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Many people like you spend their time searching for opportunities on the internet. There are some that’ve seen an advertisement on YouTube on how to make money. Not only an ample amount of money but tons of money.  

Of course, we are clueless sometimes of what is happening around us. We are still thinking that we just want to have a decent job and earn enough money to survive day by day.  

This is not the case for others, especially when they have dreams. Millions of people around the world are trying their luck through different online jobs and businesses. They think that this is the best path for them to earn thousands of bucks every month.  

It is not new to you to hear about Shopify and other technical terms online. When you search for this word, you can also see different items on the list. You may come across drop shipping as well.  

Different websites will lead you to different people. One of them is Joaquin Corrales. Others may not know him, but if you are going to watch some of his ads on YouTube, then you can understand that he is a professional guy.  

That is the time that you would know more about eCom course from him.  

There are questions in your head now especially if you don’t know this guy personally.  

Is his course legit? Is he going to teach me how to make money online?  

There are many things that you need to know about him and his course. This review will help you to dig deeper into the ideas that you need to know before you sign up for this course.  

This can help you to decide whether to take this course. Of course, you heard good things about him and his course, but that one is not enough.  

It is important that you can understand the logic of the course and if that one is really meant to help you.  

Maybe you are attracted to his ads stating that you can make $1,400 a day with his help and his course. It can be true for others, but it is hard for others to believe it.  


What is eCom Master Program All About? 

The eCom Master’s Program of Joaquin Corrales is a training program that was developed specifically for individuals who wish to build an online store that is hosted by Shopify and that is lucrative. This training program is broken up into eight different modules, and each of those modules covers a unique topic. 

Some of the topics in this program that are going to be covered here are the fundamentals of Shopify, how to advertise your products on Facebook, and how to search for the most marketable things to sell online. This is also going to address how to stay motivated and have the appropriate mindset for running a business. 

In addition to the modules, the developer of the eCom Master’s Program will provide students with additional tools built specifically for the program. eCom Masters eComFire Shopify Store Theme is one of the tools that are included here. According to the creator of the training program, this is a Shopify theme that was developed to ensure that the online store not only looks fantastic but is also easy to navigate and assures that clients won’t have any problems purchasing your items. 

The eCom Explorer Product Tool and the AdRocket Advertising Software are two further examples of useful tools. This tool will assist owners of businesses in finding the appropriate customers to advertise to on Facebook. Keep in mind that your free trial of this advertising automation product will only last for three months. 

Joaquin Corrales, an entrepreneur headquartered in Miami, was the brains behind the creation of the eCom Masters Program. He had prior experience as a software engineer and went on to start Joaki, a firm that specializes in the design and development of mobile applications. 

In 2017, he was promoted to the position of chief executive officer of Contact Flow, a company that provides a diverse range of services. This is an email marketing and autoresponder software that was built primarily for use in small enterprises, according to the information provided on Joaquin’s LinkedIn page. In addition to that, it offers several training programs and marketing consulting services. 


Who is Joaquin Corrales of eCom Master Program? 

Joaquin is of Cuban descent, and he has never lost his lifelong interest in matters pertaining to finance and commerce. 

In point of fact, prior to graduating from high school, the young man gained more than $5,000 by selling game cards online when he was still a teenager. 

The guy has always been a con artist, ever since he was a young child. 

Now, he has a respectable number of subscribers on his YouTube channel (just over 8.5 thousand), and he is also collaborating on EMP with Franklin Hatchett, who is another really prominent dropshipping Influencer. 

Franklin has more than 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, which leads me to believe that he would make an excellent business partner. 

In addition to that, the person having his very own training program called eCom Elites. 


What is Inside of eCom Master Program? 

The training for the eCom Masters Program is broken up into a total of eight subprograms. According to the information provided on the website, you will require a period of time equal to eight weeks before you can launch your Shopify shop. 

Week 1  

The first week (or session) is dedicated to learning the fundamentals of business and preparing to make sales. You will gain an understanding of the principles of eCommerce during the first week of the course.  

It makes no difference if you’ve never had a website or a Shopify business before you purchased this course; Joaquin will walk you through everything step by step. 

In this lesson, he will instruct you on how to construct an eCommerce website that is both aesthetically beautiful and functional, as well as explain the three things that you absolutely need to be aware of to be successful in this line of work. 

Week 2 

The topic for Week 2’s module is called a Paradigm Shift. This seems to be the element of these training programs that focus on the mindset and motivation of the participant. Students will learn how to “rewire” their brains for success and develop a billionaire mindset by the time they reach this phase of the course. 

This is the psychology portion of the training program, and it will take roughly 14 days (about 2 weeks) to finish  

Week 3 

During Week 3, you will focus on making your first sales. Students will acquire the knowledge necessary to locate the most popular items in less than an hour. You will also learn how to build an advertisement on Facebook to promote your items, as well as how much money you should set aside for advertisements in proportion to the growth of your sales. 

In just the first 21 days (about 3 weeks) of your company, Joaquin claims that he will show you how to go from having no sales to making $250 per day, which is a significant increase. 

Week 4 

Week 4 focuses on becoming a master of product research. After you have completed this lesson, you will no longer need to spend days hunting for the most popular things that you can sell. In this part of the course, Joaquin will instruct you on how to do product research by utilizing pre-existing platforms, as well as how to determine the needs and desires of your target market. 

You will study the tactics that your competitors use when conducting product research, and you will also understand Joaquin’s strategies for locating trendy products that can be sold. 

Week 5 

During Week 5, you will acquire knowledge regarding the Alchemy of Facebook advertisements. When it comes to running ads on Facebook, this module is great for people who have no prior knowledge with the site, as well as those who have just a little bit of prior familiarity with it. Joaquin will show you how to begin advertising your goods and business with as little as five dollars’ worth of expenditure on advertisements. 

Week 6 

The topic for Week 6 is “Unleashing Facebook Ads.” At this point, you will explore deeper into the algorithm that Facebook uses. You will also learn from Joaquin what characteristics set apart the most successful Shopify stores. 

He will discuss a variety of subjects, such as the most effective scaling method for your online store, retargeting strategies, and more strategies for Facebook ads. 

This week’s topic is all about increasing your profits using email marketing. You will learn how to set up automatic emails to achieve optimum client retention in this session. Additionally, you will learn how to compose follow-up emails to consumers who have abandoned their shopping carts. 

You will acquire knowledge on the email marketing methods that are implemented by the most successful online stores. You will also get scripts for your emails, landing sites, and funnels, among other things. 

This is the final unit, and its title is The Next Level. You will learn several review tactics, discount strategies, and how to automate your internet business in this section of the course. 


What is the Price of the eCom Master Program? 

The cost of enrolling in this training program is subject to occasional changes. The cost of the eCom Master’s Program training program was $1,997 at the time this article was written. You have the option of paying the remaining balance of $1,997 over the course of five monthly payments of $597 each. 

What exactly does this purchase cover for me? 

First of all, there is something called the eCom Masters Program. In addition to this, you will have access to the eCom Masters Program support group and will receive a readymade theme for your online store as well as the eCom Explorer product tool. 

Joaquin will also provide you with mentorship, and you will have weekly calls with him to discuss your progress. This training program offers a refund of any money paid during the first thirty days. 


Who is this Program for? 

eCom Masters is a good place to start for learners who are eager to gain knowledge. The one-on-one coaching sessions are important, particularly if you are just starting out, because they give you the opportunity to have an experienced instructor accompany you through the entirety of your trip.  

This course is appropriate for you even if you are not just starting out in business but still want to learn more about many aspects of running a company. 


What are the Positive Points of eCom Master Program? 

This program will teach you a lot, and it exceeds the requirements of the vast majority of classes offered today, including those that cost more and those that cost less. 

In addition to the course material, you will have access to a wide range of features, such as weekly question and answer sessions, coaching, and even an eCom Turbo license good for an unlimited number of sites. 

You are not getting information from random people because the people who wrote the course, most of whom are Franklin Hatchett, are proven successful marketers. 


What are the Negative Points of eCom Master Program? 

Despite all it has to offer, it can be excessively pricey for many members. 

It’s possible that the course will leave advanced users feeling disappointed due to the amount of hand-holding that is provided. There are also 30 films in their whole that are dedicated to explaining how to configure the eCom Turbo theme, which many people are likely already familiar with. 

As a consequence of this, a significant portion of the material presented in the course may strike some individuals as redundant or as being too fundamental. It does a lot of self-repeating to ensure that everything is as clear as possible, which makes it a good resource for novices. 


Is eCom Master Program a True Example of Scam? 

The eCom Masters Program by Joaquin Corrales is not a scam, that’s for sure. People who wish to learn about Shopify, dropshipping, product research, and other elements of eCommerce can enroll in this training course, which was built specifically for them.  

In this section, you will discover how to maximize the profitability of your online business by implementing various internet marketing strategies, such as advertising on Facebook, marketing via email, and so on. 

However, the concepts covered in the course are quite standard, and Shopify fundamentals and internet marketing can be learned elsewhere for a fraction of the cost. 

Some people even offer them for free on YouTube, which is a shame. When you purchase the eCom Masters Program, the only difference is that you will have access to a support group and will have the opportunity to receive mentoring from Joaquin. 



In general, eCom Masters is a comprehensive program that will assist you in achieving success in eCom. You receive a substantial quantity of assistance and information from Joaquin and his colleagues, even though the fee is somewhat hefty.  

In addition, I would suggest that the cost is not even close to being comparable to the amount of money that you would make from the success of your company.  

On the other hand, if you do not enjoy being coached or if you are not open to listening to the feedback of others, then you should not enroll in this class. 

There are some other programs that you can try such as Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System. Try to check out Ryno Inc’s system. It’s good for beginners and for those people who want to learn more about starting their online career.