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If you are a businessman, then you know how important it is for someone like you in this industry to know more about digital marketing and emails.  

You also know that you need to be equipped with knowledge about social media managing and marketing and even SEO concepts. It will help you to boost your business.  

A lot of people think that email marketing is not significant anymore. They think that there are many ways to inform and talk to their clients. If you are planning an objective way, then you can always depend on this. It will give you the best yet definite result that you want.  

New year, new things to know more about Market Hero. If you heard this one, then you could have some ideas in your mind now about how it works.  

If your business is looking for an email provider, then Market Hero is one of the first solutions that your business can affirm. It has the best ideas for ConvertKet, MailChimp, and Active Campaign.  

Others are still curious whether Market Hero has something new to offer this 2023.  

It is easy for most people now to navigate things on the internet. Others believed whatever they see online without confirming whether those things are true or not.  

We can’t blame others as well that they need to spend most of their business budget on different advertisements. Of course, it is still difficult for most of us to track those ads across different and multiple sources for your traffic.  

This is one of the reasons why Market Hero is here with us now.  

But the big question is if Market Hero is still the best one to use this year? There are some that would like to try something new for this new year. Others would want to feel that they can still use Market Hero in the long run.  

In this review, we will try to figure out more details of Market Hero. There are some parts that you are not aware of using it. We can navigate and get deeper about some of the things that beginners should learn here.  


An Overview of Market Hero (Hyros)? 

Entrepreneur Alex Becker had a successful career. He was an exceptional media buyer and per day ad spending exceeded $10,000. He then used this money on platforms like Facebook, Amazon, and others. 

He concluded that the market lacked an effective inter-tracking solution. For Alex, not having such a tool meant that many factors were compromised. So, he realized that to create a solution that would address his issues he needed something. That’s the start of making Hyros possible or formerly known as Market Hero.  

Hyper-Accurate Tracking for Digital Businesses is the complete name of Hyros. It is a sophisticated attribution and tracking solution for significant media and online purchasers. Additionally, it was created exclusively for companies that splurge more than $5,000 each month on advertising only. 

Hyros intends to help its users better understand their actions and ad spending. Hyros assists clients in improving their sales funnels as well. It also reduces the amount of money that a company or business has wasted on fruitless and futile advertisements. 


Who is Alex Becker of Market Hero (Hyros)? 

Before he founded Hyros (Market Hero), Alex was a prominent person as he joined several platforms. On YouTube, he has a sizable fan base of 1.23 million subscribers (as of writing this review). On YouTube, he posts videos about cryptocurrencies and talks about NFT. 

He also has over 300,000 Twitter followers and 250,00 Instagram followers. He founded Hyros or MarketHero, an email marketing business. At a young age, he founded numerous prosperous and profitable businesses. 


Who are the Targets of Market Hero (Hyros)? 

Hyros or Market Hero is effective for both newbies and aspiring business owners as well as for major enterprises with vast email lists. 

Many of you and maybe most of the readers of different reviews have encountered the name Alex Becker. Some of you may have seen his amusing YouTube videos and are interested in knowing more about his Hyros (Market Hero) and whether that one is just an ad to gain attention.  

Hyros (Market Hero) offers a great reporting structure that enables you to measure your ROI and to see how much each lead is worth if you’re new to marketing and realize the significance of collecting an email address from different companies and firms and marketing to your list over time.  

Most autoresponders don’t operate the same way as you are thinking now. Market Hero can be used for nearly anything, including e-commerce, business marketing, affiliate marketing, and many more to mention, but it works greatly for people who are selling their items. 

Additionally, if you’re new to email marketing and want to know more about the different things about it and some training, you have access to it as long as you’re a Hyros (Market Hero) member. It teaches you how to gain your profit from using Hyros (Market Hero) in a number of ways and ideas. 

This means that it is more than just an autoresponder; it also comes with a lengthy yet comprehensive type of course that will teach you a variety of lead generation techniques you never heard. All those things are free once you get a course from Alex Becker.  


How Does Market Hero (Hyros) Work? 

A “watcher code” that Hyros installs on your specific website is the key and main function of it. This code combines a variety of information on your website, including payment ways of processors, contact information, IP and addresses, cookies as well, and more. Hyros gathers information from 10 distinct sources. 

Hyros is able to keep track of the consumer by using the given IP address, even if the customer alters the browser they use or their email address. In order for Hyros to function properly, tracking is performed on the server rather than on the client’s end. 

While the watcher code is loaded on your website, the Facebook pixel will continue to track the customer. Because of this, keeping track of consumers with Hyros provides more precise and accurate results. 

Because they collect data at so many different touchpoints, Hyros is able to create a clear image and accurate picture of each individual client. That is the method that is used to compute the LTV of the customers. Additionally, Hyros has the capability of providing data to the AIs of advertising platforms such as Google, Instagram, and Facebook. 


What are the Features of Market Hero (Hyros)? 

Your emails are tracked really well by Hyros. Hyros is easy to connect to any well-known email marketing tool. It’s simple to operate, and you can see your email marketing campaigns from every angle. 

Hyros is simple, and you can actually track emails right away. Hyros lets you keep log of emails and classify and group them. Also, it lets you tell the difference between free emails and paid traffic. It will show you exactly what your return on investment is. 

You’ll be able to see all of your information and know exactly which address got a customer to sign up for your mailing list. Then you’ll know which email made them browse on your site and buy something from you. 

It is usual practice to speak with customers over the phone in order to finalize the sale of high-priced items. 

Customers of this type are typically difficult to persuade, and the sale must be made with a personal touch in for it to be successful. The best part is that Hyros is just as adept at tracking the possible calls and conversation with Emails and the Sale Funnels as it is with any other channel. 

It is usual practice to speak with customers over the phone in order to finalize the sale of high-priced items. 

Customers of this type are typically difficult to persuade, and the sale must be made with a personal touch in for it to be successful. The best part is that Hyros is just as adept at tracking calls with Emails and Sale Funnels as it is with any other channel. 

Hyros is able to trace your calls because of the observer code that is set in the header. It is compatible with the majority of the widely used schedulers now readily available on the market. 

According to the information provided on their website, the company will be able to trace calls even if your customer phones them after a whole year has gone. 

The configuration that Hyros is playing is on an entirely different level. It is supported by some of the most influential people in the field of digital marketing across the globe. The following is a list of integrations for Hyros: 

Payment Processer Integrations 




– ClickBank 


– Kajabi 

Ad Integrations 








Landing Page Integrations 





Call Tracking Integrations 



-Schedule Once 


What is the Current Price of Market Hero (Hyros)? 

Apparently, Hyros does not provide precise details on its pricing. On top of that, Hyros is a platform that is accessible only through invitation. It is not possible to sign up with Hyros and immediately begin making use of their services.  

If you wish to make use of Hyros, you will need to meet the basic parameters that are listed below: 

-You have to spend more than $10,000 every single month on advertisements. 

-Your monthly income must be greater than $40,000 USD. 

You are welcome to get in touch with Hyros and schedule a call with them if you are able to satisfy these prerequisites. You can expect a response from a member of Hyros’s staff in a short while. They will inquire about the nature of your company in order to ascertain whether or not working together will be beneficial. 


Does Market Hero (Hyros) Have a Refund Policy? 

If you don’t like the services that Hyros provides, you can get your money back within the first 90 days. It is far more than the widely recognized required time frame for software businesses to process refunds. 

The majority of software businesses offer a guarantee period of between 14 and 30 days. Hyros goes much beyond that since it is guaranteed that its customers will be satisfied with the kind of service it offers. 


What are the Pros and Cons of Market Hero (Hyros)? 


– Hyros has an incredible support staff that will attend to all of your concerns. 

-The offer of Hyros comes with a refund policy that is good for ninety days. 

– Someone who has access to a variety of different streams of traffic will find this method to be ideal. 

– It has the potential to increase your revenues while simultaneously minimizing your expenses by 10%. 


– There is no free trial available from Hyros. 

-Pricing information for Hyros is not freely available. 

– You need to get in touch with Hyros and give them an overview of your business. 

– To avail Hyros, you are required to spend at least $10,000 every month. 

– The costs of Hyros is considerably higher compared to its competitors. 


Is Market Hero (Hyros) a Scam? 

Similar to other marketing tools, Hyros (Market Hero) offers both advantages and disadvantages. They have already been discussed here. On the other hand, Hyros (Market Hero) is a legitimate company. And realizing its full potential has the potential to considerably boost revenue. 


Final Thought About Market Hero (Hyros)? 

Now that you’ve read our review of Hyros, you have all of the information you need to draw a conclusion.  

Hyeos (Market Hero) is an excellent application to use as an autoresponder. It used to have some bugs, but now it’s rather stable overall. 

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