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Has anyone here heard of Jeunesse? I hadn’t, but my cousin Bob sure had.


Yeah, I was surprised when Bob told me about Jeunesse. You see, Bob kinda lived in a cave. He had hardly heard of anything these days. Uber? Nope. Deliveroo? Nope. AirBnB? Nada. But…….. Jeunesse? Why had he heard of them, but not some of the biggest companies on the planet?


You see, Bob wasn’t living in a REAL cave. He was living in a video game cave. Yeah. One of THOSE guys.


Call of Duty, League of Legends, Fortnite. One of THOSE guys. Believe me, he was far too old for this, crap, but he wouldn’t listen.


Thing is, Bob didn’t have a real job. He came into a bit of cash a few years ago and decided to throw in the towel on his mid-level management gig.


I didn’t blame him, I hate those cubicle-prisons as much as the next guy. That’s why I’ve recently been working real hard on a LEGIT way to make money and be my own boss at the same time. Local Lead Generation. More on that soon.


But back to Bob for a minute. So yeah, he’d come into this money. Instead of investing it wisely and setting it himself up for the rest of his life, he jacked in his job and played video games.



He was SUPER-addicted to those things. People thought he was a loser, but he didn’t care. He was even one of those guys that’d spend thousands on “In-Game” purchases. I didn’t really know WTF they were either, but they sure seemed like a MASSIVE waste of money to me.


Each to their own, right? You can’t judge how someone wants to live their life. Some of my other relatives sure were, but I’m not that kind of guy.


I mean his ma, my aunt—she was raging at him any time she could. He had his own place, so he managed to avoid that most of the time.


Why hadn’t he heard of AirBnB? He never went away.


Why hadn’t he heard of Uber? He barely left his video game cave.


Why hadn’t he heard of Deliveroo or Uber-Eats? This one might be a bit more of a surprise because he was CERTAINLY the type of guy who enjoyed his pizza and other take-outs. But he was lucky enough to live across the road from a couple of stores and had a few others on speed-dial. He was old-school like that.


The thing is, Bob had a bit of a problem. He was running out of cash.


Too many pizzas and in-game purchases.


He needed a real job.


The other problem was—Bob did NOT want a real job. The real world had kinda left him behind over the last few years.


So how had he heard of Jeunesse? He’d started researching ways to make some money as his own boss, and this was one of the ventures he’d landed.

Bob’s diet.


I was really sceptical about Jeunesse when I started doing a bit of research. If you want to know a bit more about it and whether it might be right for you. AND whether it was right for Bob, then keep reading this Jeunesse review so I can help you out.


Jeunesse Review


Let’s start with the basics. What even IS Jeunesse?


Jeunesse is a range of anti-ageing skincare products. There’s a LOT of hype around them.


Despite not being available in any of the big department stores. SOME people were saying this stuff is the best in the game. Do you believe these people? I didn’t.


But hey, I should stop being so judgmental, right? Let’s do a bit more research first.


I know you’re already starting to question Bob’s role in this. I was too, believe me.


Let’s put it this was, he was definitely NOT the poster boy for anti-ageing skincare.


He’d been playing video games and eating pizza in the dark for the last 5 years.


So WHY did Bob pick Jeunesse over all these other things he could have started promoting?


If he WANTED to get involved in a pyramid scheme (I’m not sure why that’d be anyone’s first choice)—there were loads of other ones.


He could even start promoting tech products. Better fit, right? Or even pizza.


But no, Bob was gonna be a Jeunesse sales rep.


Turns out he’d met someone in his Call of Duty clan that was pushing this stuff. They were a bit higher up in the pyramid and Bob and seen how they were able to quit their day-job too.


Okay, so happenstance happens. Hence the name. Bob was into Jeunesse. I still wasn’t sure this was the right fit. But it is what it is.


But what about Jeunesse itself? That’s what you’re really here for. You banged “Jeunesse scam” or ” Jeunesse review” into Google and ended up at this review. You could have done a lot worse. But you wanna know more. I got you.


You see, I was intrigued as well. The reality was, I still really liked Bob. Despite his many faults, I didn’t wanna see him get burned. So I decided to do a bit more digging into Jeunesse. Maybe you can check out this review so you don’t have to.


Let’s start with the products. That’s always a good place to start.


There’s one main product with Jeunesse, and that’s “Instantly Ageless”.


I tried some, and it did NOT make me instantly ageless.


Okay, you probably expected that.

Cool name, but was it any good in general?


This is not something I knew too much about. Neither did Bob.


But what I DID know about is pyramid schemes. Sorry. I meant to say “MLM Network”. I keep doing that.


Jeunesse was founded in 2009 by two people named Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.


They’ve got a range of products, with the Instantly Ageless cream being the flagship one. They also sell health supplements and more.


All good so far, right?


But what Bob and I soon found out was that the main way to make money wasn’t by selling these products like a normal affiliate, it was by hiring more sales reps to work under your.




The sirens were ringing at this point.


THAT’S how pyramid schemes work.


The people at the top make their money from the sales rep network rather than actually selling many, or any, products.


And what was Bob thinking at this point?


The trouble was, Bob isn’t really the type of guy that knows many potential skincare sales reps. He’s not the sort of guy who knows any.


To start selling stuff for Jeunesse you’ve gotta buy their $29.95 start kit. Boo!


I’ve worked for so many top affiliate networks and basically none of them make you buy stuff before you can promote stuff. But pyramid schemes? They basically all do.


That’s basically how they work.


So you get a starter website with the start kit which isn’t bad in itself. And I’ve seen a lot more expensive pyramids to get into, for sure.


You’ve also gotta pay about $20 a year to stay in the system. This is still A BIT fishy, but I’ve seen ones that are a LOT more expensive, believe me.


However, there’s one part of Jeunesse that makes them a fair bit better than most other pyramid schemes. You CAN be a wholesale customer and buy these products to sell on your own. This is decent, but the products are expensive.


As Bob soon found out, they were hard to sell, too.


I soon did a little research and found that the authorities were starting to come down hard on the claims that were being used to sell a number of these

Jeunesse products. Like, some of it was really NOT verifiable and nowhere near as good as you thought. You mean they AREN’T instantly ageless? What a surprise.


A lot of the sales rep teams are apparently promoting these products as miracle cures.


I knew that some of this came from top-down. But some might not have.


The problem was, pyramid networks like this always tend to create a load of people who’re desperate to sell the products. They bought into the hard-sell themselves, thought they were gonna be making loads of money, but soon realized they weren’t. A lot of them were even losing money.


This always creates desperate people. They aren’t all bad people, some are just in a bad place. But they will hype these products to try and sell them. They’re in a hole themselves, normally.


But that’s because in many MLM networks like this, the only real way to make money is by hiring more sales reps. You get a cut from their fees and move higher up the pyramid. That’s why the people at the top are making plenty of wedge. They get paid no matter what, even if no products are sold. They don’t even NEED any products. They just get money from the sales network. Those signup fees, remember?

So how was Bob doing with all this? Surprise surprise, Bob wasn’t making any money. In fact, Bob had lost enthusiasm for Jeunesse. He did start talking about a couple of other MLM schemes and I was worried he was gonna blow even more on them, but a serious chat made him get a bit of perspective.


You see, while Bob didn’t like Jeunesse or MLM marketing, he had started to enjoy getting out of the house a bit more. He had to, as he’d realized early on that selling Jeunesse over Call of Duty server chats was never gonna work. So he had at least STARTED to get out into the real world. And guess what? He liked it.


He still played the odd video game and ate a bit too much pizza. But things were getting better.


He’d finally realized he might have to go and get a real job. So he was getting out there and doing just that. Part-time, to start with. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.


And another positive was that he still had some money saved up from before. He hadn’t spent it ALL on beer, pizza and video games. Phew. Things were looking up for Bob, but his future wasn’t gonna be with Jeunesse.


He was interested in other ways to make money online alongside his real job. I told him about Local Lead Generation, which I’d been happy with for some time now. It’s a lot better than any of these pyramid schemes. I think Bob can make it a success, too.