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The recent Covid-19 pandemic has hit people around the world hard. However, it also forced us to make the most of our free time at home. 

A couple of people chose to focus on their health and start a new hobby, whether being adventurous and trying paragliding, starting hiking, or doing other activities. 

Well, that wasn’t the case for me. You see, I’m the kind of guy who likes to learn new things and improve my skills. So, when the pandemic hit, I took my time to acquire new skills. 

For the past several years, I have studied a couple of online courses and earned certifications that can help me improve my career.  

Fortunately, you can take online courses for almost everything you are passionate about, whether that be programming, copywriting, SEO, or digital marketing.  

As for my case, I’ve always wanted to learn more about real estate. So, I did my research and found this course titled “Freedom Mentor”. 

This is a coaching program and mentoring built for real estate entrepreneurs.  

If you’re reading this article, then chances are you’ve also found this course. Perhaps you’re looking for real reviews from real people who tried the course. 

Well, lucky for you because this is what my blog post is all about. In this Freedom Mentor Review, I’m going to share with you my honest opinion about Phil Pustejovsky’s course. 

What is Freedom Mentor? 

Freedom Mentor logo

First of all, let’s discuss what this course is all about. Since I’ve purchased and studied this course, I have a good understanding of what this training program is.  

To make things simple, Freedom Mentor is a real estate investing mentoring program. It was written and developed by Phil Pustejovsky.  

If you visit the main website of the training program, you’ll be greeted by a 1-minute video of Phil. He’ll tell you how Freedom Mentor is recognized as the greatest real estate mentoring business in the world. 

You should know that Freedom Mentor considers itself a course that does much more than putting you through DIY instruction. 

This is a program that will teach you how to shut deals and be a successful real estate investor.  

Another thing to note is that this training program makes money by coaching and mentoring potential real estate investors. Then, they will share 50% of the profits of the deals with the student. 

I think that this is a very unique real estate investing course. I haven’t found any other training program out there where the mentor succeeds when the student succeeds. It has mutual benefit. 

Also, when you join the course, you’ll get two programs inside. The first one is Creative Estate Investing. The second one is the Apprentice Program.  

Who is Phil Pustejovsky? 

real estate mentor Phil Pustejovsky

When I search for online courses, I always research the author of the course before purchasing it. I always believe that the course is only as good as the writer.  

So, who is Phil Pustejovsky? Is he good at real estate investments? 

According to Phil, he is the leading real estate mentor in North America. That is his tagline. However, he is also a best-selling author.  

Furthermore, Phil is also a real estate investor. According to my research, he has at least 1,000 real estate investments under his belt.  

What’s the story behind this guy? 

One of the things I like about Phil is that I can also relate to him. Just like me, Phil also worked a 9-5 job that he disliked.  

Even though I also hated my job, I had to go through it just to survive. It’s not easy to pay bills, buy groceries, and pay my rent if I don’t work.  

One day, Phil got into a fight with the boss of his boss. To make the story short, Phil got fired. He had to live from his truck and eat canned beans.  

Unlike other people, Phil didn’t give up. From being unemployed and homeless, everything just went uphill for him. 

During his initial flip, Phil met his mentor, who is a business real estate attorney. His mentor decided to teach him  everything he knew. In return, Phil had to share 50% of his profit when he mades a deal. 

This is where Phil got his idea about starting a mentorship program.  

Today, Phil markets his course via YouTube videos and books. His main teaching method is videos.  

Phil is also a best-selling author. He has been featured on Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch of Wall Street Journal, and CBS MoneyWatch. 

He also shared the stage with well-known speakers like Peter Conti, Robert Shemin, and Robert Kiyosaki.  

What is Creative Real Estate Investing? 

The first training program that you’ll get when you join the course is Creative Real Estate Investing. It’s also written by Phil. 

Basically, the course combines every popular YouTube video of Phil. The purpose of these videos is to teach you how to flip homes.  

According to Phil, people who follow his tips can make more money investing in real estate.  

The Creative Real Estate Investing course lasts for 7 weeks. However, since I’ve got a lot of time from being free from my 9-5 job, I managed to finish it in just 5 weeks.  

During this period, I’ve learned the basics of Creative Real Estate Investing.  

While this course is free, you can still get a lot of content from it. It contains more than 30 hours of video content made by Phil. 

He’ll go through a couple of deals he made with his previous students.  

The modules in this course include: 

  • Module 1: Getting Started 
  • Module 2: Traditional vs. Creative Real Estate 
  • Module 3: Purchasing Real Estate without Credit or Cash 
  • Module 4: Step by Step CREI Formula 
  • Module 5: Flipping House Wisdom 
  • Module 6: Planning Your Future in Real Estate 
  • Module 7: Before You Start Investing 

Because the course is free, you know that you can get the most out of this course. If you want to learn how to flip houses and get a real estate investment business plan, you can take this course for free. 

What is Phil Pustejovsky Apprentice Program? 

 Once you’re done with the first course, the next thing you can do is join the apprentice program of Phil.  

However, you should know that this is optional. Phil won’t force you to join his program. 

Still, Phil will tell you that he and his team will help you out in the process. This includes drafting contracts. You’ll have to find sellers and purchase and sell houses.  

Phil also promises you these things: 

  • True financial knowledge 
  • More time 
  • More freedom 
  • More confidence 
  • A skill that is so versatile and strong that you can easily make money as long as you have a printer, a computer, and a phone 
  • A skill that you can use for the rest of your life 

Unfortunately, I believe that these promises are too good to be true.  

Is Phil Pustejovsky a Scammer? 

Is Phil Pustejovsky a scammer?

The short answer is no. He isn’t a scammer. Without a doubt, Phil is one of the best real estate entrepreneurs I’ve met in my entire life.  

Just like you and me, Phil is simply a regular person who is extremely tired of living a boring life with a 9-5 job.  

During one of his interviews, Phil shared that he completed mechanical engineering. However, he did not have the chance to use his skills in real life.  

What’s Inside the Freedom Mentor Course? 

Before you join the program and invest your money, you probably want to know what you’ll get inside it. 

Well, lucky for you, I purchased the course long ago. So, I can share with you the inside of the training program. 

If you want to make things short, Freedom Mentor is a mentoring program for real estate investors. It will help you get the skills you need. It will also help you in closing deals. 

The 50% Split 

One of the most important things you need to know is the 50% split. Freedom Mentor will share 50% of your net profits for every deal you make. 

Because of this, you will get 50% of the cut, and the company gets the other 50%. 

This guarantees that both you and the company have as much vested interest in any real estate investment or deal. 

Aside from that 50% split, Phil also states that his personal mentoring of his students will help them avoid risks and pitfalls that commonly happen with real estate investing while offering solid recommendations to improve their confidence in the student in no time. 

Aside from the mentoring program, Phil will also provide a free digital copy of his best-selling book titled “How to Be a Real Estate Investor”. 

According to Phil, this book has simplified real estate investing to make his ideas practical and easy to use. 

The book also includes years of real estate investing knowledge and experience and shows you all of the tactics you need to be effective.  

When you visit the website, you will find a list of free real estate training programs which is comprised of 25 various videos and articles. This starts from the fundamentals up to the more complicated lessons.  

Also, Phil regularly updates the blog on his website with short articles on real estate. 

Who is Freedom Mentor For? 

This is perhaps the biggest question you have in mind. Is Freedom Mentor right for you? You’re not alone. 

When I first started, I  also doubted myself if real estate investing was right for me. However, I simply went through it because I know I have what it takes to survive. 

Personally, I think that Freedom Mentor is not meant for everybody. It’s an exclusive mentoring program for real estate investors.  

From the perspective of Phil, you have to meet his standards for apprenticeship. However, it isn’t disclosed on his website how they screen potential students.  

In my opinion, this training course is for people who are serious about real estate investing. It’s for every person who wants to make it their full-time source of income. 

What I Liked About the Course 

Free Book About How to Be a Real Estate Investor 

This is probably the biggest thing I liked about the course. The free book is enough for you to start in the real estate industry. It contains all the knowledge you need to understand the basics of this industry.  

Aside from the free book, you can also get free courses and a sample real estate investing business plan. 

Phil’s YouTube Channel Has More than 50 Million Views 

You can say that Phil is legit and knows what he’s doing when his videos on YouTube get millions of views.  

You know that Phil will be a great mentor since he knows what he’s doing. 

Phil Has Been Mentoring for More Than 10 Years 

If Phil is a bad mentor, he wouldn’t last this long. However, 10 years as a mentor is a lot. Today, Phil has tons of experience teaching people.  

What I Don’t Like About the Course 

The 50% Split 

I know that the 50% split is a type of motivation for students and mentors since everybody wins. However, I believe that the 50% split is too much.  

This is particularly true if you’re new in the real estate industry.  

The Course Has Mixed Reviews 

When you read reviews online about Phil’s training program, you’ll get mixed reviews. There are equal parts negatives and positives. 

Because of this, it’s always ideal to do your research first before you join this course.  

It’s Expensive 

While Phil does offer a couple of free training programs, it’s quite expensive to join his mentoring program.  

Aside from the huge one-time fee and the monthly membership fee, you will also have to pay out  50% share of your profit.  

It might appear small if you can close out a deal worth millions of dollars. However, how often do you think you’ll get these kinds of deals? 

Is Freedom Mentor a Scam? 

Is Freedom Mentor a scam course?

The answer is no. Freedom Mentor is a legit course.  

It’s a real mentoring program that will help you get your business and start a real estate investment journey.  

Unfortunately, I don’t recommend this program. Of course, there are reasons for this.  

First of all, I believe that this course is too expensive. I already explained this one above. 

Second, the reviews that I found online are too suspicious. There are a couple of signs that indicate some of the reviews are falsified, especially the positive ones.  

Perhaps the company paid a couple of reviews to make them appear good? Keep in mind that this is normal for almost every business out there.  

Lastly, I don’t recommend this course because of the 50% split. It’s just too much for me.  

Can You Make Money with Freedom Mentor? 

Is Freedom Mentor out to get your money?

If you still want to proceed with Freedom Mentor, you probably want to know if you can make money out of it.  

So, did I make a lot of money after joining the mentoring program? Well, the answer is yes. However, you need to keep in mind that this is subjective. 

Someone will make money with this program. One example of this is me. I’ve made money after joining it.  

However, not everyone can do it. It isn’t for the average individual.  

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to building a business. Even if you really want to become a real estate investor, you have tons of other options than Freedom Mentor. 

After realizing all of the drawbacks of this program, I immediately left it.  

I did my research and found Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System (RAES). This is perhaps the most successful program I’ve found online. 

With the RAES system, I am now a full-time online entrepreneur. I can travel the world anytime I want, and I’m making more money than when I was in the Freedom Mentor program.  

So, If you want to be like me and be financially free, Check out Ryno Inc’s system.