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Audiobook Income Academy Review: Can this course help you achieve financial freedom?

Have you ever imagined what your life would be if you had financial freedom?

Well, that was me a couple of years ago when I was working a 9-5 job. I couldn’t even focus on my work because I was always daydreaming about having financial freedom.

That was until I realized that what I was doing was bad. I said to myself, “I shouldn’t imagine these kinds of things; I should thrive to achieve them!” You might as well take a look at our Phil Pustejovsky’s Freedom Mentor Course review, while you’re at it pondering.

I started looking for ways to earn more money, and during my search, I discovered something that promised to help me achieve want I wanted – Audiobook Income Academy.

Audiobook Income Academy (AIA) is a course that promises to help you achieve financial freedom through passive income. But does it really work? Is it a scam?

In this Audiobook Income Academy review, we will take a closer look at the program and see if it can help you generate residual income from audiobooks.

Audiobook Income Academy Review

Audiobook Income logo

Audiobook Income Academy Review

Audio Book Income Academy is a course created by the Mikkelsen Twins: entrepreneurs and self-publishing experts.

The course is designed to help you create and sell audiobooks on platforms like Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

It also comes with a number of bonuses, including a step-by-step guide to creating your first audiobook, a list of over 100 book ideas that are guaranteed to sell, and lifetime access to the Audiobook Income Facebook group.

Are Audiobooks Profitable?

Audiobooks are a fantastic way to make a bit of extra money. By recording yourself reading a book, you can sell the audiobook online and keep all of the profits! Audiobooks are also a great way to promote your other products and services.

By including a link to your website or blog in the description of the audiobook, you can generate some additional traffic. And if you’re really looking to give your business a boost, you can even create an audiobook version of your best-selling product!

So, whether you’re looking to make a quick buck or give your business a boost, creating an audiobook is a great way to do it.

What is Audiobook Income Academy?

Audiobook Income Academy is a course that promises to teach you how to make money by creating and selling audiobooks on sites like Audible and iTunes.

Sounds easy, right? Well, if you don’t know what you’re doing, then this money-making approach is a bit challenging.

The course is created by two entrepreneurs, the Mikkelsen Twins, who have a lot of years of experience in the publishing industry.

Audiobook Income Academy claims that anyone can make money with their system, regardless of experience or skill level. This is what attracted me to this course.

For those who don’t know, I’m just a regular dude. I don’t have extensive knowledge when it comes to these things.

So, when the course told me that I could make money using their system without having the skills or experience, I knew I shouldn’t waste this opportunity.

The course includes over 40 hours of video content, as well as PDFs and Audiobooks. I’ve been following Jordan and Jesse for a while, and I have to say that I’m impressed with their knowledge and experience.

Is Audiobook Income Academy a Scam?

Audiobook Income Academy Review: Scam or Legit?

As mentioned earlier, the course promises to teach you how to make money by narrating audiobooks.

Audiobook narration is a popular way to make some extra cash, but is Audiobook Income Academy a scam?

Keep in mind that I don’t have a lot of money. That is why I’m super meticulous when it comes to joining programs that cost money.

Obviously, I don’t want to spend my hard-earned savings on a scammer.

I did some research and found that the course is actually legitimate. Two experienced Audiobook narrators created it, and they really do know their stuff.

The course is very comprehensive, and it walks you through everything you need to know to start making money as an Audiobook narrator.

So, to make things simple, Audiobook Income Academy is not a scam. It’s a real course that will teach you some tips and tricks on how to earn money through this system.

What Is Inside Audiobook Academy?

In this Audiobook Academy Review, I’m also going to share with you what’s inside the course. With this, you won’t have to purchase the course just to know what you’ll get in it.

Inside the program, you will find a 7-module course that will teach you every single thing you need to know about how to make money by publishing on Amazon.

If you want to expand outside of Amazon, you’re in luck. There is a supplementary course that will teach you how to expand and approach other platforms for increased revenue and exposure.

Aside from the modules, you’ll also have access to a private Facebook group where all other students might share resources.

You will also get 21 templates, Done-for-You Materials, and four 1-on-1 calls with a coach. Every Monday, you can join a weekly live group session.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you want to enroll in the Audiobook Income Academy, you should be ready to spend around $1,497.

If you think this price is too expensive, don’t worry. Audiobook Income Academy offers a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, you’ve got a 180-day period to make a profit. If you don’t earn anything, you will get your money back.

However, you will have to meet the following conditions:

  • You have to finish all the video lessons featured in the course
  • You have to attend at least 2 one-on-one coaching call sessions
  • You have to post at least 1 audiobook and have it live on Audible

If you’ve met all of these conditions and you still have not earned a profit on audiobook sales within 180 days, the course will give you a complete refund.

Who is the Course For?

The Audiobook Income Academy is for people who are interested in launching an online business that does not necessarily have to be a normal eCommerce business.

In terms of creating your audiobook, there is some upfront work to do. So, you have to keep this in mind. However, you can also hire people to do the hard work for you.

How Can You Make Money with Audiobook Income Academy?

You’ve got to follow the steps to make money with Audiobook Income Academy:

  • Search for best-selling titles on Audible
  • Hire a ghostwriter to write a book on that subject
  • Pay a freelancer to create a cover for the book
  • Hire a narrator
  • List the finished product on Audible
  • Curate reviews
  • Create bundles of audiobooks
  • List on other channels

Sound super easy, right? Well, that is not the case. This is particularly true if you’ve got no idea what you’re doing.

This is where Audiobook Income Academy comes in. In each step, the course will teach you several tips and tricks to make your life easier.

For example, the first step is to look for best-selling titles, right? However, how do you know if it’s the right title to make an audiobook?

Audiobook Income Academy will share with you the methods and strategies that will help you find the perfect title.

How Long Does It Take to Make Money?

If you want to make any money on Audible, it could take weeks to months. This depends on how much you spend on creating the audiobook.

This is where I got discouraged with the course.

The Mikkelsen twins make it appear like this business model will help you make money overnight. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it sounds.

While the market is less saturated than physical products, your book will still require time to rank either through paid ads or organically.

This begins with the approval process. Usually, it will take around 4 to 6 days. Before this, your audiobook won’t even show up.

Next, it takes around 30 days for Amazon to pay you anything. It also takes 7 to 10 days for Amazon to send promotional codes.

After that, you will have to send these codes to reviewers, wait for the reviews to arrive, and wait even longer for positive reviews to affect your book’s promotion.

What I Like About the Audiobook Income Academy

  • Good Refund Policy

This course has perhaps one of the best refund policies you’ll find online. Remember, if you don’t make a profit within 180 days, you can get your money back.

  • The Course is Easy to Use and Has More Than 40 Hours of Content

I’m going to give the authors of this course credit for the way it’s laid out and set up. It’s quite easy to follow. In addition to that, the UI is easy to navigate and simple.

Furthermore, I am also amazed that they managed to place more than 40 hours of content in the training videos.

Personally, I think that this is the right amount of content. It does not overwhelm users. However, it also does not leave them feeling short.

  • Private Facebook Group

When buying a course online, one of the biggest benefits is that you will get access to a community full of other students.

So, what’s great about having a private community? Well, you’ll get the chance to talk with other students. You can get advice, tips, and pure motivation by simply hanging out with them.

This can be extremely powerful. This is particularly true if you can learn and share ideas with students that are more successful.

  • Group Calls

Group calls are the ones where you can talk with the authors of the course: the Mikkelsen twins. These calls are usually 2 hours long. They occur every Monday.

Every member of the program will be there. During this period, you can ask questions so experts in the industry can answer you.

What I Hate About the Audiobook Income Academy

  • Difficult Business Model

There are tons of other ways to make money online. Unfortunately, creating and selling an audiobook is one of the most challenging methods.

There are a lot of other easier ways to create a full-time income, and I’ll share them below.

  • It’s Very Expensive

For this type of training program, $1,497 is a lot to pay. This is particularly true if you’re broke like me.

Of course, there’s a refund policy that will back you up in case you don’t like it. However, you’ll have to stick with it for 180 days to get your money back.

Get your money back easily when enrolling in this course

So, Should You Buy This Course?

I know this article is getting very long. What can I say? I like sharing things with you. Anyhow, it’s time to wrap this up.

If you’ve reached this part of the article, then you probably want to know whether or not you should spend your hard-earned money on the Audiobook Income Academy course.

Perhaps you want to invest it in something else. I get it. I had the same thoughts when I was considering joining this course.

So, to end this course…

This training isn’t bad. It has the fundamentals that might work if you work hard enough.

Also, I think that the Mikkelsen twins have helped tons of students make more passive income. You might see people call this the Mikkelsen twins’ scam. However, that is not the case.

So, should you buy the course? Personally, my answer is no.

I don’t recommend this program. I am simply not convinced that it’s a sustainable business model. Since the course is getting more and more popular, the industry might become extremely competitive down the line.

There’s even a possibility that the business model is already supersaturated.

So, I recommend that you skip this course; you might want to find another business model that will help you earn money.

An Alternative to Audiobook Income Academy

Unlike Audiobook Income Academy, Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System (RAES) is a business model that will guarantee 100% help you earn passive income.

I mentioned at the start of this article that I wanted to achieve financial freedom, right? Well, I’m happy to share with you that I did finally achieve it.

The RAES system helped me quit my 9-5 job and move full-time online. Today, I travel the world and work whenever I want to.

If you want to change your life completely and achieve the financial freedom that you’ve always wanted, check out Ryno Inc’s System.


Mayo Communications Aleric Heck Review- Is His AdOutreach Worthy of Your Time?

We want to be financially free from debts and loans. Others would like to have the freedom to do whatever they want. It is hard for an ordinary person to have both, especially since they don’t know where to start having their FREEDOM.  

We want to be the ones controlling our time. We can plan things accordingly.  

When you have time for freedom, you can also try to maximize things. You will be able to achieve your much-awaited financial freedom. It means you can control your earnings, money, future finances, and budget instead of being handled by THOSE PEOPLE. You have to free yourself.  



What Is AdOutreach? 

AdOutreach is an online advertising service that helps businesses reach their target audiences. By targeting potential customers based on their interests, AdOutreach ensures that companies can advertise to those most likely to be interested in what they offer.  

This helps businesses save money by only advertising to those interested in what they have to offer, rather than advertising to a broader audience and hoping that some of those people will be interested. 

AdOutreach is a cost-effective way for businesses to reach their target audiences, and it is a service that businesses of all sizes can use. AdOutreach is easy to use and set up, and it provides businesses with a way to target their advertising efforts so that they are more likely to succeed. 

AdOutreach can help you reach your target audience and save money on your advertising budget if you are a business owner.  



Who Is Aleric Heck? 

Aleric Heck is the founder and CEO of AdOutreach, a digital marketing agency specializing in helping businesses with their online advertising.  

He has over ten years of experience in online marketing and has helped thousands of businesses grow their online presence. 

Heck started his career as a web designer and developer but soon realized he was passionate about online marketing. He started his agency in 2009 and has grown it into a successful business.  

He is a thought leader in the industry and is always looking for new ways to help businesses grow their online presence. 

Heck is a University of California, Berkeley graduate and currently resides in San Francisco, CA. 

If you are looking for someone to help you with your online advertising, Aleric Heck is the person you want to talk to. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry and can help you grow your business online.  



What Is the Concept of AdOutreach? 

AdOutreach is a marketing concept that is based on the idea of reaching out to potential customers through advertising. The goal of AdOutreach is to create awareness about a company or product and ultimately generate sales. 

Advertising executive Andrew Morgan created the AdOutreach concept in the early 2000s. Morgan came up with the idea while working on a project for a client who wanted to reach out to potential customers in a new way. 

Morgan realized that traditional advertising was no longer as effective as it once was and that a new approach was needed. He came up with the idea of using ad space on websites and in email newsletters to reach potential customers. 

AdOutreach has since become a successful marketing tool for many companies. It is an effective way to reach out to potential customers who may not be reached through traditional methods. 



How Does AdOutreach Work? 

AdOutreach is a tool that allows you to connect with influencers in your niche. It will enable you to search for influencers based on keywords and provide you with contact information and tools to reach out to them.  

Others may ask, which is a benefit of advertising online?  

Once you’ve connected with an influencer, you can work with them to promote your product or service.  

AdOutreach makes it easy to find and connect with influencers and get the most out of your relationships with them. 



Who Can Try AdOutreach? 

AdOutreach is a tool that helps businesses and individuals alike to create, manage, and track their digital advertising campaigns. Anyone can try AdOutreach if they feel it could help them save time and money on their marketing efforts.  

The software is free for 14 days, and there are no credit card requirements. After the trial period, users can choose to pay for the service monthly or yearly.  

AdOutreach offers a variety of features that make it an attractive option for those looking to get the most out of their digital marketing campaigns.  

With outreach, users can create and manage multiple campaigns, track their results, and optimize their ad spend. The software also includes features such as split testing and custom reporting.  

AdOutreach is an excellent option for those who want to save time and money on digital marketing campaigns. 



Is AdOutreach for Everyone? 

AdOutreach is a tool that people of all ages can use.  

Whether you’re a young adult just starting in your career or an experienced professional, AdOutreach can help you get the most out of your advertising campaigns.  

AdOutreach is easy to use and can be customized to fit your needs, so it’s perfect for people of all experience levels.  

If you’re looking for a tool to help you get the most out of your advertising campaigns, AdOutreach is a perfect choice. You can also check the different AdOutreach reviews so you can compare this course to the rest.  



Pros and Cons of AdOutreach 

There are both pros and cons to using AdOutreach.  

Some of the positive aspects include being able to reach a larger audience with your message, as well as having more control over the timing and placement of your ads.  

Additionally, AdOutreach can be more cost-effective than other advertising methods. 

However, there are also some potential drawbacks to AdOutreach. For example, if your ads are not well-targeted, they may be less effective than other forms of advertising.  

Additionally, AdOutreach can be time-consuming to set up and manage, and it may require a significant upfront investment. 

Whether or not AdOutreach is right for your business will depend on your specific needs and goals. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to reach a large audience with your message, AdOutreach may be a good option.  

However, if you seek more targeted advertising or want to avoid a significant upfront investment, you may consider other options. You may want to see the main difference between the concept of this one to Amazon advertising strategy. 



Is AdOutreach Legit? 

AdOutreach is a popular online advertising platform that connects businesses with potential customers. AdOutreach has been growing in popularity recently as more companies look for ways to reach new customers online.  

However, some people have raised questions about whether AdOutreach is legitimate. 

There are a few key points to consider when evaluating whether AdOutreach is legitimate. First, it is essential to look at the company’s track record.  

AdOutreach has been in business since 2012 and has a good reputation among companies that use its platform. Second, it is worth considering the fees that AdOutreach charges for its services.  

While the company charges businesses for its services, these fees are generally considered reasonable.  

Finally, it is worth looking at the customer service that AdOutreach provides.  

The company has a team of customer service representatives who are available to help businesses with any questions or concerns they may have. 

Overall, AdOutreach is a legitimate company that provides a valuable service to businesses. However, doing your research is vital to ensure that AdOutreach is the right fit for your business. 



Is AdOutreach a Scam? 

Many complaints about the program claim that it is a scam. AdOutreach is a platform that promises to help users earn money by displaying ads on their websites.  

Some online business owners have been able to make the sales they wanted with the help of AdOutreach. 

So, does AdOutreach work like a scam or not? No, not really. With this program, you can make money, but it’s not as easy as Aleric Heck makes it sound. 

There’s a lot of necessary effort and work to do at the beginning, there’s no real guarantee of success, and, most importantly, running an agency is a very active way to make money and not passive like what others think.  

Now, there’s nothing wrong with putting more work up-front and getting paid later. 

But if you want to live life on your own way and lifestyle, travel the world, and make money from anywhere without doing much work, this isn’t for you. 



Is AdOutreach Worthy of My Time? 

There are a lot of different things to consider when you’re trying to determine whether or not AdOutreach is worth your time. Some may ask their friends as well for their opinions when it comes to which of the following online advertising formats is the most effective? 

AdOutreach is a great way to get your brand in front of a large audience and increase your visibility. On the other hand, AdOutreach can be very expensive, and it’s not always clear if the investment is worth it. 

To help you make a decision, here are a few things to consider: 

– The size of your target audience: AdOutreach can be very effective for reaching a large audience, but if your target audience is small, it might not be worth the investment. 

– The nature of your product or service: if you’re selling a product or service that is visually appealing or otherwise likely to generate interest, AdOutreach can be a great way to get people interested. However, if your product or service is more niche, it might not be as effective. You can also do online advertising crossword clue. 

– Your marketing goals: AdOutreach can be a great way to increase brand awareness or generate leads, but it’s essential to have realistic expectations. If your goal is to make a sale, AdOutreach might not be the best investment. 

– Your budget: As mentioned above, AdOutreach can be expensive. It might not be worth it if you’re on a tight budget. However, AdOutreach can be a great way to reach a large audience if you have the budget to spare. 

Outreach is a powerful tool to help you reach your target audience and grow your business. However, it is essential to remember that AdOutreach is only one part of a successful marketing strategy.  

To get the most out of AdOutreach, use it in conjunction with other marketing channels, such as email marketing, social media posts, and traditional advertising. With a well-rounded marketing approach, AdOutreach can help you take your business to the next level. 

Whether or not AdOutreach is worth your time depends on your specific situation. However, these are a few things to keep in mind that will help you decide. 




After using AdOutreach for some time, we’ve concluded that it’s an excellent tool for managing and optimizing your Facebook ad campaigns. It’s easy to use and provides valuable insights into your campaign performance.  

We recommend AdOutreach to anyone looking to improve their Facebook advertising results. It’s nothing like Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System (RAES). His system has helped hundreds if not thousands of people break free from feeling stuck in their job, allowing some to quit if they want to by creating alternative sources of income that work passively or more like residual accounts. Think of it like this: you put five to twenty hours of work in to get an asset up and running, and then it pays you every month without ongoing work.  

The RAES system personally helped me move online full-time, and now I travel the world and work when I please! Check out Ryno Inc’s system to see if it will help you out in a similar way that it was able to change my life completely.   

Marketplace Superheroes Course Review: Is this Amazon FBA course worth it?

A couple of years ago, I was working a boring 9-5 job. I did not like it. It was mundane and unfulfilling.  

My dream was to earn income passively, without me doing all the hard work.  

So, I did the craziest thing in my life. I quit my job. 

Then, I realized that I didn’t have any backup source of income. All I had was my life savings. So, I started panicking. What should I do? 

Well, I did my research and found out that if I wanted to earn money passively, I should start selling on Amazon. 

Unless you’re someone who is living under a rock, you probably heard of Amazon. It’s the biggest online retailer in the world.  

You can buy almost anything on Amazon, from clothes to computer parts. Aside from that, you can also start an eCommerce store using Amazon. 

Before I could do that, I needed to understand the fundamentals. This was when I found the Marketplace Superheroes course.  

Based on my extensive research and feedback from previous students, it’s one of the best Amazon FBA courses out there.  

So, I went on and purchased the course to try it out. Today, I’m going to share with you everything I know about this course. 

I am also going to give you a peek into what you will find inside it. I’m going to share details in as much depth as I can. 

Is it the best course out there? Is it worth it? Let’s find out! 

Keep in mind that my review isn’t the same as the other marketplace superheroes reviews you find online. Unlike them, I bought and studied the course thoroughly. 

What is Marketplace Superheroes? 

First of all, let’s understand what the Marketplace Superheroes course is. To make things simple, it’s an online course that will teach you how to start your Amazon FBA business. 

The course was created by Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers. These two individuals are considered experts in the industry with more than 20 years of experience.  

This training program is an integrated system of tools and knowledge for a successful Amazon FBA business.  

The course is aimed at teaching you how to make large profits and find low-competition products on Amazon. 

According to the authors, this course is unique. It mainly focuses on providing you with an organized method for researching Amazon products.  

For those who don’t know, Amazon FBA is an online business model that enables you to create and sell products directly from Amazon. 

Aside from delivering your products, Amazon FBA also handles the refunds and returns on your behalf.  

Who is Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers? 

The creators of Marketplace Superheroes are Robert Ricky and Stephen Somers.  

According to his LinkedIn profile, Stephen is a professional in helping ambitious people improve their income by selling products on Amazon around the world.  

However, that wasn’t always the case. Stephen had been selling online for 7 years, and he hadn’t beent successful.  

When he met Robert Ricky, his life changed. Robert mentored Stephen and became his business partner down the line.  

Years ago, Stephen wasted a lot of money trying to know how to establish a successful online business. 

After working with Robert, he was able to quit his job and become a full-time seller on Amazon.  

This is what captured my attention. If Stephen managed to quit his job and earn money, so could I. 

According to Stephen, he and Robert worked together in creating the Marketplace Superheroes course in an effort to help budding entrepreneurs break into the industry.  

Aside from Robert and Stephen, other individuals in the course include Michael Elliott, Lisa Somers, and Will Esterhuyse.  

What Do You Get Inside the Course? 

If you’re interested in knowing what you’ll get inside the course, I’ve got your back. I’ll share with you a behind-the-scenes look at the program itself.  

Keep in mind that there is a lot of content inside the course. However, the 5 main modules include: 

  • The Ignite Program (Main Course) 
  • Bonus Content 
  • The Ecosystem Research Tool Suite 
  • A Private Facebook Group 

What You’ll Get in the Ignite Program 

The ignite program is the main course of Marketplace Superheroes. It is broken into three lessons. This includes embarking, evolving, and expanding.  

Every lesson is broken down into modules, then sections, then individual assessments and videos.  

You might think that these divisions are over-the-top. However, it helps you to stay organized. If these lessons weren’t divided, it would be extremely overwhelming.  

Almost every video is either a narrated PowerPoint presentation or a screen recording of how to do things.  

To test your knowledge, you’ll also come across a couple of action steps and quizzes scattered through the modules.  

This will help figure out if you are ready for the next lesson.  

Keep in mind that most concepts build upon each other. Thus, you need to have a strong understanding of everything as you move through the program. 

What is Inside the Bonus Content? 

Once you’re done with the main course, you will get extra mini-courses to help improve your knowledge. 

Inside the bonus content, you will get: 

  • PPC Blast Masterclass 

This is a PPC ads training. I recommend that you don’t skip this training since it will help you become an expert.  

If you ever require an additional cash flow, you can offer freelance PPC services to other people. 

  • Superhero Wealth 

This is a training program that teaches you how to establish the mindset of a successful entrepreneur. It might sound a bit odd. However, mindset training can help in changing the way you think about everything.  

I also recommend you study this course first before you begin the main course. 

  • 100 Products in 7 Days 

This will teach you a couple of tips and tricks on how to improve your product research process.  

  • Superhero PPC 

This is another training about PPC ads. 

  • Superhero Referrals 

This is a bonus content about how to earn referral commissions by producing course reviews and advertising their program. 

  • Superhero Informer 

This is a simple method to get notified whenever Stephen and Robert upload a new video on YouTube.  

  • Superhero Legal 2.0 

This is a whole module on everything you know about the legal aspects of Amazon FBA. You might be tempted to skip this part since it’s quite boring. 

However, it is extremely vital. You might end up losing your business if you don’t know the legal side of things.  

Also, there are tons of other bonuses that the course provides from time to time. These are subject to change. However, a couple of examples include: 

  • 12-month access to their private shipping services 
  • Free shipping for your first two products 
  • Free copywriting services for your first product listing 

In my opinion, these bonuses are extremely worth the money. The 12-month free access to a shipping service and free shipping for 2 products are worth more than the cost of the course. 

The Ecosystem Research Tool Suite 

Another feature that you’ll get when you join the training program is the “Ecosystem” research tool suite. 

It’s a suite of software apps that streamlines a lot of elements of your business. Keep in mind that you’ll get lifetime access to these tools. These applications will make your life a lot easier.  

I remember when I first started selling products on Amazon. It was extremely stressful. I had to do everything from scratch  and manually.  

Luckily, the marketplace superheroes ecosystem tool suite will transform your business into a well-oiled machine. 

The Facebook Private Group 

A lot of online courses include a private Facebook group as a bonus. Unfortunately, most of those groups are useless.  

Most of the time, no one is helping one another.  

Fortunately, that isn’t the case with Marketplace Superheroes. When I joined the program, the group had more than 8,900 members. Every day, it gets around 13 to 15 posts.  

It’s quite an active group. If you post a question, you will get an answer almost immediately.  

How Much Does Marketplace Superheroes Cost? 

If you want to join the Marketplace Superheroes training program, you should be ready to spend around $997.  

This will provide you with lifetime access to the course. 

If $997 is too much for you, you can also choose to pay $97 a month for 12 months. However, you should keep in mind that this option is more expensive in the long run since you’ll pay $1164 overall. 

After paying the fee, you’ll get complete access to the main course, as well as the tools, Facebook group, and more. 

If you want to start selling products on Amazon, then you’ve got to prepare another investment. You’ll need some money to purchase inventory and perhaps spend on marketing. 

The overall amount you’ll need to start the business will greatly vary on the product you are planning to sell. 

According to Stephen, you will need around $1,000 to $3,000 to launch your first product on Amazon. Unfortunately, this is a low-end investment.  

A lot of experienced FBA sellers recommend investing more than $5,000 for you to start an Amazon business.  

What I Like About Marketplace Superheroes 

The Private Community is Filled with Helpful and Active Members 

This is perhaps the biggest thing I love about the course. The private community is extremely useful. You’ll find members sharing topics and discussions that can further improve your knowledge. 

Do you have a question? Well, all you have to do is post it on the group. Chances are that you’ll get a reply within a couple of minutes.  

Training is Practical and Step-by-Step 

Another thing I like about the course is the training is that it’s practical. The mentors of the course will teach you step-by-step. Thus, you won’t miss a thing.  

Since most training is in video form, you can simply replay the video if you forget something. 

A Good Amount of Success Stories and Student Testimonials 

When you’re looking for a training program, you probably want something that has a proven record.  

Try to search for testimonials about Marketplace Superheroes. You’ll find a lot of excellent Marketplace Superheroes reviews 

You will also see success stories from previous students who are now earning 6-figures by simply following the course.  

What I Hate About Marketplace Superheroes 

The Course is Outdated and Disorganized 

If you are new to Amazon FBA, you might have a hard time following the course. As mentioned earlier, there are tons of content inside the course. 

You’ll learn a lot of new strategies and methods. However, you’ll have a hard time knowing which strategy to follow first.  

When I first started studying the program, I got confused about the lessons. There is no clear flow either.  

Also, some the content in the main course has not been updated. So, some strategies might be old and useless.  

This Business Model Requires a Lot of Effort to Earn Little Income 

Remember that Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. This means that it has millions of sellers.  

A lot of these sellers are also offering the same product. Because of this, you’ve got a lot of competition going on. 

Is Marketplace Superheroes a Scam? 

The short answer is no. I have purchased the course and got my money’s worth. It isn’t a scam. 

Marketplace Superheroes is a real training program created to help people start an FBA business and make money online.  

After buying this course and studying all the lessons inside, I only found a couple of red flags.  

To make things simple, this course is legit and clean. The authors are two legitimate people who have a lot of experience in this industry.  

In addition to that, the cost of joining the course isn’t too expensive. You’ll also have a money-back guarantee.  

Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey have written an exceptional course. Marketplace Superheroes can help you achieve great results if you take the program seriously. 

Unfortunately, the only thing I really don’t like about this course is the huge startup expenses.  

Remember that it will require several thousands of dollars to set up and start an FBA business.  


At the beginning of this article, I asked the question, “Is this FBA course worth it and can a regular individual make a full-time passive income from selling products on Amazon?” 

The simple answer is yes. After following the tips and tricks that this program provided, I did make money online.  

I also started as a beginner. I had no prior knowledge about the FBA industry. I had no idea what I was entering. All I knew is I was eager to learn.  

I followed through with the training program. As a result, I became a lot wiser.  

However, one thing that this business model falls short of is scalability. Personally, I can’t expect to make passive income when I’ve got to watch my store and handle ads every day.  

Then, I found a better option: a business model that is way better than Amazon FBA.  

This is the RAES, short for Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System. This system allowed me to fully earn my income passively.  

Unlike Amazon FBA, I don’t have to do anything with RAES. Even when I sleep, I earn money. Now, I can do all the things I want and still earn money passively.  

If you want to know if this system will help you the same way as it did to me, check out Ryno Inc’s system. 

Mayo Communications Amazon FBA Zon Ninja Masterclass Review 2022: Is FBA Course of Kevin David Legit?

Zon Ninja screenshots

Amazon is well-known as one of the largest internet retailers. It is one of the most influential markets for selling by individuals or small companies. Unfortunately, selling on Amazon involves a variety of unique and stressful issues.  

 These bottlenecks can prevent success, whether you’re having trouble getting your products viewed, sending the buyer’s box, or finding products.  

 These points are one of those many reasons why the Amazon FBA course exists.   

 It’s essential to research before spending your hard-earned money on an Amazon FBA training course to be sure it will be worth it.  

 You can check the pros and cons of the course so that you can enlighten yourself on whether to take things to the next level of your career.   

  What is Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass?

The Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass is an online course that promises to teach you the secrets of successful Amazon FBA selling. The course is created by Kevin David, a successful Amazon seller. 

In the course, he claims to share all the strategies and tips he used to become a successful seller on Amazon. He also promises to provide you with all the resources you need to get started with Amazon FBA selling.  

 So, suppose you are looking for a course that can teach you everything you need about Amazon FBA selling. In that case, the Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass might be a good option. 

 How Does Amazon FBA Ninja Course Work?

The Amazon FBA Ninja Course is an online course that promises to teach you the ropes of Amazon FBA. The course is created by a successful Amazon seller, and it claims to be able to help you make a full-time income from selling on Amazon.   

 So, how does the Amazon FBA Ninja Course work?  

 The course is divided into two parts. The first part is a training program that will teach you everything you need to know about selling on Amazon. This course includes how to find products, how to list them, and how to optimize your listings.  

The second part of the course is said to be a coaching program. This is where you can get one-on-one help from the course’s creator and other successful Amazon sellers.  

The course comes with a special money-back guarantee, so if you are unsatisfied with it, you can get your money back.   

Overall, the Amazon FBA Ninja Course looks like a promising way to learn about selling on Amazon. If you are interested in and eager to making money from selling on Amazon, this course may be worth checking out. You can also find another great free Amazon FBA course online to compare the good points to.  

 Who is Kevin David?

Kevin David is an eCommerce and online marketing expert. He has made a name for himself by teaching others how to succeed in these industries. He is the creator of the Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass.  

Ken David 6 Figure Income from Scratch

This course teaches people how to make and earn money by selling products on Amazon.  

 David has been involved in eCommerce for over ten years, and his experience has helped him to create a successful online business. He is passionate and vigorous about helping others achieve their goals and has a lot of valuable information to share.  

 David is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer and has been featured in numerous publications. He is also the author of two books, The eCommerce Millionaire Blueprint and The Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass.  

 David is an online marketing expert and has a wealth of experience in eCommerce. He is the perfect person to help you learn how to make money online.  

He is knowledgeable and an expert in his field and has a lot of valuable information to share. 

What Is Included in the Amazon FBA Ninja Course?

The Amazon FBA Ninja Course is outlined and designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in online selling.  

The course is divided into four main sections, each covering a different topic related to online selling.  

 The course’s first section focuses on setting up an Amazon seller account. This section will walk students through creating an account, selecting a selling plan, and setting up payment methods. 

 The course’s second section focuses on listing Amazon products for sale. This section will teach students how to find profitable products to sell, create product listings that convert, and optimize their listings for maximum visibility.   

The course’s third section focuses on driving traffic to their Amazon listings. This section will teach students how to use Amazon’s pay-per-click advertising platform, create powerful product reviews, and utilize social media to drive traffic to their listings.  

 The course’s fourth and final section focuses on scaling their business. This section will teach students how to find private label products, source products from China, and fulfill orders using Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon program.  

 By the end of the course provided, students will have all the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the world of online selling.  

Additionally, they will have access to a private Facebook group where they can ask questions, get support, and network with other successful online sellers. 

Zon Ninja Course Inclusions


Does Amazon FBA Ninja Course Offer Helpful Information?

The Amazon FBA Ninja Course is a comprehensive training program that covers everything you need to know about selling on Amazon. An experienced Amazon seller teaches the course, including video and written materials.  

 One of the best things about the Amazon FBA Ninja Course is its comprehensive. It covers everything from choosing a product to sell to creating a listing to shipping your products.  

The course also includes many helpful tips and tricks that will help you succeed on Amazon.  

 Overall, the Amazon FBA Ninja Course is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn how to sell on Amazon.  If audiobooks interest you, you might want to check out our review of the Audiobook Income Academy.

If you’re looking for a complete training program covering everything you need to know about selling on Amazon, this is the course for you. 

To Whom is Amazon FBA Ninja Course For?

Amazon FBA Ninja Course is designed for people who want to learn how to make money through Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon program.  

The course covers everything from finding profitable products to selling, listing, and shipping your products, as well as getting reviews, and increasing sales. While the system is geared towards beginners, even experienced Amazon sellers will find valuable information in the course.  

So, whether you’re just starting or you’ve been selling on Amazon for a while, the Amazon FBA Ninja Course can help you take your business to the next level. 

 How Much Do I Need to Spend for Amazon FBA Ninja Course?

The cost of the Amazon FBA Ninja Course varies depending on which package you choose. The introductory course is $997, and the Deluxe course is $1997.  

Starting Your Amazon FBA journey

The cost of the Elite course is $2997. There is also a 90-day money-back guarantee to try it out and see if it’s right for you. This is like Amazon FBA free course because of the free trial.  

The course includes over 50 hours of video content, PDFs, templates, and other materials. 

 The course is constantly updated with new lectures, so you’ll always have access to the latest information.  

The Deluxe and Elite courses include additional features, such as 1-on-1 coaching and a private Facebook group.  

So, what’s the bottom line? Is the Amazon FBA Ninja Course worth the cost?  

 There is no simple yet fundamental answer to this question. It depends on your mindset goals and how much you’re willing to invest in your business. The course could be a good investment if you’re serious about making money with Amazon FBA.  

It provides a lot of helpful and valuable information and can help you avoid some common mistakes.  

Of course, you could also find most of this information for free online. But, if you’re looking for a comprehensive approach that will save you time and frustration, then the Amazon FBA Ninja Course may be worth the investment. 


Is Amazon FBA Ninja Course a Good Investment?

The Amazon FBA Ninja Course is a popular online training course that promises to teach you how to make money through the Amazon Fulfillment program.  

An experienced Amazon seller teaches the course, including over 9 hours of video content and downloadable resources.  

 So, is the Amazon FBA Ninja Course a good investment?  

Well, the course is undoubtedly comprehensive, and it should be able to teach you everything you need to know about selling on Amazon.  

 However, it’s essential to remember that no course can guarantee success. Ultimately, it will be your decision and up to you to put in the work and implement what you’ve learned.  

The Amazon FBA Ninja Course can be a significant investment if you’re willing to do that.  


 What are the Pros of Amazon FBA Ninja Course?

If you’re considering taking the Amazon FBA Ninja Course, you might wonder what the pros are. Here are some of the good points of taking this course:  

  1. You’ll learn from successful Amazon FBA sellers. 
  2. The course is comprehensive and covers everything from product research to listing optimization. 
  3. You’ll get lifetime access to the course materials, so you can always refer back to them. 
  4. The course comes with a money-back guarantee, so you can feel confident that you’re making a good investment. 
  5. You’ll get access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support from other students. 

 Overall, the Amazon FBA Ninja Course is a great way to learn how to be successful with Amazon FBA. If you’re willing and eager to put in the work, you can make it work for you.  

So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive and friendly-user course that will teach you everything you need to know about Amazon FBA, then this is the course for you. 


 What are the Cons of Amazon FBA Ninja Course?

Like any other course, Amazon FBA Ninja Course has its own pros and cons. In this article, we will be discussing the disadvantages of taking this course.  

Firstly, the course is quite long. It consists of 18 modules and over 100 lessons. This means completing the course will take a significant amount of time.  

Secondly, the course is not suitable for beginners. It is designed for people who have some experience in selling on Amazon. If you are new to Amazon FBA, this course may not be the best choice.  

Thirdly, the course is not available in all countries. It is only available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  

All in all, the Amazon FBA Ninja Course has its own set of pros and cons. You will need to weigh these factors before deciding whether or not this course is right for you. 



Is Amazon FBA Ninja Course Legit? 

When it comes to making money online, there are a lot of scams out there. So, when we hear about a new opportunity, we’re always a little skeptical.  

That’s why we were curious and eager to find out if the Amazon FBA Ninja Course is legit.  

We did some testing and research, and here’s what we found out.  

Kevin David created the Amazon FBA Ninja Course. He is professional and excellent in the field of eCommerce. In addition, he has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other well-known publications.  

The course is designed to provide and teach people how to make money by selling products on Amazon. 

Kevin provides step-by-step video tutorials that show you exactly how to set up your Amazon seller account, find profitable products to sell, and get your products in front of millions of potential buyers.  

The course also has a private Facebook group where you can get support from Kevin and other successful students.  

Our research shows that the Amazon FBA Ninja Course is legitimate and can be a great way to make money online.  

If you’re looking for a legit and honest way to make money online, we recommend checking out the Amazon FBA Ninja Course. 

Ken David - Scam or Legit?


Amazon FBA Ninja Course a Scam?

Some people have called the Amazon FBA Ninja Course a scam, but is it? Let’s look at what made this course a scam for others.  

One issue here is the price of the course. It costs $997. For that introductory course price, some would expect to get a lot of value out of the system. But many people feel like they didn’t get their money’s worth.  

If we are going to look at the figure and survey made by feedbackexpress. It shows that many people are taking this kind of opportunity to learn FBA courses. They still believe that they can make good earning from selling different products through Amazon.  

That only means that there are many opportunities to start a great Amazon FBA store as long as you are ready to learn on how you can invest your time and money successfully.  

So, is the Amazon FBA Ninja Course a scam? It’s hard to say that this one is a scam. Some red flags make it seem like it could be a scam but it is hard to prove. Without more information, it’s tough to say for sure.  

If you’re thinking about taking the course, be sure to do your research first. Make sure you understand what you’re getting into and feel confident that the system will deliver on its promises. 

 As we wrap up our Amazon FBA Ninja Course review, we have to say that we’re impressed. The course is very comprehensive and covers a lot of ground. If you’re considering an alternative, here’s our review of Marketplace Superheroes FBA course.

We also appreciate that the course is constantly updated with new lectures and information, which shows that the instructor is committed to keeping it up-to-date.  

You can also check Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System (RAES). His system has helped hundreds if not thousands of people break free from feeling stuck in their job, allowing some to quit if they want to by creating alternative sources of income that work passively or more like residual accounts.   

Think of it like this: you put five to twenty hours of work in to get an asset up and running, and then it pays you every month without ongoing work.   

The RAES system helped me move online full-time, and now I travel the world and work when I please!   

Check out Ryno Inc’s system to see if it will help you out in a similar way that it was able to change my life completely.    

Mayo Communications Anthony Morrison Affiliate Courses Review: Is It an Ordinary Scam?

You may hear about different kinds of courses online. Of course, we believe that some are just purely scams. It is hard to identify whether they can give us the definite help we want.   

Being curious may lead to finding more courses online to try. This can be a sign to check whether they can be helpful. You may see yourself reading some information online that may help you check the course’s authenticity.   

You may also be eager to check whether Anthony Morrison’s course will give you the hope to earn a new source of income. You will also have to determine whether this one is the right course to start.  


Who is Anthony Morrison? 

Anthony Morrison is a well-known internet entrepreneur who has made a name for himself through various successful online businesses.  

He is also a popular speaker and author, sharing his story and expertise with others who want to achieve victory in the online world.  

As a teenager, Morrison started making money online when he created a successful e-commerce website. He then launched several other successful online businesses, including an affiliate marketing business and a web hosting company.  

In recent years, Morrison has become known for motivational speaking and writing. He has published several books on internet marketing, including The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing and The Secrets of Successful Online Entrepreneurs.  

He is also a popular keynote speaker, sharing his story and advice with audiences worldwide.  

Morrison currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife and two children. He continues to run his various businesses and pursue his passion for helping others achieve success online. 




What Can Anthony Morrison Offer? 

Anthony Morrison is an accomplished entrepreneur and author who has helped many people succeed in their businesses. He offers a variety of courses that can help you learn how to start and grow your own business. He also has affiliate marketing agencies you can visit.  

Here are some of the techniques that he offers:  

  1. Starting Your Own Business 

 This course and program will teach you the basics of starting your own business. You will learn to choose a business model, create a business plan, and raise capital.  


  1. Growing Your Business 

 This course will help you how to scale your business and take it to the next level. You will learn about marketing, sales, and operations.  


  1. Business Finance 

 This course will impart to you the basics of business finance. You will learn about financial statements, budgeting, and raising capital.  


  1. Business Strategy 

 This course will teach you how to develop a business strategy. You will learn about market analysis, competitive advantage, and execution.  


  1. Leadership and Management 

This course will let you understand the basics of leadership and management. You will learn about team building, communication, and conflict resolution.  


  1. Business Ethics 

 This course will let you grasp the basics of business ethics. You will learn about corporate governance, social responsibility, and sustainability.  


  1. Entrepreneurship 

 This course will contribute you the basics of entrepreneurship. You will learn about opportunity recognition, value creation, and risk management.  


  1. Innovation and Creativity 

 This course will help you with the basics of innovation and creativity. You will learn about creativity, problem-solving, and execution.  


  1. Business Law 

 This course will arrange you the basics of business law. You will learn about contracts, intellectual property, and business regulations.  


  1. Project Management 

 This course will impart to you the basics of project management. You will learn about scope, schedule, and cost management. 




What Training Courses Can Anthony Morrison Offer? 

Anthony Morrison is a successful and great entrepreneur who has made a lot of money by teaching people how to make money online. Morrison is truly an expert in the field of online marketing, and he has created several successful businesses.  

His businesses include an internet marketing company, a software company, and a book publishing company. Anthony Morrison has also written several books on making money online. In addition to his books, he has also created several training courses that teach people how to make money online.  

These courses cover affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and YouTube affiliate marketing courses. Anthony Morrison is a very successful businessman who has helped thousands of people make money online.  

Anthony Morrison’s affiliate courses include:  

-Affiliate Marketing Masters Course  

-Email Marketing Masters Course  

-Facebook Ads Mastery Course  

-PPC Mastery Course  

-SEO Mastery Course  

Each of these courses covers a different aspect of online marketing and provides students with the skills and knowledge they really need to succeed in that area.  

By taking all these courses, students will be able to build a comprehensive understanding of how to make money through the use of the Internet through affiliate marketing. 




Do I have to Pay for the Training Courses? 

The average cost of Anthony Morrison’s training courses is $500. However, there are some courses that are available for free. For example, his course on email marketing is available for free to members of his email list. There are also some discounts available for those who purchase multiple courses at once. Overall, the cost of these courses is very reasonable considering the quality of the content and the results that people have achieved by taking them. 



Is the Training Beneficial? 

Anthony Morrison’s Affiliate courses and Course Training provides many benefits for those who want to learn how to be successful affiliates.  

The course is designed to teach people the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and how to create a successful online business. In addition, the system provides valuable tips and tricks to help students maximize their earnings.   

Overall, the Affiliate courses and Course Training offered by Anthony Morrison are an excellent way for people to learn about affiliate marketing and how to succeed.  

The approach is comprehensive and provides everything someone needs to know to succeed. It is also affordable, so it is an excellent investment for those who want to make money online. 



What are the Pros of the Courses? 

The Affiliate Courses and affiliate training courses of Anthony Morrison offer a lot of pros that can be beneficial to those who want to make money online.  

First and foremost, these courses provide detailed and easy-to-understand information on how to build a successful online business.  

In addition, the affiliate programs offer great commissions, which can help people earn a full-time income from home from steps like Facebook ads affiliate marketing 

Finally, the affiliate courses of Anthony Morrison also provide a community of like-minded individuals who can offer support and advice to those who are just starting.  

Overall, the pros of the Affiliate Courses and affiliate training courses of Anthony Morrison far outweigh the cons, making them an excellent choice for anyone interested in making money online. 



What are the Cons of the Courses? 

There are a few potential cons to take into consideration when thinking about taking one of Anthony Morrison’s affiliate courses or training programs.  

First, his courses can be expensive. While they may offer valuable content, the price tag might be too high for some people’s budgets.  

Second, some people have found that the quality of the content in his courses is not always consistent.  

While some lessons are beneficial, others may be less so.  

Finally, Anthony Morrison is a controversial figure in the internet marketing world. Some people may not want to align themselves with him or his programs because of this. 



Is the Course for Everyone? 

No. The affiliate courses and training offered by Anthony Morrison are not for everyone. They are designed for people looking to start their own online business and want to learn how to succeed in this industry.  

While these courses can be helpful for some people, they may not be suitable for everyone. Before taking or enrolling in any of these courses you can see, you must consider your goals and objectives. Otherwise, you may not get the most out of them. 


Is this Legit? 

Affiliate Courses and affiliate training courses of Anthony Morrison are legit. What made his class legit and great was the content and the delivery.  

The fact that he over-delivers on his promise to teach people how to make money online, and does it in such an informative yet entertaining way, makes his courses some of the best out there.  

 Whether you’re a complete newbie or someone with some experience, you’re sure to get something out of one of Anthony’s courses. He covers everything from the basics of affiliate marketing to more advanced strategies.  

He is constantly updating his courses with new material to keep things fresh. If you’re serious about making money online, there’s no better place to start than with one of Anthony Morrison’s affiliate courses. 




Is this a Scam? 

There are many reviews that you can find online about his course. There are people who wanted to become like him instantly.  

You may find some negative and positive reviews and comments about Anthony Morrison’s affiliate courses.  

You can find his success story online and it only proves that he is legitimate and a real entrepreneur.  

Some people are vocal saying that this course helped them in many ways. The knowledge that they’ve got from learning the course helped them to be good in marketing just because of the program.  

It is normal that we can find some negative comments and reviews about different courses. Others are expecting to be like him in a couple of days after learning his courses.  

Others may say that a course is a scam because they can’t see the result right away. We have to remember that it takes more effort and determination in order for us to succeed. If you are aiming to be one of those successful people online, then you need to build your passion and pay more attention to the different trainings.  

Others concluded that this one is a scam because of the price. Remember that different courses have different prices and it varies.  

He has a different approach that you need to learn as well in order for you to get the overall idea of his course. If a person has a different approach and doesn’t fit, it doesn’t mean that it is a scam.  

Overall, his course is not a scam. It is just that you have a different perspective and way of learning a new course. 




After taking a close look at the affiliate courses and affiliate training courses of Anthony Morrison, I have come to the following conclusions:  

Overall, I believe these courses are precious for those looking to get started in the affiliate marketing world. The information provided in his courses is comprehensive and easy to understand, making it perfect for beginners.  

Additionally, the support available through Anthony Morrison’s team is excellent, and I believe that anyone who invests in these courses will be able to succeed in affiliate marketing.  

 There are a few things to keep in mind, however. First, these courses do require a significant investment of time and money. They are not get-rich-quick schemes; it will take dedication and hard work to see results.  

Lastly, while the courses are very comprehensive, they do not cover every aspect of affiliate marketing. Those who enroll in them should be prepared to supplement their learning with additional resources. 

It’s nothing like Ryno Inc’s Residual Asset Expansion System (RAES).   

His system has helped hundreds if not thousands of people break free from feeling stuck in their job, allowing some to quit, if they want to, by creating alternative sources of income that work passively or more like residual accounts.   

Think of it like this: you put five to twenty hours of work in to get an asset up and running, and then it pays you every month without ongoing work.   

The RAES system helped me move online full-time, and now I travel the world and work when I please!   

Check out Ryno Inc’s system to see if it will help you out in a similar way that it was able to change my life completely.