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You probably heard of affiliate marketing if you’re searching for ways to earn money online. Affiliate marketing is a popular way of making money online.  

Essentially, this type of income involves referring readers, viewers, and customers to another company’s products or services.  

You’re rewarded with a commission when someone makes a purchase after clicking your unique link or following your referral. 

It’s an effective and efficient way to monetize content, engage in passive income-producing activities and build relationships with potential customers.  

With the right strategy, affiliate marketing can provide a steady revenue stream for aspiring entrepreneurs. However, what if you’re a beginner and don’t know where to start?  

Well, this is where Commission Hero 2.0 comes in. This course claims to teach you how to make $1,000 daily through affiliate marketing. Sounds too good to be true, right?  

I will share everything you need about this training program by Robby Blanchard in this Commission Hero review. 

What is Commission Hero 2.0? 

Commission Hero 2.0 is a program created by Robby Blanchard. He designed this course to help people create sustainable businesses that thrive online.  

It provides education, support, and an automated system for setting up affiliate marketing websites that bring in a consistent stream of profit.  

The course needs no previous knowledge or experience to get up and run. With weekly coaching sessions and access to the latest cutting-edge strategies in affiliate marketing, this program promises great returns without time-intensive effort. As mentioned earlier, it promises to help you earn $1,000 daily. 

Commission Hero 2.0 promises to help you achieve financial freedom by providing you with the skills you need to be successful online. However, does this course works?  

Who is Robby Blanchard? 

As mentioned earlier, Robby Blanchard is the creator of Commission Hero 2.0. He is a self-made entrepreneur and millionaire who has achieved extraordinary success in just under two years of online business.  

His inspirational story of rising from humble beginnings to wealth and fame is something anyone can relate to, regardless of whether they’re aspiring entrepreneurs.  

Just like other people, Robby started with a simple business. He opened a fitness gym after graduating from Fitchburg State College. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to promote his new business. Thus, he started running ads on Facebook to promote his gym. 

While searching for ways to make his gym well-known, Robby discovered affiliate marketing. He found other products on ClickBank to promote and began generating $1,000 per week.  

By 2017, Robby was earning $10,000 per week on ClickBank. He was even awarded the ClickBank Affiliate of the Year in 2019. 

Acknowledged as one of the world’s leading affiliate marketers, Robby has made it his mission to spread the message and empower everyone with the knowledge and tools they need to make money online.  

For many years, Robby has helped hundreds of individuals with their businesses. In addition, he has also helped thousands of students achieve results with his Commission Hero Course.  

Today, Robby is the CEO and owner of Blanchard Media. He also has been featured in several publications. This includes Wall Street Journal, Fox, and Disrupt Magazine. 

Also, if you read a couple of Robby Blanchard review articles, you’ll find that he’s the real deal. 

How Does Commission Hero 2.0 Work? 

As mentioned, Commission Hero claims to help students achieve commissions of up to $1,000 daily through affiliate marketing.  

This training program is based on three main pillars of affiliate marketing. 

The first is looking for the best deals paying the highest commissions on ClickBank. For those who don’t know, ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms online. 

Next, you will need to set up landing pages for your offers. 

Lastly, you will need to run Facebook ads to sell the ClickBank products you’re promoting.  

Robby Blanchard created this course. This guy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to affiliate marketing. He’s the most profitable affiliate in the world. He mastered the system many years ago.  

However, if you want to be successful in Affiliate Marketing, you must strictly follow the suggestions and rules you’ll learn from the Commission Hero training program.  

Note that affiliate marketing can be time-consuming and complicated. In addition, you’ll have to invest money to run Facebook ads. That is why it’s always ideal to have someone with a proven track record to show you how to make the most of this business model. 

Inside Commission Hero 2.0 

If you’re interested in joining this training program, you probably want to know what you’ll get when you enroll. Well, lucky for you, I will share the content from this course. 

Note that this course is quite comprehensive. Fortunately, Robby divided the course into nine modules for easy learning. 

Module 1: Overview and Introduction to the Course 

The course’s first module is simply an introduction and overview of the training program. In this module, you will learn what you’ll get in the rest of the modules.  

Robby also talks about Facebook ad accounts and affiliate marketing. He also offers some details about MaxWeb, ClickBank, and ClickFunnels. 

Module 2: Choosing the Correct Offers 

In the course’s second module, you will learn the importance of selecting the best offers to promote. Robby will also teach you how choosing the best offers will determine your success. 

In this module, you will learn how to choose the right offers on MaxWeb and ClickBank. Then, Robby will give you an example by choosing two products in the weight loss category.  

Module 3: Finding Your Ad Image 

In this module, Robby will teach you how to find the right image for your ad. He will explain what you should include in the image.  

Robby will also suggest you hire a professional designer from Fiverr. 

Module 4: Setting Up a Landing Page 

The primary goal of the fourth module is to teach you how to set up a landing page professionally. In this module, Robby will teach you how to use ClickFunnels in setting up a landing page.  

Robby will also talk about how to set up affiliate links and create your domain. 

Module 5: Setting Up Facebook 

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to run Facebook ads to be successful in this business model. Thus, Robby will share some tips on properly setting up your Facebook ad campaign. 

These tips include creating a Facebook Ad set and campaign, a fan page, and a business manager.  

Then, Robby will teach you how to set up the ads, generate a custom audience, and share tips on a successful campaign. 

Module 6: Setting Up Facebook Pixel 

For those who don’t know, Facebook Pixel is a simple piece of code that you’ll need to insert into your website. This code will gather data to help you track conversions from your Facebook ads.  

In this module, Robby will teach you how to install Facebook Pixel. He will also share with you how to analyze the data you get from the code to optimize campaigns. 

Module 7: Tracking Your Campaign 

If you want to be successful, you need to track your campaign. Setting up everything and letting it do its thing won’t be enough.  

Some of the things you need to track include your clicks and sales.  

In this module, Robby will teach you how to use a tracking spreadsheet to make your life easy. You will also learn how to install tracking links.  

Module 8: Scaling 

Just like tracking, scaling is also essential for Facebook ad campaigns. In this module, Robby will teach you how to scale your campaigns to help you earn up to $1,000 daily. 

Module 9: Ninja Tactics 

In this module, Robby will cover a couple of different strategies. You will learn how to deal with account shutdowns, improve the SEO of your Facebook page, reach out to influencers, and more. 


Aside from the modules mentioned above, joining the Commission Hero 2.0 training program will give you access to a couple of bonuses.  

These bonuses include contacts, CPA, images, mindset, Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes for PHP, and Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes for ClickFunnels. 

Furthermore, you will also get access to the private Facebook Group of Commission Hero.  

How Much Does Commission Hero 2.0 Cost? 

So, how much does Robby Blanchard’s training program cost? If you want to join, you should be ready to spend $997. This is a one-time fee. Once you pay the price, you’ll get access to the entire content of the course. 

If you think that $997 is too expensive, don’t worry. You can choose another payment option. You can pay $597 a month for two months. Though it might be cheaper upfront, you’ll spend more in the long run since it will cost you $1,194 overall. 

Luckily, Commission Hero 2.0 has a refund policy. However, you’ll need to complete the course and use the strategies and tips for 12 months to get a full refund. You can get a full refund if you don’t get results within those 12 months.  

Aside from the enrollment fee, you’ll also have to consider other expenses. Some additional costs to consider include GetResponse ($15 a month), ClickMagick ($27 a month), and ClickFunnels ($97 a month). 

In addition, you’ll also have to hire a professional designer from Fiverr to create your ad images. Furthermore, you’ll also have to pay the cost of running Facebook ads. Usually, Facebook ad campaigns cost you up to $200 a month.  

How to Join Commission Hero 2.0? 

Joining Commission Hero is relatively easy. All you’ve got to do is to visit their website, which is  

Once you’re on the course’s home page, click the “Get Started” button on the upper right corner of the page. This will direct you to the payment options. Then, you’ll have to choose between a one-time payment or two payment options.  

After choosing the payment option, the website will direct you to the checkout page, where you must enter your payment details.  

Once you’re done, you will immediately get access to the course, and you can start right away.  

Is Commission Hero 2.0 a Scam? 

So, is this training program legit? The simple answer is yes. Commission Hero 2.0 is not a scam. It’s a genuine training program created by a legit individual. Robby Blanchard is the real deal when it comes to affiliate marketing.  

You can also find many Robby Blanchard reviews from his previous students, most of which are positive. 

Commission Hero 2.0 is a comprehensive course that details how to scale, set up, and become successful in affiliate marketing.  

My Opinion – Commission Hero 2.0 

So, do I recommend commission hero? First of all, I want to say that this course is an excellent resource. If you’re a complete beginner, it will teach you a lot about affiliate marketing.  

If you’ve got a lot of money, you should consider joining this course. This is particularly true if you want to be an affiliate.  

Unfortunately, Commission Hero 2.0 is not for everyone.  

First of all, it is pretty expensive, especially for beginners. If you’re good at researching, you will probably find everything that Robby teaches for free online.  

You should also know that affiliate marketing requires tons of upfront investment. You won’t make money right away.  

So, is there an alternative to Commission Hero 2.0? Of course, there is. I am going to share it with you today. 

Better Alternative to Affiliate Marketing  

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to earn money online. However, there are better options. You still have to invest a lot of time and money in it.  

So, what if I told you there’s a better alternative? One that won’t require a hefty investment. One that will help you earn money while you sleep. So, what is this alternative? Well, it’s called RAES.  

So, what’s RAES? RAES is simply short for Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System. With RAES, I can earn 6 to 7 figures online. While writing this review, I still make money with this system.  

If you’re interested to learn more about RAES, check out Ryno Inc’s system.