid scams in the past where the basic products at the bottom of the pyramid are completely WORHTLESS. 

At least this was legit insurance. It was just a bit more expensive. 

Another thing: you probably won’t qualify for Primerica if you’re in a high risk group. Okay, fine. It’s still viable for plenty of people, 

What I’m trying to get at here is that there ARE better insurance firms out there. Cheaper ones. Ones who’re more likely to insure you. 

HOWEVER…. Primerica is far from the worst deal out there. 

Normally, at this point in my reviews I’m at that NO NO NO stage. We aren’t really there with Primerica. Does that mean I’m ACTUALLY recommending them? 

Well, I wouldn’t got that far. 

But there are a lot worse out there, believe me. 

The thing is, there are also a lot better. 

Like Local Lead Generation. I’ve been getting more and more involved in that recently. It’s super easy, and a great way to make some real bank. Even Buck could do it. That means you could too.¬†

Is This One of the Best World Financial Group Reviews Around? Read it Now to Find Out.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a stock trader. You know, like on Wall Street. 


I was gonna have a $3,000 suit, a lambo, and a supermodel secretary. 

Problem was, I didn’t know the first thing about stocks. 

I started dabbling with some pocket money. I thought it was a good idea to buy the highest priced stocks. Because they were the highest, right? 

Duhhhh… Great logic, I know. 

Let’s just say it took me a while to realize that wasn’t necessarily how trading stocks worked. 

But at least I had a taste for it. I was young, bro. I couldn’t help it. 

At least I was keeping the dream alive. 

Actually, my uncle was involved in Wall Street for a while. 

These guys were living the dream I wanted. 

I managed to do some work experience there. 

This was back in the 90s, so the internet was still in it’s infancy. 

People were buying and selling stocks over the phone and shiz. I know, crazy right? 

Anyway, I soon learned that regular stock trading wasn’t as glamorous as I’d thought. 

My uncle had been in the game for a decade and still didn’t have a Lambo. 

He had a Buick. 

Okay, I’m not hating on Buicks. Stable car. No hate here. 

But his secretary…. definitely not a supermodel. 

But hey, why am I being so negative? 

It was still a cool week of work experience. 

Only those parties and cocaine-fuelled nights. They didn’t really exist. 

Not at this firm, anyway. 

Ain’t nothing wrong with a Buick! 

I guess the glamour of becoming a Wall Street trader was kinda wearing off. 

Most of the time they were just studying graphs and making phonecalls. It wasn’t very high-octane. 

So when I was choosing my majors, I kinda went in a different direction. The Wall Street dream had died down a bit. But I still respected that as a profession. I knew one day, when I had a bit more money, I’d like to get back into stocks. Not as a way to have a high-octane career. But as a way to actually grow my savings. 

I actually got more into the internet marketing side of things over the next few years. Let’s just say this wasn’t always easy, either. No sir. 

I failed a lot, but eventually started getting some success. 

That was with Local Lead Generation, which I’m gonna tell you more about soon. 

What did this success mean? It meant I had more money lying around. 

Yeah boy! 

No, not Lambo money. Bummer. 

But at least I was starting to thing about investing it. Helping it grow a bit more. while I took care of the day-to-day stuff. 

That’s when I started hearing about the World Financial Group. I liked the name. Sounded grand and legit. Was it? Hmm… check out this World Financial Group Review to find out. 

It’s one of the more legit World Financial Group reviews you’re likely to find. After all, I know if you banged “World Financial Group review” or “World Financial Group scam” into Google you’ll have seen a lot of spam there, 

Some of that stuff is there just to convince you that World Financial Group is legit. They’re trying to sell you it. 

I’m not trying to sell you it, so you can read my review with a bit more peace of mind. 

World Financial Group Review 

So as you know, I was looking for somewhere to invest my money. I wanted some advice, so I chatted to some WFG advisors. 

I soon learned that apart from giving me the financial advice I wanted, WFG was actually a way that I could make more money. It was a marketing opportunity. 

I was always on the lookout for more marketing opportunities. I liked to hustle online. So I saw this as a great way to learn a bit more about the financial world (like I’d always wanted to) and hopefully make even more money on the side. 

Did I make any money with World Financial Group? 

Short answer… No. 

Long answer… Nooooooooooo. 

You see, I soon learned that if it looks like a pyramid, sounds like a pyramid and smells like a pyramid. It’s a pyramid. 

That’s right, a pyramid scheme. 

I’d learned long ago to avoid these things like the plague. 

“But wait! Aren’t pyramid schemes banned?!” 

Yeah, they are. 

“So how are these people still operating?!” 

Well, they manage to get around this by calling themselves Multilevel Marketing opportunities, or MLM. 

Now let’s get this straight. Not EVERY MLM is bad news. In fact, some of them are super cool. They’re generally a way of promoting products through a network, and qualifying for a different level of commission depending on what level of the network you’re on. 

The main problems start for two reasons. 

One, if they make you pay to move up levels. 

Two, if the products at the bottom of the pyramid are completely worthless, scammy or way overpriced. 

That’s my main gripe with pyramid schemes like this. What’s the actually products you’re supposed to be promoting like? 

Well WFG promoted a number of different financial products. Things like financial advice, insurance, etc. 

All good so far,. 

But the main way they do it is with pushy sales pitches. And by recruiting sometimes-desperate “advisors” who’re more like salespeople than actual advisors, 

Actually, that’s where things first start falling down. 

Their main business model is recruiting students and other people without much experience in the working world. They show some flashy cars, expensive suits and entice the sort of people who aspire for that sort of life. 

Kinda like the life I aspired to before I grew up. 

These salespeople are referred to as associates. That’s because it sounds less pushy. 

Like this…. Only internet-based. 

But the sales pitch they’re encouraged to give is REALLY pushy. 

And get this—you gotta pay $100 for the opportunity. 

That’s right, to become an associated you gotta stump up the cash before you’ve even made any money. 

As I soon learned form some guys who’d been in this for a while. Some of them never made that $100 back. 

This was NOT the money-making opportunity I was looking for. 

It wasn’t really the financial advice I’d been looking for either. 

Very few people were actually making money here. The only real way to make money was to recruit more associates under you. Like all good pyramid schemes. 

What a bummer. 

I was disappointed. 

But I was also determined to finish this review so that guys like you could have a bit more info. And so you could know whether World Financial Group was really for you. 

The only real people making money from WFG are the top guys in the pyramid. That’s WFG themselves or the early adopters. 

It’s a bad deal for advisors, especially if you didn’t get in early. It’s also a bad deal for buyers, who’re charged exorbitant prices for stuff that isn’t actually that great. 

Listen, if you’re sitting there thinking that the WFG is a completele scam, it isn’t. They do have financial products and some of these are actually worth SOMETHING. 

But they’re worth a lot less than you’ll pay for them. 

If you want to get into the World Financial Group to make money as an advisor. Don’t bother. It’s as simply as that. There are better ways to waste your time and money. There are even better pyramid schemes. 

The main gig is basically recruiting more advisors under you rather than actually selling products. This leaves the people at the bottom vulnerable. 

You’ve also got to keep recruiting every 30 day period to maintain your level or get promoted. This keeps the pressure on at all times. 

It’s simply not a fun way to work. 

I’d already chatted to a few advisors who had recently left the company. I didn’t blame them in the slightest. WFG wasn’t a cool gig. 

It’s always super fishy when the only real way to make money is by convincing more people to become salespeople. That’s how the dodgy pyramid schemes really work. 

It means those at the bottom who’re just trying to sell the actual financial products can’t really make any money. 

And believe me, hardly anyone was making money with this stuff. 

It was enough for me. I can’t recommend World Financial Group. 

Is it a scam? Maybe. Is it worth it? No. 

There are far better ways to make money online these days. I’ve tried and failed at a few of them, but I also know that Local Lead Generation is one of the best new ways to make real income every month. I even got a few of those former WFG advisors involved. They were glad I did. 

You will be too. Check it out as soon as you can. 


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