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Others may find it exciting and interesting to try their luck when it comes to the different affiliate marketing strategies that they can see on the internet. They tend to believe easily because money is involved here.  

There are others that gave up because they couldn’t see any progress. There are some that tried hard to know the rules and learn how to play the game of affiliate marketing.  

It can be true for many that learning e-mail marketing is daunting and difficult to understand. You will need someone who is an expert in this field to help you with the basics and complex parts of creating an e-mail list.  

It is normal that you would think about the subscribers that you need to achieve. It is not a joke once you get into this kind of industry.  

You will understand the importance of making a specific list for the different websites. Once you have the abilities, you will understand deeper that it can help you with your income, especially that it can truly increase by at least 30 percent of your current number.  

Others complained that they can’t feel it. There are tendencies that they are doing it in the wrong way. There could be some parts that they didn’t follow. It might be the source or the video that they have watched. There could be something wrong with the sequence or the ideas of it.  

One of the most famous email list building courses is the one from Igor Kheifets. He named that one as 301K Challenge.  

For those who don’t know him, this is your chance to get to know more about his course. We can navigate and try to understand deeper where he got this idea.  

We can try to answer those questions that bothered you. Maybe we can make 1000 dollars in 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) by learning this one thoroughly.  

This review will also help you to decide whether you can try to learn his videos and courses online. This can give you an initial and partial review of the entire course.  



What is 301K Challenge Course? 

Igor Kheifet is the founder of the 301K Challenge, which is an online program for affiliate marketing. He shows how to begin creating your first affiliate campaign and how to make your first income within the span of 30 days of beginning your first affiliate venture. 

If you are going to take the course, then you would know that there are 30 lessons in this course. It will guarantee that you can understand the course because of the step-by-step method that he used here. He tried to make it simpler for you to start and have experience in affiliate marketing business.  

You will have the chance to get to know more of the different things such as the following ideas and concepts:  

-Choosing which affiliate can promote and be part of your affiliate 

-The different sources that you can use to create traffic 

-Steps in building the landing pages 

-Tips in making it more profitable 

-Promoting multiple and different offers 

-Skipping the possible guesswork 

-Tracking the different campaigns 

-Getting to know more of the different affiliates and network that you can work with 

-Ways to receive payment 

-How to be well-paid 

Others may think that this is a form of scam because it is a bit impossible to earn and get your commission in just one month as it was promised.  

If you have experienced others, then you might conclude that this can be another form of scam because it is nearly impossible for you to experience those good benefits.  

Even if we say that Igor’s course is detailed, you may still experience problems understanding the concept of it. That is natural as even other courses would be the same. You should also know the possible mistakes and issues that you really need to face once you generate traffic to the different websites.  

It is normal as well to take at least six months before you can get to know deeper a course. This review won’t discourage you from taking the course. It is just that it takes time before you can master something.  

It can be possible with your determination and comprehensive understanding of the course.  


Who is Igor Kheifet of  301K Challenge Course? 

Igor Kheifets is a highly regarded affiliate marketer that is well-known in this and other industries. He was born in Israel but has since made Toronto, Ontario, his permanent home.  

He considers himself a “super-affiliate” due to his expertise in affiliate marketing, which he practices primarily through email campaigns and for which he is best known. 

Using simple and clear landing sites and email marketing campaigns and services, he educates others on how to launch an affiliate marketing business. Blogging for beginners, SEO concepts, Facebook ads and methods, and even Google advertisements are not among the topics he teaches. 

Igor began his venture into affiliate marketing the usual way by attempting to establish a website, using Facebook advertisements, and other techniques; however, he was unsuccessful with all of these concepts.  

Email marketing helped him quickly make his first sale through Clickbank, and that didn’t take long for him to learn and generate his income. 

Some are curious about the level of his success. In the course of his work as an affiliate for various private companies, he has generated more than $24,000 in sales only. A monthly recurring commission from the sale of software goods is another source of income for him. Some of these passive commissions bring in more than one thousand dollars per month on an ongoing basis. 

What is the Price of 301K Challenge Course? 

The price of the 301K Challenge is $197. This payment only needs to be made once so it means it is just like a one-time payment only. No other fees that you need to pay. The training comes with a 30-day refund period in case you are not satisfied, which means that if you are not happy with it, you may get your money back in full amount with no further explanation needed to be made here. You just need to contact customer service.  

There are times that we change our mind, and we don’t need it anymore. We can simply call their hotline and customer care will just process things for you. They won’t ask for your reasons or why you are asking for a refund.  


Can You Have Income with 301K Challenge? 

During the course of my review, I came across several examples of honest people who had achieved success. There is no question that if you put in the effort, you will start to see results sooner rather than later. 

The length of time required will tell your success. It is important that you know how to manage your time well. It will give you a decent answer when you can become a successful one.  

You can watch some videos online on how they make it. This can be an interesting part as you need to inspire yourself and be motivated as well.  

It’s possible that some efforts won’t succeed, but others could end up being highly effective. It’s all about putting the successful affiliate marketing strategies through their pace and then expanding them up. 

It is always positive that when we put our effort and self into this kind of learning, we can achieve something that we want.  


Who Can Learn 301K Challenge Course? 

Affiliate marketing is a model or an example of doing business that can be learned by anyone and led to financial success by anyone. Affiliate marketing and the 301K Challenge are two good examples that can be started with very little experience. 

You also don’t need to have an idea or knowledge before making it into this kind of industry. The most important part here is that you are willing to learn and help yourself.  

I can say that this course is helpful for someone who has no prior experience and knowledge and wants to start learning affiliate marketing from the very basic of it to the most complex part of affiliate marketing. Also, appropriate and recommended for those people with more experienced marketers who are interested in expanding their knowledge of email marketing and different strategies.  


What Can You Learn from 301K Challenge Course? 

Despite its being advertised as a 30-day course, you will indeed take courses and coursework for a total of 33 days (about 1 month), in addition to receiving and learning some helpful bonuses. 

You will find a list of the topics that you will cover each day below. Although there are multiple lessons on each day, I will only describe the theme so that you can get an overall picture of what will be covered. 

Day 1: Affiliate Marketing Basics and Knowing Ways to Make Money Using Internet 

Day 2: Getting A Domain and Creating It Like Your Personal Name 

Day 3: Professional Email Address Setup 

Day 4: Finding High-Converting Offers Using JVZoo Affiliate Marketplace 

Day 5: Finding High-Converting Offers Using Clickbank Affiliate Marketplace 

Day 6: Finding High-Converting Offers Using WarriorPlys Affiliate Marketplace 

Day 7: Click Tracking and Ways to Set Up 

Day 8: Email Autoresponder Using 30-Day Trial Period 

Day 9: Beginner-Friendly Landing Page  

Day 10: Content for Your Presell Page 

Day 11: How to Create or Make Your Bridge Page or Presell Page 

Day 12: How to Make More Sales Using Affiliate Bonuses 

Day 13: How to Setup Your Lead Capture Page 

Day 14: Automated Follow-Up and Ways to Create It 

Day 15: Emails for Your 4-Part Sequence (Part 1) 

Day 16: Emails for Your 4-Part Sequence (Part 2) 

Day 17: Uploading Emails Using Autoresponders 

Day 18: Uploading Emails (Remaining Ones) 

Day 19: How To Drive Traffic for Your Affiliate Marketing Business 

Day 20: #1 Traffic Source For Beginners 

Day 21: Smart Tracking Link 

Day 22: Recommended Ad Spots 

Day 23: Recommended Ad Spots and Ways to Buy from Tested Providers 

Day 24: How To Research Ad Sources using Marketplace 

Day 25: Analyzing Results (First part) 

Day 26: Analyzing Results (Second part) 

Day 27: Segmenting Buyers 

Day 28: Analyzing Your Email List and Making It Clean 

Day 29: Your Building Your Email List. Now What? 

Day 30: Running the Next Affiliate Promotion (First Part) 

Day 31: Running the Next Afilliate Promotion (Second Part) 

Day 32: Running the Next Promotion (Third part) 

Day 33: What to Do Next 

It also says there that these are the things that you will get from purchasing that course:  

-Step-By-Step Training 

-1-Click Install Done-For-You Affiliate Funnel – Value Claimed to be $9,997  

-Fill-In-The-Blanks Affiliate Emails – Value Claimed to be $3,564  

-Same-Day Email Support – Value Claimed to be $18,000  

-Free Lifetime Updates – Value Claimed to be $997  

-“Best Offers To Promote” Rolodex – Value Claimed to be $1,997  

-Email Autoresponder Fast-Start – Value Claimed to be $297  

-“Passive Income Machine” Training – Value Claimed to be $2,997  

-Igor’s Secret Automated Traffic Rolodex – Value Claimed to be $2,997  


Pros and Cons of 301K Challenge Course? 


-Refund your money within 30 days after your purchased 

-Helpful Steps and Comprehensive Training for Beginners 

-The creator of the course is trusted and successful 

-You can read positive and engaging reviews 

-Many of the testimonials say that this is cheaper than other courses with the same content 

-Customer Service and Support is Highly commendable 



-You need to pay for the traffic 

-There are some additional costs that you need to prepare 

-It a bit impossible to be trained and learned many important things in just 30 minutes per day 


Is 301K Challenge a Scam Course? 

The 301K Challenge is not a fraud at all. It is a real and legitimate training course that was developed by a person who is successful in internet marketing. 

If you follow the instructions, you will definitely receive results, and there is no question that you will acquire significant new understandings from this training. There is also a money-back guarantee for a period of thirty days, so there is nothing to lose by trying it. 

In addition, while I was conducting my investigation, I did not come across any adverse comments or concerns. That is encouraging news! 

You can purchase the 301K Challenge if you are willing to commit and be ready for the necessary amount of time (except if you have other jobs to consider), effort, and money, as well as the determination to put what you learn from this course into practice. 

However, you should know and be aware as well that there are options that can be far better than 301K Challenge. It seems difficult to give an instant recommendation unless you are eager to find them online 




Final Takeaway About 301K Challenge Course? 

Is it possible to earn money in just 30 days? The answer is a BIG YES. The next question here is if this one will give you earnings of around 1000 dollars, then that would be hard to answer. That is possible if you are determined to learn the course.  

It could also be about your experience and the time that you are willing to spend learning the course every day.  

We are always attracted to those ads that we can earn a lot of money in just a couple of weeks only. It is possible, but we need to be realistic with our goals.  

If you are eager to start your journey, then you can consider learning more about affiliate marketing. Try to check out Ryno Inc’s system as it will give the best way as well teach you more things about affiliate marketing and some great strategies for beginners.