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What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is more common to hear now, but it has different names, such as multi-level marketing, referral marketing, cellular marketing, consumer-direct marketing, and affiliate marketing. It is a business type based on sales from person to person. 

In this kind of business, independent representatives may need to build their networks of business partners or salespeople to close sales or find leads. Even though network marketing has a bad name, there are a lot of legitimate companies that do it right. 

You need to identify and know each of the main differences between a pyramid scheme and a network marketing operation or network marketing job if you don’t want to fall and be trapped in a pyramid scheme. Instead of offering a way to make money, a pyramid scheme will focus on selling and endorsing expensive type of starter kits to new people who want to join. It’s also helpful to work with a kind of company that you know the background of or one that is well-known already. 

In the end, network marketing companies are made up of people who don’t get paid a salary but sell products and services or recruit more people to do the same. This is commonly called networking money. Salespeople get paid based on how much they sell and how many people they bring in. 

Network marketing is appealing because it lets people with good sales skills start a business that makes money, even with a small amount of money. 

How Did Network Marketing Begin?

There have been network marketing for a very long time. Multi-level marketing began in the year 1934 when the company California Vitamin came up with the idea. In the year 1943, that company decided to change its name to what we know as Nutrilite Corporation.  

It was the first MLM company to use a compensation plan. This means that members of the company were paid in different ways based on how many sales they made. The idea behind this is that salespeople who do a good job of selling more products should get paid more for their hard work. In traditional sales jobs, workers were only paid once, even if the company continued to make money. 

This new way of paying salespeople was meant to reward them based on how much money they made for their company. Now, many network marketing businesses use this same idea and practice the same networking marketing training and concepts, like what is known as World Ventures, which focuses on travel incentives.


How Does Network Marketing Work?

Network marketing goes under many names, including multi-level marketing, associated marketing, cellular marketing, direct customer marketing, and referral marketing. 

One-tier, two-tier, and multi-level marketing are some of the common levels created by networking marketing company models. 

Single-Tier Network Marketing

Single-tier network marketing is very easy. You just sign up for the program, start selling the company’s products or services, and get a commission based on how much you sell. However, you don’t have to find other sales agents to do the work for you. You just need to work on making sales and getting to know your customers. 

Two-Tier Network Marketing

Double-tier or Two-tier network marketing needs its members to bring in more people. In this model, you get paid for selling a product or service directly (or getting people to visit their website) and for getting others to join your team. Ken Evoy Sitesell is a great example of network marketing with two levels or double-tier. 

Multi-Level Marketing

As the term implies, multi-level marketing (MLM) has two or more levels and is based on a network of distribution marketing. MLM lets its members make money when the tier is five times deep or more; there are other ways to get people to join. It also has name-driven and market-driven network marketing, two different types of network strategies. 


Network Marketing Characteristics 

Low Starting Cost

Even though we are currently in the 21st century, which is the age of information and technology, the costs of starting, running, and managing a business are still very high. Some of these costs include taxes, registering a new business, monthly overhead, paperwork, administrative fees, and so on. 

On the other hand, starting a network marketing business costs much less than creating a regular business. With this model, you can start a business with a very small amount of money and still compete with companies like McDonald’s and KFC, which are worth billions of dollars. 

Being Flexible

The most important thing you can see about a multi-level marketing business is that you can do it on your own time. It starts with the company you run on the side while you keep your full-time job. Time flexibility lets you learn and grow while keeping your finances safe until your business is fully up and running. 

When you can quit your full-time job, a team comes to help you. This method is used by people with families who have never run a business. As time goes by, they become very successful businessmen. 

Own Accountability

Earlier, we said that network marketing is a business that doesn’t pay a salary. This means that the more work you put in, the more money you’ll make. It’s a place and a type of platform where people can learn how to be responsible for their own work. 

Direct Selling

Like many other types of businesses, products go through a chain of distribution before they reach the consumer. 

Since there is no channel involved in this network marketing strategy, sellers who are not employed receive their compensation when the product is eventually sold. 

Organized Hierarchy

Network marketing has a very organized hierarchy. For example, you would only get paid when you bring an individual to report to you.  

However, the new member would only receive his commission in the same manner as when he brought in new members. In this way, a link or chain is created, and a hierarchy is created. 

Proven and Tested System

Every business is different in how it works, is organized, and sells its products. This is why learning and setting up a business takes so much time. 

Everything about the network marketing model is written out, so all that is left to do is concentrate on the marketing aspect of product sales. The better you are at doing marketing and the networking sale concept, the more you will learn. 

Even better, there are network marketing companies that will help you start your own business, but they will also lead you every step of the way. At first, every business needs the help they offer to get going in the right direction, which greatly reduces risk in the process. 


Mindset When Starting Network Marketing

You must first have realistic expectations if you want to thrive in network marketing. You can avoid the common pyramid schemes and other frauds by doing this. You must enlighten yourself with the information needed to start this career by learning more about the network marketing benefits. Although MLM can make you wealthy, it’s actually not that easy to try to think of different strategies you can use. 

Before you join an MLM company, you should learn and dig deeper about the standards of sales networking and do a lot of research on them. Even if a company is real, it might not be a good option, or it doesn’t fit you and your desired goals of yours. Find a reputable company that makes or sells something you really like. 

If you care about what you are selling, you will easily sell it better in no time. You’ll not only know deeper and get the chance to have more ideas about the product you’re selling but also work harder and care more about selling it. 

Don’t just jump at the chance to make a lot of money. Listen to what the business wants you to do and sell. If you’re proud of what you’re selling, it can immediately help you sell them better. 

Many of your friends and acquaintances will patronize your product once they observe its success. It’s better to start with people you don’t know than to go directly to your close friends and family.  

Think of it like any other business and figure out who your real customers are. If you know who you want to sell to, it will be much easier to sell. For example, you won’t be able to get them to buy your product if they don’t care about vitamins, fitness, or health. 

Many network marketing businesses offer scripts to assist you in selling a good or service. However, please do not rely on them excessively. A genuine and natural discussion will help you sell more than a written and prepared sales speech.  

Sell the solution rather than the goods, and pay attention to your consumer. Recognize their requirements so you can assist them.