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E-Farming Course Review: Is Igor Kheifets’ Course Worth It?

Email marketing has become an essential aspect of online business strategies in recent years. Because of this, a lot of so-called online experts are offering courses about these topics.  

One of these courses is the E-Farming Course by Igor Kheifets. According to its page, the course promises to provide valuable insights and techniques to help businesses improve email marketing campaigns. However, is it worth it? 

In this article, we’ll look at Igor Kheifets’ E-Farming Course and evaluate its effectiveness in teaching businesses how to create successful email marketing campaigns. We’ll examine the course’s content, delivery, and overall value to help you decide if it’s the right course for you and your business. 

What is the E-Farming Course About? 

First of all, what is E Farming? Well, for those who don’t know, the E-Farming Course by Igor Kheifets is an online email marketing course designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs improve their email marketing campaigns.  

The course covers various topics: email copywriting, list building, automation, segmentation, and conversion optimization. Through video tutorials, case studies, and live coaching sessions, students learn how to create engaging email content, build targeted email lists, and automate their email campaigns for maximum efficiency.  

Igor designed the course for beginners as well as experienced marketers, and it provides practical and actionable insights to help businesses achieve their email marketing goals.  

Whether you’re looking to increase your open rates, boost your click-through rates, or generate more leads and sales through email marketing, the E-Farming Course aims to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. 

Who is Igor Kheifets? 

If you want to learn about something from someone, you want that someone to be an expert, right? So, who is Igor Kheifets? Is he an email marketing expert? Does he know what he’s doing? 

Igor Kheifets is a renowned email marketing expert, mentor, and coach. He founded Igor Solo Ads, one of the largest solo ad marketplaces in the world. He has been featured in major publications such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Business Insider.  

With over a decade of experience in email marketing, Igor has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses to build and optimize their email marketing campaigns. He is also a sought-after speaker and has shared his expertise at events such as the Affiliate Summit, Traffic & Conversion Summit, and Digital Marketer’s Traffic & Conversion Conference.  

Through his E-Farming Course, Igor aims to share his knowledge and expertise with students worldwide. He aims to help them succeed in email marketing and grow their businesses. 

How Does the E-Farming Course Works? 

As mentioned earlier, the E-Farming Course is an online email marketing course that provides students with a comprehensive learning experience.  

Igor delivers the course online with video tutorials, live coaching sessions, case studies, and bonus resources. Once you enroll in the course, you gain immediate access to the entire course content and can progress through the lessons at your own pace.  

The course is divided into several lessons, each focusing on a specific aspect of email marketing. It also includes detailed video tutorials that walk students through the concepts and techniques.  

In addition, students can attend live coaching sessions with Igor Kheifets and get personalized feedback and advice on their email marketing campaigns. The course also includes several bonus resources, such as email templates, swipe files, and checklists, to help students implement what they’ve learned in the course. 

What is Inside the E-Farming Course? 

One thing to note about this course is that Igor Kheifets is the only person teaching it. The course doesn’t have other instructors. It’s only Igor. Thus, you can guarantee consistency when it comes to his teaching style. 

The entire course is done in video format. For some people, it’s the ideal way to learn. This is particularly true since video is a lot better than text.  

After enrolling in the course, you’ll immediately get access to everything. A welcome video is the first thing you’ll see when opening the course. In this video, Igor welcomes you to the course. He’ll also offer a short story about himself and how email marketing helped him succeed. 

Unlike other courses, the E-Farming course doesn’t have modules. Instead, you’ll have to complete a series of videos each day.  

The course contains 30 days’ worth of modules. You’ll have to watch an average of 2 to 3 videos each day. The highest number of videos to watch in a single day is 5. 

Note that you can do the course at your own pace. Thus, you don’t have to follow the schedule set by Igor. You can complete the entire course in several days. However, Igor doesn’t recommend that.  

So, what will you learn on the course? Here are some of them. 

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing and E-Farming 

In this lesson, you’ll learn all about E-Farming and Affiliate marketing. Igor will teach you why a lot of affiliate marketers fail and how “E-Farmers” are successful. 

The Technical Stuff 

Igor will teach you how to get a domain name in this lesson. In addition, you’ll also learn how to set up a professional email account. 

Finding Offers to Promote 

In this lesson, Igor will show you how to look for offers on different networks. However, he mainly wants you to focus on Clickbank and JVZoo. You will have to focus on digital products. This means that if you plan to market physical products, this course won’t be for you. 

Setting Up Click Tracking Software 

You’ll need tracking software to track all your opens, clicks, sales, and more. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to set up the software from beginning to end.  

Note that this lesson contains a couple of steps. Fortunately, Igor makes it easy to understand. So, if you’re worried because you’re a beginner, you can still easily follow along. 

Configuring Your Autoresponder 

You’ll find this lesson on day six. In this lesson, Igor will teach you everything about autoresponders. For those who don’t know, an autoresponder is a tool that helps you make money.  

After you set it up, it will operate automatically. It will send out targeted emails to people on your list.  

Setting Up Your Landing Pages 

One of the biggest advantages of this course is that you don’t need a website. Of course, you’ll still require a domain. However, you won’t have to build a website from scratch.  

All you need is a domain for your landing pages.  

For those who don’t know, a landing page is a sales page. Fortunately, if you’re a beginner, Igor will teach you everything you need to know about it. 

Also, you won’t need technical skills. It’s all drag and drop.  

Sending Out Emails 

The best thing about this lesson is that Igor will tell you what you must say in your emails. Of course, you’ll have to change them a bit, so it makes sense.  

This lesson teaches you the exact copy to help you sell. Igor will explain why that copy works and how to say it properly.  

Getting People to See Your Offers 

You will be disappointed if you’re expecting to learn about PPC advertising or SEO. You won’t learn any of those things. 

Instead, Igor will teach you how to use Solo ads. Basically, you’ll get other people with extremely large and targeted email lists in a particular industry to send out emails with your offer. 

Igor will teach you the whole process from beginning to end. He will also provide recommendations on how to pick solo ad vendors and get them for a reasonable price.  

More Lessons 

As mentioned earlier, the course contains 30 days’ worth of lessons. I only included some of the most important lessons in this course. If I include all of them, this review will be extremely long.  

How Much Does E-Farming Cost? 

Now that you know what you’ll get when enrolling in this course, how much will it cost to join? 

Well, the best thing about the E-Farming course is that it’s not expensive. Yes, you’ve read it right. You’ll only have to pay $197 to get full access to the course.  

This is also a one-time payment. There are no monthly fees. Unfortunately, there is no option to pay in installments if you can’t afford to pay $197 in one go. 

When it comes to the refund policy, E-Farming does offer a complete refund. You can try out the course for 30 days. If the course isn’t for you within 30 days, you can request a refund.  

The best thing about the course’s refund policy is that it’s a “no-question asked” policy. Igor will immediately give you a refund. You don’t have to prove anything.  

Other Expenses to Consider 

Note that the course isn’t the only thing you’ll have to pay for. There are other things you’ll need to invest money in to succeed in this industry.  

The first one is the autoresponder. This is the application that automatically collects and sends emails. Igor will recommend you use GetResponse. This program offers a free 30-day trial. After that, you’ll have to pay $16 per month.  

The second one is the page builder. Igor utilized Leadpages. It is a lot more affordable than Clickfunnels. The program offers a 14-day free trial. After that, you’ll have to pay $37 per month.  

The third one is Solo Ads. There’s no set amount for how much this will cost you. The answer greatly depends on how many solo ads you purchase and how much the seller will sell.  

Can You Make Money with E-Farming? 

Since your main goal is to earn passive income with this course, will E Farming help you make money? 

It is possible to make money with email marketing. However, you need to do it correctly. By implementing the strategies and techniques taught in courses like Igor Kheifets’ E-Farming Course, you can improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns.  

However, success in email marketing depends on various factors. These factors include the quality of the email list, the relevance of the email content, the frequency of emails, and the effectiveness of the call-to-action.  

Like any marketing strategy, email marketing requires effort, consistency, and a willingness to learn and adapt.  

Is E-Farming a Scam? 

E-Farming is a legitimate and widely used marketing course. Igor Kheifets’ E-Farming Course teaches businesses and entrepreneurs how to improve their email marketing campaigns to achieve their goals.  

Igor Kheifets is a reputable and experienced email marketing expert with a proven track record of helping businesses generate revenue through email marketing. He has been featured in major publications and is a sought-after speaker at industry events. 

The E-Farming Course has received positive reviews from students who have benefited from the practical and actionable insights provided on the course.  

Additionally, the course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This shows that the instructor is confident in the value of the course and stands behind it.  

Overall, no evidence suggests that the E-Farming Course or Igor Kheifets are a scam. The course provides valuable insights and resources for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to improve their email marketing campaigns. 

My Opinion – E-Farming 

The E-Farming Course by Igor Kheifets is a comprehensive and practical email marketing course that provides valuable insights and resources for people looking to improve their email campaigns.  

The course offers a comprehensive and actionable approach to email marketing with well-structured lessons, live coaching sessions, case studies, and bonus resources.  

While it’s true that success in email marketing requires effort and consistency, the EFarming Course equips students with the knowledge and tools they need to create effective email campaigns that engage subscribers and drive revenue.  

Based on my review, I highly recommend the E-Farming Course for anyone looking to improve their email marketing skills and take their business to the next level. 

Alternative to Email Marketing 

While email marketing can be an effective marketing strategy, it’s not necessarily the best way to earn passive income today. Email marketing requires consistent effort and attention to create and maintain effective campaigns that generate revenue. Additionally, email marketing is subject to changes in algorithms and regulations that can affect deliverability and effectiveness.  

Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System (RAES) is a better alternative to email marketing for earning passive income. This system is designed to help individuals build and grow profitable online businesses that generate residual income through various channels.  

The RAES platform provides comprehensive training, coaching, and resources to help individuals build successful online businesses that generate income even while they sleep. With its proven track record of success, the RAES system offers a reliable and scalable alternative to email marketing for those looking to earn passive income online.  

If you want to learn more about RAES, check out Ryno Inc’s system. 

Bossless Forever: Is This a Legit Money-Making Opportunity?

If you’ve been considering starting a career in lead generation, then you probably know how difficult it is. Luckily, there are tons of online courses out there that promise to help.  

One of these courses is Bossless Forever. It’s a local lead generation course that promises to help you build a successful business without needing a boss or traditional employment. However, is it legit? 

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at Bossless Forever to determine if it’s the best local lead generation course out there or just another scam. 

What is Bossless Forever? 

Bossless Forever is an online course designed to teach individuals how to build and grow their local lead generation business from scratch. Aimee Ball, a well-known entrepreneur and marketing expert, created it and promised to share her proven strategies and techniques for generating leads and building a successful business without needing a boss or traditional employment.  

The course covers everything from identifying profitable niches, generating leads, building a website, and attracting clients. Students will learn how to create and implement effective marketing campaigns, negotiate with clients, and scale their businesses to achieve long-term success.  

The course is self-paced and includes a variety of video lessons, worksheets, and other resources to help students achieve their goals. 

Who is Aimee Ball? 

Aimee Ball is the founder and CEO of Tech Leverage and Calibr8 Technology. These companies are the parent company of Bossless Forever. 

For those who don’t know, Calibr8 specializes in web consulting for local and small businesses. They help entrepreneurs looking to achieve success in selling their services or products online. 

In addition, Aimee is also a well-known industry speaker and consultant. She’s a strong advocate for utilizing technology to improve business success. She works in various industries, including business growth, sales training, social networking, and digital marketing.  

Furthermore, Aimee also has a YouTube channel about lead generation.  

How Does Bossless Forever Works? 

The Bossless Forever online course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the local lead generation and how to build a successful business in this field.  

The course is entirely self-paced, meaning you can access the content anytime and work through the lessons at your own pace. The course includes a variety of video lessons, worksheets, and other resources to help students understand the concepts and implement them in their businesses. 

You will learn how to identify profitable niches, generate leads, build a website, create marketing campaigns, negotiate with clients, and scale their business for long-term success.  

Additionally, students will have access to a private community of like-minded individuals to network with and get support from.  

What is Inside Bossless Forever? 

The Bossless Forever online course is packed with valuable content that covers every aspect of local lead generation business.  

The course includes video lessons that are broken down into five comprehensive modules.  

One thing to note is that before joining the course, you must watch Aimee’s webinar. In this webinar, Aimee will give you a summary of the course.  

Once you’re done, you must schedule an appointment with Aimee. During this meeting, you’ll need to share details about your business to determine if Bossless Forever is a good course for you.  

Module 1: Niche Selection 

Niche Selection is the first module in the Bossless Forever online course, which focuses on teaching students how to identify profitable niches in the local lead generation business. 

The module covers the importance of niche selection, the different types of niches, and how to choose a niche that aligns with one’s skills, interests, and goals. 

In this module, Aimee recommends need-based businesses since they guarantee a steady stream of demand from the market. These businesses include tree-cutting services, carpet cleaning, appliance repair, and more. 

Module 2: Proper Due Diligence 

In this module, Aimee teaches students the critical importance of conducting due diligence in the local lead generation business.  

You will learn how to thoroughly research potential clients and assess their needs, goals, and pain points to determine how they can best serve them. 

Additionally, students will learn how to evaluate the profitability of potential clients, determine the most lucrative pricing strategies, and identify potential roadblocks or challenges they may face when working with clients.  

Module 3: Traffic and Lead Generation 

The third module in this course is called Traffic and Lead Generation. In this module, Aimee will teach students how to generate high-quality leads for their local lead-generation business.  

In this module, students will learn the fundamentals of online traffic and lead generation, including the different types of traffic and lead generation methods and how to leverage them effectively. 

In addition, you’ll also learn how to use Weebly. For those who don’t know, Weebly is a beginner-friendly site builder. If you don’t know anything about building a website, don’t worry. Using Weebly is as simple as drag and drop. Thus, you can focus your efforts more on lead generation. 

Module 4: Prospect Clients 

In this module, you will learn how to identify and target potential clients, create compelling sales pitches, and overcome objections to win them over. The module covers the different types of clients, including small businesses, service providers, and contractors, and how to tailor the approach to each type.  

Students will also learn how to create a professional website and portfolio showcasing their skills and services and how to use cold emailing and other outreach methods to connect with potential clients. 

Module 5: Monetize Business Owners 

This is the fifth and final module of the course, which focuses on teaching students how to monetize their local lead generation business and create sustainable revenue streams.  

In this module, students will learn how to price their services effectively, create scalable business models, and develop long-term client relationships.  

According to Aimee, you need to keep it simple. She doesn’t recommend a fixed rate for every lead or client acquisition. Instead, Aimee suggests you choose a constant fee per month. With this, you can guarantee a stable monthly income.  

Coaching Program 

Once you finish the course, Aimee will invite you to join her coaching and mentorship program. This will allow her to personally guide you through starting your local lead generation business.  

Who is Bossless Forever For? 

Bossless Forever is designed for anyone who wants to start a lead-generation business and generate local leads using digital marketing techniques.  

This course is ideal for those willing to invest time and effort into building a successful business and are committed to learning and implementing the strategies provided in the course.  

The course is suitable for beginners who have no prior experience in lead generation, as well as those who have some experience but want to improve their skills and expand their knowledge. 

How Much Does Bossless Forever Costs? 

One of the things I hate about this course is how Aimee keeps the program’s cost a secret. I might even consider this a huge red flag.  

However, Aimee has a reason why she doesn’t want to discuss her program’s price. Aimee says she doesn’t want people to join her program if they’re worried about the monthly fee.  

In addition, Aimee also claims that she constantly adds new lessons to the course. This means the price also changes constantly due to the added new modules.  

After some research, I found out that some students paid an average of $4,000 to enroll. This is extremely expensive.  

Some students also reported that they could pay a monthly fee of $299 for 20 months. 

Can You Make Money with Bossless Forever? 

Yes, it is possible to make money with Bossless Forever if the strategies and techniques taught in the course are implemented effectively.  

The course is designed to teach students how to generate local leads for businesses using digital marketing strategies, which can be a lucrative business model if appropriately executed.  

However, it’s important to note that success is not guaranteed, and results will depend on the effort and dedication put into implementing the strategies taught in the course. 

 As with any business opportunity, it’s essential to thoroughly research and weigh the potential risks and rewards before investing time and money into Bossless Forever. 

What I Like About Bossless Forever 

Legit Business Model 

One of the reasons why I like Bossless Forever is because it’s a legitimate business model that has proven successful for many people. Local lead generation is a growing industry, and businesses always need high-quality leads to grow their customer base.  

The Bossless Forever course offers a comprehensive and practical approach to building a successful local lead generation business. 

Overall, the legitimacy of the business model, combined with the quality of the course content, makes Bossless Forever an excellent choice for anyone looking to start a local lead generation business. 

Real Success Stories 

Another reason why I like Bossless Forever is that there are real success stories from people who have taken the course and implemented the strategies taught within it. A quick search online will reveal numerous testimonials and case studies from students who have used the Bossless Forever methods to build successful local lead-generation businesses. 

Aimee Knows What She’s Doing 

Aimee Ball is a legitimate professional with extensive experience in the digital marketing and lead generation industries. Her successful business owner and consultant background gives her the credibility and expertise to teach others how to build and scale profitable businesses.  

Additionally, Aimee’s commitment to her students is evident in the course content and the ongoing support she offers through webinars, Q&A sessions, and private coaching. 

What I Don’t Like About Bossless Forever 

Hidden Enrollment Fee 

One potential reason someone might dislike Bossless Forever is that the course pricing may not be as transparent as some students would like.  

This lack of transparency can lead to unexpected expenses and may make it difficult for some students to budget and plan accordingly.  

Additionally, some students may feel that the course fee is too high compared to other courses in the local lead generation space, which can also impact their decision to enroll.  


Another reason why I’m not too fond of Bossless Forever is that it’s expensive. Compared to other courses in the local lead generation space, the course fee may be higher, which can be a barrier to entry for some students.  

Additionally, some students may feel that the course fee does not align with the perceived value of the course materials or that they could achieve similar results with other, less expensive courses. 

It Takes Time 

Building a successful lead generation business is not a get-rich-quick scheme and requires effort, time, and dedication to achieve the desired results.  

Some students may become frustrated if they don’t see immediate results, and it may take time to build a client base and generate a steady income stream.  

Therefore, if someone is looking for a quick and easy way to make money, there may be better options than Bossless Forever. They may need to explore other opportunities that align better with their expectations and goals. 

Is Bossless Forever a Scam? 

So, is Bossless Forever a scam? The simple answer is no. 

The course has received positive reviews and testimonials from students who have reported success in generating leads and building their businesses. The materials included in the course are comprehensive.  

These factors indicate that Bossless Forever is not a scam but a legitimate business opportunity for those interested in building their skills and knowledge in the local lead generation industry. 

My Opinion – Bossless Forever 

I recommend Bossless Forever to individuals interested in starting a lead generation business because the course provides comprehensive materials and strategies for generating local leads using digital marketing techniques. 

However, it’s important to note that while Bossless Forever can be a great way to start a lead generation business, there are other better ways to make money online, depending on an individual’s skills and interests.  

Exploring different options and thoroughly researching before investing time and money into any business opportunity is always wise. 

Better Alternative to Lead Generation 

While Lead Generation is a popular and profitable business model, other options, such as Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System (RAES), are available.  

What sets RAES apart from lead generation is that it allows entrepreneurs to build a scalable and sustainable business that generates long-term passive income. RAES focuses on building a portfolio of digital assets that can generate income for years.  

If you want to learn more about RAES, check out Ryno Inc’s system.  

AMZDFY Review: Is Kevin David’s Course Legit?

You may be wondering about your next move to earn money in a more stable way. Of course, there are people out there such as your friends who would tell you that you need to work so hard day and night.  

Here comes your relatives telling you that you should start a business of your own. In this manner, you would not be dependent on your monthly wage only.  

They try to emphasize that you can have more profit when you know how to handle a certain business. This is for those people who have courage and determination to start their journey.  

It is common now that most people would stay at home, yet they can still earn thousands of bucks per month. It can really make us feel jealous, but we don’t have any clues on how to do it. There are times that we tried to copy their plans and actions, but that wouldn’t give us the same results.  

Until you heard something about Kevin David. Of course, he offers different courses, but you are more interested in learning more about his AMZDFY course.  

You want to grasp this chance since you are desperate to earn the fruit of your labor.  

It is normal that we have questions in our mind. We tend to ask about the deeper advantage of taking that course. What would be my future after learning AMZDFY course of Kevin David.  

There are some that are afraid to take a risk because they haven’t heard the name Kevin David yet. Others may think that he is a scammer, and his courses are just scams.  

Naturally, we ask ourselves whether this one is going to be a legit course that we can take. We tend to have doubts because of the previous courses we had in the past but didn’t give us the best benefits after taking those courses.  

Is AMZDFY a scam that we should avoid? Is this another promotional trick to get money from our pockets? Is this going to give us a good investment?   

Those are some of the questions that we are going to answer in this review. 


What is AMZDFY Program? 

The AMZDFY program that Kevin offers is not a training course that others may have a different conclusion but rather a business mentoring program. 

However, there are a few key differences between this one and many other mentoring courses and programs. 

The education offered by Kevin is more analogous to a year-long Kickstarter campaign, during which you have the option to participate as actively as you wish or to take a back seat and let the team manage everything. 

First and foremost, Kevin and David Arnett, the other co-founder of AMZDFY, undertake all the work on your behalf. This includes locating and contacting potential suppliers, preparing your products for storage in Kevin’s warehouses, and sending those warehoused products to various consumers. 

After you have paid them an up-front charge, which is typically quite pricey, they will handle everything else for you. 

In addition, you won’t be acquiring your stock from a single manufacturer; rather, you’ll be able to obtain products from a variety of vendors, and they’ll assist you in finding competitive prices for their wares. 


Who is Behind AMZDFY Program? 

Kevin David is known as a businessman. When he was only 14 years old, he launched his first company, which sold baseball cards. 

Following that, he tried his hand at the 9 to 5 lifestyle by becoming an accountant, but he quickly recognized that it wasn’t the path for him. 

Because he desired independence from his financial obligations, he made the decision to investigate opportunities to earn money online. 

Since there was less competition on the platform in 2015, when he started selling things on Amazon, Kevin was able to make enough money to be able to quit his job. He began selling products on Amazon in 2015. 

Since that time, he has discovered many ways to build up his income via the internet through the sale of courses and the development of software services under the brand name ZonBase. 

Additionally, Kevin is the founder of AMZDFY and Amazon FBA Ninja, both of which provide instruction on how to utilize Amazon FBA to generate income online. It is common knowledge that he generates sales worth millions of dollars each month on the platform provided by Amazon alone. 

In addition to that, he maintains a YouTube channel that has more than 1.30 million subscribers. 

Kevin David has already acquired a wealth that is estimated to be worth $20 million, despite the fact that he is still fairly young. 


He did not receive money as an inheritance from his affluent parents or as a prize in a lottery. In point of fact, David put in two years of hard labor earning less than $30,000 annually so that he could get his firm off the start. 

What was it that made him such a success in the business world? The simple response involves a lot of effort. David, who is only 25 years old, has already amassed a fortune worth multiple millions of dollars through his job in marketing. 

He is the owner and operator of a digital marketing service that assists businesses in developing and publishing marketing campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. 

Presently, he shares his knowledge with others through the creation of online training courses as well as the provision of advice pertaining to affiliate marketing. 


What Do You Need to Know About AMZDFY Program? 

This kind of program will help you in many ways. It can actually find you the product that you need. Another thing about this one is that it can negotiate the overall cost as well. It has a system that it can pay the fees on Amazon, the shipping and delivery, and even the inventory of the product.  

After receiving payment from you, Kevin and David (his partner in creating AMZDFY), along with their staff, will establish and manage an Amazon FBA business on your behalf. 

In addition, you will not be storing products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers; rather, you will be storing things in Kevin David’s warehouses. This change will take effect immediately. 

Additionally, these two collaborate with a variety of brands to secure competitive pricing for a wide range of goods, although they require advance purchases of stock. This is one of the reasons why it is expensive.  

Simply said, this is how AMZDFY operates behind the scenes. But before you get started with this program, there are a few things about it that are essential for you to understand. 


Is AMZDFY Program Affordable? 

AMZDFY offers a variety of distinct packages, each of which can be purchased for a different price. The contents of each bundle are detailed below. 

The first bundle is known as Amazon FBA Automation Emerald, and it has a price tag of thirty thousand dollars. 

The next level of automation is the Semi-Automation package, which may be purchased for $10,000. 

The Amazon Done with You Silver bundle comes with a price tag of $5,000 and is the third option available. 

You now have a further choice available to you if you belong to the Emerald membership tier. 

After the termination of your Emerald Launch service, Kevin and his staff will go on operating your company as usual. 

In order for Kevin to continue managing your company, you are required to pay either $500 or thirty percent of their profits, whichever amount is greater. 


Is There Any Refund on This Program? 

The fact that there is a policy of NO REFUNDS, as stated in their Terms of Service, indicates that you should give serious consideration to the decision before spending a significant amount of money on such program. 

 You can see that it is highly expensive, and if this enterprise is unsuccessful, you stand to lose a significant amount of money. 

Therefore, think carefully before making any investments. 


What Structures Does AMZDFY Program Have? 

The AMZDFY mentorship program uses a structure with three stages, which are as follows: 

  1. Carry out research on your product: During this stage of the AMZDFY process, the team will carry out in-depth research on a product that you intend to sell on Amazon. They will examine the levels of competition in the industry as well as the prices of products that are comparable to yours. When more resources are invested into a product, there is a greater possibility that it will be profitable.
  2. Locate a supplier: Kevin and David are the go-to guys for this aspect of the business because of their skill in locating suppliers.
  3. Acquire your products: After you have decided on a product, Kevin and David will put you in contact with one of their suppliers so that you can purchase your products at wholesale costs. After they have obtained the products, they will transport them to their warehouses, where they will package and ship them for you in addition to taking care of everything else that has to be done.


Who Can Take AMZDFY Program? 

AMZDFY is best suited for individuals who are thinking about handing over the reins of their whole business operation to Kevin David and David Arnett, if only in an ideal world. 

Because of the significant financial commitment that is necessary to complete this program, it is best suited for individuals who are in a position to take on such a burden. 

 Bear in mind that the only folks I would consider recommending this eCommerce program to are those who already have some level of success with this type of company strategy. 

These kinds of do-it-yourself systems are not appropriate for beginners at all. 


GOOD Points of AMZDFY Program 

The Owners Are Both Highly Successful Businessmen 

AMZDFY was started by two individuals who have already established themselves as successful sellers on Amazon. 

Both of them are worth many millions of dollars and are famous in their fields as marketers. 

There are advantages to having someone manage your Amazon business on your behalf. 

Every Little Thing Is Managed of for You Here 

Kevin and David are the ones in charge of the system, and as you are already aware, they are the ones doing all of the laborious work on your behalf. 

What you need to do is to buy the AMZDFY program, talk to them, agree to their terms, and cross your fingers that everything works out for the best. 

Personally, I’m not a fan of done-for-you systems, but in certain exceptional circumstances, I can see how they might be useful. 


CONS About AMZDFY Program? 

30 percent as their profit 

According to information provided by Sellercentral Amazon, a user is only permitted one account on Amazon, regardless of whether or not they have a valid reason to create more accounts. 

To put it another way, you are only allowed a maximum of two Seller Accounts on Amazon. 

AMZDFY was created with the intention of allowing Kevin and David to simultaneously manage many accounts in a variety of specialized areas. 

Because of this, they will select the products for you and then deduct 30 percent of the profit margin from your overall sales. 

In addition, despite the fact that there are just two of them, they are able to extend themselves throughout four different specialized markers by utilizing Amazon FBA. This is the key reason why they are prepared to do everything for you. 

Additionally, they want to sell their wares through your Amazon Seller accounts so that they can simultaneously operate in a variety of distinct specialized markets and reduce the overall risks associated with the transaction. 

You Are Responsible for Any and All Risks 

You should keep in mind that Kev and David have suggested a product for you to sell. On the other hand, you shouldn’t count on making any money off of those things at all. 

You need to realize that they won’t be the ones suffering a significant financial setback if you don’t succeed in selling your stuff. 

Additionally, the thirty percent reduction is considered an additional income for them. Not only that, but it will be difficult for you to recoup the money that you put here even if you are successful in selling a product. 


Is AMZDFY Program of Kevin David a Scam? 

AMZDFY is not a scam service or program.  

As you’ve seen, it is quite pricey, and it is possible that this is the priciest Done For You system that I have ever come across. 

Not only that, but the reason why I do not advise this to you is because you do not have any control over your business, and you do not know how much money you will be making from it. 

People like Kevin and David both have a lot of success, but the way the system operates and the amount of money it will cost you is not worth it. 

In addition, investing more than $40,000 in a system is fraught with peril because, in the event that the system fails, you stand to lose a significant amount of cash 

The fact that you are not required to perform every single task is one of the system’s many positive aspects. In the end, they are the ones responsible for it. 

To reiterate, it is not worthwhile to put money into a system that offers no assurance that you will be successful if you choose to invest in it. 

For this reason, it is my recommendation that you look for a more suitable option to invest your money in a system that is effective and, of course, that you look for a system that does not cost a great deal of money. 

There is a wide variety of enterprises, systems, and educational programs available today that are deserving of financial backing. 

However, prior to making any investments, it is imperative that you carry out adequate research to determine whether or not the company in question is legitimate. Failing to do so could result in the loss of your hard-earned cash. 



If you are hesitant to try AMZDFY program offered by Kevin David, then you can find a good alternative. There are plenty of courses and programs that you can find on the internet.  

One of them is the Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System. Try to check out Ryno Inc’s system. It’s good for beginners and for those people who want to learn more about starting their online career.   

High-Ticket Hybrid Review: Are Mariah Coz’s Courses Legit or Scam? 

Most people now are looking for more opportunities online. It is hard for others to make a decision to go back to work outside their house because of the current situation. They have to think about their family and health conditions. It is either they have to take a risk or they need to stay home and fine more opportunities that won’t need them to work outside their home.  

Some people would like to learn more tihngs at home. It includes making money using their internet and computers. It will be a big help for others to work from home and take care of their family at the same time.  

Of course, we can’t avoid different forms of scams on the internet. Others are too good to be true, and this is something that you need to be aware of. There are instances that it is difficult for you to identify whether that one is a scam or not.  

Most of their websites look legit and the images are real. You can check the comment section or if there is a feedback page where you can read some of the comments.  

If you are interested to learn more about the different courses, then you can check our website. We always give the best review and recommendations. This will help you to learn more of the different courses and avoid those scammers online.  

We have different kinds of courses that we can find online. One of the most popular ones is the course by Mariah Coz. She has different courses that you can choose. Of course, you can take them one by one if you are interested to learn things about online industries. You can start with the one that you think will fit your budget and your main interests among those courses.  

Before anything else, we would like to remind you that we are not part or advertising Mariah Coz’s courses. We are here to give you some insights and pointers about her courses. We will be honest when it comes to giving our feedback and experience after learning those courses.  

Remember that we are not giving you a step here to buy or take her course. We just want to be transparent when it comes to the courses that she is offering. We also want you to choose the course that will match to your interests. This will be a good method in order for you to start your new chapter.  

We can share you some of the facts that we had research. We can give you some of the things that you need to learn and the overview of the different courses she has. This is a good stepping stone for you to know whether this is meant for you to start with her courses.  


What is Mariah Coz’s High Ticket Hybrid? 

Mariah Coz created a course namde High Ticket Hybrid. The course will help you more on attracting clients. Her targets are those businessmen and owners of the company. She would teach you on how to attract them without doing any sales with the clients.  

Satisfied customers mentioned that this course helped them to earn between 6 and 7 figures of income per month.  

There are many things that you can learn from this course such as the proper way to deliver your plans and to create different programs as well.  

She emphasized that her course focused more on the automated type of funnels and electronic types of systems. This will help to dispose the chance of calling clients directly.  

You can also understand the importance of the course because of the lessons about time management. She would tell you on how to attract those clients that are the best only.  

Her course would also help different people to find the excellent type of coaching staff. They are the ones who will manage the system and the ticketing type of program of the client.  

The second installment of Coz’s coaching programs is the most complex of the offered courses. They are expected to have prior sales experience with expensive coaching programs. It is suggested that those who are considering High Ticket Hybrid sign up for Coz’s other course, The Accelerator. 

With the help of the unique course High Ticket Hybrid, company owners and entrepreneurs may draw in customers without ever picking up a phone. 


Who is Mariah Coz of High Ticket Hybrid? 

Mariah Coz of the High Ticket Hybrid is an entrepreneur who is the founder of Femtrepreneur, a website that encourages and promotes female empowerment for working women who are interested in beginning their own business, company, and enterprises or making the shift into freelancers or self-employment. Since she launched the first of her firms when she was just 18 years old, she has a wealth of expertise. 

The most well-known and also popular aspect of Coz’s work is the curation of programs that assist clients in building evergreen businesses worth millions of dollars and luring new customers. The Accelerator and High Ticket Hybrid, two of her most successful online courses, teach entrepreneurs who already have successful businesses how to build a system that can be scaled, which eventually leads to an increase in revenue. 

In the end, when Coz was sick of making phone calls every day that made her anxious, she came up with the idea for High Ticket Hybrid. She came to the conclusion and an idea that making the calls resulted in very few sales and was a very inefficient method. She did this by employing a method that had never been seen before, which finally resulted in her making five figures in just thirty days. This process took her over two years. 


What are Inside of  Mariah Coz’s High Ticket Hybrid Course? 

This class grants unlimited access to the High Ticket Hybrid Program and Curriculum that is offered for a period of one year. In addition, there are direct group type of calls that are facilitated by herself Mariah Coz. 

This course places an emphasis on making progress and reaching goals; as a result, clients are given the opportunity to provide feedback on webinar slides as well as offers. In addition, there is an emphasis placed on community involvement, and participants can participate in conversation with other successful businesspeople in a closed Facebook pages and group. 

At the same time, there are materials that can be downloaded, such as templates and instructional films, that address a variety of themes, such as hiring qualified employees and enticing customers. 

The Course of Mariah Coz which is High-Ticket Hybrid Program and Curriculum is broken down into three stages: the design phase, the delivery phase, and the sales funnel and automation stage. The first step involves the development of a hybrid group coaching program with a minimum value of $5,000 and a maximum value of $15,000. 

Students may learn what to include in the plan and how to organize the structure of the offer by watching videos that are available online. There are methods available to incorporate price as well as other small elements. 

In order to cut down on wasted time and resources, the plan is to devise a software that is uncomplicated and undemanding. It is claimed that the newly developed program is scalable right off the bat. 

Students go on to the second part of the project when they learn how to construct a client management system that is both time-efficient and cost-effective. This is accomplished by using the many templates that are offered by the course. 

In addition, there are tutorials on how to successfully lead group conference calls. There is no doubt that business owners will appreciate the tools that assist in finding the ideal coaching personnel that can take the program to even greater heights 

The third step, known as the sales funnel and automation phase, involves the construction of a system that expands organizations without requiring employees to make even a single phone call. Over the course of the past two years, this system has been refined, and several business owners have expressed their satisfaction with it. 

It helps remove clients who aren’t a good fit and instead enrolls consumers who spend a lot of money. In order to assist in the execution of marketing plans, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other tools have been made available. 

While the High Ticket Hybrid course will bring your company to the next level, the online course that includes mentoring will get you to the next step. 

The following is a list of what is included in the Mariah Coz High Ticket Hybrid course: 

Access to the program that lasts for a year… 

This course will assist you in putting in place all of the adjustments that are necessary to take your high-ticket coaching program to the next level, and it will do so over the course of a period of twelve months. 

Weekly coaching calls with Mariah Coz and her clients… 

There is a high-level group coaching call held every week, during which you and the other participants can talk about anything and everything related to your present position. 

Mariah Coz will be available to assist you and answer any questions that you may have at this time. 

Your company’s performance is evaluated every week… 

You would provide updates on the status of your company once a week and have them reviewed to verify that you are moving in the correct direction. 

This weekly evaluation is going to assist in ensuring that you do not go off course an excessive amount. 

Facebook group for members only… 

Interact with business owners who have made six or seven figures, and pay attention to what has worked for them. 

Discuss your issues and concerns, as well as the ideas of others. 

The ability to access all of the resources that are now available… 

You get access to every resource, which includes things like training videos, templates, emails, and manuals in addition to a great deal of other material. 


How Much is  Mariah Coz’s High Ticket Hybrid Course? 

Students who are interested in enrolling in this class are need to complete a brief application form before they may do so.  

Due to the fact that this is a highly exclusive program, the only people who are eligible to apply are those who have businesses and previous expertise providing high-ticket program offers.  

In order to complete the application, you will need a website for your company, details regarding email lists, and personal social media profiles. 

Clients who are accepted into the program will be sent an email that outlines the cost of taking this High Ticket Hybrid course. 


When to Take Mariah Coz’s High Ticket Hybrid Course? 

First things first, you need to give some serious consideration to whether or not the High Ticket Hybrid course is something that is worth your time and money. 

Always keep in mind that there is the possibility of incurring losses from every investment you make. Always make an effort to look through the hype, regardless of the promises that the announcement is making to you. 


Is Mariah Coz’s High Ticket Hybrid Course a SCAM? 

There is no way that Mary Coz’s course is a fraud, despite the fact that many people are likely to question the prices of these courses. 

You can check on their website that there are many people registered in the Accelerator course reaching a stage in their business where they are unable to envision any more advancement in the foreseeable future. 

Proceed to the High Ticket Hybrid course, which, as you are aware, covers everything there is to know about developing coaching courses. 

It is going to cost you thirty thousand dollars, which is a significant amount of money. 

On the other hand, we were only able to locate favorable comments on Mariah’s website. We looked all over the internet, but we couldn’t find any negative feedback. 

Mariah claims that these classes are appropriate for both experienced students and complete novices, but we don’t see how novices may gain from taking these classes. 

Before getting involved in such an expensive training program, you might want to obtain some experience in the relevant field first. 


Is Mariah Coz’s High Ticket Hybrid Course a SCAM? 

Although it is a costly training and coaching program, it does last for a considerable amount of time. As you might have guessed, Mariah’s main source of income comes from advising others on how to make money online.  

It is simple to develop training courses that instruct others on how to develop training courses; but, the simplest approach to earn money online is to instruct others on how to earn money online. 

You may check other online resources such as Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System. It has videos and make sure to check out Ryno Inc’s system for more details. This will help you to gain more confidence and be able to start your career.   



Attraction Marketing Formula Review: Is This Lead Generation Course Worth Your Money?

Lead generation is a critical aspect of running any business. It involves identifying and attracting potential customers who have shown an interest in the product or service offered.  

Without a steady flow of leads, a business will struggle to sustain growth and may eventually fail. Generating high-quality leads requires a combination of strategies and tactics.  

If you don’t know anything about lead generation, worry not. Nowadays, tons of resources can help you. One of these resources is the Attraction Marketing Formula by Ferny Ceballos.  

However, is this lead generation course even worth your money? Let’s find out. 

What is the Attraction Marketing Formula? 

The Attraction Marketing Formula is an online training program created by Ferny Ceballos. This course teaches students all about lead generation.  

According to the course’s website, this course will allow you to succeed in any kind of business online. However, it focuses explicitly on getting leads for Multi-Level Marketers. Yes, you’ve read it right. This course is mainly created for Multi-Level Marketing business (MLM). 

To simplify things, the Attraction Marketing Formula helps people have a reliable and stable source of leads for recruiting new members.  

Note that there are tons of attraction marketing strategies out there that Multi-Level Marketers use. Most successful businesses use attraction marketing to attract their target audience.  

Who is Ferny Ceballos? 

Ferny Ceballos is the creator of the Attraction Marketing Formula course. According to his page, Ferny is an 8-figure earner and a skilled networker.  

He has vast experience in direct selling and network marketing. Today, he shares his method for attracting more clients from his knowledge and expertise.  

However, you won’t see Ferny in the course. He has hired Kate McShea to do all of the marketing strategies. That is why her face is the one that you’ll see on the website. 

How Does the Attraction Marketing Formula Works? 

This training program works by offering you insight into the ideal approach you need to persuade a potential client to listen to you. It provides techniques to make your prospective customer interested in whatever you plan to sell.  

According to the website, the attraction marketing formula works for everybody. Even if you’re just trying to build an email list, fill out an online survey, get users to download a file, or market a product, this training program claims to help you.  

Note that communication is vital for establishing a successful online business. If you want to get a stranger on the internet to give you attention, it takes more than being good with grammar. This is where the Attraction Marketing Formula comes in. The course will provide tips on appealing to potential customers and spur them toward getting what you offer. 

However, before buying the course, Ferny will require you to review a couple of sales copies to ensure that you have already been grounded on the basics.  

What is Inside the Attraction Marketing Formula? 

Unlike other online courses, the Attraction Marketing Formula is an e-Book. It contains ten chapters and 185 pages.  

This e-Book contains tips and marketing targeting strategies that will help you find prospects and leads without doing cold calls. It will help you attract people who like what you’re offering. The e-Book will also guide you on how to recruit people without talking to them. 

Chapter 1 

The first chapter of the book is simply an introduction. In this chapter, Ferny will introduce you to the course and share some things to expect in this program. 

Chapter 2 

The second chapter of the course will teach you how to utilize the internet to automate your lead generation. Chapter 2 also talks about downline building. 

Chapter 3 

The third chapter of the course will teach you how to brand your business. In this chapter, you will learn how to get thousands of individuals to trust your words. 

Chapter 4 

In this chapter, Ferny will explain how doing your laundry will teach you all about building your marketing pipeline.  

Chapter 5 

Chapter 5 is titled “The Magic Slot Machine.” This chapter teaches you how to profit from your potential customers even if they don’t purchase a product or join you.  

Chapter 6 

In chapter 6, you will learn how to do market research. According to Ferny, his market research methods will give you a massive advantage over your competitors.  

Chapter 7 

The title of chapter 7 is “Cyber Real Estate.” In this chapter, you will learn the secrets to staking a claim on a valuable “.com” domain piece. 

Chapter 8 

In this chapter, Ferny will teach you how to build a doorway to your online empire and begin producing limitless leads.  

Chapter 9 

In this chapter, you will learn how to utilize email automation to grow your list, bank account, and customer relationship.  

Chapter 10 

In this final chapter, Ferny will share his thoughts on this e-Book. 

Bonus Webinar Training Videos 

Aside from the e-Book, buying the course will also give you access to bonus webinar training videos. Every video runs for around two hours. In these videos, you will learn how to establish your MLM empire. 

As of today, there are two webinar training videos.  

The first video is titled “5-Step Promotion Strategy for Making a Full-Time Income from AMF”. In this webinar, the host discusses leveraging the Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) to grow your network marketing business.  

In addition, you’ll also learn how you can utilize the platform to grow several streams of income. The host will also teach you a couple of strategies on how to find targeted leads. 

Note that you don’t have to purchase the EMP platform. This is simply an upsell.  

The second webinar training video is titled “Cracking the Internet Recruiting Code.” In training session will teach you why attraction marketing makes sense for people with network marketer jobs.  

In addition, you’ll also learn why old-school network marketing methods are holding people back from real success.  

The host of this webinar is Tim Erway. He’s one of the founders of the EMP platform.  

10-Day AMF Boot Camp 

This boot camp benefits entrepreneur, network marketers, and affiliate marketers. The program delivers value by providing daily email links as valuable as the accompanying e-Book. 

The 10-day AMF Boot Camp is structured to provide different lessons each day. Each focused on specific topics related to online marketing.  

  • On day 1, you’ll learn about the differences between shotgun and sniper marketing.  
  • Day 2 covers understanding your target audience and generating high-quality leads using social media.  
  • Day 3 focuses on building relationships with your email list. 
  • Day 4 explores the components of effective opt-in or capture pages.  
  • On Day 5, you’ll learn how to sell products online, followed by a lesson on turning prospects into advocates on Day 6.  
  • Day 7 covers how to convert cold leads into paying customers. 
  • Day 8 focuses on creating persuasive online sales pages.  
  • Day 9 emphasizes building relationships with your followers and nurturing them. 
  • Day 10 wraps up the boot camp by teaching marketers an essential skill for online success – WITFM or “What’s in it for me?” 

How Much Does the Attraction Marketing Formula Cost? 

One of the best things about this training program is that it’s a one-time investment. Unlike other courses, you don’t need to pay a monthly fee to get access to all its content. 

The cost to join the Attraction Marketing Formula is only $47. Once you pay the enrolment fee, you’ll immediately get access to the e-Book, the 10-day AMF boot camp, and the webinars.  

Note that they often give discounts if you’re lucky. Some students said they could get the course for only $27.  

Who is the Attraction Marketing Formula For? 

The Attraction Marketing Formula course is designed to help entrepreneurs and network marketers generate high-quality leads and build successful businesses.  

The course covers a range of topics, including identifying and targeting your ideal audience, creating compelling content, and engaging with potential customers.  

By following attraction marketing principles, entrepreneurs and network marketers can establish themselves as thought leaders and trusted experts in their respective fields. The course provides practical guidance on leveraging email marketing, sales funnels, and other strategies to convert leads into paying customers.  

What I Like about The Attraction Marketing Formula 

The e-Book is Easy to Read and Understand 

If you want to quickly brush up on lead generation skills, the e-book of this training program is a great option. The easy-to-read format saves time and energy by condensing the material into concise sections accessible at any time.  

This means that instead of spending days watching videos trying to learn something, you can access all the information you need right away. It even has an intuitive search feature to quickly look for your needs. 

All in all, this training program’s eBook for marketing makes it simple to quickly understand information without taking extended amounts of time or energy. 

Offers Valuable Resources 

This training program is one of the best I’ve seen because it provides a comprehensive suite of resources on lead generation.  

It starts by introducing the fundamentals of lead generation, like identifying potential customers. It also offers helpful tips on utilizing different digital platforms, such as email campaigns. Additionally, it teaches advanced techniques like using AI to automate lead generation processes.  

All this information is presented in an easy-to-understand format that anyone can follow. With all these valuable resources, the Attraction Marketing Formula provides a great starting point for any business looking to learn more about generating leads effectively. 

A Lot of Positive Reviews from Previous Students 

As the reviews show, taking this online course has proven to be a great success for many! The course is filled with valuable resources and insightful information. Students have found the content helpful in helping them develop their knowledge and skills and providing new perspectives on topics.  

Moreover, Ferny offers individualized instruction and feedback tailored to each student’s needs and interests. With plenty of examples, exercises, and supportive guidance delivered in an engaging format, it’s no wonder The Attraction Marketing Formula has gotten such positive reviews. 

What I Don’t Like about the Attraction Marketing Formula 

Mainly Focuses on MLM 

I don’t like this particular training program because it focuses mainly on MLM. It doesn’t provide any other type of business development training. Additionally, with so much emphasis placed on just this marketing platform, it’s easy to forget the basics of running a business which can have more of an impact than just relying on one specific method like MLM. 

Not for Beginners 

The Attraction Marketing Formula is not recommended for beginners due to its progressive nature and the assumed level of knowledge and experience required to fully comprehend and implement its teachings. 

Is the Attraction Marketing Formula a Scam? 

The answer is no. The Attraction Marketing Formula is not a scam. It’s a legit lead generation course. So, if you’re worried about your money, don’t be. Once you pay the enrolment fee, you’ll immediately get access to all of its content. 

My Opinion – The Attraction Marketing Formula 

So, do I recommend this course? The answer is no. One of the biggest reasons why I don’t like this course is because it mainly focuses on MLM. One thing to remember is that the MLM industry is a dying industry. It’s not easy to make money using that business model. 

If you want to make money online, there are other options. Unfortunately, a lead generation course for Multi-Level Marketing isn’t ideal. So, I don’t recommend this course.  

Better Alternative to Affiliate Marketing  

Lead Generation is an excellent way to earn money online. However, you still have to invest a lot of time and money. Also, there are better options.  

So, what if I told you there’s a better alternative? One that won’t require a hefty investment. One that will help you earn money while you sleep. So, what is this alternative? Well, it’s called RAES.  

So, what’s RAES? RAES is simply short for Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System. With RAES, I can earn 6 to 7 figures online. While writing this review, I still make money with this system.  

If you want to learn more about RAES, check out Ryno Inc’s system.  

SEO Affiliate Domination Review: Is Greg Jeffries’ SEO Course Helpful?

You are searching for different websites and blogs just to find an honest review about SEO. Of course, it is not going to be that easy for you to find one especially since online publications and blogs are mixed of good and bad ones.  

You may read something online that is too good to be true, but you still tend to believe it. This is something that you wish would come true because you are desperate to earn money monthly.  

This review site will give you the best ideas when it comes to SEO, especially with the course of Greg Jeffries which is the SEO Affiliate Domination.  

The main point of this review is to give you honest feedback and details of the course. It includes the topics and contents that you need to expect from the course itself.  

We don’t want to miss the chance to compare the different courses. Of course, you will be assessing the course based on the number of pros and cons it has. But you need to remember that the cons’ part is something that you need to pay more attention to. It could be about the course itself or the amount of money that you need to shell out just to get on this course.  

I will be telling you as well the different sides of the course. That could be about my opinion upon learning the SEO Affiliate Domination course.  

It is normal for us to weigh things and decide whether this one is a legit course that we can recommend to our friends.  

There are people that started their journey without any clue on how to navigate SEO. They had no clues as well when it came to the traffic that it needed to create.  

We firmly believe that traffic can give us the money that we want.  

Try to imagine yourself now, writing a piece of article and posting it online. Of course, you want this one to rank for you to build your reputation and name. Visitors will be happy to read more things on your site. They can even recommend this one to their friends.  

It is not as simple as what others are thinking as of now. They thought that you would just write something and upload that one online.  

Once you have built your solid foundation, then you can stretch your arms while maximizing your resources. It only means that you can start dreaming of having passive income because of those traffics.  

If you are interested in this kind of income, then you should learn the basics to the most complicated part of SEO.  

We will try to shred them one by one into smaller pieces for you to fully understand the content of the course. You probably heard Greg said that he will help you to achieve something that you have never imagined such as the traffic that is for free which will give you passive monthly income.  

I know that you still have some questions in your mind such as the legality of this course. We will answer those bothering questions you have in your head right away.  


What is SEO Affiliate Domination Course? 

Greg Jeffries developed the SEO Affiliate Domination training program and course, which consists of a 12-day course only on affiliate marketing as the main focus of it. The primary and main objective of the training is to show you how to use search engines to generate free traffic that you can direct to your website or an online sales funnel. 

This can be very exciting as we all know that SEO is becoming more popular nowadays. This is a really good course where you can earn money without working in the office. Not to mention that this course will focus more on SEO and affiliate marketing.  

If you are going to understand the logic here. It is mainly about giving your very best to promote the product of other people. You can have your own marketing strategies and ways to utilize whatever you have right now.  

When we talk about affiliate marketing, it is more on commission fact. You will be getting some amount of money from the time that you sell something.  

Others may think that this is not a good thing as you need to sell something before you can earn something. Of course, others and many individuals are happy with it because they are good when it comes to selling things. They can convince others especially when they have a good circle of people.  

If you are eager to start this one, then you need a specific website, a tool for researching keywords, and a niche where you can actually be profitable.  

Of course, with the help of SEO this course made it a bit unique from others. This course will help you to rank your sites properly and be able to achieve your goals. The more traffic that you can create, the higher the chances that people will go over to your site and even to the links that you are affiliated with.  

Others may find this one attractive and they are excited to start but we have to remind you that most of those gurus would just try to attract you by the way they talk.  

You need to learn the different areas and aspects of the course before you can draw your conclusion.  


Who is Greg Jeffries of SEO Affiliate Domination? 

Greg Jeffries is one of the most successful online affiliate marketers that you can search for on the internet.  

He mentioned that he has been doing this kind of thing for more than ten years. He also said that by doing this kind of marketing, he was able to earn a total of six-figure in just one year.  

Of course, he would love to showcase his abilities and different techniques that he used. He also emphasized that future affiliate marketers can learn and know this one by trying his course.  

It was in 2017 when Greg created this course SEO Affiliate Domination. Of course, every month and year, he tried his very best to update and create more ways and methods.  

You should also know that he is the grand winner of the Dream Car Competition. It was hosted by the ClickFunnels.  

He has a company as well and it is named Extemporaneous Marketing LLC.  

One good thing that you can see from him is he is honest when saying that it really takes time before you can see the visible results. He wanted to be more transparent when it comes to what is happening, especially about this course.  


Overview and Curriculum of SEO Affiliate Domination 

Others may say that they feel disappointed because this course is only good for 12 days (about 1 week 5 days).  

Of course, there are some that think this is going to be a long time for them to know. The good thing about this course is that it has very specific examples. It will give you on point knowledge and ideas only.  

You can check here the possible things that you can learn throughout the 12 lessons.  

Module 1 

This is more on the introduction of the SEO. It will give you a deeper understanding of the things about SEO. It can help you to know more about the needs of SEO. You must remember that SEO is more about ranking. In this module, it will give you the necessary ideas why you need this one for your business.  

Module 2 

This module part will talk about the domain that you will be using. It includes the hosting as well as SEO relationships. Remember that the name of your website has something to say when it comes to the nature of SEO. Most audience will check your site once they know that they can find what they are looking for on your website. One of the keys here is to get the best and fastest type of hosting for your site.  

Module 3 

This part will give you a deep idea about keyword research. He will discuss the importance of keywords as well. There should be a specific planner for keywords and the tools that can be very useful to use. There are some outside of the box words and keywords that you need to learn as well.  

Module 4 

It covers the topic of on-page SEO. It will help you to understand the structure of the different articles and the possible outsourcing.  

Module 5 

It can be overwhelming to know that you need to make your own theme for WordPress. There are some reminders that you need to pay attention to hear such as the theme that you need to avoid using. Of course, you need something that is fast to load.  

Module 6 

This part will cover the ideas of adding some features whether small or big to your WordPress site. That is what we call plugins. It only means that you want to have more functions and make your website more useful this time. This can help to make your site more visible when people are searching for something.  

Module 7 

This is the most exciting part as you will be learning the SEO part and the keywords as well. This is a good way to create nice traffic to your website. You need to be more specific with the keywords for your SEO to rank them on Google.  

Module 8 

You will be taught here on how to choose the precise and exact keywords to use. There are different strategies on how to find keywords.  

Module 9 

The secret on how to check whether you are using the right keyword will be discussed in this part. Greg wanted to create this kind of module separately to avoid confusion being overwhelmed because of the terms and words to learn in this course.  

Module 10 

Here will be about on Page SEO ideas and terms. It means you will be producing the contents needed here. There is a list of the different things that you need to learn and prepare in this part of the module. Of course, you will be learning the different images to use for your site. The possible headers and footers as well.  

Module 11 and Module 12 

It is the combination of the two modules. It is about Off-Page SEO where you will learn about the backlinks here. Of course, the different methods are being showcased here.  

If you are going to connect everything here. It is all about affiliate marketing and using those ways to rank and make your website even better than the others.  


How Much Is SEO Affiliate Domination Course? 

The amount that you need to pay for the course is 997 dollars. Of course, you have the option to pay this in installments. It means that you can simply split the amount into several months.  

There is a policy where you can ask for a refund once you have proof that you didn’t make any money after learning this course.  

Of course, it is important as well to have spare money for the different tools that you are going to purchase. It includes the web domain, the hosting, and even the tools for the keywords.  


For Whom Is This SEO Affiliate Domination Course? 

This course SEO Affiliate Domination is open to everyone. It means that whether you are a beginner or rookie in this industry, you have the chance to step up and take this course.  

It is also nice for those people who have knowledge of SEO and affiliate marketing. This will give them a deeper idea of the industry. At the same time, they will enhance their abilities in researching keywords and ranking them on Google.  


PROS AND CONS of SEO Affiliate Domination Course? 

We always encounter the part of the review where you need to read more of the positive and negative sides of the course.  


You can get faster results 

One good thing about this course is that you can see a clear result from what you are doing. It means that the techniques and ideas taught during the entire video training can be very helpful. This is from his personal experience and that is one of the reasons why it works well.  

You have a group on Facebook 

We all know that it is important that we can ask questions, especially those others. It can help us to gain more ideas and experience based on what they can recommend to us. It is a community where the main goal is to help each other.  

He is very honest with his progress 

It is normal that others would try to trick you by using flowering words. This is their way to attract students. Unlucky, Greg is not that kind of person. He knows when to tell the truth. He wanted to be more transparent to his students. He would even share with his students his progress.  

Money back guarantee 

Others are afraid to take a risk because there is no clear policy when it comes to the refund agreement. For Greg’s course, if you think that you didn’t make money, then he is willing to return your money.  

Live sessions with him 

One good thing is that there is a day in one week where he goes live. This is your chance to ask him some questions that you have in mind. Others, especially those members who are successful in taking this course, can share their thoughts with others.  


Grey hat SEO 

There are some people that don’t feel like using the grey hat method because of some future problems that they may encounter. It seems like you are being taught how to manipulate things, especially the quickest ways.  

No videos for those paid traffic. 

he topics about traffic will focus more on those free ones only. If you are planning to try the paid one, then you need to consult or research more about this one.  

One lesson only for monetization 

Others are looking for more videos and training clips for this part. It seems like there should be more than one way to get the proper ways to monetize your SEO page.  

Others might think that the 12 lessons are expensive 

Aside from the course that you need to pay, you also have to acquire tools and hosting which cost you more money out of your pocket.  

Is SEO Affiliate Domination Course Legit? 

Of course, SEO Affiliate Domination is legit and there are proof and evidence that you can see all over the internet.  

The creator of the course is a real person and he is considered as one of the most popular marketers as well. He won’t make issues that can ruin his reputation.  

Others may believe that this one is a scam because of the price. They are thinking that this is not going to be worth it because of the amount of money that they need to shell out for the course and the tools. So, others thought that they need to wait for many months before they can see even a little progress and income.  


How Others Make Money Using SEO and Affiliate Marketing 

You can see that one obviously that SEO Affiliate Domination is a legit course. It can actually be a good start for those beginners to start learning a new thing.  

If we are going to talk about the course and the details, Greg did it in a fantastic way. He tried his best to incorporate SEO and affiliate marketing ideas.  

There are tactics and methods that you can use and combine this one with your knowledge.  

However, I would be happy to see more of the SEO tactics. It includes the white-hat methods and other paid traffic concepts that he can recommend.  

If you are still searching for better opportunities that you can learn and try online, then Ryno Inc’s system would be a good start.  

It has the best and comprehensive details of SEO and affiliate terms and tactics that you have never heard.  

It can help your career as a newbie in this industry.