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Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, it’s an easy and accessible way to start making a passive income stream. 

Affiliate Marketing can provide an opportunity to earn exponential returns by leveraging existing traffic networks. 

Best of all, it doesn’t require any special skills. If you are interested in marketing, this is an excellent option for earning money online.  

Learning how to market affiliate products effectively takes effort, but you can quickly earn some extra cash with the right attitude. This is particularly true since there are tons of resources out there that can help you. 

One of these resources is an online course called “Elite Affiliate Pro” by Igor Kheifets. However, is this course legit? Will it help you master the art of affiliate marketing? Perhaps it’s just a scam that is only after your money. In this review, we’re going to find out. 

What is Elite Affiliate Pro About? 

Elite Affiliate Pro is an online course created by Igor Kheifets. It’s a training program that helps people learn and master the art of affiliate marketing.  

In this course, students will learn how to generate passive income online through a couple of steps. These steps include: 

  • Figuring out a unique audience in need of solutions to their problems. 
  • Utilizing paid ads to direct this unique audience to your landing pages. 
  • Creating an email list and providing bonuses on those landing pages. 
  • Using email marketing to promote in a way that generates affiliate sales.  

To make things simple, this course will teach you how to become a successful affiliate marketer in the affiliate nation by following some steps.  

However, what if you don’t know anything about affiliate marketing? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.  

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is a form of online advertising that rewards online marketers for referring customers who ultimately purchase products or services.  

It’s a win-win situation – merchants benefit from the efforts of their affiliates, and the affiliates get paid whenever someone clicks their link or makes a purchase.  

Affiliate marketing effectively increases traffic and sales while allowing businesses to capitalize on existing relationships.  

With its cost-effectiveness, scalability, and reliable ROI, it’s no surprise that affiliate marketing is one of the most popular forms of digital advertising available today. 

What is an Affiliate Marketer? 

An affiliate marketer is an online businessperson who earns a commission by promoting other people’s products and services.  

By working as an independent contractor, affiliate marketers help to drive sales for companies of all sizes by creating promotional campaigns that link to the company’s website.  

Although affiliate marketing may seem daunting initially, it can be a great way to make extra income from home. It uses effective digital strategies such as content marketing, pay-per-click ads, and search engine optimization to boost site traffic and sales.  

With the right combination of dedication and expertise, becoming an affiliate marketer can be very lucrative in today’s digital economy. 

How Do You Make Money with Affiliate Marketing? 

Making money with affiliate marketing can be a lucrative endeavor. As the name implies, it involves partnering with existing products or services and leveraging your own network to promote and profit from sales of those items.  

This typically happens with an established blog or website where you obtain special links from an affiliate partner and post them to your site’s readership. From there, every sale linked back to your website that you refer provides a percentage of revenue delivered directly to you as commission. I 

t’s as simple as staying up-to-date on the latest products in your niche market, creating eye-catching content that encourages readers to click on the partnership link, and then raking in passive income!  

In other words, if you stay organized, choose your affiliates wisely and aren’t afraid of taking some risks—you too can make money with affiliate marketing! 

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is let’s go back to reviewing the Elite Affiliate Pro course. 

Who is Igor Kheifets? 

Igor Kheifets is a phenomenal entrepreneur, media strategist, and network marketer who has leveraged the power of the internet to create an incredibly successful business. He is also known as the affiliate marketing dude 

With his cutting-edge educational programs, Igor’s ability to effectively communicate with an international audience makes him one of the most sought-after personalities in the Internet entrepreneurial industry today.  

He constantly strives to teach others how to use online marketing strategies for their benefit and their businesses.  

In addition, Igor works closely with companies and individuals worldwide to help them optimize their income streams via multiple web-based channels.  

For anyone looking for advice on how to succeed in the digital age, Igor Kheifets is undoubtedly someone worth listening to. 

How Does Elite Affiliate Pro Work? 

Elite Affiliate Pro is an online course created by Igor Kheifets. This online course contains a couple of videos that you can watch at your own pace.  

This online video training program will teach you how to earn money online as an affiliate marketer. However, unlike other affiliate marketing courses, Elite Affiliate Pro will focus on promoting high-paying affiliate offers.  

Once you pay the enrollment fee for the course, you will immediately get access to online video training sessions, Igor’s unique bonuses, list-building lifestyle coaching calls, list-building lifestyle members’ spotlight, and more. 

Inside Elite Affiliate Pro 

The entire training program consists of 18 video training sessions. These sessions are divided into six modules. Usually, the videos are around 10 to 60 minutes long. In these videos, Igor will teach you about affiliate marketing, establishing a campaign, and earning affiliate commissions. 

Module 1: What to Say in Your Content to Get Affiliate Sales 

The first module of the course will teach you a couple of things. First, Igor will teach you how to determine your target market. You will also learn to understand your market and your ideal clients.  

Second, Igor will teach you three marketing mistakes you should always avoid. Lastly, you will also learn 14 vital questions while trying to know your clients.  

Module 2: How to Find High-Converting Affiliate Offers 

In this module, you will learn how to look for affiliate offers that customers will convert into. You will learn how to become a super affiliate.  

Furthermore, Igor will also share with you 13 ways to make money online and how to get started with CPA marketing.  

Igor will also teach you how to find the right CPA offer on Offervault and JVZOO. Lastly, you will learn how to find high-converting Clickbank and private webinar offers. 

Module 3: How to Easily Write Profitable Affiliate Emails Fast 

In this module, Igor will teach you the four stages of buyer evolution. You will also learn the common mistakes people make in their emails. Lastly, Igor will share the formula for creating emails that convert. 

Module 4: How to Double Your Affiliate Conversions with Bonuses 

In this module, Igor will teach you how to increase your conversions using bonuses and how to create a Presell page that can help improve your conversions. 

In addition, Igor will also share with you a case study. In this case study, Igor will explain his most profitable presell pages.  

Module 5: 1-Page Website That Doubles Your Affiliate Conversions 

In the fifth module of the course, you will learn how to sign up with lead pages. Igor will also share a lead page template and teach you how to install it on your website.  

Lastly, you will also learn a 1-page bridge template that will help increase your affiliate conversions. 

Module 6: How to Push People Off the Fence with Ethical Scarcity 

This is the final module of the course. In this module, Igor will teach you how to make people convert using a method known as Ethical Scarcity.  

Elite Affiliate Pro Bonuses 

Aside from the video training sessions, you will also get access to several bonuses if you join this course. These bonuses include the best CPA networks today, affiliate promos, and a library of templates. 

In addition, you will also get access to coaching calls. In this bonus, you can ask Igor questions live during his webcasts. Note that you can ask any questions you might have as long as they’re related to the course.  

Also, you have to ensure you’re available for the planned call. This means that if you’re a busy person, you might have a hard time joining his coaching calls.  

Elite Affiliate Pro Cost to Join 

Now that you know what’s inside the training program, you might be interested in joining it. However, one thing to note is that Elite Affiliate Pro is not free.  

Before you can access everything, you will need to pay $997. This is a one-time fee. This means that once you spend $997, you will get lifetime access to the course.  

In addition, Igor also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If unsatisfied with his online training program, you can simply request a refund.  

One great thing about the refund policy is that there’s no catch at all. However, you need to show Igor your completed 6-step super affiliate checklist and show him that it didn’t work for you.  

Is Elite Affiliate Pro a Scam? 

No, Elite Affiliate Pro is not a scam. It is a legitimate training program.  

First of all, Igor delivers on his promises. According to the course’s page, this training program will teach you how to start earning serious affiliate commissions. Luckily, that is precisely what the course does. It will teach you how to become a successful affiliate marketer. 

In addition, Igor’s training is pretty good. This course offers students tons of actionable and relevant content. Aside from the training videos, Igor also provides valuable bonuses.  

Lastly, most of the previous students of the course are finding great success. If you check some testimonials, you’ll see most of them earn thousands of dollars using the methods they’ve learned from the course.  

Can You Make Money using Elite Affiliate Pro? 

The answer is pretty obvious. Yes, you can make money using this training program. It’s comprehensive and valuable. Most of the lessons you get from this course are pretty helpful. Also, based on some affiliate nation reviews, students are making a lot of money following the methods from the course.  

However, if you think you’ll make thousands of dollars right away with this course, you’re wrong. A lot of people struggle with affiliate marketing. There are a lot of things that can happen. 

Still, it’s possible to make money with affiliate marketing. However, you will need to do a lot of work. 

In addition, you will also have to invest a lot of money before you can start earning profits. Aside from paying $997 for the course, you will also have to spend money on a couple of things.  

Is Elite Affiliate Pro Worth It? 

So, is Elite Affiliate Pro worth your time and money? Well, I don’t think it’s worth it. For most people, $997 is a lot of money. You can buy a lot of things with that amount.  

In addition, it seems that this course is outdated. Note that Igor focuses on using offers from CPA and Clickbank networks. Unfortunately, these are some of the oldest forms of affiliate marketing worldwide.  

I think there are other courses that can teach you the same thing for a much lower price.  

In addition, Affiliate Marketing is not the best way to earn passive income online nowadays. There are tons of other ways to make money online.  

So, what is the best alternative for beginners?  

Better Alternative to Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to earn money online. However, there are better options. You still have to invest a lot of time and money in it.   

So, what if I told you there’s a better alternative? One that won’t require a hefty investment. One that will help you earn money while you sleep. So, what is this alternative? Well, it’s called RAES.   

So, what’s RAES? RAES is simply short for Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System. With RAES, I can earn 6 to 7 figures online. While writing this review, I still make money with this system.   

If you’re interested to learn more about RAES, check out Ryno Inc’s system.