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Before I get started on this Kyani Review, I need to start with a little story.


You see, I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur for years. Decades even.


Recently, I started making real money online with Local Lead Generation. I’m gonna tell you more about that towards the end of this Kyani Review. But before that, I tried and failed a lot of different times.


Believe me I’ve tried, and believe me I’ve FAILED. Bigtime. Over and over again.


Way back in junior high I decided I was gonna sell smoothies outside school.


I picked some fresh fruit from the local trees, made up a few recipes, and juiced them all up.


This was way before the health juice craze got really big, so I still attest that’s the reason I failed. I was before my time, honest.

If only mine were this fresh.


I always had some good sales patter so drumming up business at the start was easy. I gave them cool names and shouted from the rooftops. Or from the sidewalk, in reality.


A couple of teachers got suspicious. I was worried the authorities were gonna SHUT ME DOWN.


But that’s not why I failed. In the end those same teachers smirked and turned a blind eye. I think they were kinda impressed by the creativity that was on show. This was way back in the 90s so there weren’t as many snowflakes around and people just kinda let you do things like this as long as nobody was getting harmed.

Some would say these were simpler times. But anyway. I’m not getting into THAT.


Trouble was, my smoothies were actually pretty disgusting.


The names were cool, the sales pitch was good. Great location too. But terrible products. Ouch.


That meant no repeat custom. A severe blow to any business.


THAT’S why my juice venture failed. The “authorities” needn’t have worried.

I didn’t last much longer than a week before I got bored and started thinking about the next get-rich-quick scheme.

Maybe I should have worked a bit harder on my original recipes. Or maybe I WAS just before my time. Who knows.


Anyway, why am I telling you this?




I know you’re reading this because you banged in something like “kyani reviews” or “kyani scam” into Google.


When I saw this opportunity to sell health juices like this, it brought back fond memories. Maybe it was meant to be?

Only I’d also heard a few negative stories about this brand and business opportunity. Some people were even saying it was a pyramid scheme. And I’m not normally a fan of those.

So I decided to roll back the years and try to become a juice magnate once more. I jumped into Kyani as a business opportunity so I could write this review.


I’m gonna tell you whether it’s something you should get involved in, or if it really IS something you should be avoiding.


Check out my Kyani review for all the info you need and more.


Kyani Review


Let’s start with the basics. What even IS Kyani?


Don’t worry, I got you.


Kyani is basically a big juice drink company. You got that already, right?


Well this one was formed by the merger of two experienced juice making families. The Taylors and the Hansens.


They’re all about nature. Good hippie vibes.


Their main idea was to use fruits, sometimes unusual fruits, to make unique and healthy drinks and a range of other products. So we’re not just talking about freshly squeezed orange juice, but drinks and stuff with Alaskan Blueberries or Swiss apple in.


It’s a good niche, I’ll give them that. The products certainly sound good. They look good too. But what do they TASTE like? That’s gotta be the most important factor before we even get into Kyani as a business opportunity. I knew that myself. Remember how badly my garbage-tasting juices had done? It’s all in the taste.


Well get this…


Kyani’s drinks taste incredible.


They’re so fresh and tasty. They might even be some of the best juice drinks I’ve ever tried. WAY better than those ones I tried to make. I mean you’re probably not surprised that a multinational company made better juice than a 12-year old kid, but maybe my ego was a bit bruised.


Their story actually goes a bit deeper. There’s a load of stuff about a surprise visit to Alaska and a realization that their diet helps them be healthier than the

rest of the continental United States. This sounds good, but I don’t know how true it is.


Apparently blueberries and salmon are much better for you than burgers for breakfast. Who knew?


So these Alaskan blueberries are like the newest superfood on the block. Believe me, I’ve seen plenty of these fads before. Spirulina, Kale, you name it. But apparently Alaskan Blueberries are the next big thing. They’re even 48-times more powerful as an antioxidant than regular blueberries. Which are already pretty good.

The home of the best blueberries.


So these Alaskan blueberries are like one of the cornerstones of Kyani’s product range. But they’ve sourced a load of other cool stuff too.


Their claims? I’m not sure. But I can definitely believe that a more fruit-based diet was gonna be better for most people. One of their flagship products was a drink called Kyani Sunset. This thing tastes good and has a whole load of apparent nutrients and health benefits. It was expensive, though. We’ll get to that in a minute.


So now we know a bit more about Kyani and their product range, what about them as a business opportunity?


That’s where things get SLIGHTLY less tasty. Where should i start?


I thought I was gonna be getting involved in simply promoting Kyani drinks like a regular affiliate. You know the deal. I even had a few ideas for affiliate websites I could set up. I’d done a few of them before. Some successful, some not.


But I LOVED the product so I was pretty happy to promote it. Or I thought I was.


That’s one of the big things with marketing products. You’ve gotta like the product itself so you can really sell it. I know I’d sold insurance before, but who’s really passionate about instance. Nobody.

I WAS passionate about these tasty, healthy drinks so selling them was gonna be easy as pie, right?


The main problem straight off the bat is Kyani’s price. It’s expensive. I’ve seen plenty of cool health drinks in the local health store for like a quarter of the price. Seriously.


Ok, but drinks like Kyani Sunset are REALLY good. Maybe the price-point is worth it? Maybe, but I’m sceptical, I’m not gonna lie.


You see, while the products might be great—Kyani’s moved quite a long way from that and has basically turned into a massive distribution company. They’re making A LOT of money. Like a billion lot.


And the main way to promote Kyani and make money as a sales rep? Yep, it’s a Multi-Level Marketing network (another one). So the main way is via a pyramid.

I’ve seen a lot of these gigs before. Not ALL of them are bad, believe me. But it’s hard to find a great one.


The good thing about Kyani is that their products are legit. I mean, I’m no doctor so I can’t tell you how legit they are when it comes to their health benefits. But I’ve done some reading and things add up.


They ARE legit tasting, and I like the brand.


But as a way to make money? I’m not so sure. Seems like the only people making money from this is the people at the top. That’s always the way with pyramid schemes like this. Is it a Kyani scam? I’m not sure I’d go that far. But there are much better ways to make money. Like Local Lead Generation. More on that later.


So for those guys like me who got on at the bottom of the pyramid, it soon transpires that these products are a much harder sell than I thought.


I was disappointed. I guess it was like my own juice stand gig all over again. Only this time it wasn’t the taste that was putting people off, it was the price.


I mean I was selling those things for a dime a pop so the price was all good back in the day. But these Kyani price drinks have a preferred customer price of around $40. Okay, you get a decent volume for that. But it’s not an impulse buy for someone who’s first seen Kyani Sunset at a drinks machine.


I had a chat with a couple of other Kyani reps who were a bit further into things than me. They weren’t happy, either.


You see, they’d made hardly any money with this thing. As with so many other MLM schemes like this, actually making money was REALLY hard. The only way to really get ahead of the game is to recruit more sales reps underneath you and get a bit higher up the pyramid.


That’s always my main issue with these schemes. The product is great, fine. That sure puts Kyani ahead of a number of other MLM networks. Only the main way to make money is simply recruiting more sales reps. NOT selling the actual products. Drinks, in this case.

Not exactly like this.


This creates a sales network that’s desperate and pushy. I’ve seen it first-hand so many times myself.


Networks like this do tend to prey on people who’ve bought into the hard sell. People who want to make better lives for themselves but haven’t thought things through properly or simply haven’t had the right breaks in life.

Problem is, these pyramid schemes are rarely the right breaks. Unless you got in early, that is.


Also, when being recruited by higher-up Kyani reps, you do get a lot of misinformation. There were some really unverifiable claims about the benefits of the products. This not only convinces newer reps to continue to spout the same sort of claims, it also misleads customers. These guys weren’t doctors, but they were acting and talking like them. Not a fan, personally.


The other big problem with the sales pitch was how much money they said we’d be making. The reality is, hardly any of the newer reps are making any bank whatsoever.


Where do they want you to start recruiting first of all? Your friends and family. I wasn’t happy with this. I liked the drinks, but the prices were a bit ridiculous. And I knew my friends did NOT want me to come around with ANOTHER one of those great pyramid idea schemes. Like me, they’d seen them all before.


The other problem? You gotta buy your own products before you can sell them. I don’t need to tell you how any legit company runs, but they’d never do this sort of thing. Kyani is making money off their own sales team. That’s how they make money.


The products are basically a front. It could be any product.


The way Kyani makes money is through you, the sales rep. You don’t make any money. Most of the time.


So. Kyani isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s a real shame, because the product line is awesome. Super-legit. If only they were a bit cheaper. If only they were marketed properly rather than in a pyra-sorry, “MLM Network”.


As for other ways to make money online? I know you’ve been waiting for the REAL juice. And these days, that’s Local Lead Generation. No pyramids in sight. Check it out, you’ll be as glad you did as I was.