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This review is far from those others we did. Date Science Dream Job focuses more on giving you some ideas and right steps on how you get a job and be motivated to become better at it.  

Of course, you can still make your way to earning money by learning this course. Others may just find it weird because of the name and the possible things that they can learn here in the future.  

This course is really good for those people who want to become a data scientist. This can give you an overall idea about the industry of date science. It includes technical abilities and skills that you should learn.  

One of the nicest things that you may come across is the making of your portfolio. It is not weird to have this kind of lesson. It is just that many of us had a solid background that we tend to think that we don’t really need to learn this one at all.  

If you want to improve your portfolio and be a more competitive one in this area, then this course may give you the advantage of what you are looking for.  

We can’t give exact details as of now as we need to review deeper parts later.  

I am hoping that this review will help you and use this one as your deciding factor whether to pursue this kind of online course.  

Remember that this is a combination of good and negative sides of the course.  

If you think that this is going to be a good try for you, then you can always see the positive points of this course as it can help you to learn more things and earn around your expected income per month.  


What is Data Science Dream Job Course? 

This is one of the many courses that we can find on the internet. The difference from those courses is that this Data Science Dream Job focuses on providing great training to those individuals who wanted to be a data analyst. Of course, it includes those people as well who are willing to be a data scientist.  

It only means that they need to master and be proficient when it comes to the different algorithms, and skills on how to read data.  

Of course, it teaches you how you make your own portfolio as a starter in this industry. Not to mention the ways to negotiate your future compensation. The different techniques and methods that you need to master for you to ace your future interviews.  

When it comes to the technical parts of the course. This course promises their students that they would learn the different skills in a more technical way. They will let you watch some videos on how to create your resume. It covers the different reminders on how to make your personal branding as well.  

The 150-hour course aims to teach students with the help of the different clips, videos, meeting and mentoring, and having a group chat.  

You can expect as well that you will be receiving assignments. It will be checked every week along with your corrections.  

They mentioned that you can be hired even if you don’t have experience.  

We all know that this kind of job market is simply booming in different courses.  

It helps business owners and company managers to assess things and reports, especially innovation.  

If you think that you can master things at a given time, then this course is for you. If you are going to look at the demand of this job, it is really the perfect time to take this kind of course and grow your position while gaining more skills.  


Who is Kyle McKiou of Data Science Dream Job Course?
The person behind that Data Science Dream Job course is none other than Kyle McKiou. He is a Ph.D. holder in mathematics.  

He said that he wanted to work as a bank officer for investment. Until he realized that being an investment officer was not his dream job. He just wanted to have a life and work that can be considered meaningful to him.  

He saw one article from Harvard Business Review that made him decide to change his career path. He was interested in working as a data science specialist.  

Out of curiosity, he tried hard to figure things out. He did several experiments that helped him make his own data science course.  

One of his achievements is that he reached and got the position of being the senior director of data science. This is in one of the firms that is fastest when it comes to growing their business.  

He was very honest when he said that he created the course because he wanted to help others. 

He really wanted individuals to get an ideal type of job and that is from his course. It will help also those people to be more patient and advance their future careers.   


Overview of the Data Science Dream Job Course?
This course runs for 150 hours. One of the good things about this course is that it is self-paced. It means that you can check the video several times during your spare time. It gives you more opportunity to learn things deeper.  

Of course, you can also receive feedback from him every week.  

The Data Science Dream Job course has different modules and goals. It helps you to look for your specific skill that you can use for your future jobs.  

DSDJ coaching with the founder itself Kyle McKious is one of the best things that it can offer. Of course, there are monthly calls, and you will practice the calculations under him.  

Module 1:  Knowing Success 

Setting your goals is important and that is the first topic for your first module. This will help you understand your goals and the things you need to know about Data Science Dream Job. The different future roles you may encounter and the different terms you need to learn. 

Module 2:  Having Mindset 

This part is more on developing your good habits. It helps those people to create a nice and great image for themselves. It may sound boring, but others are enjoying it.  

Module 3:  Technical Skills 

This section talks deeper about Data Science. If you are into math and programming, statistics, and machine learning, then you will enjoy this course. There are parts that you will get to know more about software and engineering together.  

Module 4:  Your Portfolio 

Others may say that they know exactly how to create their portfolio. But this part will give you a deeper idea on how to make your portfolio stand out.  

Module 5:  Creating Your Story 

Giving yourself a brand would also mean that you are becoming a great one in your own field. Knowing yourself and what you can offer is that this part is about.  

Module 6:  Resume, GitHu, and LinkedIn 

Creating a resume is important. Others don’t know exactly what to include and this module will let you face the fact that it is not about having a fancy resume only. The content of your resume is important. The same thing with signing up for a LinkedIn account.  

Module 7:  More Interviews 

It is more on knowing the possible questions and interview atmosphere for your future data science job. One of the aims here is to make sure that your profile will be prioritized more.  

Module 8:  HR Phone Screens 

It is about phone interviews. Many people are scared and don’t know how to answer an interview question on the phone. They will tackle the questions as well about salary and more possible questions related to your resume.  

Module 9:  Technical Screens 

You will understand the concerns of those panelists. In this manner, you can be more prepared for those things that they want to know more about you.  

Module 10:  Take Home Assignments and Coding Challenges 

You will be taught some strategies and methods to overcome the different challenges that you may face once you apply for this kind of job.  

Module 11:  In Person Interviews 

Building a good rapport is also a good thing to talk about here. This is the part of the module where you need to prepare for the face-to-face interviews.  

Module 12:  Negotiation 

Salary is one of the basic things that you will learn here. More on salary levels and negotiation techniques will be discussed here. Choosing the best one that suits your level and capacity. 

There are some other things that you can learn and take advantage of once you decide to get on this course. It includes the follow lessons: 

-Support system offered by the creator of the course
-Slack group chat
-Workshops for everyone
-Coding rules and samples
-Resume outlines and templates
-Interview guidelines
-Technical skills to improve and learn 


What is the Price of Data Science Dream Job Course?
This course costs an individual an amount of 2997 dollars. They offer an installment term as well which will cost you 597 dollars that is good for 6 months.  

If you are looking forward to being mentored by Kyle McKiou, then you need to pay an additional 99 dollars and that is monthly.  

Everyone can purchase this course as there is no prior requirement that you need to have first. 

If you are worried about the policy that there is no money-back-guarantee assurance, then you will happy now to know that you can take advantage of this policy. If you don’t find this one helpful, then you can ask for a refund within 90 days (about 3 months).  


Who is this Data Science Dream Job Course For? 

If you are interested in this kind of field such as data science, then you are welcome to have this course. There is no special requirement for you to do this course. Everyone is welcome to learn new things and one of them is the Date Science Dream Job course.

PROS AND CONS of Data Science Dream Job Course?
There are PROS and CONS when you take this course. 


Customers are Satisfied 

You can check their feedback page and see a lot of good comments about the course. They feel satisfied and the course is truly a worthy one to them. 

Excellent Training 

The training module is comprehensive and full of nice details and ideas. You have a better chance of getting a job because of the course itself.  

Support Team of the Course 

They have a group where you can join and ask questions. The creator of the course is also part of the group chat. He can answer questions and inquiries.  

Policy for Money-Back-Guarantee 

This is one of the highlights that you would like about the course.  


Degree is Needed 

It says that a degree is not a must here, but you would feel that there is a big advantage if you have your degree related to this kind of course. 


Is the Data Science Dream Job Course a Scam?
Pursuing your interest to be a data science then this course suits you. This is not a scam as this is a legit course that will help you learn more things about being a data scientist.  

Of course, there is a drawback here which is the college or university diploma that you need to have.  

In case your purpose is to look for a great foundation for that kind of career, then this Data Science Dream Job course can be a good help.  

There are many things that you can learn from this one. It concludes the future skills that you can use with your current work, financial matters and even some great ideas about affiliate marketing.  


Final Thoughts About Data Science Dream Job Course?
You can make money out of this course. This is not a question as it helps you to connect to different people and give them the services they need.  

One thing that you can see the benefits of here is that this kind of course will help you to establish more of your skills.  

This is a good course for beginners. However, it is nice if you have a background in data science so that you can easily grasp the things you need to learn throughout the course.  

This is nice and awesome for those individuals that have relevant experience and working in this industry as well.  


Is There Another Way to Earn Passive Income?
There are many ways to make your income more stable without working too hard. You can try affiliate marking business as your steppingstone.  

If you are seeking financial freedom, then you should grab every chance to learn more skills and ways to make yourself more independent.  

If you are still searching for better opportunities that you can learn and try online, then Ryno Inc’s system would be a good start.   

This is best for those beginners and people who want to make a change.