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People are thinking of different ways to earn money while they are taking care of their babies. It is normal that we look for side hustle, especially when things are getting more expensive.  

You may check different opportunities online such as being a freelancer.  

Of course, not everyone is lucky to find a client that is nice and will train you. There are times that you need to get along with your client because you are not allowed to make mistakes and you can’t ask for days of leave.  

That is the perfect time that you find some other ways to have passive income while trying to pick more ideas about the freelance world.  

Here comes the drop servicing that is becoming more popular around the world.  

If you are not familiar with drop servicing, then it is just as simple as buying and selling things on the internet. Others may tell you that it is the same concept as drop shipping.  

All you must do is to act as the middleman here. You will be connecting the client or those perspective customers with the services that they are looking for and trying to find.  

That is the difference between the two as you will be helping them with the services that they want to avail yourself of instead of telling them more about the different products.  

One great example here is like you are a freelancer and you found a website where someone is selling his service for making a logo at a very low price. Then, you go to a different website where you can find a client and ask for a logo maker. This is your chance to outsource things as when someone tries to order or ask your service, then you can simply go to that website where you found that cheapest rate and let that person do the thing for you. In this manner, you were able to get some profit without exerting much effort.  


What is a Drop Servicing Blueprint Course? 

This course will help you to get to know more about the different steps when it comes to starting your online business.  

It is guaranteed that you will be receiving sessions and videos that can enhance your ideas about business and opportunities.  

It is also being revised from time to time to keep updated and get the latest ways to help your career.  

The one who created the course said that this is a good course that will mentor you on how to be an effective person when it comes to the drop servicing service.  

The main concept of drop servicing is to usefully sell the services needed without doing any of those things. It is simply about outsourcing.  

All you need to do is to pay others who are offering lower charges or fees or you can negotiate with someone to do it for you. After that, you can deliver or send the results to your clients without having to do them. It is like you are the third party here for the two people.  

One great example here to understand the nature of drop servicing is that you are selling your service for a specific amount. For example, making a website for 3000 dollars. Your client agrees to pay you that amount if you deliver this on time. What you are going to do here next is hire or find someone online that can create a website lower than 3000 dollars. Let’s say that you have found someone who is willing to provide that service for 2000 dollars only.  

After delivering this one to your main client, you can have your profit which is 1000 dollars without having to make the website on your own.  

It is all about the skills to negotiate with people and trying to find someone who can work for you. Of course, there are many things that you need to do so that you can be an effective one.  

That is the main reason why Dylan Sigley created and made this course possible.  


Who is Dylan Sigley of the Drop Servicing Blueprint Course? 

It is important to know the person behind this course Drop Servicing Blueprint.  

He admitted that he started this kind of work as his main source of income. He realized that he can really make profit and generate enough income for his family using this kind of method.  

He also has a YouTube channel where he talks about different things related to money.  

He confessed as well that he was once an employee of a company. He was broken and needy because the salary that he received monthly was enough to sustain his daily necessities and needs.  

Everyone starts from the single step and that’s how he started. He failed but he didn’t give up on his dreams. Until such a time that he developed his company and was able to make this one a great success in just a couple of months only.  

He guaranteed everyone that the steps in this course are simple to follow.  


How Drop Servicing Blueprint Works? 

It says that this one is developed so that you can take advantage of the power that it has and even the effectiveness of the methods and ideas when it comes to drop servicing that will surely work online.  

As a drop servicer, you essentially serve as a middleman between those who need something done online and those who can assist them. 

Of course, you need to work things out by using the different methods in advertisement for you to get your clients. This is another thing that you need to learn, and this is the reason why the course was created by Dylan.  

You can see here the mechanism on how this service works.  

Step 1- Spending time Watching the Videos: This is the part where you will be learning the background of the course, especially drop servicing.  

Step 2- Choosing Your Niche and Start Selling: it is a must to choose your niche where you are comfortable to work with. At the same time, a website will help you with the different services that you can offer to your clients. This part of the course will give you a deeper thought to how to create your website for the first time, your payment method and how to connect to them. You will be getting a lot of ideas as well on how to receive the payments.  

Step 3- Reaching Your Potential Customers: There are many ways to reach your potential clients. There are some that they don’t need to exert effort in because they have websites that can attract customers to avail themselves of their services. You need to know the steps as well to respond to your clients so that you can’t slip those chances away. If you are thinking about paid ways to advertise your services, then it will cost you more money instead of creating income.  

Step 4- Tips on Hiring Freelancers to Work for Your Services: Automating your services and business is important. This is something that he created and tried to put things into a course. Part of your team is the freelancers who will be working for you to work things out. It didn’t mention in the course how long you need to find things before you can settle things down. Of course, it is part of your responsibility to train those new hires and freelancers.  

Step 5- Repeat the Different Steps: There is no end part when it comes to learning new things. It means that you need to attract new clients in the coming months with new and different methods. The competition is becoming different and most of the things are getting more difficult to achieve by being monotonous. There are some steps that you can use to guide and gauge yourself whether you are ready to try this course.  



What Can You Get from This Drop Servicing Blueprint Course? 

If you are going to check the course Drop Servicing Blueprint, you will see that there are 6 parts that are divided into 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months). There are bonuses videos and training modules that you can take advantage of.  

The lessons included are hosted by Dyal Sigley himself. There are communities that you can access, there are resources that you can check from time to time. There are some supports that can help you with the different products.  

Here is an overview of the course and the different modules that includes lessons:  

FIRST WEEK: It is all about Foundations: For the first week of the course, you will be learning 7 different modules. It is about training your mindset and the proper ways to deal with your mindset.
1. How This Course Will Change You
2. How To Achieve Your Goals
3. Why “You” Can’t Achieve Your Goals
4. Transformation
5. Make A Shift
6. Maximize Energy, Clarity & Focus for Maximum Profits
7. Create Your Irresistible Offer 

SECOND WEEK: Building your business now: You will be getting 10 modules for the second week. This focuses more on the clients and how you will work things out. This is the time that you will get more ideas on how to set up your website, choosing the brand you know you can work for your business. It would be nice if you had a list of those potential clients. Here is the short summary of the modules.
1. Backward Engineer The System
2. What Makes Our Clients Buy
3. Our Copywriting Tool Belt
4. Choose Your Name & Price
5. Building Brand Assets & Real Estate
6. Copywriting Masterclass
7. The Automatic Conversion Website System
8. Finding The Best Delivery Team
9. Building Your Sales System
10. Building Your High-Converting Website 

THIRD WEEK: Ways to get your clients with those free methods: There are some techniques that you can use to get clients. It is almost the same as those paid versions. This module wants to focus more on the following lists:
1. Getting Your First Sales
2. Design > Build > Test > Automate > Scale
3. The Leapfrogging Expansion Strategy
4. Cold Email Domination – Introduction
5. Cold Email Domination – Setting Up The System
6. Cold Email Domination – Finding Your Target Audience & Lead Generation
7. Cold Email Domination – Writing Your Offer & Setting Up Your First Campaign
8. Cold Calling
9. Direct Mail
10. Social Outreach
11. Search Engine Optimization
12. Affiliate Marketing
13. Social Media Marketing 

FOURTH WEEK: Attracting clients with those paid versions of marketing tools and methods: It is normal to try those paid versions. This will give you more benefits that you can take advantage of, especially when you have a big business. Here are some of the modules that you can take advantage of.
1. Advertising 101
2. Competitive Research
3. Campaign Planning
4. Campaign Creation
5. Campaign Management
6. The Power Of Facebook Advertising
7. Facebook Ads – Create Your First Campaign
8. Facebook Ads – Audience Targeting Methods
9. Facebook Ads – Reverse Engineer Best Ads
10. Facebook Ads – Create Your Winning Ads
11. Facebook Ads – Advanced Retargeting
12. Facebook Ads – Lookalike Audiences
13. Facebook Ads – Track and Optimize Your Campaign
14. Facebook Ads – Scale To The Moon
15. Facebook Ads – Win With Paid Advertising
16. Google Ads – Introduction
17. Google Ads – Search Network
18. Google Ads – Display Network
19. Google Ads – Research And Planning
20. Google Ads – Campaign Creation
21. Google Ads – Management
22. LinkedIn Ads – Introduction
23. LinkedIn Ads – Research and Planning
24. LinkedIn Ads – Creation And Management
25. Remarketing Introduction
26. Google Remarketing
27. Youtube Remarketing
28. LinkedIn Remarketing 

FIFTH WEEK: Automating what you have and for your business: This is the part of the course that you need to learn deeper. It will help you to deliver your different services to your clients. There are some days that you need to train them to understand the nature of your work.
1. Advertising 101
2. Competitive Research
3. Campaign Planning
4. Campaign Creation
5. Planning Your Drop Servicing Team
6. Hiring Your Drop Servicing Team
7. Managing & Training Your Drop Servicing Team
8. Automating Production & Administration
9. Automating Sales & Marketing
10. Automating ALL of your email tutorials
11. Creating Working Procedures 

SIXTH WEEK: Making things possible: This is the end part of the course. You need to learn about the different strategies and the ways to upgrade your services. It has six modules that you need to watch and learn.
1. The Rapid Scaling Formula
2. Advanced Scaling Methods
3. Conversion Rate Maximization
4. Repeat and Referral Buyers (Building Your Buyer Army)
5. Increase Your Revenue With Up-sells, Cross-sells, and Down-sells
6. Managing Finances & Accounting 

There are some bonuses that you will love to learn and watch as well.  

Bonus 1 – Inside My 6-Figure Drop Servicing Business
Bonus 2 – 7 Day Accelerator – First Sales Fast And Free
Bonus 3 – VIP Access To Our Expert Team
Bonus 4 – Our Top 883 Proven Niche Ideas
Bonus 5 – The Success Vault
Bonus 6 – 2x DSB Membership 


How Much is This Drop Servicing Blueprint Course? 

Based on their website, it says that there are two payment methods that you can take advantage of. There is that one-time payment where you need to pay 997 dollars. The other option is the monthly payment that you must pay 397 dollars each month.  


Is There Any Refund Policy Covering This Drop Servicing Blueprint Course? 

One good thing about this course is that it has this refund policy. The most important aspect here is to show any proof or evidence that you have taken the course and you were not satisfied at all.  

In order for you to get your refund, you need to consider showing them a functional website that is ready to sell. This one should be offering services to at least 20 people. You have also joined the VIP group on Facebook and asked at least one question.  


Is the Drop Servicing Blueprint Course an Example of a Scam? 

Of course, it is obvious that this course is not a scam. The one who created this course knows what he is going through and the methods that he had done were great.  

One thing you will notice is that he doesn’t like talking about the possible risks and disadvantages of the course.  

It may sound easy for some people, especially those who don’t have the experience here. Once you are in this track, you will understand the importance of money and the training as well.  

It also needs payment for those advertisements that you are going to post online. You must pay your freelancers as well and even other members of your business.  


PRONS AND CONS of The Drop Servicing Blueprint Course? 

It is normal to see the pros and cons of every course that you are going to take. In this manner, you will be able to understand the things that can make this one successful or fail.  

PROS of Drop Servicing Blueprint
-Refund policy
-The training is detailed
-Friendly to beginners and newbies
-Facebook Group to ask questions
-A lot of bonus lessons

CONS of Drop Servicing Blueprint
-It is expensive for others especially to those who are just starting their business
-There are some business models that are too complicated to understand and follow


Takeaway About Drop Servicing Blueprint Course? 

This course has a legit instructor and professional person that will teach you the process of drop servicing. You can learn about the different traffic sources without having any difficulties.  

This course will help you build your business and gives you the chance to return your money if you are not satisfied after the training.  

If you are going to learn other courses online, it is the same thing. It has pros and cons. You will find it easy at first but hard to generate your income because of the other underlying problems along the process.  

It is important to check the different parts of the course, and you must watch some videos and content that will help you get more ideas about the course.  

Every course has its own pros and cons. It is up to you how to handle those benefits and the disadvantages.  



It is common for many people nowadays to trust different websites because of scammers.  

Other courses will give you a promise of a better future after taking the course.  

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