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Monday, Aug. 22, 2011

Tony "The Tiger" Lopez
Three Time World Light
Weight Boxing Champion

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Three Time World Light-Weight Boxing Champion Tony “The Tiger”
Lopez endorses Sun Born Natural Products Co.’s Herbal Chi Balm

"For the last few month's my elbow has been bothering me when I punch the bag. I used the
balm and now it doesn't hurt anymore. I am not kidding, this stuff really works,”
said Boxing Champion Tony “The Tiger” Lopez

Sacramento, CA— Sun Born Natural Products Co. Herbal Chi Balm grabs the world boxing spotlight today with its announced endorsement of three time world middle-weight champion Tony “The Tiger” Lopez.

"For the last few months my elbow has been bothering me when I punch the bag. I used the balm and now it doesn't hurt anymore. I am not kidding, this stuff really works,” said Boxing Champion Tony “The Tiger” Lopez

Lopez joins a long list of celebrities and world class athletes who use and endorse Herbal Chi Balm. The Herbal Chi Balm formula contains 100 percent pure organic unrefined Shea Butter, and lavender oil along with 20 hot and cold Chinese herbs.

Lopez, now runs a successful bail bond business in Sacramento, he was raised and were he started boxing at the age of 10. As an amateur, he fought more than 100 bouts losing less than five. Lopez turned pro in 1983 fighting his first bout at The Memorial Auditorium.

As a pro, Lopez compiled a record of 29-1 with 22 K.O.’s before his first world title bout fighting Rocky Lockridge for the International Boxing Federation (IBF Jr.) Lightweight belt. Lopez won a unanimous decision to become Northern California’s first world champion.  “We are very honored by the fact the distinguished World Champion Boxer Tony ‘The Tiger’ Lopez uses and endorses our Herbal Chi Balm, and we look forward to other professional athletes endorsements," said President Roland G. Ludlow, Sun Born Natural Products Co.                                                       

Lopez went on to defend his title three times, losing to Juan “John” Molina, but in a “rubber-match” defeated “John John” Molina for the IBF title a second time in Reno, NV.  Lopez reclaimed his title a third time by beating Joey Gamache. Other notable fighters Lopez has fought include: Julio Cesar Chavez, Jorge Paez, Brian Mitchell and Lupe Gutierrez.

Prior to Lopez endorsement, Actress Marina Anderson (Desperate Housewives), and ex-wife of the late TV Kung Fu icon David Carradine announced her endorsement. Lopez and Anderson joins other worldwide celebrities, who are using the Herbal Chi Balm from Sun Born Natural Products Co. former Sambo World Champion, National Judo Champion, and 11 time Martial Arts Hall of Fame award winner Grandmaster Jody Perry uses Herbal Chi Balm.

World Class Sprinter, 100 meter record holder, and previous Olympic Runner Patrick Johnson is another big supporter. “I have found Herbal Chi Balm to be extremely effective in relieving sore muscle discomforts, and it is very beneficial for training when used prior to my warm ups and later when I cool down," he said.

Besides being an excellent pain reliever, according many pro, semi pro, and sports enthusiasts who have used the product, Herbal Chi Balm has the added benefit of improving stamina, balance, focus, and flexibility, giving them an edge in their sport. The product was developed by combining ancient herbal science with 21st century technology involving quantum physics.

“Herbal Chi Balm began sales Online this year,” said President & CEO Roland Ludlow. “It literally has been tried by hundreds of people through the Shaolin School of Health and Self Defense in San Francisco. It has an excellent safe track record, and we excited that it is now available to consumers in America.”

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