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You may be wondering about your next move to earn money in a more stable way. Of course, there are people out there such as your friends who would tell you that you need to work so hard day and night.  

Here comes your relatives telling you that you should start a business of your own. In this manner, you would not be dependent on your monthly wage only.  

They try to emphasize that you can have more profit when you know how to handle a certain business. This is for those people who have courage and determination to start their journey.  

It is common now that most people would stay at home, yet they can still earn thousands of bucks per month. It can really make us feel jealous, but we don’t have any clues on how to do it. There are times that we tried to copy their plans and actions, but that wouldn’t give us the same results.  

Until you heard something about Kevin David. Of course, he offers different courses, but you are more interested in learning more about his AMZDFY course.  

You want to grasp this chance since you are desperate to earn the fruit of your labor.  

It is normal that we have questions in our mind. We tend to ask about the deeper advantage of taking that course. What would be my future after learning AMZDFY course of Kevin David.  

There are some that are afraid to take a risk because they haven’t heard the name Kevin David yet. Others may think that he is a scammer, and his courses are just scams.  

Naturally, we ask ourselves whether this one is going to be a legit course that we can take. We tend to have doubts because of the previous courses we had in the past but didn’t give us the best benefits after taking those courses.  

Is AMZDFY a scam that we should avoid? Is this another promotional trick to get money from our pockets? Is this going to give us a good investment?   

Those are some of the questions that we are going to answer in this review. 


What is AMZDFY Program? 

The AMZDFY program that Kevin offers is not a training course that others may have a different conclusion but rather a business mentoring program. 

However, there are a few key differences between this one and many other mentoring courses and programs. 

The education offered by Kevin is more analogous to a year-long Kickstarter campaign, during which you have the option to participate as actively as you wish or to take a back seat and let the team manage everything. 

First and foremost, Kevin and David Arnett, the other co-founder of AMZDFY, undertake all the work on your behalf. This includes locating and contacting potential suppliers, preparing your products for storage in Kevin’s warehouses, and sending those warehoused products to various consumers. 

After you have paid them an up-front charge, which is typically quite pricey, they will handle everything else for you. 

In addition, you won’t be acquiring your stock from a single manufacturer; rather, you’ll be able to obtain products from a variety of vendors, and they’ll assist you in finding competitive prices for their wares. 


Who is Behind AMZDFY Program? 

Kevin David is known as a businessman. When he was only 14 years old, he launched his first company, which sold baseball cards. 

Following that, he tried his hand at the 9 to 5 lifestyle by becoming an accountant, but he quickly recognized that it wasn’t the path for him. 

Because he desired independence from his financial obligations, he made the decision to investigate opportunities to earn money online. 

Since there was less competition on the platform in 2015, when he started selling things on Amazon, Kevin was able to make enough money to be able to quit his job. He began selling products on Amazon in 2015. 

Since that time, he has discovered many ways to build up his income via the internet through the sale of courses and the development of software services under the brand name ZonBase. 

Additionally, Kevin is the founder of AMZDFY and Amazon FBA Ninja, both of which provide instruction on how to utilize Amazon FBA to generate income online. It is common knowledge that he generates sales worth millions of dollars each month on the platform provided by Amazon alone. 

In addition to that, he maintains a YouTube channel that has more than 1.30 million subscribers. 

Kevin David has already acquired a wealth that is estimated to be worth $20 million, despite the fact that he is still fairly young. 


He did not receive money as an inheritance from his affluent parents or as a prize in a lottery. In point of fact, David put in two years of hard labor earning less than $30,000 annually so that he could get his firm off the start. 

What was it that made him such a success in the business world? The simple response involves a lot of effort. David, who is only 25 years old, has already amassed a fortune worth multiple millions of dollars through his job in marketing. 

He is the owner and operator of a digital marketing service that assists businesses in developing and publishing marketing campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. 

Presently, he shares his knowledge with others through the creation of online training courses as well as the provision of advice pertaining to affiliate marketing. 


What Do You Need to Know About AMZDFY Program? 

This kind of program will help you in many ways. It can actually find you the product that you need. Another thing about this one is that it can negotiate the overall cost as well. It has a system that it can pay the fees on Amazon, the shipping and delivery, and even the inventory of the product.  

After receiving payment from you, Kevin and David (his partner in creating AMZDFY), along with their staff, will establish and manage an Amazon FBA business on your behalf. 

In addition, you will not be storing products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers; rather, you will be storing things in Kevin David’s warehouses. This change will take effect immediately. 

Additionally, these two collaborate with a variety of brands to secure competitive pricing for a wide range of goods, although they require advance purchases of stock. This is one of the reasons why it is expensive.  

Simply said, this is how AMZDFY operates behind the scenes. But before you get started with this program, there are a few things about it that are essential for you to understand. 


Is AMZDFY Program Affordable? 

AMZDFY offers a variety of distinct packages, each of which can be purchased for a different price. The contents of each bundle are detailed below. 

The first bundle is known as Amazon FBA Automation Emerald, and it has a price tag of thirty thousand dollars. 

The next level of automation is the Semi-Automation package, which may be purchased for $10,000. 

The Amazon Done with You Silver bundle comes with a price tag of $5,000 and is the third option available. 

You now have a further choice available to you if you belong to the Emerald membership tier. 

After the termination of your Emerald Launch service, Kevin and his staff will go on operating your company as usual. 

In order for Kevin to continue managing your company, you are required to pay either $500 or thirty percent of their profits, whichever amount is greater. 


Is There Any Refund on This Program? 

The fact that there is a policy of NO REFUNDS, as stated in their Terms of Service, indicates that you should give serious consideration to the decision before spending a significant amount of money on such program. 

 You can see that it is highly expensive, and if this enterprise is unsuccessful, you stand to lose a significant amount of money. 

Therefore, think carefully before making any investments. 


What Structures Does AMZDFY Program Have? 

The AMZDFY mentorship program uses a structure with three stages, which are as follows: 

  1. Carry out research on your product: During this stage of the AMZDFY process, the team will carry out in-depth research on a product that you intend to sell on Amazon. They will examine the levels of competition in the industry as well as the prices of products that are comparable to yours. When more resources are invested into a product, there is a greater possibility that it will be profitable.
  2. Locate a supplier: Kevin and David are the go-to guys for this aspect of the business because of their skill in locating suppliers.
  3. Acquire your products: After you have decided on a product, Kevin and David will put you in contact with one of their suppliers so that you can purchase your products at wholesale costs. After they have obtained the products, they will transport them to their warehouses, where they will package and ship them for you in addition to taking care of everything else that has to be done.


Who Can Take AMZDFY Program? 

AMZDFY is best suited for individuals who are thinking about handing over the reins of their whole business operation to Kevin David and David Arnett, if only in an ideal world. 

Because of the significant financial commitment that is necessary to complete this program, it is best suited for individuals who are in a position to take on such a burden. 

 Bear in mind that the only folks I would consider recommending this eCommerce program to are those who already have some level of success with this type of company strategy. 

These kinds of do-it-yourself systems are not appropriate for beginners at all. 


GOOD Points of AMZDFY Program 

The Owners Are Both Highly Successful Businessmen 

AMZDFY was started by two individuals who have already established themselves as successful sellers on Amazon. 

Both of them are worth many millions of dollars and are famous in their fields as marketers. 

There are advantages to having someone manage your Amazon business on your behalf. 

Every Little Thing Is Managed of for You Here 

Kevin and David are the ones in charge of the system, and as you are already aware, they are the ones doing all of the laborious work on your behalf. 

What you need to do is to buy the AMZDFY program, talk to them, agree to their terms, and cross your fingers that everything works out for the best. 

Personally, I’m not a fan of done-for-you systems, but in certain exceptional circumstances, I can see how they might be useful. 


CONS About AMZDFY Program? 

30 percent as their profit 

According to information provided by Sellercentral Amazon, a user is only permitted one account on Amazon, regardless of whether or not they have a valid reason to create more accounts. 

To put it another way, you are only allowed a maximum of two Seller Accounts on Amazon. 

AMZDFY was created with the intention of allowing Kevin and David to simultaneously manage many accounts in a variety of specialized areas. 

Because of this, they will select the products for you and then deduct 30 percent of the profit margin from your overall sales. 

In addition, despite the fact that there are just two of them, they are able to extend themselves throughout four different specialized markers by utilizing Amazon FBA. This is the key reason why they are prepared to do everything for you. 

Additionally, they want to sell their wares through your Amazon Seller accounts so that they can simultaneously operate in a variety of distinct specialized markets and reduce the overall risks associated with the transaction. 

You Are Responsible for Any and All Risks 

You should keep in mind that Kev and David have suggested a product for you to sell. On the other hand, you shouldn’t count on making any money off of those things at all. 

You need to realize that they won’t be the ones suffering a significant financial setback if you don’t succeed in selling your stuff. 

Additionally, the thirty percent reduction is considered an additional income for them. Not only that, but it will be difficult for you to recoup the money that you put here even if you are successful in selling a product. 


Is AMZDFY Program of Kevin David a Scam? 

AMZDFY is not a scam service or program.  

As you’ve seen, it is quite pricey, and it is possible that this is the priciest Done For You system that I have ever come across. 

Not only that, but the reason why I do not advise this to you is because you do not have any control over your business, and you do not know how much money you will be making from it. 

People like Kevin and David both have a lot of success, but the way the system operates and the amount of money it will cost you is not worth it. 

In addition, investing more than $40,000 in a system is fraught with peril because, in the event that the system fails, you stand to lose a significant amount of cash 

The fact that you are not required to perform every single task is one of the system’s many positive aspects. In the end, they are the ones responsible for it. 

To reiterate, it is not worthwhile to put money into a system that offers no assurance that you will be successful if you choose to invest in it. 

For this reason, it is my recommendation that you look for a more suitable option to invest your money in a system that is effective and, of course, that you look for a system that does not cost a great deal of money. 

There is a wide variety of enterprises, systems, and educational programs available today that are deserving of financial backing. 

However, prior to making any investments, it is imperative that you carry out adequate research to determine whether or not the company in question is legitimate. Failing to do so could result in the loss of your hard-earned cash. 



If you are hesitant to try AMZDFY program offered by Kevin David, then you can find a good alternative. There are plenty of courses and programs that you can find on the internet.  

One of them is the Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System. Try to check out Ryno Inc’s system. It’s good for beginners and for those people who want to learn more about starting their online career.