Are You Ready To Hear About Team National? Check Out One of the Best Team National Reviews Around

Hey, remember way back when you had to use your own phoneline to connect to the internet? And listen to those stupid noises for a few seconds every time it connected? 

Those were the days. I remember that too. 

The internet sure has come a long way since then. I actually made my first few affiliate marketing bucks back in those days. I like to call them the Wild West days of the internet. It wasn’t ’til I started making bank with my new Local Lead Generation business that I started to love the NEW internet. 

There was one other benefit to those old-school internet times. When you were surfing, your phoneline was blocked from annoying cold calls. 

Yeah—I know those cold calls have kinda just been replaced by spam emails, but I really used to hate those things. 

Since we live in the 21st Century—I’ve got a separate internet connection and phoneline. So I’ve started getting annoyed by those cold calls again. I don’t know why these guys bother. 

No, I did NOT have any problems with my computer. 

And no, I did NOT recently have a car accident. What is it with these people? 

Then one day I got a call. These guys asked me if I’d heard about Team National and if I wanted a place. 

I was like: wait… Me? 

You want me to join the national team? Awesome! 

Which sport?! 

I know I’d played a bit of basketball in college. But I was never THAT good. I know they’re struggling for players these days. But come on. Surely you don’t want me to play for Team USA? 

No Team USA callup for me 馃檨 

No, they didn’t want me to play any sport for the national team. The USA national team or anyone else. Bummer. 

They wanted me to sign up to some sort of sales network. I was gonna make loads of money. Or so they said. 

Naturally, I thanked them for their time and hung up. Or, I just hung up. 

I don’t get involved with ANYTHING that’s pitched over the phone like that. I don’t even know if it was the guys from Team National itself or someone else who’d got involved with the scheme. As I soon learned, that’s kinda how it works. 

So I quickly forgot about Team National. A few months went by when I heard a colleague mention them too. He’d had a similar call, and was taking it a bit more seriously than I did. 

I decided I needed to do a bit more research. I didn’t want this guy to lose any money. The more I heard about Team National, the more fishy this “money-making opportunity sounded.” 

So if you’re looking for one of the best Team National reviews you can find—then keep reading to see what I found out after a bit more investigation. Check out my Team National review. 

Team National Review 

The first think you obviously wanna know is what exactly is Team National? That’s what I wanted to know too. The name doesn’t really help much, does it? 

So what exactly IS Team National? 

Let’s have a look… 

So Team National is what they call a “membership savings company”. They offer a range of discounts on regular retail purchases and from a range of different retailers. 

To get these discounts, you gotta sign up. 

And it ain’t cheap. 

$795 for a 2-year membership. 


That’s a LOT more than most other discount clubs I’ve seen. You can get tons of different discounts these days for FREE. 

But even for the discount schemes you DO have to pay for (like Coscto), we’re talking MUCH lower fees. 

So that’s the first thing that jumps out about Team National. 

I had a closer look at the actual specific retailers and discounts they were offering—and nothing was particularly groundbreaking. In my opinion. 

But wait a minute. I know what you’re thinking. 

What about Team National as a money-making opportunity? After all, that’s what you’re here for, right? 

Okay, so the real way Team National affiliates make money out of this is by convincing OTHER people to sign up to the discount membership. Team National agents get a cut every time they get someone to sign up to the main offer. 

That’s generally how Multi-Level Marketing networks like this work. They’ve taken a lot of flak in recent years. Some people still call them pyramid schemes, which MLM has become a byword for in some quarters. 

Personally, I don’t think ALL MLM schemes are pyramid schemes. I don’t think they’re ALL scams. The way I look at is like this: is the actual product (in this case discount membership) ACTUALLY worth it? If it is, then there’s nothing wrong with people marketing it and taking a cut. The problem is, the Team National discount scheme looks a bit scammy. And it’s super-expensive for what you get. That’s where I think there’s a problem when you get highly-motivated (sometimes desperate) salespeople pushing worthless products ONLY for personal gain. 

But what about Team National? Where do they fit in all this? 

It’s not looking good so far, but we need a bit more detail. 

One of the recommended Google searches for Team National is “Team National BBB”. 

These guys know their stuff. 

I first heard about the Better Business Bureau a while back when I was researching another venture. They’ve normally got the low-down on things. 

Let’s be real here, their BBB page isn’t that bad. I’ve seen a LOT worse. They’ve actually got a 5-Star A+ Rating. 

There ARE quit a few complaints though. And they don’t look good. 

I’ve seen some other Team National complaints elsewhere too. People complaining about not being able to even get any discounts, or simply being charged far too much for stuff that isn’t actually that much value. 

One big negative for Team National here is that they only offer a THREE DAY refund policy. That’s hardly any time at all to really evaluate what you’ve just spent money on. What if you’d been working all week and didn’t have time to check until the weekend? It seems like a cut-and-run attempt. 

There’s also some noise about pushy salespeople and a lot of hard-sell pitches. 

That’s another problem with Team National. They use a few questionable tactics, and these create sales agents that are arguably forced to push pretty hard for the sale. Let’s have a look at them: 

Sales agents have to make two sales a year in order to qualify for payouts. That’s already forcing them to make sales before they’ll even get any money. They’ve also gotta pay for things like a starter kit ($55) and more. This puts them out of pocket before things have even started. It looks like another way for Sales National to make even more money off the people who’re SUPPOSED to be helping them make money. 

That first sale? You’re not gonna see any commission from it. 

So how have the sales agents actually done? Not great. 

The income figures aren’t too appetizing. Over 85% of Team National Agents aren’t making any money at all. Average earnings weren’t much more than $600. 

What’s the most anyone made as a Team National agent? $5,435. That’s the top earner. Hardly a get-rich-quick scheme. Get poor slowly, more like. 

One important thing to remember with Team National is that you don’t ACTUALLY have to buy the discount membership plan yourself in order to become an agent and sell it. That reduces costs a bit. But you might have a hard time selling the product if you don’t even have it yourself. Or maybe not. 

So if you DID buy the plan before becoming an agent, the average earnings don’t even cover the cost of it. It looks like barely anyone is even making any money from Team National. Apart from Team National themselves, naturally. 

There are other tiers to the sales agent system. Like a pyramid. You’ll get more money if you recruit your own set of sales agents. This is how those pyramid schemes work. It’s not just about getting people to sign up to the discount membership product. That’s the ACTUAL Team National product. It’s also about getting more AGENTS to sign up under you. And who keeps making money from this? Team National. You got it. 

Save your money. 

Team National Scam—Yes or No? 

Okay, to answer this we gotta look at Team National on two levels. Is the discount membership a scam, and is the sales agent scheme a scam? I’m gonna answer both of these questions. 

If you want discount stuff, there are much better places to go. Especially with the internet these days. There are plenty of places to get cool discounts for free. There are also discount clubs that are legit and charge WAY less than Team National. 

However, it’s gonna be hard for me to outright say that the discount club is a complete scam. There are national retailers on there offering legit discounts. Nobody is running off with your money. 

BUT. And that’s a big but…. It’s still a bit scammy. That price. The TWO year plan (WHY?!). And most of all… the refund policy. There’s no reason a legit business like this should be offering a THREE DAY cancellation policy on something that costs so much and is for a two-year membership. It simply doesn’t add up. 

Now we come onto Team National as a money-making opportunity for sales agents. I’d say: Steer clear. It’s a bit scammy too. 

You don’t get commission straight away. You have to keep making sales to make any money. You’ve gotta pay a fair whack to even be an agent and most of all: barely anyone is making any money with this. Are those enough reasons to NOT wanna join Team National as either a discount member OR a sales agent?! I think so. 

Now I don’t wanna rat out the entire Multi-Level Marketing industry. It gets a bad rap already. Many people think ANY MLM scheme is automatically a pyramid scheme. Again, it the product is good at the base of the pyramid, I don’t see a problem with different levels of marketing and agents making money off of it. The problem REALLY starts when the actual thing people are selling is a load of crap, but people are still pushing it anyway. 

So what’s my verdict? Steer clear of Team National. It is possible to make a bit of cash, but it’s not easy. You’ll also be promoting a product that simply isn’t that great. 

So you’ve read this entire article looking for a money making opportunity, and I’ve told you to avoid one? What next? Easy. You need to try something where you really can make money, and that’s what I’ve been doing with my own Local Lead Generation business. It’s legit, and it’s making me good money for a while now. Check it out. 

Find Out If It’s REALLY Time To Give Up Your Day Job With My Wealthy Affiliate Review

Don’t quit your day job just YET!…. Ok now you can.

When I first told my buddies I was quitting my “real” job because I’d started making actual money online (thanks mostly to my own Local Lead Generation hustle)—they thought I was crazy. Really crazy. Almost as crazy as that time I got thrown out into the street butt-naked (long story).

The real reason they were ribbing me was because they were jealous. That’s just something you’ve gotta get used to if you want to be successful. But then my bro Tom piped up in the corner—“Is that like that Wealthy Affiliate stuff?”

I was like wait, what? I had to do a double take.

You’ve heard of Wealthy Affiliate?

These guys had only just started using smart phones so I was shocked. My boy Rick doesn’t even know what Uber is. Yet here was Tom name-dropping an IM product.

That’s the thing with Wealthy Affiliate. Almost everyone has heard of it. If Tom has, you probably have too. But is it actually any good?

I decided I need to take a closer look. What is wealthy affiliate? I’m gonna tell you everything you need to know in this Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Wealthy Affiliate review

Ok, I know I said everyone has heard of Wealthy Affiliate. They haven’t, obviously. But it’s still pretty well-known in internet marketing circles. Especially if even Tom has heard of it.

But that’s the thing. He’d only heard of it. He didn’t really know about it.

If you typed “wealthy affiliate review” into Google to get to this page—you obviously want to know more. So let’s get started.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Let’s start with the claims. What does Wealthy Affiliate think it is?

These internet marketing guys tend to oversell a bit. It’s part of their business. Aim for the stars and be happy when you only reach the moon, right?

Well, yeah… but. People are getting tired of these kind of sales pitches. Everyone’s seen them before. That’s why I’m gonna cut through the bull with this review to find out if Wealthy Affiliate works for real people. Real people like Tom. And real people like you.

“A Platform Designed For Affiliate Marketers Of All Levels.” Great. That doesn’t tell us much does it?

So I jumped in and signed up to Wealthy Affiliate to see if it really works.

Look, I’ve already made money online—so I’ve got a bit of a head start. But what about guys like Tom? I decided to try and leave my knowledge at the door and see if Wealthy Affiliate works for normal people. Because that’s what they claim. They say it’s great for newbies to the IM game. They say you can build profitable websites in minutes and start making real money in days. But can you, can you really?

I’ll answer that and all your other questions in this review.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Ok, let’s deal with the elephant in the affiliate room first. There are tons of scams out there, especially in this business. I even fell for a couple when I was just starting out. I know! Don’t laugh. We all had to start somewhere.

It’s probably one of your first questions when you first hear about making money with Wealthy Affiliate. is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Well I’ve got a definitive answer for you…


Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. It’s as legit as they come in this game.

You can make money with it. But it isn’t going to be easy.

Boo! I see half you guys closing your browser right about now. You WANTED an easy ride. This isn’t for you. CYA!

Great, now we’ve got rid of those lazy guys—we can get down to business. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam, but it isn’t a get-rich-quick-scheme either. You gotta put the work in if you want to make real money online these days. Are you ready for it? Are you REALLY ready for it?

The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate can make things a LOT easier for IM newbies. There’s a ton of tools, info and coaching. All of it is designed to make things easier for you guys.

That’s the thing with Wealthy Affiliate. While they SAY they’re for everyone—they’re not. A Platform For Marketers At All Levels… Yeah Yeah. OK. They’re just trying to spread their net as far as possible.

The reality is—if you know a lot about affiliate marketing already and have already built a load of successful sites, then this site is NOT for you. But if you’re just starting out and need someone to hold your hand along the way… then Wealthy Affiliate does really work.

There’s a ton of info and lots to learn in your user panel.

How much can you make with Wealthy Affiliate?

Let’s jump straight into the nitty gritty. You wanna hear about the moolah. Don’t we all?

Well get this:

Within 4 months I was pulling in $1,000 a month. Great! Right? Sort of…

It took a lot of work to get there. I didn’t see anything for the first month. In fact, I was starting to think about giving up. But it’s only because I know how things go in this game that I kept persevering. Maybe if you’re really new to IM you might not stick at it like I did.

Click here for detailed stats.

So it doesn’t come easy. But we lost all those guys wanting a free ride at the door, right? You knew it wasn’t going to be easy. But you’re still here.

And Wealthy Affiliate really does have a ton of info. Almost TOO much.

Ok, you can never have too much info. That’s why you need to check out Wealthy Affiliate University. There’s so much training info you won’t know where to start. Especially if you’re new. Even I was a little daunted.

You can’t really complain about too much info, can you? Start absorbing it and Wealthy Affiliate University will give you a pretty comprehensive education in IM.

But without the frat parties. Bummer.

My earnings kept going up.

So is it really just for IM newbies?

I think that’s who stands to gain the most. But even I picked up a couple of tips along the way.

You can’t say no to some free info, can you?

Hold up a second.

Did I just say FREE?!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention…

You can get started at Wealthy Affiliate for NOTHING. Zip. Nada.

That’s less than the price of a… well, anything.

Yeah there’s a membership plan with loads more of the good stuff for $49 a month. Even that’s not much compared to some guys’ courses. But if you’re still living in a cardboard box or something—you can start learning without paying a single penny.

With Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership, you’ll get all this good stuff:

路 2 Websites (enough to get you started).

路 Your first 10 lessons. Woo!

路 Video walk-throughs

路 7 Days of live 1-on-1 coaching (this was really cool)

路 And more, more, more!

So Wealthy Affiliate is great for all those cheapskates who want to start without committing.

But hear this from me: you might need to stump up some change if you really wanna benefit from Wealthy Affiliate.

Those first 7 days are great, but that’s not enough if you’re still learning the affiliate game. And there’s actually loads more useful info in the training lessons AFTER the first free ones. You’ll also be able to make up to 50 websites instead of just two.

You can see why I went for the paid plan.

You do get 50 searches on the keyword tool with the free plan—but I didn’t really think this was enough. The $49 a month deal gives you unlimited. It helped me really start drilling down on some better keywords and niches.

You’ll also get loads more support. I actually didn’t find that I needed much, but maybe that’s because I had a harder time leaving my IM knowledge at the door than I thought I would. I can’t help having a sponge for a brain.

But I thought some of this stuff could really help those who are ACTUALLY new to internet marketing. And after all, what’s $49 a month in the grand scheme of things?

Remember, I had to throw up about 10 or so sites with Wealthy Affiliate before a couple of them took off. So if I’d have stuck to the free plan, it might never have worked.

Oh and did I mention that you’ll get double the payouts from the paid membership affiliate plan? I know right!

Me when I found out about double payouts

Are there any drawbacks to Wealthy Affiliate?

It’s not all good. Wealthy Affiliate is a great knowledgebase with tons of info. I already tried not to complain about there being TOO much info, but I can’t help it. It’s quite daunting when you get started.

One of Wealthy Affiliate’s biggest pros is the community. But it’s a bit… Let’s just say unmoderated. They could do with some help there. If you don’t like sifting through a fair bit of crap to get to the good stuff—it might not be for you. But there IS plenty of good stuff.

I also found it a bit hard to navigate the site, but this is probably down to personal preference. In other words, I’m picky.

But wait. What about Tom?

Yeah! Remember our boy Tom? After all—he’d actually HEARD of Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t ask me how, because he barely even knows how to check his email. I think one of his roommates was dabbling in a bit of IM to try and pay for weed. Living the dream, I know.

But then I realized. Tom knowing next to nothing about this stuff was actually huge. That meant we could actually use him as our own little guinea pig for this review. Instead of affiliate-marketing-pro-expert me checking this out (and modest)—I could see if it really works for the guys it’s really aimed at. Guys like Tom.

So I called Tom up and reminded him about Wealthy Affiliate. I nearly spat my coffee out when THIS TIME Tom didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. Come on, TOM! I’ve been repping you for weeks because you knew what Wealthy Affiliate was. Go figure.

“Oh yeah, right…. Wealthy Affiliate”.

Tom! Really?!

Anyway, a quick recap got him up to speed. He still didn’t really know what IM was. I think he thought it was something you get at the hospital.

But anyway, all this is good stuff. It made Tom a perfect guinea pig

So I cracked the whip and told him I’d double anything he made in a couple of months. I knew Tom wasn’t that motivated, and I knew he needed to be to make Wealthy Affiliate a success. So I told him I’d cover his shifts at the bar as well. He only did 3 a week. Easy. All this for a stupid review? I know right. You can thank me later.

So now Tom was on board. He got cracking. I called him up every couple of days to check how things were going.

For the first couple of weeks… things were going slowly. It took him a while to get to grips with the basics, but that’s cool. I think you’ll already be starting from a much better position than Tom did.

When he saw how much some other people in Wealthy Affiliate were making, he got a bit more into it.

He had a bit of a scattergun approach to picking niches, including some stuff he didn’t have a clue about. But he actually really enjoyed the one-on-one coaching sessions and live help. All the stuff I thought would be useful for him.

Tom had a bit of a wobble a few weeks in. He still hadn’t made any money. I was actually a bit busy with my own projects (and at the bar… yeah), so I wasn’t really around to give him a kick up the backside.

That’s where the one-on-one coaching (I call it hand-holding) really came into its own. Some OTHER guy gave Tom a kick up the ass. YES!

So he kept at it a bit longer.

(That’s actually one of the best things about Wealth Affiliate—the community. There are plenty of cool guys on it who actually enjoy helping people. They all help motivate eachother).

Then a few days later, I got a call. It was Tom.


He was super stoked. Tom got his first sale. It was $30.

That doesn’t sound much, but what it meant to Tom was worth far more than the money. It gave him the energy to carry on.

So how did Tom do? He absolutely killed it. After that first sale, things went from strength to strength.

Tom was starting to dream about taking his laptop (the new one he just paid for) to the beach somewhere. I think he said something about Maui. His mind was blown that he could just chill at home and listen to music while making money on the internet.

Tom now.

If Tom can do it—you can too.

Remember: it’s not gonna be easy.

Tom nearly gave up in the first few weeks. Even I struggled at the start too.

But after that, he was hungry for all the IM ideas he could find. Dude was devouring all the info I could throw at him. He even started paying attention to this other really cool gig I had going—my own Local Lead Generation business. That’s where you can actually make some real money. Local Lead Generation is great, you need to check it out if you’re serious about being successful in this game.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam. But it isn’t a get rich quick scheme either. You gotta put the work in. But you CAN make money with. And it’s great for those starting with little or no internet marketing knowledge.

I know I’ll recommend Wealthy Affiliate to the rest of my friends. Tom’s actual brother is trying it now too.

And Tom? He’s in Maui.