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People tend to be more creative and try to make their hobbies into something that they can earn money from. Of course, it is normal to see people dig into vlogging because of the hype and the influencers that they can encounter online.  

If you heard something about Jumpcut Academy or came across this training course, then you may sound interested to get to know more information about this course.  

It is of those many online courses that you can search on the internet and will promise you better sales when it comes to so many things. 

Generally, this kind of thing is just something that will help you to earn money online and give you detailed procedures and techniques. Like others say, it is just a how to course that you may see from other online courses.  

To make it simple, this course will give you an idea to make your videos even better and create buzz online. It may sound so simple to follow but you need to be more patient when it comes to editing and creating your contents.  

Of course, there are some people who are desperate to be famous in an instant, so they are trying their very best to promote their own ads on different platforms. Others may have this way and tell others that it is successful. There are some that no matter how hard they tried to advertise and promote their YouTube channel, the result is always not that good.  

If you are going to read more about this course, you will see that this is more about entertainment and making money out of it.  

It gives people the chance to earn money by YouTube and creating videos that they can post online.  

This is something that Jumpcut Academy can offer to you. This review will give you an overall understanding of the course and the details you need to inside this course.  

We can check as well if there are some other nice opportunities that you can take advantage of aside from the Jumpcut Academy course.  


What is the Jumpcut Academy Course? 

This is good and nice for those individuals who wanted to be part of social platforms such as YouTube or Instagram.  

We all know that we can get money from those applications if we reach the number of subscribers needed and views as well.  

If you can remember those people living in the past. Only doctors, lawyers, or those people who work in the office or are employed can be the only ones who can get monthly income and earnings.  

Because of technology, things started to change, and we have these social media applications and platforms that we can use to earn money.  

It becomes popular until a lot of people want to be part of it. Many youngsters would think that this kind of passive income is easy and there is no need to spend so much time thinking about what to do next.  

There are some challenges as well that you need to face and not everyone is lucky to be an instant online celebrity.  

Jumpcut Academy is one of those online courses that you can use and learn to start your online career. This kind of course will help you to think of some content that will surely be good and easily to get viral views.  

If you are going to research the background and history of Jumpcut Academy, it will tell you about the things that you really need to learn. You need to expect that this one will focus more on turning you into one of the successful Youtubers.  

There are claims that this one is far better than the others, but this is something we need to shove more.  

Some of the good feedback that you can hear from this course is the detailed manner of the courses and training videos. It is more systematic and organized so that even a beginner can simply get the whole process without having a hard time.  

It will develop your skills from the very basic to the most complex ones. Of course, it tackles that possible launching of the business. They will give you great options and suggestions on how to grow your channel as well.  

If we are going to summarize Jumpcut Academy course, it is mainly about helping an individual to create more opportunities and grab the best benefits of the new and advanced technology and gadgets we have.  

Of course, it focuses also on how you can become one of the successful YouTubers that you can use to maximize your possible business and using it as your marketing tools.  

It enhances your creativity as well in different aspects such as promoting your products online that will surely be a big hit.  

Who is the Founder of the Jumpcut Academy Course? 

This course was made possible by two legendary individuals. They are Kong Pham and Jesse Jhaj.  

If you want to know more about the two, you can check their YouTube channel which is Simple Pickup. This channel was launched because of the controversial content and topics they have.  

Online criticism was received by the two people behind this course because of their content.  

They have others to help them teach students.  

They believed that those people would make a big impact on the learning of their students.  


What is Inside of the Jumpcut Academy Course? 

There are three sections that you can learn once you purchase this course. We are going to check those sections one by one. You can expect that the first part will be about Viral Academy. The second section of the course is Automated Income Machine. The third one is the Contagious Content. There is that bonus part as well, which is the Video Ads Bootcamp.  

Viral Academy 

Once you are ready to explore the course, you may see the first section, which is the Viral Academy. This is mainly about YouTube training, and this is going to be your first lesson. You can see the course YouTube Influencer 101. This specific course from Jumpcut Academy has 4 separate videos.  

-First Video: The Channel Scorecard
-Second Video: The Remix Strategy
-Third Vide: Traits of Virality
-Fourth Video: The Influencer Economy 

They won’t ask you for any fees for this basic course. Of course, you are required to log in using your e-mail address and complete name. The succeeding parts of the courses and sections would require making a payment.  

Automated Income Machine 

This course will teach you how to make a nice and systematic system for future online business. You will need at least 12 weeks (about 3 months) to complete the course. This is the part of the course where you will learn more about digital products. There are steps that you can learn on how you will use and sell them through the help of different sales funnel that are automated.  

Here is the breakdown of the topics and lesson you will be learning for 12 weeks: 

First week: Laying the groundwork
Second week: The roadmap to your big idea
Third week: Audience immersion secrets
Fourth Week: Content and Marketing Masterclass
Fifth Week: Overnight Experts
Sixth Week: Digital products workshop
Seven Week: Advanced digital product creation
Eight Week: Information and marketing overview
Ninth Week: Marketing funnels
Tenth Week: Product launch and sales mastery
Eleventh Week: Roadmap to seven figure future
Twelveth Week: Successful mindset secrets 

There are some bonus training videos that you can enjoy such as the Digital Technology Training, Marketing Temple Vault and the 1,000,000 dollars product launch.  

Contagious Content 

This section of the course will highlight the psychology part of the different marketing strategies. It includes the following modules:  

First Module: Roadmap to Contagious Content
Second Module: Virality Decoded
Third Module: The Science of Sharing
Fourth Module: Hidden Patterns of Virality
Fifth Module: Platforms Playbooks
Sixth Module: Contagious Cash Flow 

You can also watch some videos of those famous and great influencers here.  

Video Ads Bootcamp 

This section of the course has 13 specific modules of different videos. It ranges from 3 minutes to 18 minutes per video. Some of the things that you can learn from this part are as follows: 

-Introduction of Video Ads
-The Ad Playbook
-The Different Elements of a Profitable Video
– The 4 Foolproof Ad Formulas
-Creating Entertaining, Information, and Effective Ads
-Producing Your Ad
-Before You Write
-Writing Your Informer Ad
-Writing Your Lifelong Fan Ad
-Writing Your Original Story Ad
-Writing Your Opportunity Ad


How Much is the Jumpcut Academy Course? 

Just to make it clear, the introduction part of the YouTube Influencer 101 course is for free, and you don’t need to pay for that one.  

If you are planning to get the entire part of the course, then you need to prepare your pocket for the price of 997 dollars. This is a one-time payment option. There is another option which is you can pay for the course for the 6-month term. It means that you need to pay around 197 dollars per month for half a year.  


Who Can Learn the Jumpcut Academy Course? 

If you are eager to be a famous or well-known influencer under YouTube, then this one is good for you to start your career.  

Of course, experienced individuals can also take the course and learn more of some nice tricks when it comes to marketing your brand.  

This course has what it takes for you to become the next successful YouTuber, but you need to remember that it takes a lot of effort and time for you to be the next one.  

It may sound a bit rough and hard at first, but you need to be more consistent with what you are doing it. It also needs an individual that is passionate and mindful.  


Pros and Cons of the Jumpcut Academy Course? 

There are PROS and CONS that we can check before getting this course.  


The tutors behind this course: It is important that we check the background of the people behind the course. It will give us more confidence once we know that those people are successful. It is like this course that has great instructors.  

David So (GeniusBrain, formerly known as DavidSoComedy)
4 M subs with approximately 245 million views 

Ariya (SimpleSexyStupid)
1 M subs and approximately 100 million views 

Joe & Bart (JustKIddingNews)
8 M subs with approximately 1 billion views 

Jesse & Kong (SimplePickup)
6 M subs with approximately 325 million views 

Different courses are provided: If you are going to check the course again mentioned above, you can see that there are many courses that you can learn upon taking this course. Even the bonus parts of the courses are amazing as you can learn more and deeper about that specific topic.  

The courses and systems are organized: We always want a course that is organized, and the system is easy to understand. The Jumpcut Academy has this kind of manner that can avoid your possible confusion because of the different courses to learn. They made sure that this is going to be a step-by-step course that will help the students to further understand the difficult parts of the course.  

Money back guarantee for the course: The Jumpcut Academy has a refund policy. Of course, that talks about the money back guarantee that you can take advantage of. If you think that you are not learning those things they promised, then you can call their customer service hotline and ask for your refund.  


May sound expensive for others: The Jumpcut Academy has everything that you have been looking for in a course for you to be the next YouTube sensation. But others think that this is too expensive for them to start their career. Although there is that monthly installment for six months. Others would still feel that this is not going to be good for them. To think that you need to pay 997 dollars for the price of the course and the membership.  


Is the Jumpcut Academy Course Legit? 

It is obvious that Jumpcut Academy is not a scam course at all. It is a course program that you can guarantee your successes in becoming a Youtuber. You can also check the people behind it. They are professional and have a huge number of subscribers.  

You can definitely say that this can give you the confidence to purchase because of the money back guarantee that they offer to their future students. Not only money back guarantee for a limited time but for 365 days.  

Another great thing here is that those creators made the details of the course even simpler for beginners to understand it.  

Although we say that this course is great, you still need to be a dedicated person to be like them. You need to be patient and invest a lot of effort, time, and even content.  


Is There Any Way to Make Money Online Aside from the Jumpcut Academy Course Legit? 

We can say that Jumpcut Academy course can give you a deeper insight into how to make money on YouTube. It is still important to realize that it might not be for everyone, especially if you are not consistent in what you are doing.  

The Jumpcut Academy course is precisely good, but you need to keep in mind that there are some other things out there that may attract your interest.  

If you are looking for another way to make money online, then why don’t you try the Ryno Inc’s system for more opportunities.  

It will help you as well to have your passive income and think about those ways to earn a decent amount of money.  

It has all the things that you are looking for in a course such as the comprehensive details of a course, money back guarantee, and of course, the best videos and the person behind it.