Is John Crestani Legit? Find Out in My John Crestani Review

Let me tell you a little secret. 

Whisper it…. 

But I don’t actually know that much about the basics of internet marketing anymore. 

This shocks a lot of people who’ve seen how successful I’ve been over the last few years. They’ve seen the car. They’ve seen my snaps in Dubai that I spammed Insta with. 

My second home. 

Jealous? They were too. But don’t hate me. I’m trying to be real here. 

It actually got a little embarrassing when one of my cousins put me in touch with his college pal, “because I knew everything about the internet marketing game and had made myself a success.” 

Well, sorta… Yeah. Only the thing is, I’ve been focussing so hard on my own Local Lead Generation business (more on that later) that I haven’t really had my finger on the pulse of the IM world for a few years now. I do know the ins and outs of Local Lead Generation—but generic affiliate marketing stuff a newbie might look for? Nope—not really. 

So this guy Trevor (my cousin’s buddy). He wanted me to teach him some basics. But I didn’t know where to start. When I tried to explain, he wasn’t impressed. I felt like a fraud. How did it even get like this? 

Trevor when I told him I didn’t know anything about Facebook marketing. 

You see, stuff changes quick in IM. A few years back I took a course by this guy John Crestani. It was called Super Affiliate system. 

If I’m totally up front with you. I don’t remember much about it. Only Trevor mentioned that they’d re-done the course and it was now even better. 

Since my mind is a bit like a sieve sometimes (I can barely remember what I had for breakfast)—I decided to give his new course a go. 

My mind. 

After all, I had a reputation to uphold. People thought I knew this stuff. But the truth is—I’ve forgotten more than I’ve remembered when it comes to the basics of affiliate marketing. I know that’s what guys like Trevor are looking for when they first get into this business. 

They want to quickly find a niche, build a site, rank for it and promote a product. Simple, right? I haven’t forgotten THAT much. 

But what about all these courses? There are so many of them. How many can actually give a guy like Trevor the info he needs? How many of them can help a guy like me? 

So here’s my Super Affiliate review. Actually, it’s not just a Super Affiliate review. It’s also a John Crestani review. Who is this guy? Can he help you? Can he help me? Let’s check this dude out and see. 

Who is John Cestani? 

There are so many names in IM these days, it can be hard to remember them all. I know I had a vague idea about John Crestani back in the day, but I didin’t know if this was for a good reason or a bad one. 

Everyone’s trying to make themselves into a brand these days in IM. It’s how they try and stand out from the crowd. Trouble is, there’s so many of them—that’s getting harder and harder. 

So I decided to do some digging. Who actually IS John Crestani? Is John Crestani a scam? And is his new Super Affiliate 2.0 actually any good? 

That’s John. 

First thing I found was that there were published articles about him in Forbes and BusinessInsider. Great, right? Ummm…. 

I’ve got news for you like I had news for Trevor when he pointed this out. 

You see, Forbes and BusinessInsider might seem like some pretty hefty sources. But they’re not. 

I used to do a LOT of guest posting, and you can actually pay people to get on these sites for you. I’m not entirely sure how stringent their editorial process actually is. You can pay some dude on a freelancing site like $300 for a Forbes article. 

So an article on Forbes IS NOT proof something is legit. Bear that in mind. This sort of marketing ploy works great trying to convince people like Trevor. 

Now I’m not saying John paid for his own Forbes article. But just bear it mind. It’s possible. 

After searching around and finding more reviews. I was still struggling. There’s tons of stuff about John out there. Most of it looks legit. But the only real way to find out if John’s stuff ACTUALLY PROVIDES VALUE? 

Take the course. 

So I did. I signed up to Super Affiliate and jumped right in. I pretended I knew nothing about IM so I could help Trevor out. This wasn’t hard. Remember? I’d forgotten most of what I new anyway. 

Super Affiliate Review 

The first thing you’re wondering—is Super Affiliate a Scam? You might have even slammed “Super Affiliate System scam” into Google to find this world-class review. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of self-hype, right? 

No, it’s not a scam. 

Phew. At least we got that out of the way. 

But is it actually any good? 

Ah… this is going to take slightly longer to answer. 

If you want a quick answer. Then the answer is: it depends. 

“Bro! I need more detail” 


Here’s the detail: 

I signed up to Super Affiliate and gave it a spin. Signing up was easy. You should be able to manage. I mean, when you’re parting with this sort of cash you’d expect them to make it as easy as possible. 

Oh yeah… that reminds me. I forgot the mention the price. Wait for it… 

John Crestani’s Supper Affiliate costs… $997! 

Not cheap. 

That’s a big chunk of change. Thankfully by Local Leads gig was going well so I could afford it. This had better NOT be a scam! 

So what’s actually in Super Affiliate? 

It’s a 6-week course that aims to get you profitable by the end of that period. So it’s mostly training material. Some of this is good stuff. Some…not so much. For this sort of money, I expect the best. 

Super Affiliate is aimed at people who are just starting out in internet marketing. That’s good news for Trevor, who still wasn’t sure how to turn his computer off properly. 

When I started using Super Affiliate, I remembered a bit more about the old version that I’d done a few years back. The good news: this one is way better. They’ve really fine-tuned some of the info and there’s plenty of value here. Ok, maybe not a grand of value. But plenty. 

And if you’re still worried about the cost—I don’t blame you. But there’s more good news here. Super Affiliate comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. So while that doesn’t take you quite to the end of the 6–week course—you should already have a good idea of whether you’re going to be profitable or not. 

Within four weeks, I had actually started to make a few sales. Great! Only they added up to about a grand total of $100. That isn’t to be sniffed at. The first few weeks (or even months) of any internet marketer’s career are normally always slow. 

While that hundred bucks hasn’t come close to paying off the course fee, it does give you a good idea that this stuff is scalable. You can make money with the info in this course, and things should get easier as you learn more. 

There are actually plenty of useful tools in the Super Affiliate System. The stuff on targeting data and ad swipes was dope. There’s also nearly $900 in coupons for paid traffic! This really helped, and while I wasted the first few campaigns, by the end of it I’d got a few more ideas that should be much more profitable if I want to put some more ad spend in. 

And oh yeah—while the course is expensive, actually setting up your first ventures ISN’T. It shouldn’t cost you more than a few more bucks to get going, and starting to see if you can make money or not. 

The first week of the course was mostly pretty basic stuff. I didn’t need it, but you might. I started to realize I might know a bit more about this game than I thought. I don’t need my hand holding through setting up web pages or signing up to clickbank. But there was some cool stuff in there on landing pages. 

The next few weeks things started getting better. I was actually learning something. It was either something I’d forgotten, or actual new info that wasn’t around when I was starting out. Either way, it was all good stuff. 

And what’s the best thing about Super Affiliate? The community. 

Yeah, there are so many top dudes in here. Most of them are pretty happy to help a newbie like me. Or like I was pretending to be. 

If you want to make the most out of this course, you need to get stuck in to the community. That’s probably where most of the value is. The networking opportunities are off the charts. Even if you just use it for a bit of motivation, it’s gold. There are some far harder-working people in there than me. 

I even met this guy who I managed to link up with and he ended up sending me a ton of traffic. For free. You can’t get better than free traffic. I’m sure a lot of that actually contributed to that massive $100 I made. Don’t worry, I won’t spend it all at once. 

Joking aside, there was some cool stuff on Facebook traffic and advertising in the course. A lot of this was pretty new to me as that has changed a lot in the last few years. There are also templates and stuff for landing pages and plenty of other material. Some of this I’m actually gonna use in my other business—so there’s plenty of value here. 

And what about John? 

Oh yeah, you wanna know more about JOHN! Not just the nitty gritty of his Super Affiliate System. But you wanna know about John Crestani himself. 

Well, John started out broke and with a dream. He actually cites Time Ferris’ legendary book The 4 Hour Workweek with turning his life around. It gave him the motivation to get up off his ass and start actually working towards something. 

John again. 

With the stuff he learned from the book, he created his own business that was pulling in hundreds of thousands a month. 

But wait a minute… I’m getting all this info from the same place you can if you search for it yourself. Yeah… that Forbes article and other similar places. But is it actually legit? Is John Crestani a scam? We’ve already established that it isn’t that hard to get a Forbes article. 

The truth… I don’t know. 

But what I DO know is that John SEEMS like a legit guy. I’ve actually chatted to him a few times online. He’s always there to answer any questions you’ve got. I wouldn’t expect any less after he took a grand of my hard-earned money. 

So if you’ve read his rags-to-riches tale—you won’t necessarily be any the wiser. It’s the same sort of story all these guys have. I’d rather judge John on the merits of his actions, and on how useful his products are. 

Is Super Affiliate really worth it? 

So how good are his products? They’re…. good. 

$997 good? I’m not so sure. 

The reality with this stuff is that if you’ve got the time and inclination—you can find plenty of this sort of info elsewhere. A thousand dollars is a lot of money. It’s a great option if you simply haven’t got the time to do extensive research and want someone to fine-tune everything for you. 

But if you’re on a budget or are broke on a beach like John was—then his Super Affiliate System probably isn’t for you. 

The best part of the course is probably the community, as well as the info and coupons for the ad spend. 

This sort of value is actually hard to find elsewhere. So Super Affiliate isn’t a complete NO from me. It’s a maybe. 

If you want something that’s been a massive YES for some time now, then you need to check out Local Lead Generation. It took me a while to find something this good, but now it’s normally the first thing I’ll recommend to anyone. With Local Lead Generation, you can have your own slice of digital property where you can start collecting some fat monthly rental checks sooner than you might think. You’ve gotta check it out. 

Vasayo Review: A Scam or Legitimate Money-Making Program?

Should you quit your job to become a full-time Vasayo brand partner?

You are reading this Vasayo review for either of two reasons. First, you want to decide if Vasayo is worth your investment. Second, you have already invested, but the program is not working for you.

The good news! In this comprehensive review, I will explain to you each and everything about Vasayo. I will help you decide whether their health products and business opportunity are worth your money and time.

Once, my friend Joe left his job for an MLM (multilevel marketing) program (I’ve to keep the name confidential). At that moment, I was shocked!

I’m shocked to know about Joe’s new gig.

How someone could quit his well-paid job for something he’s never tried before and something that has no guarantee of a constant income stream.

But within a year or two, Joe made good money through the program, though he also did some home-based side job too. But MLM is now his major income source.

Recently, I heard of Vasayo, another MLM, which reminded me of Joe. Also, I am now tempted to try it out.

Like me, many of you might also be willing to try Vasayo. So I did some research and came up with this detailed review.

Is Vasayo worth your investment?

Let’s read on with me.

First, what is Vasayo?

We can pay any price to live healthily. Well, health is wealth! This makes MLMs dealing with health products thrive. Vasayo is one such fastest emerging MLM company selling nutritional supplements. 

From the company’s website and other resources, I came to know that Dallin Larsen and Karree Larsen founded Vasayo in 2014. The company has headquarters in Utah, USA and Hong Kong. Both seem to have significant experience with the MLM industry.

Frankly, their previous MLM was a failure, but this one seems genuine to me. After all, success starts with failures.

Coming to the point, Vasayo’s mission statement says that they offer superior quality products to health-conscious consumers who demand key ingredients. In fact, they earned a B rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) as well.

The Vasayo offers mostly dietary supplements, including:

  • CBD One: Organic compliant CBD oil
  • V-Tox: A mix of fulvic acid and cleansing herbs for detoxification
  • Eternal: An age-defying antioxidant supplement
  • Core Complete: Daily multivitamin and multimineral capsules
  • Renew: Spray for joint health
  • Neuro: Cognitive enhancement caps
  • V-Slim: Weight management supplement
  • V3: Energy-boosting and mood supplement
  • MicroLife Sleep: A supplement for sleep improvement

With every product, you will get a downloadable PDF file that lists the ingredients used to make it.

One thing that makes Vasayo products unique is the lipsomes content.  Liposomes are used for specific oral delivery of some nutritional and dietary supplements. It increases the bioavailability and absorption of these supplements, making these products even more effective.

If people get promised results, Vasayo would become one of the MLM companies, genuinely offering unique products that are worth their price.

Joining Vasayo as a Brand Partner

As an MLM company, Vasayo uses distributors to sell its products online and offline. You can join and become a brand partner with Vasayo.

Being a brand partner, you help the company sell its products, and in return, you earn compensation.

To become a distributor, contact the person who referred you to the products to buy through a distributor’s website.

Next, order an Enrollment Pack that costs $49.95 and buy a product to get started. Once you have signed up, you will get a company website branded website.

Choosing Vasayo enrollment packs

I chose the English US Enrollment Kit.

Next, choose the products you want to add to your package. You will see the order summary on the right of your screen.

Adding products to your Vasayo package

Click the continue button and add your personal information.

Adding personal information for payment

Finally, register as a brand partner. Depending on the product package you want to purchase, you can choose from various partner levels.

I explored their website and found the following:

  • Foundation partner: $329

This package includes the following products:

  • 1 Core Essentials
    • 1 Neuro
    • 2 Renew
    • 1 Energy
    • 1 Sleep
    • 2 Energy Sample Packs
    • 2 Sleep Sample Packs
  • Premium Partner: $699

This package includes the following products:

  • 2 Core Essentials
    • 2 Neuro
    • 3 Renew
    • 3 Energy
    • 3 Sleep
    • 2 Energy Sample Packs
    • 2 Sleep Sample Packs
  • Executive partner: $949

This package includes:

  • 3 Core Essentials
    • 3 Neuro
    • 5 Renew
    • 5 Energy
    • 5 Sleep
    • 4 Energy Sample Packs
    • 4 Sleep Sample Packs
  • Ambassador partner: $1399

This package includes:

  • 4 Core Essentials
    • 4 Neuro
    • 8 Renew
    • 8 Energy
    • 8 Sleep
    • 6 Energy Sample Packs
    • 6 Sleep Sample Packs
    • 1 FREE Ticket Voucher to Convention

How to earn money with Vasayo

Vasayo offers eight different ways to earn based on your performance and affiliate rank:

8 ways to earn with Vasayo
  1. Customer Sales Bonus (CSB): Earn by sharing your favorite products and receive a 20% commission on retail sales made by affiliated personal customers. Within a 4-week cycle, affiliates also earn a $50 to $150 bonus depending on their sales volume.
  2. Product Introduction Bonus (PIB): Earn a 20% bonus on the first commissionable order of your newly sponsored Brand Partner.
  3. Binary Team Commissions (TC): Earn weekly Team Commissions by building a Vasayo team.
  4. Team Commission Matching Bonus (TCM): TCM and Dynamic Compression together allow you to earn more from your efforts.
  5. Rank Advancement Bonus (RAB): This achievement will earn you Rank Advancement Bonus.
  6. Global Leadership Bonus (GLB): Achieve the Paid-As rank of Gold or above to receive the GLB.
  7. Lifestyle Trips (LT): Enjoy luxury accommodations, top-notch education, and exhilarating adventures.
  8. Multiple Business Centers (MBC): Build additional organizations and keep earning.

Vasayo Commission Plan

Direct commissions by selling and recruiting can go up to 20%. Members must maintain the plan’s binary system by connecting with two active brand partners.

Make sure you maintain 80 PV (personal volume from retail sales), and you will get $25 for each 240 GV collected.

The Vasayo compensation plan has 18 ranks, starting from the “brand partner” and “Qualified Brand Partner” to the “triple crown blue diamond” rank.

You can earn bonuses for new recruits, sales, and leadership. There is also an executive check match of 2.5% available for you if you are lucky. The introduction bonuses range from 10-20%.

A few things about Vasayo: Did you know these?

Here are a few important things you should know before deciding upon Vasayo:

Vasayo’s products are legitimate

Vasayo’s products are backed up by legitimate science. The liposomal delivery method is another positive point. Studies demonstrate the ingredients Vasayo uses provide health benefits.


Dallin and Karree Larsen also founded another MLM, MonaVie, which was linked to false advertising, bankruptcy, and copyright infringement.

Could you trust such founders with a bad reputation?

No income disclosure statement

There is no official Income Disclosure Statement on the company’s website.

But we want to know what their brand partners are receiving in commission. Don’t you? I do!

Commission rates are low

The commission rate is capped at 20%, which is very low compared to other MLMs. It clearly suggests you won’t be making so much money.

No exclusive products

Vasayo doesn’t license its products exclusively. Second, liposomal delivery technology is not patented. This means you can get products from other brands at a reduced price, which is another challenge for brand partners.

Vasayo: Pros and Cons


  • Sells legitimate products that claim to improve the quality of life.
  • Apart from moneymaking opportunities, you can earn lifestyle trips, team commissions, and multiple business centers.
  • It is a part of the huge and ever-growing industry: health and wellness.


  • Vasayo products are very expensive.
  • The earning potential is less compared to many top MLM companies.
  • The supplements don’t appear to have any supporting clinical evidence.

 Verdict – Is Vasayo Legit or Scam?

Vasayo is legit, and the company sells science-backed products. But as with the majority of MLMs, you must recruit many people to make money. It involves a lot of direct recruiting and product selling. No income disclosure statement means you can’t have any idea about how much you can earn.

But the company claims that they offer unique products with many health benefits. They also provide customer support and a money-back guarantee.

So I can’t call Vasayo a scam or a legit long-term earning program.

But I can say it is like other MLM companies. That means if you successfully market and sell their products, you can grow and earn more income.

The company’s product line is solid, but health claims are not backed by clinical evidence. Moreover, as with most businesses, you gain what you invest in.

So, think, and act!

Check Out My Freedom Mentor Review to See If It’s Right For You

Can it really help turn you into a property-investing success?

Years back, I always dreamed of becoming some sort of property mogul. It seemed too good to be true. My property portfolio was gonna be huge, and I would just chill by my pool and count that sweet passive income.

In my head.

As you’ve probably guessed by now—becoming that sort of property mogul isn’t as easy as I’d first thought. Go figure. But it was still the dream.

This was way before I started making a real dent with my own Local Lead Generation gig. More on that later.

The only real experience I’d had with anything close to this sort of biz was when I used to let buddies come and stay on the couch in my college apartment. It had a pretty dope location (close to all the bars and clubs), so I’d let them stay in exchange for pizza. Once, a classmate even wrote my term paper because I let him use the pad to impress some girl for the night. Haha!

One slice per hour… OK?

This was way before AirBnB or anything like that. I know right—I was truly a pioneer.

Anyway, let’s just say I didn’t really understand the first thing about property investment, property management…. property anything. But I still had my dream.

So I’d been slowly going insane in my cubical-slave job. But at least I was building up a nice little deposit for a buy-to-let on the side.

This guy I knew called Colin (another cubicle-slave like me) had already leveraged himself into a handful of properties. Banks were lending to almost anyone back then. He was planning on “retiring” soon. You can probably guess how jealous I was.

But I was nearly there. I’d already started looking out for my first investment property.

And then…


What was that sound?

Oh yeah… that was the Global Economic Crash.

It was a bloodbath. Let’s just keep this kid-friendly and say Colin added a couple of decades to his intended retirement age. Ouch.

So I shelved my plans for a bit. Got back to being a wage-slave at my desk again. At least I still had a job, right?

As the years ticked by—I still had that dream.

Slowly, banks started lending again. I still had my deposit. It had even grown a little.

So I decided it was time to jump in and finally get that investment property. It was clearly going to be the first of many, right? Well…

You see, banks had tightened up their lending rules. That meant I couldn’t afford 15 times my income on a pad. More like 3 or 4 times. This restricted what I could get massively.

Only I remembered this old bit of wisdom I’d picked up somewhere:

“Buy the worst property in the best area.”

So I decided to be spontaneous. I went for it. My first investment property!! Woo!!

Okay great… But… I don’t think I’d done enough research.

Slowly, I started to realize that maybe I’d bought the worst property in the worst area. Oops.

I was even struggling to fill it with tenants. This was going to be a problem. In the end, I had to accept defeat and take a tenant that’d just about cover what I was paying.

This was supposed to be the first of many. I was gonna take the profit from this place and leverage it into an empire. But the property was barely paying for itself.

That’s when I phoned my uncle. He’d already made a nice wedge from the property market. His advice—sit back and let the property go up in value. Sound advice—except he lived in SoCal. It’s easy there.

I needed better advice.

I remembered hearing about this guy Phil Pustejovsky a while back. I didn’t know much about him, but I knew he ran this business called Freedom Mentor.

That’s Phil.

I did a bit of research and decided I had to try something. I couldn’t stay at this desk job forever. So I decided to give it a try.

At first, it was hard finding the right info about Freedom Mentor. I was searching for “freedom mentor reviews” and all sorts of crap was coming up. Things are a bit easier now, but I decided to write down my experience with Phil’s program in this Freedom Mentor review to help others who were in the same position as me.

What is Freedom Mentor?

Freedom Mentor is aimed at people just like me and you. Guys who want to get into property investment but still have a lot to learn. The great part is you don’t have to stump up a ton of cash to get started.

There’s a free book and course to take to get you initiated. There’s tons of good stuff in both these freebies. There’s a lot of info that seems common sense but I just hadn’t thought of. More on that in a couple of minutes.

I love free stuff.

But the real core of Freedom Mentor is the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program. That’s where you get real one-on-one tuition and personal advice from Phil himself. Great, right? Sort of…

This looked great to me, but I was also a bit suspicious. There were loads of those too-good-to-be-true testimonials on the site. Plus this slightly worrying disclaimer about the testimonials that implied they might have been completely made up.

Wait, what?

I don’t know why guys like this try the hard sell so much. They must have realized it puts as many people off as it convinces. Right?

Anyway, I wasn’t put off—because I knew the info I’d learned in the free book and course seemed legit. So I applied to be an “apprentice”.

How did it go? Keep reading to find out.

But first, you’ve probably got one big question…

Is Freedom Mentor a scam?

I remember the first thing I’d search for when I saw a new online product like this was “scam”. So I jammed “freedom mentor scam” into Google. Especially when I saw those testimonials. You’ve probably done the same.

The good news is that Freedom Mentor is NOT a scam. Phil Pustejovsky is legit as they come.

It’s not a scam. But it is expensive. We’ll get onto that in a minute.

The extra info you get in the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program is even more legit than the stuff in the free book.

But the best bit is… wait a minute. This needs its own sub-heading.

What’s the best part about Freedom Mentor?

The best part about Freedom Mentor is Phil himself. It’s having an actual mentor. And one who really knows what he’s talking about.

The info and course material is great, but let’s face it—you’re not here for that. You can find plenty of good info out there, but having someone on call to actually answer your questions is what really helped me. It could help you, too.

With Phil around to answer my call or email, I quickly learned I’d been doing it all wrong. Best of all, I learned what to do right.

But it isn’t all roses and ice-cream. I’ve got a big issue with the Freedom Mentor program that I’m gonna lay out for you…

What’s the worst thing about Freedom Mentor?

I’m gonna say this as softly as possible. The worst thing about Freedom Mentor?

They take 50% of your profits!


I know, right.

There’s also a $3,000 up-front fee.

This made me want to walk right out the door. STAT.

But after thinking about it a bit longer, I thought I’d give it a shot. Just as a one-time deal. Phil better be worth it.

Did Freedom Mentor work for me?

Phil actually had some pretty good info about how to find cheap properties in my area: motivated sellers.

There are actually loads of obvious clues about how to find motivated sellers and how they’ll often be willing to accept way under market price for a quick sale.

He also hooked me up with some super-legit lenders who had a bit more leeway than the big banks. That meant I got a good deal on a buy-to-let mortgage.

This is where I started really learning how I’d made mistakes with my first property. Actually, I learned a few things that I could use to turn that place around, too. And I was keeping all the profits there.

I gave the new place a quick lick of paint and advertised an open house for potential tenants. This was such a good idea, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before.

My next property.

What are the keys to making your open house a success? Free food and alcohol!

Ok, so you’re not trying to get people drunk so they rent your place. It just helps set the ambience. Honest.

When you’ve got a few different people interested in your place, it does something crazy to them. They don’t wanna miss out. Even if they never really liked the property in the first place. FOMO in action.

And it’s a two-way street. It doesn’t just get people more keen to put a (higher) offer in. It let’s you vet your tenants as well.

Vetting tenants is really important. Picking the right people to live in your property makes them more likely to look after the place, and less likely to cook meth in the kitchen.

Now I’m not saying you have to do a full background check—but at least check they’ve got jobs.

Remember my old place? The first crap-heap I called an investment property? The stuff I learned with Phil even helped there as well. Now I’ve got better tenants and it’s even making me a bit more money each month. I’m on my fifth investment property now, and I’m looking to get more soon.

Oh yeah, I even started getting “back” into AirBnB lets. I know, it’s almost like my adult life had come full circle. Only this time I wasn’t getting paid in pizza and college papers. I was getting real cash.

I’ve just got one of my properties on AirBnB and the other sites like that. I like the guaranteed income that long-term tenants give you. Only the upside to AirBnB lets is great. I’m looking to get more.

This place is out by the lake so it’s the sort of pad people like that are looking for. I’m not sure how well an AirBnB in the middle of a housing project would work.

The great thing about this place is that you make a similar amount of money with roughly 50% occupancy. That means it’s free for you to use the rest of the year, yet you’ll still make as much as if you had people living there full-time.

The downside? You’ve got a bit more work to do in-between. Cleaning, key handling etc. There are people that’ll do this for you, but they’ll take a cut. It’s not completely passive income. And oh yeah—it’s a bit harder to get a mortgage for a buy-to-let like this. If you tell the bank the whole story, that is.

What else do you get in Freedom Mentor?

The main value is clearly in the mentoring (hand-holding) from Phil. You get 3 live coaching calls and 2 conference calls a week.

I actually thought this was a bit harsh. Come on Phil! I’m giving you three grand and HALF the profits on my property yet I can only phone you a couple of times a week?!

There’s also loads of other material including a lender database and all sorts of other useful info. Most of this was good, but some of it can be found elsewhere. Just letting you guys know.

Phil puts on a few live events each year. I made it to one, and had a good time. But is this worth $3k? I’m not sure.

Oh yeah… There’s one more thing

“Freedom Mentor” is NOT the same as “Your Freedom Mentor”. This almost tripped me up a few times. That’s some other IM rags-to-riches product. Confused? I know I was. And it seems like that other thing “Your Freedom Mentor” actually might be a scam. Oops!

So did Freedom Mentor really work? Yes. Is it really worth it? Maybe.

You should definitely check out the free stuff. There’s tons of good info in there. I was probably a bit naive in the beginning to think property investment would be easy. It wasn’t, but I got there in the end.

Remember, a lot of the info Phil gives out CAN be found elsewhere. Sometimes for free. You just have to know where to look. I only kept that one property with Phil, there’s no way I was going to give him 50% of the profits on the next few places. So I “left” the system.

I still ask myself whether it was worth it. He’s still getting half the profits from one of my properties. But the thing it—he really helped. Not just his info, but simply having a mentor to bounce ideas off.

So yeah, he’s still getting a nice chunk of passive income. But I learned some stuff that helped me expand my property “empire”. Hey, can I call it that yet? Come on, that was the dream!

I actually think that right now I would NOT recommend Freedom Mentor. But I change my mind on this on a day to day basis. After all, I probably wouldn’t have the property portfolio I’ve got now if it wasn’t for Phil and his Freedom Mentor program. But this was at a time when I just needed someone to hold my hand. Maybe you aren’t at that stage. Maybe I should have just asked my uncle.

I’ve also found that while the info was great, there are some other places you can find similar stuff. But you definitely need to check out all his free stuff, because there’s a lot of gold in there. And it’s free.

Being a property investor is great—but it’s an expensive gig to get into. That puts a lot off people off. I get that. Property is a big deal after all. But imagine if there was a way to own DIGITAL property, and you could get involved at a fraction of the price? There is, and it’s called Local Lead Generation.

I was stoked when I collected my first monthly rental income on my own slice of digital real estate. That’s why I’ve been helping spread the word about the number one online business idea today. Click here to check it out.

Maybe if I’d have found something like Local Lead Generation sooner, I wouldn’t have had to give so much money to Phil.

Find Out If It’s REALLY Time To Give Up Your Day Job With My Wealthy Affiliate Review

Don’t quit your day job just YET!…. Ok now you can.

When I first told my buddies I was quitting my “real” job because I’d started making actual money online (thanks mostly to my own Local Lead Generation hustle)—they thought I was crazy. Really crazy. Almost as crazy as that time I got thrown out into the street butt-naked (long story).

The real reason they were ribbing me was because they were jealous. That’s just something you’ve gotta get used to if you want to be successful. But then my bro Tom piped up in the corner—“Is that like that Wealthy Affiliate stuff?”

I was like wait, what? I had to do a double take.

You’ve heard of Wealthy Affiliate?

These guys had only just started using smart phones so I was shocked. My boy Rick doesn’t even know what Uber is. Yet here was Tom name-dropping an IM product.

That’s the thing with Wealthy Affiliate. Almost everyone has heard of it. If Tom has, you probably have too. But is it actually any good?

I decided I need to take a closer look. What is wealthy affiliate? I’m gonna tell you everything you need to know in this Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Wealthy Affiliate review

Ok, I know I said everyone has heard of Wealthy Affiliate. They haven’t, obviously. But it’s still pretty well-known in internet marketing circles. Especially if even Tom has heard of it.

But that’s the thing. He’d only heard of it. He didn’t really know about it.

If you typed “wealthy affiliate review” into Google to get to this page—you obviously want to know more. So let’s get started.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Let’s start with the claims. What does Wealthy Affiliate think it is?

These internet marketing guys tend to oversell a bit. It’s part of their business. Aim for the stars and be happy when you only reach the moon, right?

Well, yeah… but. People are getting tired of these kind of sales pitches. Everyone’s seen them before. That’s why I’m gonna cut through the bull with this review to find out if Wealthy Affiliate works for real people. Real people like Tom. And real people like you.

“A Platform Designed For Affiliate Marketers Of All Levels.” Great. That doesn’t tell us much does it?

So I jumped in and signed up to Wealthy Affiliate to see if it really works.

Look, I’ve already made money online—so I’ve got a bit of a head start. But what about guys like Tom? I decided to try and leave my knowledge at the door and see if Wealthy Affiliate works for normal people. Because that’s what they claim. They say it’s great for newbies to the IM game. They say you can build profitable websites in minutes and start making real money in days. But can you, can you really?

I’ll answer that and all your other questions in this review.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Ok, let’s deal with the elephant in the affiliate room first. There are tons of scams out there, especially in this business. I even fell for a couple when I was just starting out. I know! Don’t laugh. We all had to start somewhere.

It’s probably one of your first questions when you first hear about making money with Wealthy Affiliate. is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Well I’ve got a definitive answer for you…


Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. It’s as legit as they come in this game.

You can make money with it. But it isn’t going to be easy.

Boo! I see half you guys closing your browser right about now. You WANTED an easy ride. This isn’t for you. CYA!

Great, now we’ve got rid of those lazy guys—we can get down to business. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam, but it isn’t a get-rich-quick-scheme either. You gotta put the work in if you want to make real money online these days. Are you ready for it? Are you REALLY ready for it?

The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate can make things a LOT easier for IM newbies. There’s a ton of tools, info and coaching. All of it is designed to make things easier for you guys.

That’s the thing with Wealthy Affiliate. While they SAY they’re for everyone—they’re not. A Platform For Marketers At All Levels… Yeah Yeah. OK. They’re just trying to spread their net as far as possible.

The reality is—if you know a lot about affiliate marketing already and have already built a load of successful sites, then this site is NOT for you. But if you’re just starting out and need someone to hold your hand along the way… then Wealthy Affiliate does really work.

There’s a ton of info and lots to learn in your user panel.

How much can you make with Wealthy Affiliate?

Let’s jump straight into the nitty gritty. You wanna hear about the moolah. Don’t we all?

Well get this:

Within 4 months I was pulling in $1,000 a month. Great! Right? Sort of…

It took a lot of work to get there. I didn’t see anything for the first month. In fact, I was starting to think about giving up. But it’s only because I know how things go in this game that I kept persevering. Maybe if you’re really new to IM you might not stick at it like I did.

Click here for detailed stats.

So it doesn’t come easy. But we lost all those guys wanting a free ride at the door, right? You knew it wasn’t going to be easy. But you’re still here.

And Wealthy Affiliate really does have a ton of info. Almost TOO much.

Ok, you can never have too much info. That’s why you need to check out Wealthy Affiliate University. There’s so much training info you won’t know where to start. Especially if you’re new. Even I was a little daunted.

You can’t really complain about too much info, can you? Start absorbing it and Wealthy Affiliate University will give you a pretty comprehensive education in IM.

But without the frat parties. Bummer.

My earnings kept going up.

So is it really just for IM newbies?

I think that’s who stands to gain the most. But even I picked up a couple of tips along the way.

You can’t say no to some free info, can you?

Hold up a second.

Did I just say FREE?!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention…

You can get started at Wealthy Affiliate for NOTHING. Zip. Nada.

That’s less than the price of a… well, anything.

Yeah there’s a membership plan with loads more of the good stuff for $49 a month. Even that’s not much compared to some guys’ courses. But if you’re still living in a cardboard box or something—you can start learning without paying a single penny.

With Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership, you’ll get all this good stuff:

· 2 Websites (enough to get you started).

· Your first 10 lessons. Woo!

· Video walk-throughs

· 7 Days of live 1-on-1 coaching (this was really cool)

· And more, more, more!

So Wealthy Affiliate is great for all those cheapskates who want to start without committing.

But hear this from me: you might need to stump up some change if you really wanna benefit from Wealthy Affiliate.

Those first 7 days are great, but that’s not enough if you’re still learning the affiliate game. And there’s actually loads more useful info in the training lessons AFTER the first free ones. You’ll also be able to make up to 50 websites instead of just two.

You can see why I went for the paid plan.

You do get 50 searches on the keyword tool with the free plan—but I didn’t really think this was enough. The $49 a month deal gives you unlimited. It helped me really start drilling down on some better keywords and niches.

You’ll also get loads more support. I actually didn’t find that I needed much, but maybe that’s because I had a harder time leaving my IM knowledge at the door than I thought I would. I can’t help having a sponge for a brain.

But I thought some of this stuff could really help those who are ACTUALLY new to internet marketing. And after all, what’s $49 a month in the grand scheme of things?

Remember, I had to throw up about 10 or so sites with Wealthy Affiliate before a couple of them took off. So if I’d have stuck to the free plan, it might never have worked.

Oh and did I mention that you’ll get double the payouts from the paid membership affiliate plan? I know right!

Me when I found out about double payouts

Are there any drawbacks to Wealthy Affiliate?

It’s not all good. Wealthy Affiliate is a great knowledgebase with tons of info. I already tried not to complain about there being TOO much info, but I can’t help it. It’s quite daunting when you get started.

One of Wealthy Affiliate’s biggest pros is the community. But it’s a bit… Let’s just say unmoderated. They could do with some help there. If you don’t like sifting through a fair bit of crap to get to the good stuff—it might not be for you. But there IS plenty of good stuff.

I also found it a bit hard to navigate the site, but this is probably down to personal preference. In other words, I’m picky.

But wait. What about Tom?

Yeah! Remember our boy Tom? After all—he’d actually HEARD of Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t ask me how, because he barely even knows how to check his email. I think one of his roommates was dabbling in a bit of IM to try and pay for weed. Living the dream, I know.

But then I realized. Tom knowing next to nothing about this stuff was actually huge. That meant we could actually use him as our own little guinea pig for this review. Instead of affiliate-marketing-pro-expert me checking this out (and modest)—I could see if it really works for the guys it’s really aimed at. Guys like Tom.

So I called Tom up and reminded him about Wealthy Affiliate. I nearly spat my coffee out when THIS TIME Tom didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. Come on, TOM! I’ve been repping you for weeks because you knew what Wealthy Affiliate was. Go figure.

“Oh yeah, right…. Wealthy Affiliate”.

Tom! Really?!

Anyway, a quick recap got him up to speed. He still didn’t really know what IM was. I think he thought it was something you get at the hospital.

But anyway, all this is good stuff. It made Tom a perfect guinea pig

So I cracked the whip and told him I’d double anything he made in a couple of months. I knew Tom wasn’t that motivated, and I knew he needed to be to make Wealthy Affiliate a success. So I told him I’d cover his shifts at the bar as well. He only did 3 a week. Easy. All this for a stupid review? I know right. You can thank me later.

So now Tom was on board. He got cracking. I called him up every couple of days to check how things were going.

For the first couple of weeks… things were going slowly. It took him a while to get to grips with the basics, but that’s cool. I think you’ll already be starting from a much better position than Tom did.

When he saw how much some other people in Wealthy Affiliate were making, he got a bit more into it.

He had a bit of a scattergun approach to picking niches, including some stuff he didn’t have a clue about. But he actually really enjoyed the one-on-one coaching sessions and live help. All the stuff I thought would be useful for him.

Tom had a bit of a wobble a few weeks in. He still hadn’t made any money. I was actually a bit busy with my own projects (and at the bar… yeah), so I wasn’t really around to give him a kick up the backside.

That’s where the one-on-one coaching (I call it hand-holding) really came into its own. Some OTHER guy gave Tom a kick up the ass. YES!

So he kept at it a bit longer.

(That’s actually one of the best things about Wealth Affiliate—the community. There are plenty of cool guys on it who actually enjoy helping people. They all help motivate eachother).

Then a few days later, I got a call. It was Tom.


He was super stoked. Tom got his first sale. It was $30.

That doesn’t sound much, but what it meant to Tom was worth far more than the money. It gave him the energy to carry on.

So how did Tom do? He absolutely killed it. After that first sale, things went from strength to strength.

Tom was starting to dream about taking his laptop (the new one he just paid for) to the beach somewhere. I think he said something about Maui. His mind was blown that he could just chill at home and listen to music while making money on the internet.

Tom now.

If Tom can do it—you can too.

Remember: it’s not gonna be easy.

Tom nearly gave up in the first few weeks. Even I struggled at the start too.

But after that, he was hungry for all the IM ideas he could find. Dude was devouring all the info I could throw at him. He even started paying attention to this other really cool gig I had going—my own Local Lead Generation business. That’s where you can actually make some real money. Local Lead Generation is great, you need to check it out if you’re serious about being successful in this game.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam. But it isn’t a get rich quick scheme either. You gotta put the work in. But you CAN make money with. And it’s great for those starting with little or no internet marketing knowledge.

I know I’ll recommend Wealthy Affiliate to the rest of my friends. Tom’s actual brother is trying it now too.

And Tom? He’s in Maui.