How Much Money Can You Make With Affilorama? Find Out in One of the Best Affilorama Reviews Around

A few years back, I was in a bit of a sticky situation. 

I’d just lost my job. And I didn’t really have any money left. 

It was just after the global economic crisis. A few of my buddies actually lost their homes in that biz. At least I still had a roof over my head. For now. 

Truth is I probably had about a month’s rent left. Yes—I was still renting. 

Food? Ha! If $1 cans of noodles count, yes I was still eating. 

My dinner. Yum. 

The thing is, I’d be bragging to everyone who’d listen about how I was gonna quit my job soon and start making money on the internet. I’d made a bit of cash, but I basically had no idea. This was way before I’d started making REAL money with my own Local Lead Generation gig. I’m gonna tell you more about how good THAT is in a bit. 

But back to my “situation”. 

Now I actually needed money—fast. I’d sold my bike on eBay to pay my latest gas bill. I didn’t really have anything left. 

So my bro Kenny was like, “Hey, I thought you were gonna be an online millionaire by now anyway.” 

Truth is—I didn’t know the first thing about making money online. 

The money I had made—I’d just been lucky. 

I’d managed to refer a few pals to a couple of online services I’d been using. You know those “refer-a-friend” checks? Yeah, pretty basic—I know. 

But I needed to see this job loss as a GOOD thing. I DID hate my job. I was just a mindless cubicle-warrior. I wanted out, but now I’d been pushed before I was ready. 

It was time to sink or swim. I had to see if I could REALLY make it alone. 

Time to sink or swim. 

I’d heard a bit of chatter about internet marketing. Affiliate marketing to be precise. The problem was, I didn’t really know the first thing about it. 

So over the next few days I was like a sponge for information. I read everything I could, watched videos, took notes, joined forums. You name it. I did it. 

I started finding out about affiliate marketing. 

In those couple of days, I also started finding out about a lot of different internet marketing “products”. 

As I realized much later, if there’s one way to make money online—it’s by making money from other people looking to make money online. That’s what a lot of guys in the “internet marketing” niche are really doing. It took me a while to figure that out. 

Now I liked the look of some of these programs and courses. The problem was, most of them were expensive. Really expensive. Definitely not eating 5-day old noodles sort of money. That was my life back then. 

One in particular caught my eye. It was called Affilorama. 

The great news was that they offered a free area for guys just like me. There was more stuff under the hood if you actually wanted to pay—but I wasn’t gonna do that. 

And hey, you know how I actually made money referring some friends to stuff beforehand? I soon learned that this was pretty much exactly how affiliate marketing worked, too. I just had to refer more people to other products. People I didn’t even know. And I’d get a cut from each of them. 

It sounded easy, but it wasn’t. 

To cut a long story short: I failed. 

The thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s actually a lot harder than people think. 

Loads of people are attracted to this game because they see it as a get-rich-quick kinda deal. It’s actually much harder than that. Most of these guys quit and move onto to the next dream. Only the guys who really put the work in make it a success. 

Me? I guess I wasn’t willing to put the work in. 

Affilorama helped me with the basics, but I couldn’t afford the more expensive parts of the course or products they offered. 

In the end, I had to get a real job. Sucks, I know. But at least I paid my next month’s rent. 

A few years later I actually had the opportunity to get back into internet marketing. This time I was doing it in the evenings alongside my existing job. So I didn’t have that make-or-break stress factor. 

Things went a lot better, but I also remember being grateful that I had at least SOME background knowledge in this stuff. And a lot of that was thanks to Affilorama. 

Now I know a lot more about IM, I keep seeing products like this all the time. People ask me my opinion about Affilorama. The truth is, my memory is like a goldfish sometimes—I struggled to remember how good Affilorama really was. 

That’s why I decided to sign up again and give it another whirl. Now I knew a bit more about marketing, I’d be able to give it a proper review that’s backed by my own expertise. 

So if you’re looking for an Affilorama review, you’re in the right place. This might not sound very humble, but I reckon it’s actually one of the best Affilorama reviews around. 

Affilorama Review 

What is Affilorama? It’s basically a membership program that has a selection of tools aimed to help you make money with affiliate marketing. 

I signed up, and things had changed a fair bit. The site looks great. 

There’s one important point to remember here: the basic stuff is free. But not everything on Affilorama is free. 

Basic membership gets you access to an Affiliate Marketing Quick-Start Guide, a Downloadable Roadmap to Success and 120 Video Lessons. 

I’m gonna review all of that in this Affilorama review. But I’m also gonna review the stuff you’ve gotta PAY for. That’s the stuff I couldn’t afford access to way back when. 

It’s not all free. 

So there are three things you can buy separately. Path2Passive, AffiloTools and AffiloJetpack. These are what they’re calling “Advanced” training and tools. I think that’s code for, “stuff you gotta pay for.” But one of them is actually free—for now. Were they worth it? Keep reading this review to find out. 

So what’s the free stuff like? 

First thing’s first, let’s drill down on the freebies. Everyone loves a freebie, right? 

And it’s actually pretty cool to get some of this stuff for nothing. 

Let’s start with the Affiliate Marketing Quick-Start Guide. 

Now this is pretty basic. It’s kinda like a free report. You see these all over the place in internet marketing. 

They’re one of the tricks of the trade. Shall I tell you how they work? 

Basically, marketers write a report or eBook—and they give it away for free. Some of them might tout it as something you should be paying money for, to make getting it free seem even more appealing. 

(The truth is, nobody ever really pays for these sorts of free reports) 

For the record, Affilorama aren’t really doing this. There’s no hard sell. I’m just telling you about the process. 

A lot of people in internet marketing live by the phrase “the money’s in the list”. They’re all trying to build a list of email addresses or subscribers. So when someone downloads your free report, they sign-up to your list. It’s then that you send them your REAL offers and try and get them to buy something else. 

That’s how a BIG section of the internet marketing industry works. I’ve got sidetracked here, but I just can’t help dropping value like this. Oh yeah, value’s important with these reports, too. They might be free—but it’s a good idea to give a few useful bits of info so people are more likely to open your future emails and more likely to buy from you. 

Some people think email lists like this are the ONLY way to make money online. These people are mistaken. 

The money’s in the list… Sometimes. 

Anyway, the free report from Affilorama is cool. It’s got some good basic info, but not much of this is unique. You can get it elsewhere. But it’s free, and they aren’t spamming me since I signed up—so you might as well get involved. Especially if you’re a newbie to this stuff. 

Next up is the Downloadable Roadmap to Success 

This is an infographic. It looks cool, but I’m not sure why it’s being given such a prominent position here. It’s not that useful. I guess it could help someone, but a lot of this is covered with the other two resources. 

The best chunk of value in the “free” area is the 120 video lessons. That’s a lot. And there are plenty of courses out there charging a hefty wedge for this sort of info. 

Ok, not all of the videos are that long. But still, you can’t complain—it’s free! And there’s definitely some value here. 

Okay, I said you can’t complain—one tiny issue I have is that these videos aren’t transcribed. Sometimes I like to skim through a text version, it’s easier to pick stuff out. So you’ve gotta watch them all instead. But it’s a minor issue. 

So what do I think about the Affilorama free stuff? I think it’s good. You might know some of it already, and you CAN find this info elsewhere. But it’s free, and you can’t argue with that. It’s useful to have it all in one place, too. 

But the real stuff you gotta pay for. And you need to know if it’s worth it, right? 

Let’s have a look. 

What about the advanced tools and training? 

The first one’s called Pathway2Passive. 

A lot of people dream about making passive income in affiliate marketing. That’s why most of them got into this business in the first place. It’s the ultimate goal. 

I’ve had a few years experience in this industry now and let me tell you—it ain’t easy. 

All those people who got into IM because they wanted to be passively self-sufficient within 3 months? They failed. They dropped out of the industry as quickly as they came into it. 

It’s only the guys who’ve got real work-ethic who stick around. Because your first few internet marketing ventures will probably fail too. 

It’s only when you learn from your mistakes and stick around that things tend to start to improve. 

Dreaming of passive income. 

And then after a few years of hard work you can start to see your passive income grow. If it was THAT easy to get passive income straight away—everyone would be doing it, right? 

Pathway2Passive was built by a team of guys who’ve been in IM for years. They’ve failed, and they’ve learned what works. 

They’ve built Pathway2Passive to help guys like you and me. People who are much newer to the industry. But you’ve STILL gotta put the work in. 

A lot of this stuff was pretty useful. Especially the detail they go into about picking the right products to sell. There’s also some cool stuff on targeting the right audience, and improving your offer. 

At this point, I’d recommend you ignore the name of the course. This stuff isn’t passive. It takes hard work. But once you’ve set up an efficient sales funnel with the right products and the right traffic, the workload CAN decrease a bit. 

And the really cool thing about Pathway2Passive? It’s only $37. I know of some sites trying to charge ten times that for this sort of info. 

It’s a useful little course at a reasonable price. You won’t find anything too revolutionary in there, but it is well written and informative. It’s worth a shot. Especially if you’re getting stuck with some of the basics. 

The other main paid tool is AffiloJetpack. This stuff is at the other end of the market. It costs a whopping $997. It’s basically an out-the-box affiliate autopilot machine. It tries to take care of almost everything in the affiliate marketing game, so that you can get your own sites up and running really easily. 

Now I’ve got a few issues with this. 

Firstly, they compare the cost of getting something done with AffiloJetpack to if you had to do it yourself. Like, they’ve got hosting included but argue you’d be paying $96 for that if you did it yourself. I don’t know many hosting plans that are that expensive, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have too much traffic. 

Also, their WordPress theme is valued at $97. You can get loads of themes for FREE, and while the free ones are normally pretty basic—even a good paid one will be way less than this. 

You do get a newsletter sequence of 90 emails. That’s pretty cool. There are also “free reports” for you to offer. Remember when I told you how that works earlier? 

But basically, they say this stuff is worth a total of over $3,000—and you’re getting it for under $1k. 

I’ve got issues with their math, here. 

However, it’s easy to see exactly what you’re getting. It COULD be worth it if you like everything done for you. For example, you COULD write those emails yourself, or even the free reports. You’d need to know what you’re talking about, but you’ll also be able to create something that’s much more unique to your offer. It depends where your priorities lay. The stuff was pretty good quality, but you can do better if you do things yourself. As long as you know what you’re doing. 

The other advanced tool is in beta right now, so it’s actually FREE. For the time being. Jump in while you can. It’s called AffiloTools and is basically an analytical package. It’s good, but there are loads of better ones out there. There’s nothing wrong with giving it a try since it’s free, though. 

Woo. There we go. That was my Affilorama review. Worth it or not? That’s for you to choose. So if you’re still thinking of banging “Affilorama scam” into Google—don’t. It’s not a scam. It’s actually pretty affordable for most of the stuff, and there’s some good info in there. 

But if you want to make REAL money online, you might want to think a bit more about something called Local Lead Generation. It’s what I’ve been doing for a while, and it’s pretty dope. I know I said passive income was hard in this game, but I’m finally getting there with Local Lead Generation. 

Vasayo Review: A Scam or Legitimate Money-Making Program?

Should you quit your job to become a full-time Vasayo brand partner?

You are reading this Vasayo review for either of two reasons. First, you want to decide if Vasayo is worth your investment. Second, you have already invested, but the program is not working for you.

The good news! In this comprehensive review, I will explain to you each and everything about Vasayo. I will help you decide whether their health products and business opportunity are worth your money and time.

Once, my friend Joe left his job for an MLM (multilevel marketing) program (I’ve to keep the name confidential). At that moment, I was shocked!

I’m shocked to know about Joe’s new gig.

How someone could quit his well-paid job for something he’s never tried before and something that has no guarantee of a constant income stream.

But within a year or two, Joe made good money through the program, though he also did some home-based side job too. But MLM is now his major income source.

Recently, I heard of Vasayo, another MLM, which reminded me of Joe. Also, I am now tempted to try it out.

Like me, many of you might also be willing to try Vasayo. So I did some research and came up with this detailed review.

Is Vasayo worth your investment?

Let’s read on with me.

First, what is Vasayo?

We can pay any price to live healthily. Well, health is wealth! This makes MLMs dealing with health products thrive. Vasayo is one such fastest emerging MLM company selling nutritional supplements. 

From the company’s website and other resources, I came to know that Dallin Larsen and Karree Larsen founded Vasayo in 2014. The company has headquarters in Utah, USA and Hong Kong. Both seem to have significant experience with the MLM industry.

Frankly, their previous MLM was a failure, but this one seems genuine to me. After all, success starts with failures.

Coming to the point, Vasayo’s mission statement says that they offer superior quality products to health-conscious consumers who demand key ingredients. In fact, they earned a B rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) as well.

The Vasayo offers mostly dietary supplements, including:

  • CBD One: Organic compliant CBD oil
  • V-Tox: A mix of fulvic acid and cleansing herbs for detoxification
  • Eternal: An age-defying antioxidant supplement
  • Core Complete: Daily multivitamin and multimineral capsules
  • Renew: Spray for joint health
  • Neuro: Cognitive enhancement caps
  • V-Slim: Weight management supplement
  • V3: Energy-boosting and mood supplement
  • MicroLife Sleep: A supplement for sleep improvement

With every product, you will get a downloadable PDF file that lists the ingredients used to make it.

One thing that makes Vasayo products unique is the lipsomes content.  Liposomes are used for specific oral delivery of some nutritional and dietary supplements. It increases the bioavailability and absorption of these supplements, making these products even more effective.

If people get promised results, Vasayo would become one of the MLM companies, genuinely offering unique products that are worth their price.

Joining Vasayo as a Brand Partner

As an MLM company, Vasayo uses distributors to sell its products online and offline. You can join and become a brand partner with Vasayo.

Being a brand partner, you help the company sell its products, and in return, you earn compensation.

To become a distributor, contact the person who referred you to the products to buy through a distributor’s website.

Next, order an Enrollment Pack that costs $49.95 and buy a product to get started. Once you have signed up, you will get a company website branded website.

Choosing Vasayo enrollment packs

I chose the English US Enrollment Kit.

Next, choose the products you want to add to your package. You will see the order summary on the right of your screen.

Adding products to your Vasayo package

Click the continue button and add your personal information.

Adding personal information for payment

Finally, register as a brand partner. Depending on the product package you want to purchase, you can choose from various partner levels.

I explored their website and found the following:

  • Foundation partner: $329

This package includes the following products:

  • 1 Core Essentials
    • 1 Neuro
    • 2 Renew
    • 1 Energy
    • 1 Sleep
    • 2 Energy Sample Packs
    • 2 Sleep Sample Packs
  • Premium Partner: $699

This package includes the following products:

  • 2 Core Essentials
    • 2 Neuro
    • 3 Renew
    • 3 Energy
    • 3 Sleep
    • 2 Energy Sample Packs
    • 2 Sleep Sample Packs
  • Executive partner: $949

This package includes:

  • 3 Core Essentials
    • 3 Neuro
    • 5 Renew
    • 5 Energy
    • 5 Sleep
    • 4 Energy Sample Packs
    • 4 Sleep Sample Packs
  • Ambassador partner: $1399

This package includes:

  • 4 Core Essentials
    • 4 Neuro
    • 8 Renew
    • 8 Energy
    • 8 Sleep
    • 6 Energy Sample Packs
    • 6 Sleep Sample Packs
    • 1 FREE Ticket Voucher to Convention

How to earn money with Vasayo

Vasayo offers eight different ways to earn based on your performance and affiliate rank:

8 ways to earn with Vasayo
  1. Customer Sales Bonus (CSB): Earn by sharing your favorite products and receive a 20% commission on retail sales made by affiliated personal customers. Within a 4-week cycle, affiliates also earn a $50 to $150 bonus depending on their sales volume.
  2. Product Introduction Bonus (PIB): Earn a 20% bonus on the first commissionable order of your newly sponsored Brand Partner.
  3. Binary Team Commissions (TC): Earn weekly Team Commissions by building a Vasayo team.
  4. Team Commission Matching Bonus (TCM): TCM and Dynamic Compression together allow you to earn more from your efforts.
  5. Rank Advancement Bonus (RAB): This achievement will earn you Rank Advancement Bonus.
  6. Global Leadership Bonus (GLB): Achieve the Paid-As rank of Gold or above to receive the GLB.
  7. Lifestyle Trips (LT): Enjoy luxury accommodations, top-notch education, and exhilarating adventures.
  8. Multiple Business Centers (MBC): Build additional organizations and keep earning.

Vasayo Commission Plan

Direct commissions by selling and recruiting can go up to 20%. Members must maintain the plan’s binary system by connecting with two active brand partners.

Make sure you maintain 80 PV (personal volume from retail sales), and you will get $25 for each 240 GV collected.

The Vasayo compensation plan has 18 ranks, starting from the “brand partner” and “Qualified Brand Partner” to the “triple crown blue diamond” rank.

You can earn bonuses for new recruits, sales, and leadership. There is also an executive check match of 2.5% available for you if you are lucky. The introduction bonuses range from 10-20%.

A few things about Vasayo: Did you know these?

Here are a few important things you should know before deciding upon Vasayo:

Vasayo’s products are legitimate

Vasayo’s products are backed up by legitimate science. The liposomal delivery method is another positive point. Studies demonstrate the ingredients Vasayo uses provide health benefits.


Dallin and Karree Larsen also founded another MLM, MonaVie, which was linked to false advertising, bankruptcy, and copyright infringement.

Could you trust such founders with a bad reputation?

No income disclosure statement

There is no official Income Disclosure Statement on the company’s website.

But we want to know what their brand partners are receiving in commission. Don’t you? I do!

Commission rates are low

The commission rate is capped at 20%, which is very low compared to other MLMs. It clearly suggests you won’t be making so much money.

No exclusive products

Vasayo doesn’t license its products exclusively. Second, liposomal delivery technology is not patented. This means you can get products from other brands at a reduced price, which is another challenge for brand partners.

Vasayo: Pros and Cons


  • Sells legitimate products that claim to improve the quality of life.
  • Apart from moneymaking opportunities, you can earn lifestyle trips, team commissions, and multiple business centers.
  • It is a part of the huge and ever-growing industry: health and wellness.


  • Vasayo products are very expensive.
  • The earning potential is less compared to many top MLM companies.
  • The supplements don’t appear to have any supporting clinical evidence.

 Verdict – Is Vasayo Legit or Scam?

Vasayo is legit, and the company sells science-backed products. But as with the majority of MLMs, you must recruit many people to make money. It involves a lot of direct recruiting and product selling. No income disclosure statement means you can’t have any idea about how much you can earn.

But the company claims that they offer unique products with many health benefits. They also provide customer support and a money-back guarantee.

So I can’t call Vasayo a scam or a legit long-term earning program.

But I can say it is like other MLM companies. That means if you successfully market and sell their products, you can grow and earn more income.

The company’s product line is solid, but health claims are not backed by clinical evidence. Moreover, as with most businesses, you gain what you invest in.

So, think, and act!